OG’s Winter 2019 First Impressions

Consider this post both as a “Fresh Start” for the blog and a sign of things to come from now on. As mentioned in this reflective post I decided to tone down the number of shows I cover weekly. In exchange I’ll try to periodically summarize my ongoing thoughts on most of the anime I’m watching on the side. Basically instead of 6-7 shows per season I’ll cut it down to 4.

The idea is to go over the shows I’m watching, pick three anime (plus Star Twinkle PreCure), that I’ll do my best to talk about weekly for the rest of the Winter season. Then if this does help me feel better I’ll follow this style of coverage from then onward.

Let’s go over most of the anime I’m watching this season with the super shorts.

mini toji sayaka x mai

Mini Toji.

First of all is Mini Toji. It features characters introduced in the mobile game and our lead heroines are as gay as they were in the main anime. A fun little chibi comedy so far akin to BanG Dream PICO! and the Cinderella Girls shorts.

Hulaing-Flying Babies.jpg

Hulaing/Flying Babies.

Hulaing (or Flying) Babies is a short Girls Club show about hula dancing. The animation can be best described as “simple, too bright but creative”. A lot happens on screen and it goes by pretty fast. not Teekyuu! fast but it’s quick. The brightness can be disorientating at times but it’s a decent way to kill a few minutes so it’s fine.

Ame Iro Cocoa Redhead.jpg

Ame Iro Cocoa – Side G.

Ame Iro Cocoa is an ongoing short series that has stories to tell each entry…in episodes that (excluding the OP) are less than 2 minutes. This is the first entry centered around a female cast. What’s the story here? Redhead got into an argument with her neglectful dad (Seriously. If you still want to live a free life, WHY DIDN’T YOU WEAR A CONDOM!?), broke a valuable vase, now has to work part-time at a cafe during Summer Break and she dragged her friends into joining her. Also there’s a blonde loli.

Ame Iro Cocoa Ojou-Sama Duo.jpg

Ojou-sama duo I’m keeping a very close eye on.

Anne and Grea portrait

Manaria/Mysteria Friends.

I talked about the pre-airing of the first episode and greatly enjoyed it. I saw then the official premiere with the post ED scene and enjoyed it too. For those wondering, Owen’s character is the super serious bodyguard who does a terrible job of being inconspicuous while protecting Anne. All he did was tell viewers more about who she is. He is no “M” from Gun Gale Online so no worries. Anyway this is my favorite show of the season so far and only one episode came out so far. I’m THAT confident in it.

Now on to the regular 20+ minute shows.

Uzamaid X Wataten.jpg

The Loli Cosplay Alliance.

Image source HERE.

Like I said. I would only talk about Wataten when I felt like it. I need a break from covering lolicon yuri shows after Uzamaid! I don’t care how much professional lolicons praise these, I am not one myself. That being said Wataten is safer to watch than Uzamaid! Miyako is dangerous but unlike her mentor Tsubame she’s not a threat to society. She’s an introvert after all. Also while she isn’t a Mistress of Muscle she too is sexy. Not as sexy as her mom but very attractive nevertheless. Like I said this is another lolicon yuri show but easier to digest than the previous two. It’s like Ichigo Mashimaro but slightly lewder without going overboard.

Hana, Noa and Hinata.jpg

Main kids from left to right: Hana (Miyako’s love), Noa and Hinata.

While my favorite adult so far is Miyako and Hinata’s mom Hinata is my favorite kid. I personally am not good with children but watching Hinata’s purity, innocence and love of combat sports fills my heart with joy. For now I ship her with Noa. I also ship the Class Rep and the Vice Rep.

Poppin' Party special performance.jpg

BanG Dream 2.

Based on the first three episodes my guess is the two main bands will be Poppin’ Party (naturally) and Roselia. The other bands may get their own episodes here and there but for now it looks like the aforementioned two will be the main focus along with newcomer Rokka. So far PoPiPa’s story arc is about proving themselves worthy of standing alongside other established bands like Roselia. The first step is making sure their upcoming Live Show is successful.

Rokka and Asuka.jpg

I still ship Rokka X Aa.

