385th G-View: ENDRO~!

What do you get when you cross Yuru Yuri with a Fantasy JRPG style setting? Something along the lines of this show essentially. Whether it was a recipe for success or not is what we are about to find out as we take a look at ENDRO~!


Genres: Comedy, Fantasy.

Themes: JRPG, Parody, Yuri.

Number of Episodes: 12

G-Rating: 9/10

Plot Summary: Yulia “Yusha” Chardiet is a young adventurer-in-training who dreams of becoming a legendary Hero and defeating a Demon Lord. The only problem is that there’s no Demon Lord in the world at the moment, which means nobody can choose Hero as their adventuring class. That leaves Yusha classless for the time being, but she’s getting by with help from her friends Seira the priest, Fai the warrior, and Mei the mage. Their adorable new adventuring instructor Mao has challenged the class to complete a simple dungeon, but this pint-sized teacher might just be a little more demonic than she appears.

hero's party ready for battle

Four lead heroines (The Heroes/Hero’s Party) ready for battle.

The first five minutes or so of the premiere make clear what kind of anime this will be, a cute, fun comedic romp with some cool action here and there. Essentially a “female centered spinoff” without actually being one. Heck the first five minutes are a sign of the excellent comedic writing the show has to offer. There were plenty of episodes I bust my gut. I think of this show as a cuter, funnier and longer Bikini Warriors but with less ecchi, though it has its fair share of sexy moments. Like BW this show is chock full of jokes about JRPG references, jokes and tropes and all excellently executed, such as color/palette swap enemies, NPCs and of course bikini armor to name a few of many. Heck, Mei’s love for Cartado is also a reference. Heck even the voices during commercial breaks that are intentionally off-sync is a reference.

seira and the horned gorilla

I did not get what this running gag was referencing but even so I laughed every time.

Besides the JRPG stuff there are of course jokes about the characters themselves based on their personalities such as Seira’s figure and Fai’s bottomless pit stomach.

Yusha vs Sword General

As mentioned above alongside the comedy there is also an interesting story being told that takes its time to unfold. There is an intriguing air of mystery about the main plot. Besides that there are of course character driven episodes where each of the four heroines has their time to shine and viewers learn more about them. Yusha being the leading lady has her development happen sporadically throughout the show. Of course we learn more about the island the story is set in along with its many mysteries. Do not worry. This is not like DOOM 4 where the protagonist cares little about what is going on and instead gets to beating up bad guys. No our heroines (usually) take the time to listen to what others have to say. Despite a lot going on the show is pretty straightforward and easy to follow. It has what the Yuru Yuri style of cuteness, humor and something else we will get to in a bit.

The animation is like updated Namori art. It looks like better Yuru Yuri style, similar to Release the Spyce’s animation. Good stuff. The OST is solid fantasy JRPG fare with the appropriate tune for the moment be it funny, relaxing or a battle. The OP and ED are catchy with the OP being one of my favorites of Winter 2019.

yusha's party

Left to right: Yusha, Fai, Mei and Seira.

Our four leads, like I said about the show are straightforward as well.

We have the leader Yulia. A cheerful, optimistic leader who wants to be a hero above everything, enjoys doing the right thing and is a bit pudgy, making her extra cute.

Fai is my favorite of the four. More energetic than Yusha (being the powerhouse of the team as shown by her wonderful tig ol’ bitties) she too enjoys helping others but most of all  she loves eating.

Mei is pretty much a Cartado (Mystical cards that can summon anything from weapons to food) otaku obsessed with collecting and researching as many as she can find to the point of going on long speeches about them. She is also a “master wise cracker”, emphasis on the quotation marks.

Seira is the “mature” one of the four often acting like the big sister/mom of the party. She is an elf, meaning expect a few ancient jokes. She also has a very reasonable wish.

mao, the new teacher

The fifth most important character, Mao.

