Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure Episode 5: Lunar Glow

Hype Ranger #2 is here at last!

Madoka the prized archer.jpg

Madoka the prized archer.

To be honest this is a very straightforward episode. Readers will see what I mean. As expected Madoka is the token perfect student who excels at several things things, specifically her studies, piano and archery.

Madoka's Mom.jpg

Madoka’s Mom. Lovely.

Lala and Sakurako.jpg

Lala and Sakurako.

It appears I was mistaken Sir Rory. Sakurako Himenoji won’t be playing the role of a certain someone in Mahou Tsukai but rather she’s Madoka’s self-proclaimed rival similar to a certain aspiring actress. That’s fine by me because I already like her a lot.

Madoka suspicious of Hikaru.jpg

Madoka suspicious of Hikaru.

Throughout the school day whenever Madoka noticed Hikaru and friends she paid very close attention after what she saw last episode. Her suspicions were correct as Fuwa eventually revealed herself to her despite our heroines’ best efforts to keep her hidden. The girls asked her to please keep Fuwa a secret.

Fuwa's peace offering.jpg

Fuwa’s peace offering.

Remember when I said this episode was straightforward? Here we go. Madoka’s dad is a government official and in charge of the Men in Black (or in this case Gray). Her mom’s a famous pianist and she inherited her abilities from her parents. Anyway the issue is with her dad who wants Madoka to focus solely on obtaining a role of leadership among the populace. Basically she wants her to become President of Japan. In real life Japan that’s easier said than done but you get the idea. The most important rule of the house was that no one kept secrets from each other. Readers can tell what I’m getting at. After seeing Fuwa Madoka quietly followed our heroines and discovered Lala’s spaceship. They again begged her to keep what she’s a seen a secret but she said to honor her dad’s wishes she couldn’t and had to report this to the Men in Gray. Hikaru got where she’s coming from but she was like “I get the dad thing but what do YOU think?” The above pic showed Madoka struggling with that question.

Madoka's Cure gear.jpg

Madoka’s Ranger Gear.

That was the Notraiders’ cue to show up. This time Tenjou’s strategy was to overwhelm the Rangers with numbers. Madoka tried keeping Fuwa hidden but was discovered. As she ran she thought about the situation and briefly decided to protect Fuwa. The puffball heard her devotion and created Ranger gear for her. Interestingly Madoka didn’t immediately accept becoming a Power Ranger, still struggling. After much thought and an extra push from Cure Star Madoka decided grabbed the gear.

4th Ranger, COME ON DOWN!

Cure Selene

The Mysterious Moon, Cure Selene.

And so we currently have a Pink Rose, Aqua Green, Orange Gold and Violet Sapphire Ranger team. I love it.

PreCure! Selene Arrow.jpg

PreCure! Selene Arrow!

Cure Selene’s ability allowed her to read her enemy’s movements, allowing her to easily dodge surprise attacks inside of a cyclone. Madoka acknowledged her potential destiny of becoming president required her to have a better understanding of the people she’d lead but it’s for that very reason she wanted to protect her new friends. One Selene Arrow later and the day was saved.

The Men in Gray

The Men in Gray.

After the battle the Men in Gray showed up detecting alien signals. Madoka did her best to lie to dad. It was very difficult for her. Still she was determined to be a great Power Ranger. We all know dad will eventually discover their secret and the two end up clashing.

With that all four main Twinkle Rangers have been introduced. To the surprise of no one my #1 is Elena and #2 Madoka. Good stuff once again. Next time the Notraiders have a little surprise for the Rangers.

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12 Responses to Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure Episode 5: Lunar Glow

  1. Kaylee R Smerbeck says:

    Fuwa: make a contract Madoka
    What, we have to make that joke
    Also Madoka as pm is weird


  2. Rory says:

    Now that we have all four members of the team assembled, I think we have a very good cast. Each one of their debut episodes were great, and I am very eager to see what they have in store for us in the future.
    Cure Selene’s debut episode may have been the most straightforward one out of the four, but she is still a wonderful addition to the team.
    Sakurako could be Madoka’s rival and be similar to Kana Katsuki. It’s still a possibility at this point.

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Same here. Looking forward to their further individual and group development.

      That she is. She’s my #2 after all.

      It’s a possibility. Whatever her role will be I’m very eager to see more of her.

      Liked by 2 people

  3. All four precures were revealed after 5 episodes.

    Lets get ready to rumble!!!

    Yes, I am a wrestling fan, too.

    If this is going to be another 50 or more episodes Precure season, I wonder, how they will fill the rest.

    Trying to steal Fuwa every episode and/or developing the yuri ship(s)?

    I hope, that the pacing for such a long anime is not too slow and has not to much filler episodes.

