Manaria/Mysteria Friends Episode 7: Naughty Game

While this episode wasn’t as sexy as the previous one best believe it was just as steamy.

Manaria Friends Anne stroking Grea's Tail.gif

I hope Anne stroking Grea’s tail is a running gag up to the finale.

Horny Anne.jpg

Horny Anne.

This time we joined Grea helping Anne at the library. She still had difficulty interacting with others but Anne was there to help “encourage” her. During a quiet period Anne read a book on how to pick up guys (I think). One tip was being assertive…prompting the above reaction. When Anne answered Grea’s question about the book she wondered whether the included love potion also worked on girls…Something she thought about all day…

Lou and Friends at the library.jpg

Always nice seeing Captain Lou and her posse.

Horny Anne 2.jpg

Allllllll daaaaaaaayyyyyy. Oh and Grea’s a nice singing voice.

When it looked like everyone went home Anne asked Grea to play hide and seek…because what else would soul mates stuck working at a library be doing when there were no visitors.

Anne pumped.jpg

Anne pumped.

The game had just started and Grea already proved to be a worthy opponent but that only motivated Anne to give it her all.

Anne defeated.jpg

Anne defeated.

Unfortunately Grea was TOO GOOD which lead to Anne feeling annoyed, frustrated, concerned and finally abandoned.

Anne relieved.jpg

It wasn’t a trick to lure Grea out of hiding.

I don’t know what the exact rules are of hide and seek but I think Grea cheated.

Anne and Grea holding hands

I thought this show was PG-13, not NC-17. I am not joking.

There were two Post-ED scenes this time. The first was the one shown above that had me wondering what rating the show got. The second one…let’s just say there was a reason why they showed the love potion several times throughout the episode.

People keep harping on the show’s episodes being too short. While I get what they’re saying my counter argument is that what’s more important is how the writers use the allotted time to tell their story. Suffice to say they’re doing a fantastic job in my opinion.

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35 Responses to Manaria/Mysteria Friends Episode 7: Naughty Game

  1. cirno9fan says:

    “my counter argument is that what’s more important is how the writers use the allotted time to tell their story. ”
    100% this
    it doesn’t matter how long or short something is as long as the writer is getting across the story well. TBH, a lot of anime would benefit from having shorter run times, while others probably should have longer.

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  2. x says:

    Anne is very naughty this episode and nobody well know if the drink was spike or not.

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  3. Wanderer says:

    Anne, don’t be creepy. Poor Grea gets nervous easily enough as it is.

    Although I suppose you could say that that was Anne’s revenge for Grea making her cry in hide and seek…

    Anyway. Anne was really blatant about her love for Grea in this episode. I guess she was taking the book’s advice of “be assertive” to heart.

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  4. chikorita157 says:

    Anne is a bit creepy, especially slipping that love potion into the tea. I don’t think she really need to go that far, but maybe it’s payback for not being able to find Grea during hide and seek.

    Still, I wonder about that sleep over promise from the last episode. When will that happen?

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    • OG-Man says:

      The writers WANTED viewers to think she spiked the tea. Otherwise she wouldn’t have been so shocked by Grea’s fear. No. She was actually following the “be assertive” tactic.

      Fingers crossed it does happen before the show ends.

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  5. Makoto Itoshi says:

    Agree, the writers dedicating most of the limited screen time to Anne looking lustfully at Grea’s tail and the two of them flirting shows that they know how to manage the run-time properly.

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  6. Alexis says:

    Regresé y no en forma de ficha, hace tiempo que no escribía pero creo que hoy es un buen momento.
    Por una parte tenemos a Rona quien legalizará el matrimonio yuri por su Yusha-sama y otro lado tenemos a Anne siendo tentada por usar una poción de amor en Grea… es un buen momento para estar viva, solo es cuestión de tiempo de que Yuha y Grea caigan, necesitamos más princesas con iniciativa para que yuritopia siga creciendo.

    ¿Aun no ha salido la lista de animes de la siguiente temporada?

    No sé cuando vuelva a escribir pero quiero leer sus impresiones finales.

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    • OG-Man says:

      Su presencia fue muy extrañada Alexis-chan. Lastima que desaparecera de nuevo.

      Hemos tenido tres princesas yuri en esta temporada. Que grandeza. Asi es. Solo hay que esperar hasta que llegue el dia de destino para Anne y Rona.