There is more to Mao-Sensei than being small and cute and borrowing Nero Claudius’ catchphrase. Much more.

mao and hot teacher

My favorite side-character on the left. Keep in mind Mao is a shortie, not a loli.

fai eating seira

Fai nibbling on Seira’s ear. Expect to see this more than once.

As for the yuri it is most certainly there. There is more of it than Fai nibbling on Seira’s ear of course. In fact, expect to see a surprising moment when a certain someone finally makes her debut.

Overall ENDRO~! is a very fun show that almost everyone can pick up and enjoy. The comedy is excellent, the JRPG references, tropes and jokes are well done, the cast are all likable and the yuri is good. Expect to have a great time with this one…at least I imagine most who read this will/did.

sexy adventurer again

PS: Guess which of these is my favorite background character.


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19 Responses to 385th G-View: ENDRO~!

  1. Umedyn says:

    “Oh, the Hero is a girl, Fine by me!” <- one of the best, and my favorite character, in the show. she was just so earnest and open to her feelings.
    Overall this is in my top 3 for the season (you already reviewed the other two), probably Number 1 (if not, then tied with MF). I’ve been DMing D&D sessions at my local game store, and this tickled all the right places, even the fact the Episodes are called “Rolls”. Really loved this show, and even if the finale felt like the end, I would LOVE to see a season 2.

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  2. tbiscut74 says:

    I absolutely LOVED this show! My AOTS hands down!

    There wasn’t a character I didn’t like! My favorite of the four was Seira. And Mao was great! So cute. And her relationship with best side character was great!

    I also really liked Meigo-chan. She was really cute in my opinion. (And her being labeled the “home wrecker” by Mao’s future wife was great.)

    And of course the best character of the show was obviously Chibi-Chan! So Cute and wholesome she melted my heart every time she appeared on screen! And not to mention she had the best bits! She was the true hero of the story! They couldnt have solved the problem at the end without her! And how they did it had me laughing SO Hard! A truly wonderful why to end a series!

    Now I just need a Chibi-Chan plushie along with a Nyaos plushie and my life will be complete!

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  3. Error says:

    Favorite backround of yours OG-Man? Same as mine: the dark skinned beauty. 😉

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  4. Little Viktoria says:

    A gorgeous series! Yulia really became a hero in the end.

    But the true heroine is Meigo, who fought so bravely for her master and continued just as fiercely after she was set free from her fate. Almost made me cry to see her smile.

    My favourite of all remains Mei, I just can’t get enough of her voice and her lovely feminine walk. (The underwear and the transparent skirt helps too, as does the fact that she was the only one whose hips didn’t fit in the Tarka dress).

    But it’s a close tie between her, Rona and Meigo. Rona definitely hugged her love tightly, an “I’m not going to let you go” hug. I hope Yulia’s reward includes undressing her princess once they get a bit of privacy. Yulia doesn’t seem quite mature enough for her sexuality to have fully awoken, but I’m sure Rona will take care of that ^^

    Looks like they didn’t leave much chance of a second season, but I hope we at least get an OVA!

    We also learned that mackerelmen make a delicious broth. Those hairy legs must have a lot of flavour ^^

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  5. Giack31 says:

    There are no words to express how much I enjoyed this anime.
    This has become one of my favorite Slice of Life anime up there with the likes of Yuru Yuri and New Game.
    There is just something about this anime that really clicked for me. The colorful style, the JRPG parodies, the character and their voices, I loved everything about this.
    The comedy is really simple but it was so well done and if found it hilarious.
    I don’t usually talk about this but the voice acting was so on point. Every voice fit their character so much and all of them are really enjoyable (especially Mei’s).
    Mei is such an incredible character. I love her design, her voice, her excitement when she talks about Cartado, and how proud she is of her jokes. She has become one of my all time favorite characters.
    Rona and Yusha are a really good ship but my personal favorite is Meigo and Mao. I just have a soft spot for really loyal characters and Meigo hit that perfectly. When she basically said that she remembered Mao but didn’t want to blow her cover and preferred to be taken away, that made me cry. Seeing them basically being a married couple at the end was so sweet.
    It also had a pretty good “main plot” which is kind of rare for a slice of life show. The ending was pretty silly but I loved it and proved that chibi chan is the most adorable an op thing in the world.
    Most importantly this just put a smile (and some tears) on my face during all of the episodes and that’s always a good thing.

