Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure Episode 1: Twinkle Ranger

I welcome everyone, old and new, excited and bitter (more so the former in all honesty) to what will hopefully be another fun coverage of Pretty Cure. This time it’s Season 16 starring the newest team in the franchise, the Twinkle Rangers! Let’s check out how things started for the newest team of superheroines.

Hikaru Hoshina

Our new Lead Ranger, Hikaru Hoshina.

We kicked things off with the girl who introduced herself in the finale of the previous season. A newcomer asked about that. It is PreCure tradition for the leader of the next generation of Power Rangers to introduce herself so fans can get a preview of what’s to come. Think of it as a Cure “Passing of the Torch”. Anyway our Lead Ranger, Hikaru Hoshina, was introduced as a girl who loved constellations and (as we later found) everything to do with outer space and even the occult. I’m pretty sure she’ll become either an astronomer or astronaut when she grows up. She’s observing star alignments and drawing different constellations. Suddenly she was struck with that of an adorable puffball. To her surprise the constellation drawing started glowing and then came to life.

By the way, like Hana before her Hikaru has a catchphrase. She may have more but for now it’s “Twincool” or whatever the Japanese phrase is. Twincool works though “Twinkle + Cool”.

Hikaru meets Fuwa.jpg

Hikaru meets the mascot of the season.

We got the OP (Which is pretty good) and a few minutes of Hikaru being shocked and amused by the adorable puffball. As is to be expected from PreCure mascots the puffball had strange abilities.

Dark Heart Planet.jpg

Dark Heart Planet.

The creature created a wormhole and took Hikaru on a trip “IIIIN SPAAAAAAAAACE!” The most interesting sight was a heart shaped planet shrouded in a dark aura. Before Hikaru could check it out she woke up, disappointed it was all a dream…It wasn’t.

Hikaru's family.jpg

Hikaru’s mom and grandparents.

The puffball flew off and Hikaru chased after it. After greeting her chill grandma, hark working mom and grumpy grandpa she went on her way.

Hikaru and an old man.jpg

Hikaru and an old man.

Her first stop was an observatory where she told an old man (probably the owner) about what happened the night before. Like her family he thought it was weird but didn’t mind because it came from the notebook he gave her, which he hoped would continue helping spark her imagination.


Hikaru and Fuwa.jpg

Hikaru shared a star donut with Fuwa.

Hikaru was about to continue her search but she didn’t have breakfast so she took a short break. Luckily the creature was nearby and was drawn to the star donut she was about to eat. Hikaru shared it. The creature thanked her. As she rubbed her fluffy head Hikaru named her “Fuwa” (fluffy in Japanese).

The two relaxed until they dozed off. Fuwa had a dream about a group of legendary Power Rangers. As we saw last season, Legendary Rangers is another PreCure tradition. Either that or they’re princesses of the planet she’s from. We’ll learn more in the future.



Soon after Fuwa sensed allies in distress as they’re chased by enemy forces. She opened another wormhole to help them escape. Hikaru eagerly anticipated seeing the alien visitors but instead of a grand entrance…

Alien visitors.jpg

Travel sickness.

The human shaped alien had travel sickness. The aliens were understandably freaked out by Hikaru’s hype, hoping to not get in trouble with the inhabitants. Soon everyone calmed down and they introduced themselves.



For the moment only the blue guy, Puruns, could speak “Earthling” whereas the cutie, Lala, spoke a different language but her name didn’t need translation.



Suddenly the enemy forces made their entrance. Kappard (who looks like Zarbon if he were an alien kappa), who lead the attack, demanded our heroes hand over Fuwa in the name of the Notraiders to use her for their goal of universal conquest. There was no time to waste as Puruns and Lala retreated back to the ship with Fuwa in tow. Of course they had an unexpected extra passenger.

Hikaru and friends in trouble.jpg

Hikaru and friends in trouble.

Before Hikaru had the time to enjoy the fantastic view of outer space the Notraiders attacked, damaging their ship, destroying the windshield and tossing Fuwa along with the notebook into the vacuum of space. Hikaru being the main protagonist was unafraid and leapt out to save Fuwa.

Hikaru's PreCure gear.jpg

Hikaru’s PreCure gear.

