Hugtto! PreCure Episode 49 Epilogue Discussion

This is a bonus post discussing the epilogue of Hugtto! PreCure. It of course contains massive spoilers so only read this after finishing the show.

Side-Couple Epilogue.jpg

We’ll skip the first half of the finale. Long story short, DEM FEELS! The 2nd half has a time skip to 2030 and if the show was indeed set in 2018, 12 years had passed. Let’s check out what everyone we care about is doing starting with the side-couple. They seem to have become a very famous comedy duo. That’s cool.

President Hana.jpg

President Hana.

Hana is the president of what became the Dark Corporation in the Bad Future. This is the Good Future. Anyway we’ll get to Hana in a bit.

Dr Saaya.jpg

Dr Saaya.

Saaya became a super sexy doctor just like she promised a certain someone. Speaking of that person…

Ranze the Superstar.jpg

She kept her promise too.

I wonder if I’m the only one who had dark thoughts in this scene. Let’s see if ofyuriperception will get what I mean.

The rest of the important characters.

Adult Homare.jpg

Homare. Kurt Angle’s distant cousin from Japan. She won an Olympic gold medal with a broken freakin’ knee.

adult henri

Adult Masato.jpg

Glad to see Grandpa accepted his grandkids’…preferences. More on that in a bit.

Adult Kotori.jpg

Chairleaders will live on for years to come thanks to Kotori.

interspecies family

Interspecies family.

Mama Hana and Hugami.jpg

I can’t believe they showed the whole thing. It was incredible seeing PreCure do that. I don’t think it’s ever been done in previous seasons.

In case you’re wondering, no. I don’t care who.

Alright. With that out of the way let’s talk about I’m sure all of you are here for. My thoughts on the conclusion we were eagerly anticipating. Here we go…









Adult Emiru and Ruru 2.0.jpg

I have no complaints with this outcome.

So we’re going with Dragon Ball Z time travel logic. It all started in episode 47 when Present Traum heard the discussion during the final battle. It changed him. It also altered his plans for Ruru. Instead of an android she is now an artificial human. What this means is the rules of regular human again don’t apply to her. Basically…Emiru waited 12 years for this day, becoming a rock goddess in the process. She can wait a bit longer for…you know. As for how Good Future Pupple and Traum recognized Homare and Emiru respectively? Because the plot said so. Trust me. Not worth wracking your brain trying to figure it out. It’s a kids show. Miracles, good fortune, optimistic messages, etc. It’s too early to hit children with the harsh realities of life. Give them the power to be able to make things better when they grow up. Anyway the reason to start from infancy was most likely because his daughter passed away at the same age and it’s better for Ruru to grow and learn as she evolves. She also has a rock goddess girlfriend to help out with her growth.

Again, totally fine with this conclusion.

PS: If Twilight can get away with imprinting and Citrus being the more known story about Human X Android romance, I don’t see why PreCure can’t get away with a woman falling in love (again) with an artificial loli version of her old girlfriend who will physically evolve in no time at all.

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24 Responses to Hugtto! PreCure Episode 49 Epilogue Discussion

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  2. cirno9fan says:

    Seeing the transition of the loli becoming the lolicon is one of the most amusing plot twists XD

    I’ve got nothing more to say that I didn’t already say in the other post. Except: Never trust a hamster when he says “FAR FAR INTO THE FUTURE” XD

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    • OG-Man says:

      Considering half of Criasu are adolescents in the Good Future I’d say the Bad Future is about a decade or so later, meaning 22 years. That’s my best guess. It ain’t a century, that much is certain.

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      • cirno9fan says:

        Yeah, the “future” was MUCH closer than all the characters were making it out to be. But it does seem like things went VERY south in the original future. Hagumi really helped jumpstart a way better future when she made the decision to free Harry.

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      • OG-Man says:

        Yup. Hence why I brought up Dragon Ball Z. Similar time travel scenario.


  3. This was a truly unique finale. I liked it.


  4. Kaylee R Smerbeck says:

    Honesly I would have been fine if they had Ruru as an adult with memories but ugh

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  5. MarkS00N says:

    Here’s why I don’t like what happened.
    The BL get happy ending.
    The het get happy ending.
    Its the yuri that get the “bittersweet” ending. In Precure.
    If everyone get the bittersweet one, I won’t mind it. But when the other relationship get happy end but the yuri, well…
    Hopefully, the manga can give a better alternate ending (just like KiraKira).

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    • OG-Man says:

      I categorize you in the “Complaining they didn’t give her an adult body” group.


      • MarkS00N says:

        Eh, the “Complaining not giving her real Lulu” group. I am fine if they actually bring the real Lulu, even as baby.
        Future!Trunks and Trunks aren’t the same person. I won’t treat this one any different.

        To give analogy from other series, I don’t ship Yuu with Touko’s Sister, I ship Yuu with Touko because that what the series has been building up, even if Touko and her sister look the same (and sound the same). If in the final episode the show suddenly resurrect Touko’s sister and have Yuu end up with her instead of Touko (because Touko must go to Mars), I won’t like it.

