Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure Episode 2: A Shocking Star is Born

We continue the Twinkle Rangers show with the advent of the 2nd Twinkle Ranger Lala. Let’s find out how she joined the team.

Lala kinda bummed.jpg

Lala kinda bummed.

We continued where we left off with our heroines and Puruns back on Earth and Lala scanning the space ship to see whether it could be repaired. It’s heavily damaged so it’ll be a while. As Puruns complimented Hikaru on becoming a Power Ranger Lala felt kinda bummed.

Fuwa resting in the Twinkle Book.jpg

Fuwa resting.

Cure Mascots usually rest in books, pads or whatever magical accessory are bestowed upon lead Rangers. Puruns wanted to care for the Twinkle Book but because it used to be Hikaru’s special sketchbook and her wanting to protect Fuwa she took full responsibility.

Lala unamused.jpg

Of course Lala wasn’t amused by their banter.

After the debate was settled Hikaru invited her new friends back to her pad. However…

Lala and Puruns hiding.jpg

Lala and Puruns hiding.

It was against their laws for Lala and Puruns to be seen by Earthlings. If they’re seen interacting with them they’d be banned from space travel for a long time. Thus they snuck up to Hikaru’s room but were almost seen by her grandpa. The two commented about her being a space otaku after seeing her room but she said it originally belonged to her dad. Methinks he’s partially the reason she loves astronomy. I also have a feeling grandpa’s grumpiness is connected to his absence. Probably lost in space. That’s currently a theory.

Lala asking the computer a question

Lala asking the computer a question.

While Hikaru went down to get snacks for her guests Lala left to work on the rocket. Out of curiosity she asked the computer what the odds were of her becoming a Power Ranger. Very, very low. Coincidentally it was the same for Hikaru. Speaking of Hikaru she found her and offered a “donut”. Lala hesitated but Hikaru told her the same thing my mom tells me whenever I don’t feel like eating something different “Don’t knock it till you try it”.

Lala tastes an onigiri.jpg

Lala’s surprised by how tasty the “donut” is.

Hikaru commented on how cool Lala was for being able to fly and repair a rocket ship. Lala explained that back on her home planet she’s already considered an adult, which was age 13 in human years.

Lala's electical power.jpg

Lala’s electrical power.

The following morning when Hikaru came to greet Lala she learned how she said hello, with her antennae, which could also shoot small electrical charges.

Star Princesses.jpg

4 of 12 Star Princesses.

When Hikaru asked Lala how long the three knew each other Puruns told her about their mission. Puruns and Fuwa came from the Starsky World, specifically the Star Palace, home to the 12 Star Princesses of the Zodiac. One dark day the Notraiders invaded the Star Palace. Their goal was of course universal conquest. The princesses helped Puruns and Fuwa escape and used all their power to fight off the invaders but by doing so were severely weakened and forced to scatter across space, leaving the Star Palace shrouded in darkness. Lala was sent on a mission from her home planet of Saman to aid Puruns and Fuwa.

Hikaru encouraging Lala.jpg

Hikaru encouraging Lala.

Lala misinterpreted Hikaru’s enthusiasm of being a Power Ranger as her not taking it seriously. After a brief scene with Ryo (The old man from the observatory) Lala finally let out her annoyance over Hikaru becoming a Power Ranger instead of her. Hikaru asked if she wanted to become one too but the computer data discouraged her. Hikaru was like “You can become a Ranger too”.

Cure Star protecting Lala and Fuwa.jpg

Cure Star protecting Lala and Fuwa.

Suddenly Kappard and the Notrays attacked. Lala tried getting Fuwa to safety but got cornered by Kappard. He recognized the situation but was sure there wouldn’t be a repeat of last time. Cure Star arrived and tried to encourage Lala again. She was still discouraged by the data and Star was like “Forget the data! It’s about what you want and how you feel. Do you want to become a Power Ranger?” Lala showed her determination to protect Fuwa and as expected she was deemed worthy.


Cure Milky Hair Puff.jpg

Cure Milky hair puff.

Cure Milky.jpg

Cure Milky.

Cure Milky joined the battle in all her puffy electrifying cuteness!

PreCure! Milky Shock!.jpg

PreCure! Milky Shock!

So yes. Cure Milky attacks with electricity. Something unique for a Blue Ranger who normally use water or ice attacks. Then again Cure Milky is more Aqua Green than Blue but for the sake of simplicity we shall classify her as a Blue Ranger.

Hikaru's pendant is glowing.jpg

Hikaru’s star pendant is glowing.

Lala explained the reason she believed she could transform was because she saw Hikaru do it. Hikaru was like “Good enough for me”. I have a feeling it’s more like “If someone like you could do it then so can I”. Baby steps. They’ll hopefully become a proper couple in due time. If not them then…Anyway the episode ended with Hikaru’s star pendant glowing. We’ll find out what that means next time.