This being a children’s show Hikaru wasn’t immediately destroyed. That and she grabbed Fuwa before losing her breath, the latter using her power to help Hikaru breathe in space. Kappard again demanded she hand over Fuwa but Hikaru had no intention of doing so. In PreCure fashion Fuwa responded to Hikaru’s courage by gifting her with her Ranger gear. You know what that means.


Cure Star.jpg

Cure Star.


Correct if I’m wrong Rory or Mr Vampiro. Is this the first time in PreCure history a Power Ranger sang during their henshin sequence? In any case Cure Star was ready for battle, much to the surprise of Hikaru herself.

Kappard and the Notreys.jpg

Kappard and the Notreys: the Putties/Stormtroopers of the show.

Correct me again Rory and Mr Vampiro. Have villain groups in any season of PreCure had peons?

This being Cure Star’s first battle it took her some time to get used to it. This led to another Cure tradition.

Jumped too far.jpg

“I jumped too far!”

Most of the time the very first move a Lead Ranger pulls off after transforming is a Super Jump. Every time they do this they jump too far. Despite the battle taking place in outer space this still counts.

Cure Star pushing away Kappard.jpg

Cure Star pushing away Kappard.

Like most peons it didn’t take long for Cure Star to beat them. Kappard tried a surprise attack but Star was able to push him away. Also yes, Kappard stole Darth Maul’s double-edged lightsaber.

Cure Star Attacks.jpg

Not exactly the “PreCure! Star Punch!” but that’s Cure Star’s special move.

Cure Star used her special move “PreCure! Star Punch!” but Kappard escaped before the blast could wipe him out.

Hikaru and Lala understand each other.jpg

Hikaru and Lala can understand each other now.

The two return to the ship where Hikaru talked about her exciting day. Lala was sad she didn’t mention meeting her. Hikaru noticed and immediately did so. Fuwa then did her thing and Lala could at last speak Earthling. The episode ended with the spaceship losing power due to the attack and crash landing back on Earth with the two future 3rd and 4th Twinkle Rangers mistaking the flaming ship for a shooting star.

Great premiere! This has PreCure X Star Wars written all over it and I’m ready for more! I don’t expect all battles to be in space but I do hope that eventually the Twinkle Rangers will get to visit other planets. Hikaru is a cool lead so far. Fuwa is a token adorable infant mascot. Lala already made a wonderful first impression while Purunus is just there. If he’s like Tart from Fresh! PreCure then we’re good.

Tune in next time to see Lala join Hikaru in battle.

PS: Take a wild guess who my Hype Ranger is this season.

PPS: I’ve been waiting a long time to use this theme song reference in an installment of PreCure. Either this one or Lost Galaxy’s.


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15 Responses to Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure Episode 1: Twinkle Ranger

  1. MarkS00N says:

    I like it! Hopefully it can maintain the well animated (and well directed) fight it has in the first episode (not that I expect it will stay this good, but it is a good bonus).
    And most importantly, hopefully there will be more Hikaru x Lala (and maybe Madoka x Elena?)…
    The main writer for this season is the same one as MTP, so I am optimistic.

    And I don’t think I’ve read it anywhere, but the wormhole early in the episode reminds me of Dr. Strange (but not as, well, strange), so maybe it won’t be just sci-fi, but there will be a lot of variations of what world they visit (because if I remember correctly, the synopsis says they will visit different worlds).

    Liked by 1 person

  2. cirno9fan says:

    I can’t think of a single Precure with singing transformations….but Happicha actually did the peon thing. Part of why I said this may be what Happiness Charge could have been. it certainly had an equally hype worthy start!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. elkat4 says:

    So many space references, so little time.

    Show By Cure!
    Space ship crash lands
    Hikaru: A space ship?!
    Space ship opens and a black sheep with pink wool steps out.
    Pyuruian: Pyuru pyuru! Pyurururu pyruru pyuru pyuru. (Greetings Earthlings! We come in peace.)
    Hikaru: We need two more members and we can form a rock band!
    Pyuruian: Pyuru? (What?)

    Pretty Saber Episode 1:
    See the first lines above
    Mysterious Heroine X steps out
    X: I’m here to defeat all the sabers!
    Hikaru: Wait aren’t you just Art-
    X: I-I don’t know what you’re talking about. I don’t this Artoria Pendragon, though I’ve heard that she is quite beautiful.
    Hikaru: Um, okay…. By the way, I was hoping for a real alien.