Back to Rokka, aka “Da Rock”. Da Rock got to share her backstory with everyone in well done montage. Long story short she too wants to start her own band but due to her timidity has had a hard time doing so. Thanks to a special performance from PoPiPa she gained the motivation to try again. Her resolve also motivated PoPiPa to go through with the live show.


CHU2. Most likely the antagonist of the season.

The reason PoPiPa needed reassurance was due to Yukina, leader of Roselia, telling them they weren’t ready to put on a live show themselves. She came off as cold and harsh but episode 3 quickly showed Yukina was just super serious about music. Otherwise she seems to be a big ol’ softy on the inside despite her sexy and intimidating exterior. Besides Rokka there’s another newcomer in CH2, a Producer who was so impressed by Roselia’s performance she wanted to offer her services to them. Yukina refused. CHU2 took it well. No garbage cans were harmed in the making of this anime. Looking forward to more.

Bermuda Triangle.jpg

Potential main ship: Cocona (black hair) X Sonata (Blonde).

Moving on to Bermuda Triangle – Colorful Pastrale, we have what I initially thought was a mermaid idol show but so far is an iyashikei about cute mermaids living in an underwater countryside going on tranquil adventures. Cool with me. The main story follows Sonata who at first couldn’t think of anything she really wanted in life. That all changed when a cute young mermaid from the big city named Cocona was delivered via package (It makes more sense watching the first episode). Sonata was the first mermaid she saw when she awoke and thus the ship sailed. After hiding from a dark ocean current our heroines discovered an abandoned movie theatre. Sonata became entranced by it. For the first time in her life she found something she cared adamantly about. And so she and her friends had a set goal, restore the theatre to its former glory. The show has a very relaxed pace as is expected from iyashikei series so don’t go into this show expecting anything grandiose…yet.

bermuda ferma and ardi

Ferma X Ardi.

Of course I also ship these sexy adult mermaids.

The Magical Five.jpg

The Magical Five.

Next up is the Moepocalypse show of the season, Magical Girl SPEC-OPS Asuka. Opting for more of a military themed dark magical girl feel this time around we join Asuka, aka Magical Girl Rapture who was part of a Human and Fairy World Alliance to combat the forces of Killer Alien Plushies. They’re more terrifying than Killer Clowns From Outer Space. Anyhoo Asuka led a force of nine but only five survived and were able to defeat the leader of the plushies. Years later little had changed in the human world as criminals and terrorists were still at large in spite of the Earth nearly being destroyed at one point. That’s humanity for ya. Anyway, as expected from a war scarred veteran like Asuka she suffered from PTSD no thanks to not only the countless deaths but especially one traumatic evening in particular. Asuka tried living a peaceful high school life but alas human stupidity forced her back into action twice already and she’s accepted her inevitable fate of returning to the battlefield.

Asuka X Kurumi.jpg

Magical Girl Rapture X Magical War Nurse.

Second ship of the show of the show is Asuka X Kurumi.

hato and sayoko

Hato X Sayoko.

Second ship are Asuka’s friends Hato X Sayoko, the latter of which was traumatized by a near death experience in episode 1.

Mystery Leader.jpg

Evil Magical Girl leader.

Of course we can’t have a magical girl show, light or dark, without evil magical girls. Her right hand girl carries around scissors. Nuff said.

Hero's Party.jpg

Hero’s Party.

On a more lighthearted noted thank goodness Bermuda Triangle and this show, ENDRO~!, air the day after SPEC-OPS Asuka to help ease the darkness from the latter show. Two episodes in and ENDRO~! remains an enjoyable “Yuru Yuri Meets JRPG” show with tons of cuteness, some cool action and lots of JRPG jokes. Mao’s attempts to change history by stopping Yusha and friends from becoming great heroes and stopping her from taking over the world continue to fail in spectacular fashion. We also learned a bit more about what happened in the final battle from the prologue. Lots of great stuff and definitely one of the best shows of the season.

Mao and hot teacher.jpg

OG found another favorite side-character.

Besides the sexy dark skinned adventurer with dem glorious abs I found another favorite side-character. The hot teacher above. Her shtick is being attracted to Mao but whenever she fantasizes about her her lewd thoughts come out in the open instead of a simple remark. For example:

-Lewd thought: “Didn’t sleep well?”

-Serious remark: “Your cheeks are cute. May we rub our cheeks together?”

