Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure Episode 3: Rangers Divided

In this episode we saw a not-so common Cure tradition but one that pops up every now and then.

Lala pulled an all-nighter.jpg

Lala pulled an all-nighter.

When we last left the Rangers Cure Star’s pendant started to glow. We resumed immediately after but had to wait a little before getting the answer. As seen above Lala pulled an all-nighter trying to solve the mystery of the pendant. Lady Computer calculated it very likely being connected to the Twinkle Rangers’ mission of finding the Star Princesses. Puruns thought that meant it was a Princess Tracker. Hikaru excitedly began the search but Lala wanted to analyze the pendant some more.

Lala not happy.jpg

Lala not happy.

From there it was an argument between Hikaru wanting to go for broke and Lala preferring to plan things out first. Frontal Attack vs Strategic Planning basically. Hikaru got some interesting info but Lala didn’t think much of it. The two were about to clash when a beautiful angel graced them with her presence.

Elena Amamiya.jpg

Elena Amamiya.

Please be Half-Hispanic or Half-African!

Meet Elena Amamiya. A senpai at Hikaru’s school. Having many younger siblings herself she’s more than familiar with seeing them bickering. Her advice was for the two calmly listen to what the other had to say. That of course would take a bit longer for the duo to grasp.

Hikaru about to snap.jpg

Hikaru about to snap.

Hikaru went to find the rumored firefly the Star Donut Shop owner mentioned and Lala followed. The two continued to bicker. Hikaru was about to snap when Lala basically referred to her as just another weirdo Earthling. Luckily Fuwa’s sadness was enough to calm them down. The two were then able to calmly talk things through. They combined the info each one gathered to learn more about the pendant and the princesses. They quickly found what they’re looking for but…


Tenjou the Alien Tengu.

A nearby Notrey swiped the magic pen and delivered it to the 2nd villain general of the season, Tenjou the Tengu. And yes I do find her more interesting than Kappard for obvious reasons. This time the enemy came prepared with a more strategic leader in Tenjou.

Cure Star and Cure Milky strategizing

Cure Star and Cure Milky strategizing.

What they didn’t expect was the Twinkle Rangers also having a brainiac on their side.

PreCure Team Attack.jpg

Team Attack FTW!

Their team attack not only scattered the Notreys but also distracted Tenjou, allowing the Rangers to get the pen.

Taurus Pen.jpg

Taurus Pen obtained.

Thanks to the Taurus Pen’s power Cure Star’s Star Punch got a power boost forcing Tenjou to retreat.

Taurus Fuwa.jpg

Taurus Fuwa.

I’m guessing each time they find a Zodiac Pen we’ll get a Fuwa transformation and a scene where they’re transported to the empty 12 Houses of the Zodiac and reawaken them one by one.

Princess Taurus.jpg

Princess Taurus.

And that’s the Twinkle Rangers’ primary mission: Find the other 11 Zodiac Pens and reawaken all the Star Princesses.

Hikaru and Lala made up.jpg

Right on ladies.

The episode ended with our adorable duo making up and strengthening their relationship by ditching honorifics.

Cool episode. Hikaru X Lala got some brownie points and a more visually appealing villain general appeared.

My body is beyond ready for the next episode. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssss.

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9 Responses to Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure Episode 3: Rangers Divided

  1. luffink says:

    I think it was confirmed that Elena was half hispanic from her father’s side


  2. Rory says:

    Lala pouting was cute, but she is definitely at her best when she is smiling. Hopefully she and Hikaru will be able to keep each other happy.
    Next episode will be a good one.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Some amount of disagreement due to being used to doing things in different ways, but in the end, they managed to indeed solve said problems, listen to each other, and combined powers to reach greater heights! Good stuff.

    And Elena/Cure Soleil indeed seems cool so far, with what little we got here. Next episode, our 3rd Precure, huh…

    Then just 1 more until the main team is fully assembled…

    Many cute expressions in this episode, really. From the pouting, to the “whoops, almost said it”, to wonderful smiles! And the honorific-dropping so early does in some way give possibility for more later…

    That transformation/shift to the Star Palace was pretty twincool, I think. Impressive stuff. And the Taurus Princess seems cool. (Doesn’t hurt I’m a Taurus myself, I guess…)

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      Record time.

      My body is beyond ready for more Elena and the Sun Gold Ranger. Yeeeeeesssss.

      I predict the 4th Ranger debuts around Episode 6.

      Lala is quite adorable.

      You are a Taurus eh? Noice.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Giack31 says:

    Hikaru is a bit too genki for me but I really like Lala. The full name use reminded me of TOSHINOU KYOUKO.
    Elena Amamiya seems to be a mix of Italian and Spanish. She has an Italian/Spanish name, uses ciao (Italian greeting) and her shop is called Sonrisa (smile in Spanish). Also doesn’t the surname sound like “mamma mia”? Is that why they chose it? Am I reading too much into it?
    So the buildings in the middle of the lake are some kind of shopping district? We’ll see if there is something more to them.
    I’m surprised that they didn’t make a bigger deal of Fuwa actually talking for the first time (I think?).
    I’m kind of disappointed that you can basically only hear Hikaru’s voice during the transformation because I prefer Lala’a voice but I guess she is the protagonist.
    Taurus Fuwa was SO adorable.


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