Cool introduction for Lala and Cure Milky. While she’s not my Hype Ranger of the season I can’t deny she’s adorable and will be an excellent Ranger once she takes a chill pill. Hopefully after the next episode where the two try to learn how to work together.

PreCure Cure Star X Cure Milky 2PreCure Cure Star X Cure Milky 3

Hopefully this advert for the gummy sweets we saw in this episode is a sign of things to come in their relationship.

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11 Responses to Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure Episode 2: A Shocking Star is Born

  1. Platon says:

    Can´t wait for the golden and purple one, these two might be interesting this season.


  2. cirno9fan says:

    My instinct is saying “This director liked how Happicha started and wants to fix the mess it became”
    If so, we’re in for quite a great experience. Even if that’s not the case, so far it definitely looks like it will be quite the experience~

    I am going to enjoy these transformation sequences for quite a time~

    I wonder who the secret precure will end up being this time? Besides fuwa of course (I mean, it’s just obvious that is where it will go eventually)

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      I know nothing of Happiness Charge other than it being disappointing.

      I like them too. Suite PreCure’s will remain the best in my eyes but these are quite enjoyable.

      Mascot Cure for a 3rd time? We’ll see when the time comes.


      • Wanderer says:

        I personally didn’t find Happiness Charge to be that disappointing, although it did go in some unusual directions. Also it’s focused pretty much exclusively on heterosexual relationships (making it an extreme oddity in precure history), so I would imagine that would make it less to your taste as well.

        Excellent taste in transformations. Suite Precure’s transformation seuqences are definitely the best in the franchise, especially the full-group transformation once everyone finally joins up.

        Hmm… if there were to be another mascot cure, I think this would make it the fourth time (not counting one-offs like Cure Candy and Cure Moforun). Milky Rose from Yes Five GOGO, Cure Felice from Maho Girls, and whatshername from Kirakira.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Indeed, now with the 2nd episode, I can definitely say I like this season as well! Lala is great! If a little grumpy right now. But having become a Ranger one of her reasons for being so is gone, at least..

    Electricity powers, huh? Nice. I like Lala so far, at least, but I’ll reserve deciding of “favourites” until I see the other two main Rangers, at least.

    Also, Hikaru poking/touching Lala’s sensors/antennae was a cute moment, even if completely normal for Lala as such. Hikaru is pretty cute when she gets excited about all kinds of things so easily.

    Also, I noticed a small detail about Star & Milky that’s kinda (Twin)cool…they have mirrored stockings in their Ranger forms! Each has only one on one of their legs, and each has it on the other one than the other…whereas based on what I can see of the other two in the ED, they don’t have the same…further potential hints? Hopefully so.

    The villain’s motive so far seems fairly cliché…but I suppose that might not be the case when we learn more about them, eventually…at least I hope so. One-dimensional villains are always pretty dull. And Hugtto!’s villains were actually interestingly human with their motives, as a comparison…

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Give Lala time. She’ll come around.

      Yup. Let’s wait till all four Rangers are assembled before picking favorites.

      Fingers crossed Hikaru X Lala do become an item. #TwinCool.

      Too soon to tell whether the villains are interesting of one-dimensional.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Rory says:

    I absolutely adore Lala. She completely won me over in this episode, though it helped I did already like her.
    Cure Milky is making a very strong argument to be my favourite Cure for this season, but I shall wait until the other two have made their respective debuts before deciding for sure.
    ofyuriperception mentioned Star and Milky having mirrored stockings; that reminds me of another couple of magical girls: Papika and Cocona from Flip Flappers.
    Also, if we do get a secret Cure this time around, I’d guess it will be the girl wearing the top hat we see in the opening sequence …or Fuwa.

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Same here regarding favorites.

      That is another good sign for HaruLala’s future.

      We shall see when the times who the Mystery Ranger is this season should there be one.

      Liked by 2 people

  5. Giack31 says:

    Ok. This episode might have sold me on it. Lala is just way too cute. I really like her antennas, her elf-like ears and her voice.
    I noticed that when they showed the city it has a lake and in the middle there is an island with a house on it. That definitively looks important. Maybe it’s where Hikaru or another one of the girls live?
    I really liked the transformation and her electric powers. I also liked that she only has stockings in one leg like Hikaru.
    I like the Hikaru x Lala ship but I’m scared that they could pull the “I have to go back to my planet” bs at the last second.

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Yup. That was pointed out by others here. Good sign for their future.

      Lala having to go back to her home planet before the war against the NotRaiders ends wouldn’t be surprising.


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