Let’s go with the “Older than she looks” description for Mao. Makes things less cumbersome, yes.

Pastel Memories.jpg

Pastel Memories.

Pastel Memories’ premiere episode served as an introduction to the current state of the world it’s set in. That being an Akihabara where “otaku-ness” is on a major decline. This means anime, manga, video games etc are all incredibly rare. It is revealed near the end of the episode that it’s due to viruses entering the story worlds and altering them till they’re eventually erased from people’s memories. It’s up to our 12 heroines, who are split into 4 groups of 3, to visit the worlds, find the viruses and destroy them. There is of course an evil organization that created the viruses.

The fun of the show, besides seeing cute and sexy girls (most of whom have wonderful figures) do their thing, is figuring out which series the worlds they visit are referencing. The first world is one I’m sure frequent visitors of this blog will recognize while the 2nd is surely another easy one to identify. Also the show’s ED is my favorite of the season for one obvious reason.

Kakegurui 2 ED.jpg

That Kakegurui 2 ED tho…WHEW!

Admittedly I owe readers a better description on my thoughts about Kakegurui 2 but really it’s more of the same that made the first season glorious: Stocking fetish babes who become horny psychopaths (wonderfully insane facial expression included) during life threatening gambling games and as of S2 enjoy “bleeping” each other in the forest. Simple as that.

Serval, Kyururu and Caracal.jpg

Serval, Kyururu and Caracal.

Now on to the two Japanese CG shows I’m watching. First is Kemono Friends 2. So far it feels similar to the first season with Serval and newcomer Caracal joining the new human character Kyururu on her quest to find her way home with the help of her sketchbook to identify locations. The 1st and 2nd episodes have a similar narrative as the 1st season with our heroines meeting other Friends and helping each other out in some way. There’s even a new Friend duo chasing after Kyururu for a reason to be revealed later on. Speaking of revelations, the mystery aspect of the show returns as well with how Kyuru ended up where she did, why did Serval get a sudden case of amnesia and most importantly “What happened to Kaban?” There are hints that her disappearance plays an important role in the story so we’ll have to wait and see.

I also have a feeling the controversy with the director and fanboy bias will guarantee this being the last anime season this show gets. Which is a shame in all honesty. I was planning on watching this show regardless of the controversy and so far it’s going well. Besides, having seen the premiere episode of Kemurikusa I have no issue with the director no longer being involved. It may end up being a pretty good show but currently I’m not interested.

Kotobuki Dogfight.jpg


There are two airplane girl themed anime this season. Girly Air Force is a het harem so I automatically don’t care. That left me with The Magnifcent Kotobuki. Long story short it’s a show about a group of cute and sexy ladies bantering/rambling about stuff on their off time and then accepting missions to take on air pirates in kick ass dogfights. The first dogfight, while cool, was hard to distinguish between our heroines and the air pirates. Fortunately that wasn’t an issue in the 2nd one.

Attitude Adjustment.jpg

John Cena would be proud of Chika.


Another one of their hobbies is getting into fights with wannabe tough guys and make them look like chumps.

My current ships are:

Leona and Zara.jpg

Leona X Zara.

Julia X Madame Lulu.jpg

Miss Julia X Madame Lulu.

Chika X Kirie.jpg

Chika X Kirie.

Currently the first two might have a shot of becoming canon while the third one is iffy.

Haven’t watched Circlet Princess yet but I’m sure it’s a decent show about sexy babes fighting each other in a combat tournament for whatever reason. I’ll check it out later.

As for “Egao no Daika” I’m doing the same thing I did with SSSS.Gridman, wait until it’s over and if my closest confidants tell me it’s worth my time binge watch it.

Lastly I’ll announce the four shows I’ll be covering weekly for the rest of the Winter season:

  1. Magical Girl SPEC-OPS Asuka
  2. ENDRO~!
  3. Manaria/Mysteria Friends
  4. Star Twinkle PreCure

If anything amazing happens on the other shows I may make an exception and talk about that episode.

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Yuri and Slice of Life are my anime passion.
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24 Responses to OG’s Winter 2019 First Impressions

  1. Mike says:

    I think Wataten is my favorite of the season so far but Endro is a close second. Colorful Pastrale has been a surprise as I was not expecting to like it as much as I do. I’m a little wary on the yuri front for magical girl asuka and kotobuki. They seem promising so far but I’m not ruling out some surprise het relationship. Besides that they are interesting enough to keep me watching. I think bang dream might be better this season then the last I’m really enjoying it sofar.