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  6. cirno9fan says:


    A show that was such a journey, a journey that reminded me of a gem of a show that went overlooked by many (Zettai Bouei Leviatan), a show about “adventure” without a male protag and full of fantasy goodness complete with yuritext! Well, Rona clearly liked Yulia beyond “just friends”, but these things take time.

    There was one episode I just didn’t find very enjoyable (dreams), and the final episode downplayed stuff just a bit, so I’ve come to a crossroads on whether I should crown this or another show with anime of the season….it’s a very rough choice to have to make. But I think the other show deserves this after much deliberation with myself.

    Still, this was tons of fun, and the whole cast was fantastic~ I only wish there could have been more Rona ;_; I think Yulia may have edged out over the competition to take top spot of character at the end, but I dunno. Sucks that Seira’s episode was kinda meh.

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  7. Nick says:

    Such a cute show this season, what a enjoyable watch. Cute girls doing cute things in a fantasy setting, so you know it’s gonna be a good watch and it was.

    I keep seeing this show compared to Yuru Yuri and it’s really got me thinking how I need to watch that one already. Like quite a few things, it’s stuck in backlog hell waiting for the day I decide to finally watch something from the list, but after seeing this I think I finally might put some more time side for watching backlog shows. Also because the spring season is looking pretty quiet and I could watch backlog stuff in the time.

    I liked Fai the most but all the girls were great in their own ways. I wish they went somewhere with Rona and Yusha, I liked where that started and the things Rona was saying, but not a ton of follow up to that, kinda was a bit let down. I also really liked the other teacher too who Mao drank with a lot. She was such a cutie!!! Wish she got more screen time.

    All in all I don’t have a lot to say about this show, it was a great watch and I enjoyed it each week. So many laughs from it and I liked how it balanced out the more serious tone of the other Saturday show, SAO. Gotta have that good balance in there and Endro was just that.

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  8. yurimylove says:

    I have to quote a witty CR comment, “the most wholesome show you’ll ever get with main characters dressed essentially in stripper garbs”

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  9. K says:

    This was a fun watch.

    I don’t think I’ve seen a Hero/Demon Lord relationship like this before, regarding the Hero/Demon Lord cycle. Just think, had Yulia not screwed up that final attack which sent everyone back through time, Mao would’ve been destroyed and there would have been no more Heroes. That would’ve been the normal end. Since she did that however, she unwittingly unlocked the path to the golden end where Chibi(who didn’t even exist in the original timeline, if I’m remembering correctly) de-powers both her and Mao, resulting in them living happily ever after. Not to mention, Rona, Meigo and Lush wouldn’t have been so important if it wasn’t for that happy accident. Of course, you could attribute this outcome to her very high Luck stat.

    I liked Mei the most out of the Hero Party.Her voice and her tick really resonated with me, which made her long spiels about Cartado very enjoyable.


  10. Ah, so much fun, indeed.

    (And Rona is an amazing character, as are many others.)

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Christian Appel says:

    The Legend Of Endro.

    Wonderful JRPG parody yuri anime with a kawaii heroine x princess couple.

    Liked by 1 person

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  13. piano_cello_conducting says:

    I’m usually not a fan of comedic yuri anime as they usually play the yuri aspect for laughs and the relationships don’t usually go anywhere. Not to mention this show uses too many deus-ex-machina plot devices like the cartado and Chibi. That being said, I was surprised to find how much I enjoyed this show despite the lack of yuri development. The decision to give so much character development to the antagonist really played out well and I found myself caring about the characters.


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