    Pretty Wars:
    Hikaru stands in the desert along side Lulu, confronted by Notreys
    Hikaru: This isn’t the gynoid you’re looking for.
    Notreys: This isn’t the gynoid we’re looking for….
    Lulu: Actually I think I’m the gynoid they’re looking for.
    Hikaru: Lulu! Shhh! I’m trying to use Cure Powers on them.
    Lulu: Last time I check Pretty Cure never had mind control powers.
    Hikaru: What?! Then are they just playing along?
    Lulu: No, they just seem really reliable. Now we should leave before they realize we’re tricking them. Emiru is waiting for me.
    Later, on the Death Moon
    Kappard face palming: That was the gynoid you were looking for!

    Pretty Titans:
    Hikaru: I wish we could speak the same language.
    Lala kisses Hikaru
    Lala: Nice to meet you Hikaru. Thank you for saving Fuwa.
    Hikaru bushing: M-my first kiss.
    Lala: Is something wrong?
    Hikaru: Please take responsibility!
    Lala: Responsibility? For what?
    Lala: But how else was I suppose to learn your language?
    Hikaru: I can’t married now!
    Lala: Is that so? I’ll marry you.
    Hikaru: R-really?

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Rory says:

    Yeah, this is the first time we’ve had singing transformations.
    This is the third time villains have had peons in PreCure: the Snackeys from HeartCatch, the Choiarks from HappinessCharge and now the Notreys.

    Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure is off to an excellent start. Hikaru the space otaku is a fun lead, and Lala is really cute.
    I too immediately thought of Zarbon when I first saw Kappard. Cure Star’s debut battle was great, and her PreCure Star Punch was impressive.

    Very much looking forward to the rest of the Cures’ debuts.

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Very nice touch having the Rangers singing during their henshin this season.

      Oh yeah! I forgot about the Snackeys. It’s been a while since I watched Heartcatch. My bad.

      Hikaru’s fun and Lala will hopefully be a great love interest. It’s either them or the other two Rangers. Fingers crossed.

      Glad I wasn’t the only Dragon Ball fan who was reminded of Zarbon.

      Oh yes. Cure Star made an excellent first impression.

      Same here.

      Liked by 2 people

  5. Wanderer says:

    I see I’m too late to answer your questions about singing transformations and villain peons. Ah well.

    This series is off to a decent start. The singing transformations are an interesting decision: they’re not bad, but it does feel like the transformations themselves lack some of the snappiness of previous series, possibly because of having to match the timing of the song.

    It’s amusing that they managed to insert the “jumped too high” trope that’s common with precure beginnings despite the fact that they were already in space.

    Also, Lala is clearly best girl and needs all the screentimes.

    Liked by 2 people

  6. As a Prequel Fanatic, I loved seeing the Darth Maul Saber.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Giack31 says:

    It’s decent so far.
    Nor really interested in Hikaru but Lala is pretty cute. I really like her voice. She kind of reminds me of Kirby’s electric ability. I can see something between the two but it’s definitively too early to tell.
    I’m guessing all of those PreCure that we saw in the OP and in Fuwa’s dream represent the zodiac and there will be a character for each sign.
    The enemy Kappa made laugh. I think Hikaru said something about Kappas in the last episode of Hugtto (Emiru’s reaction was great).
    I actually really liked the transformation scene. I liked the pen/ink theme and the singing was pretty cool.
    I’ll keep watching for now at least until the introduce the other PreCure.


  8. Off to a good start, in my opinion!

    (And indeed, I do already feel like shipping Hikaru and Lala, based on the first episode alone, indeed…)

    And a new thing for PreCure in general with the transformations, huh? Interesting.

    Hikaru is clearly a maniac, jumping into space of all things like that…luckily, she’s a lucky, and fun maniac, and also a protagonist. So I already like her, indeed. I was at first worried that her voice would be a bit grating based on the PV’s, but it seems my worries were for naught, as she’s pretty good in the episode itself.

    Looking forward to more, indeed!


  9. Shinobu77 says:

    Thank you, this has brought interest to me, maybe I should start watching it.


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