    All my instincts are yelling at me to steer clear of Egao no Daika. So I guess I’ll be checking in here to see if you give it a review before giving it a go myself.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. mundanematt says:

    Why no Circlet Princess?


  3. Wanderer says:

    I’m really liking Endro and Bermuda Triangle etc. Peaceful happy funny fluff with yuri undertones.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. LuzeriP says:

    Regarding Wataten, I like the kids’ interaction, being cute and all. Especially Hinata. And Miyako has a great body. Also she’s not as hardcore as Tsubame. I too ship Hinata and Noa. Maybe the latest 2 girls too. As Miyako and Hana, I don’t know how I feel about this so no comment.

    Mini Toji is gay and funny (my favorite combination). Bermuda Triangle is very relaxing. I too thought it was an idol show, turns out they wanna watch idols. That’s very nice. BanG Dream, I think they amp up the drama a little bit. Which is fine for me. My thoughts on Kotobuki are the same as yours. Pastel Memories is very interesting, I like manga/anime references. And it has the same enemy every week. That’s old school but I liked it. Really looking forward to their beach episode. Actually, I just want a beach episode in general. Kemono Friends, Kakegurui and Circlet Princess early episodes were fine I guess.

    Manaria Friends, Endro and Spec. Ops Asuka are the ones I like the most so far. So, yay for the weekly review! The yuri is strong in these. And as Egao no Daika, there’s nothing yet but it’s in the right direction.

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Currently not taking Miyako’s quest for Hana’s heart seriously either. The other girls’ relationships though yes.

      Please give us a Pastel Memories beach episode and not relegate the bikini bodies to the ED alone.

      Yes. My heart felt the strongest connection to those three shows.
      Best of luck with your ongoing Egao no Daika viewing. I will continue looking forward to your reports.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Giack31 says:

    I like thus new “first impression” format and I’m looking forward to the weekly.

    I don’t know what the point is of doing a 1:30 minutes anime but pace like like a normal anime so that you basically cover nothing in an episode. Those two girls looks like they have potential though.

    Manaria Friends looks really cool but shame that it’s 10 minutes.

    Wataten is more wholesome than I thought so it’s ok. The class presidents are really cute together. I really like the scene where they were playing playing volleyball and the twintail always served in the opposite direction of where the other girl was but she still managed to catch it. I think it shows a lot about their relationship.

    I really like that MS Asuka has a more “realistic” approach and it takes place after the big invasion. I think it makes it original and interesting. I like her friends and I didn’t expect Kurumi to be so forward. I really like the enemies especially the crazy blonde girl. She’s the kind of crazy I like. The fact that the has scissor sounds as her ringtone cracked me up.

    After episode 2 I’m 100% sold on Endro. I like the character so much. Each one of the 4 have cool and interesting characteristics but Mei is just one step above them. She is so much fun to watch. The new teacher that mixes the lewd and serious thought is really funny, especially her serious voice. The revelation that the loli demon lord actually just wants to have a normal life was cool.

    I have watched the first 3 episodes of Pastel Memories but I found it really boring and with way too many characters. As soon as I saw it i knew you’d like the ED :p

    I really need to watch Kakegurui, it looks really interesting.

    Other than these The Promises Neverland also looks really cool but it’s not yuri.

    Liked by 3 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Dunno but that’s how it is.

      12-13 minutes to be exact.

      She watched Harukana Receive and took notes on how to strengthen her relationship with the baka prez.

      It’s not hard to make a show with a setup like SPEC-OPS Asuka’s. Most people are stupid so them still committing crimes after the world was saved from destruction doesn’t surprise me.

      Yup. Her #2 is the right kind of crazy.

      Feel free to skip it.

      You may enjoy Kakegurui.

      Neverland is the typical mainstream sweetheart. I’m sure it’s amazing. Just don’t care to watch it myself.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Mini Toji is adorable, and gay, and I wanted more Toji, so this is perfect.

    Had actually missed Hulaing, might watch a bit to see if I like it.

