Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure Episode 4: Latino Heat

It’s Hype Ranger time!

Elena cooking

It’s finally your time to shine darling.

Elena chanelling her inner Pele.jpg

Elena channeling her inner Pele.

We learned two things right away:

  • Elena’s dad has tan skin and a yellow mustache.
  • Elena’s very athletic.
Lala impressed by Elena.jpg

Lala was blown away by Elena’s athleticism.

Do pay attention to how Hikaru and Lala greeted each other. They’re on their way folks.

Elena admired by all the girls.jpg

Elena gots the most attention (and love letters) from the girls. Yeeeeeeeessssss.

Madoka Kaguya.jpg

Madoka Kaguya.

For most of the first half of the episode Hikaru and Lala tried thanking Elena for helping them with their bickering last time but her fangirls didn’t allow them to do so. During their search they mistook the “Moon”, Madoka Kaguya, for the “Sun”. We’ll talk more about the moon next time as it won’t be long before she too becomes involved with the Twinkle Rangers.

Elena's siblings playing with Fuwa.jpg

Elena’s siblings want to play with the Fuwa “toy”.

Back to to star of the episode and show our adorable duo agreed it was easier to greet Elena after school. They visited her flower shop and got into a bit of trouble when her siblings wanted to play with Fuwa but Puruns ensured them he’d keep an eye on her. We learned Elena often gets asked to become more involved in sports clubs but she’s busy running her family store and caring for her siblings. All they’ve seen from her made Hikaru understand why she’s nicknamed “The Sun”. Her coolness, calmness, cheerfulness and being easy to approach brought joy to everyone around her. Elena showed them the name of her store, “Sonrisa”, meaning smile.

Cure Star and Cure Milky in trouble

Cure Star and Milky in trouble.

On their way home our heroines were ambushed by Tenjou and the Putties. This time however, Tenjou used a thick fog to keep the two separated, making it harder for them to work together.

Elena confronting the invaders.jpg

Elena confronting the invaders.

Elena’s siblings noticed a smoke cloud in the direction our heroines went so she followed. She saw Fuwa in danger and wanted to save her but was understandably scared. Fortunately Fuwa’s fear was too strong to not do anything about so she pushed her fears aside and leapt to rescue the puffball. Elena liked seeing people around her smile and wanted to do all she could to protect those smiles. Fuwa responded to her courage with Ranger gear. You all know what that means…

Cure Soleil.jpg

Cure Soleil, the Orange Twinkle Ranger.

Precure Cure Soleil 2.jpg

Cure Soleil in all her beauty. Orange, purple and gold. OG greatly approves!

Obviously her element is fire and her Special Attack “Soleil Shot” is a blazing penalty kick. If there is one thing us Latin Americans/Hispanics enjoy quite a bit it’s futbol (Soccer). After the battle Elena asked what the whole Power Rangers thing was about but when Puruns said it’s a long story she’s like “Yeeaaah my family’s waiting at home. Next time, okay? Ciao.”

Lived up to the hype and then some. Elena made history in a few ways:

  • First ever dark skinned Power Ranger.
  • First ever Power Ranger with a Hispanic lineage.

(I initially included First ever Orange Ranger but Smile PreCure already had one, Oh well.)

While she’s (probably) half Mexican I am part Venezuelan and Colombian myself so she means more to me than just being a dark skinned hottie who I’m sure I would have had a crush on if I were younger…and rooting for her to hook up with a certain someone at the same time but more on that if things go the way I hope they do.

So now we have two history making Rangers in Elena and Lala (First ever extraterrestrial Ranger) on the team. So good.

While many are enjoying Lala’s cuteness, and rightfully so, I’ll be focusing more on the magnificence of Elena and the soon to be 4th Ranger who is scheduled to debut next time.

Some extra stuff I noticed on the side:

Lala with a familiar expression.jpg

I have seen that expression once before…Where was it again?

Robo Emiru and Hugtan

Ah yes.

Alien watcher.jpg

Fingers crossed she’ll be an important side-character. Rory and Mr Vampiro know what I’m talking about.


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11 Responses to Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure Episode 4: Latino Heat

  1. Rory says:

    So it looks like we could have another Kana Katsuki, just with aliens instead of magic… sounds good to me.
    Hikaru and Lala greeting each other was cute.

    Most importantly, though, Cure Soleil’s debut. An excellent debut for a history-making character. I can see why she is called “The Sun”. She is so warm and bright, and an all-round brilliant addition to the team.

    Soleil’s fighting style was great, with her leaping around her enemies and using kicks to attack. On that note, this is the third time we have had a ‘penalty kick’ style special attack in PreCure: Cure Rouge from Yes! PreCure 5 was first, and the second time was Cure March from Smile PreCure!.

    We’ve had excellent introductions for each member of the team so far, so I am eager to see what Madoka has for us in the next episode.

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Oh yes. I really hope the blonde girl will have an arc similar to Kana’s with a similar conclusion.

      They’re on their way my friend.

      The wait for her debut was worth it. She’s already my #1 and Madoka may become my #2.

      Haven’t seen either installment yet so I was unaware previous Rangers had a Super Kick like special move. Either way it fits Cure Soleil perfectly and her fighting style is indeed majestic. The kicking fighting style reminded me of Cure Sunshine though I’m not 100% sure if she’s all kicks or mainly martial arts.

      Madoka’s episode should be quite interesting.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. I’m pretty sure one of the Smile Rangers was Orange.


  3. Hfghcfgggv says:

    This pretty cure show is a stealth sequel to the super sentai ressha sentai tokyuger.


  4. Hikaru & Lala continue to be cute (together).

    What a great introduction for Soleil/Elena, indeed! I quite liked it showing she, despite being the Sun of the school, was afraid herself of joining the fight, but then managed to conquer her fear in the way she did. And her colour scheme is indeed excellent and amazing! As is her fighting style. Very cool.

    The Dead Eyes face from Hugtto! makes a return! I am glad. It is quite funny, when used well.

    And Madoka/Cure Selene next episode, huh? Hype for 4th member of team

    (Also hope for her and Elena to end up together, yes.)

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      Fingers crossed they keep it up.

      Twas a fantastic debut for the Hype Ranger of the season!

      That it was.

      Looking forward to Hype Cure #2.

      (Very much so. Fingers crossed they become a couple.)

      Liked by 1 person

  5. LuzeriP says:

    Elena is so beautiful, I can’t… Her episode was worth the hype. A perfect girl and loved by the ladies. Oh yess. I too hope she become a couple with Kaguya. I mean they’re the sun and the moon. They belong together. Also Hikaru and Lala really are cute together. They’re so funny.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Giack31 says:

    I like Elena. Her being very athletic and a chick magnet is very cool. Also fire is my favorite element and her final move was badass.
    From her design Madoka looked like one of those really cold character but I’m glad to see that (for now) she seems pretty chill. I was kind of surprised that we get the her episodes next, I expected for them to wait a couple more but it’s better this way.
    I’m 100% with you that that girl will become a recurring side character.


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