384th G-View: WATATEN!

Well here we are again looking at a show starring a young adult who has strong feelings for an elementary schoolgirl. However, there was something different about this one. Find out what I mean as we take a look at WATATEN!

Note: I will bring up Uzamaid! throughout the review because they share some similarities but are ultimately quite different.


Alternate Titles:

  • WATATEN! An Angel Flew Down to Me
  • Watashi ni Tenshi ga Maiorita! (Japanese)

Genres: Age-Gap, Comedy, Yuri

Number of Episodes: 12

G-Rating: 8/10

Plot Summary: Miyako Hoshino is a shy college student and otaku. Miyako’s younger sister Hinata, who is a fifth grader, has a classmate and friend named Hana. When they meet, Miyako falls for Hana at first sight.

uzamaid x wataten

The Loli Cosplay Alliance.

Image Source

As mentioned above I would bring up Uzamaid due to it having similarities with Wataten (besides the age-gap stuff).

  • Both Tsubame and Miyako like to sew cosplay for cute girls.
  • Both are great cooks.
  • Both are occasional victims of “Hello. Police?” jokes.
  • Both have someone “watching” them from afar who is formally introduced around the second half of the show.

There may be other similarities I forgot but these are the most prominent. It is also where the similarities because unlike Tsubame who is a gorgeous irresistible force and muscle mistress who openly professes her desire to chow down on cute girls…Miyako is a beautiful introvert who is so afraid of going out into the public (excluding college where she finds ways of minimizing contact with other people) she gets paranoid or even nauseous. That is also most of her character arc where her new little visitors slowly but surely help her leave her comfort zone though it is far from easy. Because of this the drama here lighthearted yet still effective for viewers who can understand Miyako and her fear of the outside world. Other than that she spends her time trying to figure out why it is whenever she sees Hana her heart goes doki doki and she loses control of her senses.

Speaking of Hana let us move on to the big stars of the show, the kids.

Wataten Girls

Top to bottom: Hana, Hinata, Koyori, Noa and Kanon.

Let us go over them from least to most favorite. First up we have Miyako’s love interest Hana. She is the run of the mill skeptic and monotone girl of the group whose primary source of cuteness is her incredible sweet tooth and how devoted she is to getting sweets. So much so she can be easily bribed with them. Worry not though. There are no situations where she is put in danger because of it.

Next is Noa. Her shtick is having great confidence in her cuteness, doing everything she can to make herself as cute as possible, even if at times Miyako and Hana inadvertently tell her she is not the cutest. Fortunately there is one she can always count on to lift her spirits and keep her going. More on that in a bit.

Third is Kanon. She is Koyori’s sidekick though many consider her the brains/more capable of the two. When viewers see the episode focused on them it will be made clear. Essentially Kanon is Koyori’s “Chitose”…without a TOSHINO KYOUKO.

Second is Hinata. The undisputed best kid of the show. Viewers will have their favorites but it cannot be denied that Hinata is the most entertaining. She is a siscon genki who loves her older sister Miyako very much to the point of being clingy and super needy of her. Worry not. Her love is one of admiration and not sexual. She also has great potential of becoming a future pro wrestling Women’s Champion and is generally a super fun girl to be around.

Koyori's cuteness too much for Miyako.jpg

The true angel.

#1 should surprise none of my fans who follow me on Twitter and the blog’s Facebook Page. Look at that angelic face.


Koyori is a precious angel and it is Kanon’s duty to protect her happiness up till their destined wedding and beyond. Yes, Koyori is Kanon’s “Ayano”…again without a TOSHINO KYOUKO. Koyori’s life goal is to be reliable and dependable in spite of her not really being either. That is where Kanon comes in, to help keep her spirits up when down.

As the angelic face of Koyori’s shows the animation is very colorful with some nice camera work. The season finale especially is praiseworthy for both the animation and the story. The soundtrack is solid with a cute and catchy OP and ED.

Wataten Hinata X Noa

An adorable segment later in the show.

There is plenty of yuri to be found here so enjoy cute girls going on dates and yearning for the affection of other girls.