  7. Umedyn says:

    I LOVE the fact we got two lesbian princesses this season with Anne and Rena from Endro! Anne was kinda coy before, but this episode was almost as blatant as you can get, which I love. The whole “maybe they’re gay, maybe they’re not” of the soft yuri has been bugging me, so it’s nice to see some pure “yes they are.”
    Still, this is probably my favorite episode of the show (so far) and I have the feeling Anne didn’t spike the tea, but just loves to tease Grea, playing the long game with the love potion to put the thought in Grea’s head.

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  8. FantasyGirlKanna says:

    Nah Grea didn’t cheat 😀 Anne was the one who didn’t count properly and skipped the numbers LOL 😛 Anne really likes Grea’s tail so cute 🙂

    I don’t see the need for that love potion though but maybe it’s to have Grea agree to have a sleepover…I want a sleepover episode

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  9. Jack Cactus says:

    Oh Anne, you and your mischief somehow backfired but hey, at least you got to snuggle and hold hands with Grea.

    That damn Love Potion, Anne shouldn’t have revealed it so soon otherwise Grea wouldn’t have noticed it and her “plan” would go smoothly. But alas, the young maiden’s heart was to hasteful and therefore, denied us of anything steamy.

    And that tea scene…..

    Both Anne and Diana are favourite gay royalties and both of em’ are voiced by Yoko Hikasa which is a blessing.

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    • OG-Man says:

      She got a small reward, yes.

      It was all part of her “be aggressive” plan. She didn’t spike the tea.

      Anne’s a princess and Diana’s a noble so close enough.

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  10. fluffymuffins says:

    i hope the sleepover episode will be the finale episode….i am really2 looking forward to it 😀


  11. Platon says:

    Anne is really horny and a bit creepy in the end and I just hope that Grea can get past her being so shy and embrace her feelings for Anne which she is still trying to hide or doesn´t realize she has them :). Wish writers stopped teasing us 🙂

    Grea was cheating in hide and seek.

    As I mentioned before, this anime is like magical action girls without the action in it and the length of each episode is enough. I would love to enjoy them longer each week but the way how is this show written is just perfect for those 14 minutes or so.

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  12. Little Viktoria says:

    Both Anne and Rona are being a bit uncalibrated this week. Anne should be more gentle with her sensitive girlfriend. But I guess all the play-flirting and Grea’s evasiveness is driving her over the edge… or her periods are coming ^^

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  13. Giack31 says:

    Cute episode.
    The last scene was hilarious. Also I don’t think she spiked the tea. The book she borrowed to get closer to her could be the book about the dragon kingdom that she motioned in episode 1. Getting closer to her by knowing more about her kind. That or she was teasing Grea.

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  14. kitsu260 says:

    Dostano GUREIA!


  15. ineedyuri says:

    Looks at tail.

    “Hey my eyes are up here”

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  16. Okay, that library they have looks amazing, and I kind of want to live there now, having seen it more fully. It being blown up by monsters/frozen by Anne/invaded by monsters just seems like a little bit of extra excitement every now and then.

    Oh Anne, so very, very obvious about her feelings. Which is good for us, and bad for Grea’s nervousness and shy nature since Anne is doing so in public most of the time.

    Hopefully Grea can indeed work through her nervousness and build enough trust with Anne to explore her own feelings in depth, and realize things. (And also have that sleepover that was promised.)

    Grea indeed seemed to be using her draconic heritage to her advantage in their game, as shown when she descended from above at the end, and the credits scenes…at first I honestly just thought she had gone to some really out of the way corner to read and not be bothered by Anne for a moment, and couldn’t hear Anne thus, but it seems I was wrong indeed. (Which is both better, as it means she wasn’t avoiding Anne, but also worse, as that means she was probably impossible to find in the first place…)

    And wow, that 2nd ending scene was something else…basically a scene from a horror movie, with that directing…and indeed, Anne is smarter than just putting a love potion in tea, or being so obvious about it, even, or (hopefully) believing that such would actually work, or be the right way to capture someone’s heart…

    Nah. She’s just teasing Grea as she likes to do, trying out ways to get Grea to open up to her more.

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  17. yurimylove says:

    Lesson learned today: when playing hide and seek with winged creatures, remember to also look up.

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  18. Nick says:

    Very late to comment on this.

    More wonderful Grea x Anne goodness. I love how obsessed with Grea’s tail Anne is. The way she looks at it and strokes it, ahhh I love these two so much!!

    Anne asking the right questions when it comes to the love potion. But honestly I don’t think she needs to use it, they’re both so in love that potion is really unnecessary.

    Yeah Grea totally cheated, flying around and constantly hiding in new spots.

    The hand holding at the end was so cute. They’re such a great couple.

    Great ep overall. Looking forward to watching the next one… whenever the hell it finally gets subbed.


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