    I only know the first Precure season on RTL2 and they didn´t synch all episodes in German.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. ShoujoCent says:

    This is my first Precure show, so maybe I’m expecting a little too much, but all I could think throughout this episode was “Oh wow! A personal conflict! Finally, an interesting character!” Not that I haven’t enjoyed the other Precures so far, but I don’t really see any interesting developments happening for them in the near future (except maybe Elena and her family). The fact that this episode set up Madoka’s conflict with her father and didn’t resolve it has already made her my favorite character, because it means we’ll probably get some interesting focus-episodes with her. In fact, she kinda reminds me of Wes and his father from Power Rangers: Time Force (hopefully people understand what I’m getting at).

    Also, I don’t know if I’m alone on this, but I’m already shipping Madoka x Sakurako ^_^


    • OG-Man says:

      You’re better off probably watching Heartcatch PreCure or Go Princess PreCure if you want something close to life changing depth. Otherwise be patient as there’s still 44-45 episodes to go.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. elkat4 says:

    Let’s see how many references I can make.

    Pretty Guardian Cure Solene:
    Cure Solene: In the name of the moon I will punish you!
    Cure Soliel: Wrong magical girl anime!

    Kaguya Family Traditions:
    Elena: It’s nice that we can lunch together.
    Madoka: Indeed.
    Opens bento revealing a large amount of mochi
    Elena: Um…I know your thing is having a moon theme, but isn’t that stretching it a little far.
    Madoka: What do you mean?
    Elena: You know, the folk tale about rabbits that live on the moon making mochi.
    Madoka: Don’t be silly. Rabbits can’t make mochi! My father did.
    Elena: Your father made this mochi?
    Madoka: Indeed. It’s a family tradition.
    Elena: I didn’t know that.
    Madoka: He even wears rabbit ears while pounding the mochi.
    Elena: My case still stands!

    Bamboo Princess Madoka:
    Elena: Hay Madoka, your family name is Kaguya. Does that have anything to do with the old folktale?
    Madoka: Indeed. It’s said we are descendants from princess Kaguya.
    Elena: So does that mean you have a robe of the fire rat, a dragon’s jewel, a branch of Hourai tree, the stone begging bowel of Buddha, and cowry shell.
    Madoka: Don’t be silly! None of the princess actually retrieved the item they were tasked with.
    Elena: I suppose you’re right.
    Madoka: Besides, the robe of the fire rat is currently in the possession of a boy with long silver hair and dog ears.
    Elena: Eh?!

    Poké Cure:
    Sakurako: You two got the recent Pokémon games? I’m so jealous!
    Elena: I got Pokémon Moon.
    Madoka: I got Pokémon Sun.
    Sakurako: Isn’t that backwards?
    Elena & Madoka: What do you mean?
    Sakurako’s confusion intensifies as Elena only catches Pokémon that evolve with the Moon stone and Madoka only catches Pokémon that evolves with the Sun Stone

    Moon Obsession (and obligatory Fate reference):
    Lala: What are you reading?
    Madoka: It’s a manga called “Tsukuyomi: Moon-Phase”.
    Lala: I should have known. That’s very typical of you.
    Madoka: What do you mean?
    Lala: You have an obsession with everything related to the moon.
    Madoka: I do not!
    Lala: You’ve played all the Type-Moon visual novels/games and read all their light novels.
    Madoka: W-what are you talking about?! Some of those visual novels is strictly 18+.
    Lala: You even built a Lego model of the Moon Cell!
    Madoka: I was extremely bored and had already finished my homework and studying.
    Lala: You have all the Sailor Moon anime and manga in every language.
    Madoka: My father told it was important to be multi-lingual.
    Lala: You even commissioned moe anthropomorphic art of the moon on Twitter.
    Madoka: There’s nothing wrong with that, right?
    Lala: You even have a Moon-chan body pillow!
    Madoka: I-I just have trouble sleeping!
    Lala: I bet you even planning on naming your future children after moon gods such as Tsukuyomi or Artemis.
    Lala: What I don’t understand is why you have a picture of Elena under your pillow.
    Madoka blushing: That’s totally unrelated!

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  6. Hmm…straightforward, but still pretty nice. I like her. Hard decisions already for her, to join the Ranger team and essentially leave the surefire path she’s been on all her life for a journey into the unknown…

    Still, I probably like Lala best so far, then Elena, and then Madoka and Hikaru.

    Sakurako seems like an okay rival…I guess we’ll be seeing a lot of her as the season progresses…

    Also, with this episode, I realized this season has a lot of really good/funny facial expressions. Very…expressive. I like how they’re managed to make them pretty diverse, and yet not too over the top most of the time.

    Hopefully all 4 Cures joining by this point means we get a lot of development between them over the course of the season…even, perhaps, indeed, in a shippy way…

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      She will eventually face obstacles beyond alien invaders. Let’s wish her the best when that time comes.

      I WANT more Sakurako personally.

      Lala has a gifted head for sure, Hikaru coming at a close 2nd.

      Yup. Next episode already promises interesting plot progression.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Giack31 says:

    This episode was alright.
    I don’t really like self proclaimed rivals but Sakurako has a very promising name.


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