Overall Wataten can be best described as a more approachable show with a protagonist who happens to have a crush on a pre-adolescent girl. The reason I did not use the lolicon tag is because unlike Tsubame Miyako is far from dangerous and does not go around acting creepy. Yes she does have her creepy moments with Hana but she is not a danger to society considering her fear of it and lack of physical fortitude. Also their interactions are ultimately not that bad. Still prefer Miyako with her “watcher” myself. Other than that this is essentially Ichigo Mashimaro with the yuri cranked up a bit higher, which is a good thing. However, while it is safer to watch than Uzamaid it is still not for everyone. Readers who find age-gap (or to be more specific “Oneloli”) ships/couples uncomfortable are advised to not bother with this one. I can assure the open-minded who survived Uzamaid will have an easier time with this one. Pretty good show surprisingly.

PS: One little nitpick. Not enough screen time for the moms. Gakuen Babysitters did a better job in that regard.

PPS: There is something interesting about the “watcher”. Viewers who saw the show will know what I am referring to. I do not mean her personality or family. Something else.

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26 Responses to 384th G-View: WATATEN!

  1. Jack Cactus says:

    This show is a definition of something so cute it hurts to watch, especially when Hinata is around along with her signature “Mya-nee”. (people are already making a religion out of this)

    Personally I’d still give this one an 8.5 out of 10, mostly because I do NOT consider Uzamaid a legitimate yuri anime (I mean the only 2 things worthwhile in that show were Midorin and muscles) so I was a bit more lenient when approaching this show and it felt much better.

    Hinata and Noa is hecking cute, especially in their date but even that level of cuteness can NEVER trump the beauty of Kanon and Koyori. Every time this heavenly duo appears on screen, I feel blessed. In fact, I had to clutch my chest during their ring toss scene because everything was too precious and cute.

    And I wholeheartedly agree with the idea of Miyako being with her “watcher” as this gorgeous entity can easily handle and cover Miyako’s weakness in life and I can’t see her future without this “watcher” by her side.

    Speaking of Miyako, I know that her actions can sometimes increase the creepo-factor but as someone who has social anxiety, I can actually sympathize and understand her behaviors. Unlike Tsubame, who has literally NO weakness both physically and mentally but whose mind is dead set on prowling little girls just because sounds pretty……..appalling for the lack of better words.

    Personally I think people can enjoy and get a lot more out of this show if it wasn’t for Uzamaid marring their experience with an unapologetically shameless child predator.

    Also, the moms are just mooah 10 out 10, A plus, especially Miyako’s.

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    • OG-Man says:

      KoyoKano, or whatever their couple name is, is angelic. Bless them. BLESS THEM SO VERY MUCH!

      Best of luck to Noa.

      Miyako is easier to relate to than Tsubame for sure.

      It’s all about whether people can handle “oneloli” yuri or not. But yes this one is far less difficult to recommend.

      Hot moms needed WAY MORE SCREEN TIME!

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  2. Umedyn says:

    I liked this one significantly more than Uzamaid, it was much more palatable.
    Like Uzamaid I was actively cheering for Miyako’s “watcher” to win her out in the end. She was my favorite character in the show, and her stalker-ish mannerisms were a little bit more pure overall (trying to be friends-then-more, caring without the fetishism she does getting in the way).
    Even with that, Koyori and Kanon’s relationship is by FAR the cutest (and wiggles that place in my heart Yuru Yuri had, great comparison, btw, spot on!)
    I also felt that Hinata and Noa will have a much “stronger” relationship in the future. Hinata is a naturally caring and reassuring person, and Noa needs a lot of that, making them a good match.
    Great show, even if it had some grimacing moments, and that Last episode was FANTASTIC. It could have been a series all on it’s own.

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    • OG-Man says:

      True. While I like both “watchers” this one was less disturbing. She is indeed best adult.

      KoyoKano, or whatever their couple name is, is bliss. Absolute unadulterated bliss. I wish them well after they’re married.

      Best of luck to Noa in her quest for love. She has a better chance of winning than the “watcher” for the time being.

      Episode 12 was one of the best of 2019 without a doubt.

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  3. Mauron says:

    This show had a lot of great points, and one bad point. I’ll start with everything I liked.