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      • Yuikawa says:

        Or someone who understands that just because they look alike and given the same name they are not remotely close to being the same person. Replacement goldfish.

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  6. Giack31 says:

    I was cool seeing an appearance of the main character of the next season (not sure if this is an usual thing in Precure or this was the first time).

    All the adult version looked really good. Especially the side couple.

    I didn’t understand what Saaya’s mother and her friend were doing at first but I guess they received an award for one of their movies and yes I too got a certain vibe when I saw them.

    I find it really interesting that they decided to not reveal who the father of Hana’s baby is. The way they did it I think it’s someone that wasn’t in the story but Hana met during the time skip. I think they did the right thing. Also just to confirm that I interpreted this correctly, Hana’s baby at the end is basically Hugtan right?

    I do agree that most of the time it’s not worth wracking your brain with time travel plots but I found it a bit weird that Pupple was grown up when most of the other were kids. Is there really that much of an age gap between them?. Again not complaining but it was a bit weird.

    I am mostly satisfied with EmiRuru’s ending. I’m fine with her being a child (she’s adorable btw) but I was kind of sad that she didn’t remember anything (although does the fact that she started singing with her mean that she remembered?).

    Lastly do you thing that due to their age difference their relationship will be more mother and daughter that a romantic relationship? I would be fine either way.

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    • OG-Man says:

      The Cure baton pass is a tradition.

      They’re adorable, yes.

      Yup. Most likely co-starred in an award winning movie. I’ll wait and see if OYP gets what I really mean. It’s more than just “THAT”.

      Yes. It’s Hugtan.

      She’s pretty much a middle aged woman in her 40’s. Daigan also while Traum’s in his early to mid 50’s. It’s an educated guess.

      That’s why I said it’s not worth rattling your brain over. You can see what it did to people who do.

      This is technically the first time Emiru and Ruru met in the Good Future but parts of the other Ruru live inside this Ruru and she remembers. It’s nothing new in fiction, especially time travel stories.

      Like I said, because this Ruru’s an artificial human who is to say she won’t age quicker than a regular human?

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  7. Rory says:

    Can confirm, this was the first time a main character has given birth in any season of PreCure, and actually had it shown. I’m getting into wishful thinking a bit here, but who was it that was first to arrive at Hana’s side when she was giving birth (besides Saaya, who was doing her job)? Homare.
    It’s entirely open to interpretation, but Hana and Homare being Hugtan’s parents is a theory I can get behind.

    Happy to see Emiru and Ruru reunited in the future, though Maho Girls did it better. Still, EmiRuru are my favourite PreCure couple in the entire franchise.
    I’m going to indulge in a little more wishful thinking here. What if those who returned to the future are still out there somewhere? Just imagine older Ruru reuniting with Emiru – they now have a daughter to bring up together.
    …and then EmiRuru’s daughter teams up with Cure Tomorrow to protect the world from a new evil or something.

    As I said, it is just wishful thinking, and I too am happy with the conclusion that EmiRuru got here. Besides, the next crossover films will almost certainly have the Cures in their present day forms, so the EmiRuru we saw during the majority of this season will live on.

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    • OG-Man says:

      As always you understand how my mind works. Always work with what you get instead of immediately throwing in the towel because things don’t go the way you wanted. Some insist George is the papa but I don’t believe that. Too obvious and I still don’t see pink + black = yellow. Call me naive or stubborn but me no give a hoot.
      Anyway Homare being the science mommy is the more plausible conclusion. It’s the future after all.

      Yes. Mirai X Liko’s reunion was definitely better but this one is good too. Again Emiru won’t have to wait very long.

      Oh yes. You’re right. Let’s say the next All-Stars or Crossover movie is set in the same timeline the older Ruru is in and she did indeed reunite with Emiru in that one. Again we win. I can see it now. EmiRuru’s daughter teaming up with Cure Tomorrow AND Cure Felice! YEEEEEEEEESSSSS! Brilliant! Okay. Cure Felice was MY wishful thinking but their child and Cure Tomorrow teaming up makes sense.

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  8. Wanderer says:

    I cannot be happy with this ending for EmiRuru. The girl that Emiru fell in love with is GONE. All of the relationship that they built up has been for naught. This new girl is just a lookalike. How could I possibly be happy with this?!


  9. LuzeriP says:

    I completely understand with the ending. Ruru was an android in the bad future, but this is the good future. Of course it would be different. This time Traum decided to make Ruru more human. It is the right thing to do. Because even though android Ruru has a heart she’s still is an android body. That will complicate things. And the reason Ruru still a kid maybe because he wants Ruru to learn about being a human first, before smooching Emiru. Ruru will remember Emiru through time because Traum kept her android memory. And of course, the older ones remembered, they big enough to remember. The story was part of their past. The others were a baby when the story happened. This is like Back to the Future thing. I hope I can explain it better. My English is limited. And yeah, Ruru is artificial human, not a regular human. Traum can make her bigger and hotter in no time.