    Had skipped over Ame-iro Cocoa – Side G, but maybe I’ll give it a small watch too, since it’s short.

    Manaria Friends is amazing, even for someone who hasn’t watched the series it’s essentially a spin-off of.

    Wataten is…keeping me watching, for now, cautiously. As long as Miyuki keeps it to cosplay. There is indeed much cute, and Noa & Hinata are especially cute together.

    BanG Dream season 2 so far has been amazing. I especially really liked the full version of the S1 Ending song we got to see/hear.

    Bermuda Triangle – Colorful Pastrale is pretty nice…though I am irked that despite it happening under the sea, as it were, many things still work as if they were above ground. Oh well. It’s cute, and relaxing, so I can overlook such.

    Magical Girl SPEC-OPS Asuka is right up my alley, really…reminds me a little of Nanoha season 3 (StrikerS) with the whole “Military Magical Girls” viewpoint…though obviously a grittier, bloodier version, where blasting people at full power most likely does not result in befriending…but still, it’s pretty nice so far. And War Nurse x Rapture is indeed looking promising.

    Endro~ is indeed amazing. Wonderful.

    Pastel Memories is looking pretty interesting. I like the steampunk vibe their outfits all have. And with the most recent episode, Michi jumped right up to my favourite character of all of them (so far, at least) (but it’s gonna be tough to beat her cuteness and awesomeness).

    Kakegurui 2 has been more of the same as the first season. Which is just fine for me.

    Personally wasn’t keen on watching Kemono Friends 2 with all I’ve heard of it…but maybe, just maybe I’ll give it a try.

    The Magnificent Kotobuki is looking great so far. And all the ships you mentioned indeed seem pretty good to me.

    Circlet Princess, at least with the first episode, was pretty decent, at least. Still need to watch the 2nd one, though.

    And I’ve been following Egao no Daika myself…it seems decent so far, though fairly tragic in all respects in the story itself…we’ll see where it goes.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Mauron says:

    Mini Toji is great, and they need to translate the game already.

    Wataten has kept me for 2 episodes so far. I’m being slow on watching things this season, so I haven’t seen the third yet. I would prefer it if Miyako was socially awkward and hanging out with her sister’s friends because she has none of her own.

    BanG Dream is off to a great start (continuation?), but I haven’t completely jumped on the Rock-Aa bandwagon yet. Easily could be a thing, but I’d like to see the interactions with her future bandmates before I’m fully on board.

    Asuka is interesting so far. I love the PDA between Asuka’s friends. Also, you’ve got two “second ships”.

    Endro, my only complaint was Crunchyroll needlessly (and poorly) gendering the conversation at the start of episode 2.

    Mao: What you’d do if the demon lord surrendered? Seira would have the kinkiest answer, I think Tell me your Elf-dom ways!

    Pastel Memories was cute, but gave me the “too many characters” vibe. I still need to catch episodes 2+.

    As for Third Aerial Girls Squadron (Kotoboki), I agree with your ships, but also see potential with the remaining two pilots.

    “I lured any interested guys away from my beloved, then dumped them.” isn’t always the best plan.

    Other shows I’m either not watching, or procrastinating so much I haven’t seen one episode yet.

    Liked by 3 people

  8. ObssesedNuker says:

    Looking at the ones I’m watching…

    “I personally am not good with children but watching Hinata’s purity, innocence and love of combat sports fills my heart with joy. For now I ship her with Noa.”

    I’mma say right out having read the manga that youmade a good choice, because that pretty much is canon (I’m not actually a lolicon fan, I couldn’t stand Uzamaid just from hearing the premise, but Wataten is tame enough for me to find it cute instead of creepy). In fact, I’m surprised they actually started it early in the anime.

    Bermuda Triangle – Colorful Pastrale: Initially, only two things kept me here. First, the humor I derived from the SpongeBob logic (their drinking tea. UNDERWATER). Second, the potential for yuri. The show indicates they are an all female species, so where else are they gonna find romance? And yeah, several characters are pinging on the yuri goggles.

    In the second episode, however, it started to tease just enough world building for me to add a third thing from the list. Apparently, Mermaids are born from .

    Also, the morbid fanfic author in me wants to chuck the Imperium of Man at their planet for no reason at all.