    Socially awkward late teens/early 20s girl so awkward she’s forced to hang out with her fifth grader sister and her friends was a great setup. The fact that her doing that raised a few eyebrows was good for some laughs.

    Kanon and Kiyori’s relationship was adorable, especially that proposal scene.I wish them a long and happy life together.

    Hinata and Noa’s date was cute, and not just because Noa is adorbleness incarnate (Can I have those photos of me now, Noa? Please?)

    I’m glad Hinata has promised to look after Miyako, and I’m curious to see what stories about Mya-san will pop up… at least after she’s back from her mission in space (how about now?)

    And to the one bad point, Miyako being actually attracted to Hana. Fortunately there were whole episodes where I could ignore this point.

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  4. chikorita157 says:

    Overlooking the Miyako attraction to Hana which is ehh, but not as bad in comparison to Tsubame since Miyako isn’t as creepy. It’s not too surprising given how shy she is. But still, I enjoy her character, especially since she is voiced by one of my favorite voice actresses, Ueda Reina. I guess Miyako and Fuura-sensei (and possibly Akane) makes a good combination of girls lacking social skills/hikkomoris, although the former is a lot shyer.

    Still, Noa and Hinata is a great pairing likewise with Kanon and Kayori. But yes, this is an adorable show after looking past Miyako’s attraction to Hana.

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  5. Alexis says:


    Esta serie también me encantó, definitivamente Miyako es más inofensiva que Tsubame, yo abogaría por su inocencia en un juicio. Me gustaría que mya-nee se quede con Koko-chan apuesto que su matrimonio sería todo menos aburrido, además, aquí pasa lo mismo que con muscle-maid, Hana funciona como su hermanita y juntas aprenden a socializar.

    Hay que seguir a Hinata, cuando fue su cita con Noa yo si encontré sinceridad en sus palabras cuando la halagaba, siento que la niña es un embrión de tachi pero necesita entrenamiento mucho entrenamiento y obvio Mya-nee no es la indicada, solo imaginemos que por un momento y de la nada, aparece Chikane o Haruka o alguna otra tachi de línea dura y se lleva a la niña para que empiece su autodescubrimiento, así como todo lo que una buena tachi debe saber:

    Creo que de los momentos más cómicos para mi fue cuando Noa la vio haciendo cosplay, ese grito de terror lo repetí varias veces.

    No sé como vaya a venir la siguiente temporada pero a mi me dará tiempo de ver cosas que dejé.



  6. LuzeP says:

    I enjoyed this show a lot more than I thought. Unlike Tsubame, Miyako doesn’t fawn over all kids, just Hanna. She just so passionate about anime and cosplaying so sometimes she looks creepy. She’s still hasn’t realized her feeling for Hanna yet. That or she’s scared to admit it. She’s scare of many things. And Hana doesn’t understand anything other than sweets. I think Miyako won’t do anything dangerous until Hana growing up to a proper age. If it’s up to me I want Miyako with Koko too. But I think the author wanted the age-gap story which I’m fine with that.

    My favorite girls are Hinata and Koyori. Hinata is the best imouto. Overprotective to her Mya-nee but she’s fine sharing her Mya-nee to her friends. Hinata is going to be a popular girl in high school. Noa has to tie down the knot before that. I mean she literally tied her down in class so just do it already. And every time Koyori made an appearance on my screen I feel happy. She needs more screentime. With Kanon, of course, best tiny couple. There’s another OVA later so looking forward to that.

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  7. Little Viktoria says:

    Love, love, love Koyori X Kanon. Such devotion and affection. The engagement bracelets were one of the top moments of this season (along with Rona’s appearance in Endro).

    Noa X Hinata is adorable too!

    I agree that Kana is a bit dull and has horrible taste in shirts, but let her grow some seven years and she’ll be a true beauty. At that point Miyako (who could learn to dress like a girl by then) can cuddle and kiss her until she mellows down ^^

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  8. Makoto Itoshi says:

    Looks like I’m the only one that realized Koko only exists to make Miyako start acting like a normal person in love with Hana, like the moment Koko showed up Hana started appreciating Miyako more and MIyako stopped with all the gushing that would make Hana call the police before. It became super obvious when during the date in episode 10 the only thing Miyako could wear was the dress Koko gave her. Koko isn’t there to win, she is there to deliver Miyako to Hana.