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    • OG-Man says:

      Yup. If Ruru had stayed an android she would have stayed that way even after Emiru passed away of age. Now the two can grow old together. They can enjoy life in every way imaginable.

      Agreed with the rest of your points.

      No worries. You explained your thoughts well enough.

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  10. Hana giving birth, and it being entirely animated practically (not to mention voiced! That was amazing voice acting! How even). Rory’s idea about who Hugtan’s other parent is…actually makes sense to me. Unexpected ship/couple, but most certainly one I can support. Homare did get rejected by Harry, after all, and her moving on from that was basically what the last part of her arc was all about in a sense (though not shown/focused on that much), so her falling in love with her cute, supportive team leader makes perfect sense. And the colour schemes match perfectly too!

    That EmiRuru scene makes me cry in a good way every damn time I watch it. That freaking crack in Emiru’s singing voice in the middle of her singing…now that is amazing voice acting.

    Personally I’m not terribly bothered by how their arc ended. Sure, it was bittersweet, but Ruru did remember the song, almost as if she had heard/sung it a lot before, so I’m sure either she is the “real” Ruru, or then, like Rory said, becomes adult Ruru & Emiru’s daughter together upon adult Ruru arriving. Either future possibility/interpretation seems good to me. Latter even better than the first, perhaps, to be fair.

    Side-couple and Masato x Henri still going strong as ever! I am very pleased indeed.

    And I fear you’re expecting too much of my imagination with Ranze and Saaya’s mom…I do get a slight vibe of something between the two of them, but I’m not quite sure…

    Though I do wonder if one thought that comes to my mind is that Ranze is openly crying in the scene…either from being overwhelmed by emotions (as I’m sure she would be, considering the award/situation), but on the other hand, did something bad happen between her and Saaya’s mom, or her and Saaya, to cause those tears instead? …Like her making a pass at Saaya’s mom, and being rejected…or even being rejected by Saaya herself, and her just having very conflicted emotions about Saaya’s mom to be the one to receive the award from…But then, she doesn’t look all that sad, either, and more moved…or there’s just something I’m missing as I look at the brief scene. If there is, do mention such, I’m now a bit bothered by not quite getting it, unless I already did…

    (Then again, her and Saaya could just be having some relationship issues at that moment, and such is the cause of the tears, and those issues will get solved soon! …This might be my own headcanon/interpretation now.)

    I think they handled time-skip/time-travel shenanigans fairly decently, considering how complicated such get, especially when you show the future at the end of the show…

    (Though Pupple being older than the other members of the corporation is indeed surprising. But such are anime ages, I suppose.)

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    • OG-Man says:

      Why yes. All the more reason to acknowledge Homare as Hana’s wife and the mystery man being a donor. Screw the “It’s George” nonsense.

      It gave Emiru hope that, along with Ruru’s new body, their love will soon be rekindled. It was a beautiful scene giving fans who aren’t pessimists hope for something much better between the two.

      Actually I was thinking about Saaya’s father passing away (because anime), Ranze falling for her mom and trying to fill the void. Didn’t intend to have you go in a somewhat more somber direction with her story though. Oh dear. In any case we can easily see Ranze hooking up with either Saaya or her mom.


      I wasn’t surprised myself. I had a feeling Pupple was the 3rd oldest of the Corporation employees followed by Daigan and Traum.

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      • Ah, I see, that was your “dark thought”! I see, I see. I suppose it is true he wasn’t seen anywhere at all, I think…now that you mention it. I suppose my mind was trying to figure things out from what was visible instead of from who was missing, indeed…Oh well. I don’t mind the thoughts that appeared in my head, either. (Drama though they involve.)

        She did behave more maturely and adult-like as compared to some others, such is true…

        And indeed to all your other points!

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  11. elkat4 says:

    Back to the Cure:
    Emiru and lil-Lulu sings the friendship song
    There’s a flash of light and gynoid-Lulu steps out.
    Emiru; Lulu?!
    Gynoid-Lulu: Emiru, I’ve retur-
    Gynoid-Lulu looks to lil-Lulu
    G-L: I think I got the wrong time line.
    Emiru: Wait! I waited twelve years to bang-, I mean meet you (again)! Don’t leave! This Lulu isn’t even legal yet!
    G-L: You can wait ten more years.
    Emiru: Luuuluuu!

    Hugumi’s Real Father:
    Homare: I got here as fast I can!
    Saaya: Great. The father’s here.
    Homare: W-what are you talking about?
    Saaya: Stop playing dumb. I know about you and Hana. Everyone does. It’s hard to be a world renown figure skater and not have your private life is public information. Besides, I’m your closest friends. I know your darkest secrets.
    Homare: Y-your right.
    Saaya: Now, please fill out this paperwork while I work on bringing your child into the world.
    Homare: Yes ma’am.

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