    Magical Girl SPEC-OPS Asuka: I only read the first few manga so the anime has already outpaced what I know. I find the character designs to be slightly uncanny, but it’s not a deal-breaker in any sense.

    Endro~ is just a big ol’ ball of fun. The time travel sub-plot also caused me to create some timey-wimey theories.

    I found Pastel Memories to be like Bermuda Triangle but without any of the things that kept me on that show (My yuri goggles were sadly not pinging). So sadly I dropped it.

    I couldn’t find any English subs of Circlet Princess.

    I like the dogfights of The Magnifcent Kotobuki and that’s half of what I came for so I’m staying. The only thing I’m wondering is if they are gonna just have everyone flying in Imperial Japanese planes or if they’ll toss in any foreign aircraft at some point. My yuri goggles only lightly pinged on Lulu and Julia and that was a pretty clear “hatefuck” type of relationship, so I’m waiting for something more substantial and healthy to pop-up.

    Liked by 2 people

  9. Makoto Itoshi says:

    I wish you were covering Bermuda instead of Asuka weekly, I’m sure Asuka gets gay, but after episode 2, Bermuda gives me Hina Logi vibes with how they are handling the main couple, and that’s a very good sign.

    But well, let’s hope something amazing happens in Bermuda Triangle then.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Pingback: Magical Girl SPEC-OPS Asuka Episode 3: The Sexy Calm Before the Storm | The Yuri Nation

  11. Liddo-kun says:

    Endro, Kouya, Wataten, Pastel, Bermuda, Asuka. So much to watch, and 2019 is just starting! ^____^

    Liked by 2 people

  12. FantasyGirlKanna says:

    Manaria Friends is great no doubt about it. I love it, I just wish they made it a 20-min show.

    I don’t really have any problem with Wataten since it’s better than Uzamaid and it’s less…dangerous(?) 😛 It’s funny and Hinata is so cute and like you she’s my favourite out of all the kid characters. And her mom too 😀 I think, overall this is good and the genre is fine as long as it’s executed properly.

    Magical Girl SPEC-OPS Asuka…well I’ll just keep quiet about this one since I re-read the manga 😛

    Ah Endro such a cute and easy-going show 🙂 I make sure now to wait for this show’s episode to come out first before watching Magical Girl Asuka. So that I could have something more relaxing afterwards 😛 I’ve learned my lesson from Happy Sugar Life 😀

    Kakegurui xx…Well it seems my MaryxYumeko ship got stronger 😀 More gaymbling, as some say, no problem with that 😛

    Kouya no Kotobuki Hikoutai, it seems interesting so far and I like how they seem to give more emphasis on the main characters or the significant ones for the episode by making them cgi. Well except for some scenes like the latest episode where Leona and Zara are in their undies 😀

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Would have been even better that way but what can you do.

      It’s like the lesser of two evils and easier to divulge into. Fingers crossed we get to see the other hot mamas soon.

      Yes. It’s for the best.

      Yes. Saturdays are there to help us relax after gruesome Fridays this season.

      The same sexy insanity we look for in Kakegurui is still there and it is joyous every time.

      They know how to use their budget in Kotobuki, yes.

      Liked by 2 people

  13. chikorita157 says:

    Wataten is surprisingly more enjoyable than Uzamaid since Miyako is at least not doing very illegal things like stalking and such. Still, she has some somewhat dangerous tendencies, but nothing too harmful since she is shy. Still, the characters are very enjoyable. Yes, Noa and Hinata makes a good pairing along with Kanon and Kayori obviously.

    Aside from that, Bang Dream 2 is enjoyable as always. Endro is still very enjoyable with a lot of fun moments. It’s obvious that Lush, which is apparently the name of Mao’s drinking friend has an attraction towards Mao. Still, I find it funny how Mao gives up being the demon lord since she doesn’t want an Endless Eight kind of thing happening. Given Yulia’s tendencies, it’s probably a good call.

    Liked by 1 person

  14. nash says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen… our new Bandori ship:


    Yeah… her it’s actually “LOCK”, ‘coz that’s her stage name in RAISE A SUILEN.

    Bermuda Triangle: Her name’s Canon, not Cocona…


  15. yurimylove says:

    “Hinata is my favorite kid” genki imouto FTW!!

    Liked by 1 person

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