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  9. I liked this one so much I ordered the bluray from Japan’s Amazon. It’s saying a lot since they are really expensive!

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  10. Giack31 says:

    I enjoyed this more than I though I would at first.
    There were definitively some creepy moments but they were bearable.
    I liked that Miyako was able to understand how Hana felt when she started basically having the same thing done to her by Koko and as a result she toned it down. I still think that Miyako is better with Koko that with Hana.
    I absolutely love Kanon. She’s the real angel of this show. I love how devoted she is to Koyori and how she does whatever she can to support her. The scene where they were playing volleyball explains so much about their relationship.
    I was really surprised when they confirmed that Noa has feelings for Hinata (there were hints before but I didn’t expect them to confirm it) and I think they make a pretty good couple.
    I have to talk about the play in the final episode. Where did that come from? That was amazing. The music, the animation, the story everything was so good. It actually made me cry at the end. It’s cool to see them put actual effort where other anime usually use something very unoriginal and boring (too bad we didn’t get to see the Bloom into You play).

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  11. cirno9fan says:

    My goodness….when I first heard of this getting an anime I was kinda apprehensive, but not for any reason anyone here was. I love Onerori, it’s one of my favorite tags on Pixiv! It’s because i wasn’t sure whether it’d have the same heart as uzamaid did. Especially it being a 4koma. Not saying being 4koma is a bad thing in and of itself, lots of fantastic anime were adapted from 4koma (Urara Meirochou being a prime example). I just wasn’t sure what to expect. yet, I was still excited, because Onerori!! ❤

    And I was forced to realize my apprehension was for naught! ti was such an adorable and cute and fun and heartwarming experience~ I see everyone clinging the most to KanonxKoyori, but for me it was all HinataNoa ❤ Those two were just the best~ I am not downplaying how great Kanon and Koyori were at all. Just, Hinata was so perfect for Noa. Always the only one to not only cheer up Noa, but also the one to always notice when and why she was down. Hinata may be a siscon, but she proved that Noa’s just as important to her~

    And I also was of the camp for MiyakoXKoko….for a short while. A pretty short while. Because Miyako and Hana grew increasingly cute together as the show went on as well~ I get that the material could be alarming for some, but it’s fiction, and I’ll enjoy it!~

    Every episode was full of bliss and laughter~ It was just such a great watch! I loved the final episode like many did, but I’ll be honest, if it didn’t have that second part, I’m not sure how I’d feel about it, as the play itself was amazing….but the pairings were all off (though I guess there were hints that the two shopkeepers were the parents of the girl from the future’s mom…meaning Hinata and Noa got together regardless!). Of course, Im sure it was no mistake that Noa was wearing the Miyako hair for that final part.

    Either way, I very much hope for a season 2! This edged out over the competition and took AotS spot for me!

    Am torn between Hinata and Noa for best girl…..both were just so amazing…..

    For now, while I still have to think on it, I will go with: HinaNoa!

    Here’s hoping for more Onerori to get animated! (though I really want 9999 animated first…)

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  12. Nick says:

    Gotta say I too was a bit on the fence when I first caught wind of this show. I was looking out the window for those flashing lights any moment. But I decided to go ahead and watch it regardless and man did I like Wataten. I think I was initially expecting more of a Uzamaid all over again, but Miyako wasn’t to that level of lolicon overall so it was better. I just liked how cute and funny Wataten was and it easily was one of the shows I looked forward to the most each week.

    Character wise I think I might have to go with Miyako as my favorite, which I think is a strange pick but she really just clicked with it. Sure the kids were great too, I’m trying to decide between Noa or Koyori, both really stood out for me, even if Koyori didn’t get a ton of screen time compared to Noa. Although I gotta say Koyori and Kanon was my favorite couple in the show, those two were fantastic, even though once again we didn’t get a ton of time overall seeing them together doing stuff. But when we did see them it’s impossible not to like their interactions together. They’ll grow up into two fine women and their love will only get stronger. And lastly I gotta have a quick shout out to Koko for being awesome too.

