Yuri Quickie: The Loud House

So this show was recently brought to my attention. I figured for fun let us go over the two big episodes that convinced me to mention the show.

Happy Luna

Brief description of The Loud House. It stars Lincoln Loud and his 10 sisters. On the surface each sister represents a stereotype like Goth, fashionista, crazy twins, rocker etc. Of course this being a long show each sister gets their time in the spotlight to flesh out their character, hence why it is popular enough to get three seasons and possibly more. Like any other long show there are the occasional dud episodes like the one where Lincoln travels to an alternate world where he has 10 brothers. Most felt it was not handled well.

Now let us begin with the first episode worth discussing, “L is for Love”.

The episode started with Lincoln checking the mail and finding a love letter addressed to “L. Loud”. It was difficult to figure out which of the 11 siblings was the recipient because all their names started with an “L”. Most of the siblings imagined being the recipient and how cool life would be with their crushes.

Luna and friends rocking.jpg

Luna and friends rockin’.

That is everyone but Luna (the rocker) who imagined herself rockin’ out with friends. The first step everyone took to find out who the letter was addressed was giving signals to their crushes.

Luna not confident.jpg

The four brunettes.

When the 2nd letter arrived they got another clue when the recipient was described as a brunette. Three of the brunettes cheered, except one who was not confident about her chances, hence why she was the only who did not give “Sam” any signals. Everyone encouraged her to try and approach her crush. While the other three brunettes got a bit carried away with their hinting Luna again hesitated. The third letter gave her hope though when the secret admirer requested they meet up at a British themed rock bar.

The Loud Parents.jpg

The Loud Parents.

Turns out the love letters were actually part of a romantic tradition the Loud Parents shared to celebrate the anniversary of their first date. Hearing the story of how mom sent love letters to get dad’s attention motivated the siblings to do the same thing with their crushes.

Now as shown in the above image of Luna rockin’ with her friends one might have thought the guy was her crush. Then came the last second twist.



Happy Luna.jpg

And credits.

That was sweet. I thought that would be the end of it and their relationship would not get brought up on TV again. Lo and behold a fan of mine hyped an upcoming sequel episode dedicated to Luna X Sam. I was intrigued. So shall we take a look at that episode, “Racing Hearts”?

Luna getting ready for her date.jpg

Luna getting ready for her date.

We joined the two oldest sisters waiting to use the bathroom when they were surprised to see Luna putting a lot of effort freshening up to go to the Royal Woods Astonishing Quest…with Sam. Cuteness ensued with a blushing Luna and her sisters squeeing. It was going to be her first date after all.

Sam and Luna cute.jpg


One cute meetup later and the Astonishing Quest was on! It was pretty much a scavenger hunt. The two were excited to have a great time enjoying the activities together when the main plot of the episode became clear. There were several examples but I will only bring up two so readers can get the point.

Clue #1: Laser Tag. Luna quickly figured it out and excelled at the game. Sam however…

Sam clumsy.jpg

Clumsy Sam.

Clue #2: Farm. Sam figured this one. The challenge was to gather a dozen fresh chicken eggs. Sam could talk to chickens. As for Luna…

Luna tripping Sam.jpg

Luna feared beaks.

It was the same for the following two clues with one repeat sentence “Not my thing”.

Luna bummed.jpg

Luna bummed.

While Sam was in the potty the onee-chans dropped by to see how the date was going. Luna was of course worried over the two having nothing in common so far. The oldest sister gave her a tip, “Try being open to the stuff Sam likes. It worked for me and my boyfriend”. In theory it could have worked.

Two more clues later…


Still no luck.

Luna: Sorry Sam. Sailing is-

Sam: Not your thing? Why didn’t you tell me?

Luna: I just wanted us to have something in common but as you can see…

Sam: I know. I thought for sure we were perfect for each other. Well, what now?

Luna: Let’s just finish the quest, as friends.

Sam: Right…friends.

The last clue was a bakery…which they both disliked. Oooooooh! They went to pick up sticks of butter and…

Sam and Luna handholding.jpg

This is a G rated show.

The rest of the episode is self-explanatory.

And there you have it. Would be nice if we got another Sam X Luna episode in Season 4.

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9 Responses to Yuri Quickie: The Loud House

  1. I kinda stumbled into this show when my youngest started watching it. It’s really excellent IMO. Now I just need to wait for that second episode to turn up on our TV planner .

    Liked by 1 person

  2. tbiscut74 says:

    Watched both those episodes, Racing Hearts just an hour ago. They were indeed cute. Looking forward to more about the 2 of them.


  3. Gundamvid says:

    So awesome to see these two episodes making to your site! XD I to hope to see Luna and Sam again down the line and hopefully sooner in Season 4. If you are a “Loud House” fan check out the comics as there are Luna X Sam moments.


  4. kitsu260 says:

    I can drawn this level, maybe should trying create mt own yuri history but maybe is travel with no return.


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