    I think though what stands out the most for me when I’ll look back at Wataten was the final ep. The first half of the ep has gotta be up there with top favorite eps of the season, hell the year, for me. I was so drawn into their play and I’m not joking in the slightest when I said I shed a few tears when Hana’s character finally made the journey down to the girl she loved only for it to end so tragically. I didn’t expect this show at all to suddenly crank up the feels to 11 and leave me like that. I said the story was the saddest yet most beautiful love story ever and I’ll stand by that. It was absolutely fantastic and so simple too but the impact it had was massive. I’ve said it before that you don’t need some overly complicated story to make the viewer all emotional and this nailed it perfectly. I honestly can’t say enough good things about that play as it completely caught me off guard in the bet way possible.

    So looking back at Wataten, it was easily a top favorite show of the season for me. Sure it had some lolicon moments that did make me wriggle in my seat, but nothing that made me feeling extremely uncomfortable. I’ll miss this show a lot and it’s wonderful cast of fantastic characters. Honestly Wataten was a big surprise for me as it wasn’t anything like I expected it to be, so going in with slightly lower expectations and being amazed is always a great feeling. I really hope we get to see more of this show in the future.

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    • OG-Man says:

      Not much to add as you did a great job summarizing your thoughts. Agree with all of your sentiments. Wouldn’t mind a 2nd season at all.


  13. ArcaJ says:

    I actually decided to whatch the show because Noa and Hinata are my favorite toy ship. 😊

    The manga did such a great job showing Noa’s evolving feelings towards Hinata, I wanted to see what the anime could do.

    I was ready to ignore Miyako completely, but they actually made her relatable.

    She’s also the living personification of “MOE.” She’s so cute you can almost forget her creepy side. Almost. Check any episode where Mya-nee races care of Hinata, or shows her full face. I kind of want a track suit Miyako figure now.

    The difference between Wataten and UzaMaid: The former I want to say hnnnngh! The latter, I want to call the police.

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      Noa and Hinata will make a lovely couple. I see Noa having better luck winning Hinata’s love than Koko with Mya-nee.

      Mya-nee was easier to root for than Tsubame. Not with her getting Hana of course but her becoming brave. She’s also a wonderful sister and beautiful woman.


  14. yurimylove says:

    Fun show i really enjoyed watching. If i had a little sister i want her to be just like Hinata 😀

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  15. K says:

    This was one of the best shows of Winter without a doubt. I found it so enjoyable that I rank it almost as high as the Cuteness Triumvirate!

    That play in the last episode was phenomenal. It also reminded me of the play at the end of KinMoza’s first season.

    Hinata is the best. Her boundless energy was a absolute delight and I liked how she says “Mya-nee”. It has such a nice ring to it and it is 120% filled with her love for her sis.

    Hinata/Noa’s a good pairing as is Kanon/Koyori. Kanon and Koyori appearing here and there throughout the show together reminded me of Sakuya and Yuu from Kyuuketsuki-san, the difference being that the former duo appeared more often.

    Miyako may have crippling anxiety but she’s trying her best, moving forward at her pace with Hana and the others’ help.

    I also would’ve liked to see more of the parents. The scary face Hana’s mom made was so funny. Miyako feared incurring her mother’s wrath but aside from that first, over-the-top punishment that she suffered, she wasn’t that hard on her. She sure loves to tease her, though.

    A Miyako/Tsubame alliance would be a force to be reckoned with…only when Miyako’s open enough to allow her in. Likewise for a Koko/Midorin alliance.

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  16. piano_cello_conducting says:

    Some moments dragged for me but when the show focused on yuri, it did better.
    My comments on the couples (from favorite to least favorite):
    Hinata x Noa
    This one took a while to get going but once the ship sailed, this was a wonderful couple. And it was sweet that Hinata clearly reciprocates Noa’s feelings.

    Kanon x Kiyori
    I see many people like this couple. The problem was after some good moments, the producers seemed to have mostly forgotten about them in the last episodes.

    Miyako x Koko
    Seriously Koko is the only one that can stand by Miyako in the outside world. Too bad, we don’t really see Miyako reciprocate.

    Miyako x Hana
    The pairing seriously bores me as it is so uneven.


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