Hugtto! PreCure 47+48: The Final Battle

It’s time to check out the rest of the final battle between the Huggy Rangers and the Dark Corporation.Risutol launching the 2nd wave.jpg

Risutol launching the 2nd Wave.

When we last left our heroines they’re in a pickle. They’d beaten an army of Ohsimaidaa but President Kurai captured Hugtan and escaped inside the giant Heartless Oshimaidaa. Risutol and Bishin stood in their way with the older hamster guy summoning a 2nd Wave of Oshimaidaa. The Rangers were pooped…

Pupple and the gang to the rescue.jpg

Pupple and the gang to the rescue!

Fortunately Pupple and the gang arrived to aid the Rangers in battle, concluding their redemption arc.

Mecha Traum.jpg

Mecha Traum.

Even Dr Traum lent a hand.

Harry trying to get through to Risutol.jpg

Harry trying to reason with Risutol.

Harry broke his seal once again to try and reason with Risutol one last time. He was successful.

Monster Bishin.jpg

Monster Bishin.

Bishin felt betrayed (abandoned) after Risutol turned face but his arch rival Cure Etoile and the other hamsters were able to get through to him, giving the Rangers the chance to purify him. With the last remaining generals “retired” Mr Big Shadow summoned a 3rd wave of baddies for our team to fight. The Rangers wondered how they could reach the Mr Big Shadow all the way across the dark ocean.

Gelos and her twin buddies to the rescue!.jpg

Enter Gelos and her twin buddies.

Gelos and her twin buddies answered the call and took the Rangers close enough to the towering giant so they could enter it and face the president.

President Kurai ready for battle.jpg

Final Boss. Phase 1.

Inside the giant the Rangers confronted President Kurai in his admittedly comfy throne. He imprisoned Cure Yell and tortured the other Rangers with his Super Move: Depression Thunder. Said thunderbolts carried all of humanity’s negative emotions throughout history. Kurai had an encyclopedia filled with the stuff so it was agonizing for sure.

PreCure refusing to give up.jpg

Power Rangers never give up!

Cure Yell couldn’t stand seeing her friends suffer and was about to submit to the darkness to end it when her buds went into “Super Mega Badass Mode” and were like “THE POWER RANGERS NEVER GIVE UP!”, freeing Yell and destroying Kurai’s sweet chair. Unfortunately Kurai came prepared and banished the four to a dark basement, leaving him and Yell to settle things.


Cure Yell vs President Kurai.jpg

Final Boss. Phase 2.

President Kurai again tried telling Cure Yell about the futility of her fighting for the hopes and dreams of humanity but Yell wouldn’t have it. she was like, “No matter how bad humanity as a whole can be there are still good people in this world and for them I will kick ass to the very end!”. That she did. However, Kurai’s Super Meter was full ad used Shadow Bind + Depression Thunder to demorph Hana. His next attempt to demotivate her was saying that living meant inevitable pain and agony along with people laughing at her optimism. Hana knew this but even so refused to surrender. Her badassitude was limitless.

Hugtan rescued!.jpg

Hugtan rescued!

Hugtan and the Mirai bracelet responded to her resolve and she again transformed, firing a Rainbow LAZER destroying Kurai’s encyclopedia and freeing the world from the time freeze.

Gal Pals wake up.jpg

I still ship these two.

Giga Kurai.jpg

Final Boss. Phase 3.

His plans ruined Kurai had lost all hope of accomplishing his goals so he succumbed to the darkness and merged with the giant Heartless to become GIGA KURAI! He was like “If humanity refuses to accept my salvation then I will erase them from existence before they do it themselves!”

Precure powered up by everyone's asu-power.jpg

Precure Spirit Bomb powered up by everyone.

The Rangers obviously refused to let Kurai destroy the town so they used all their power to push him back, determined to change the future. Their awakened friends and family all lent their support to the Rangers, powering up their Spirit Bomb. Not only that…When Cure Yell said “Everyone can be a Power Ranger!”…Let’s take a look at all the Ranger trainees.

Cure Family.jpg

Cure Family. Cure Mama confirmed for sexiest Power Ranger ever!

Cure Couple.jpg

Cure Side-Couple. I’d love a manga spinoff starring these two.

Cure Infini and Cure Macho.jpg

Cure Infini and Cure Macho. The manliest of Power Rangers and gay icons.

Cure Grannies.jpg

Cure Grannies. Bless whoever thought of making Yone’s 30 inch pythons a running gag. Bless you.

Cure Stooges.jpgCure Traum.jpg

Cure Stooges B.jpg

Cure Stooges.

With the combined power of a town full of Power Rangers Giga Kurai was purified.

By the way.

Present Traum and George Kurai.jpg

Present day Traum and George Kurai.

Major evidence that the hamster future is not as distant as previously mentioned.

Cure Yella and Kurai in his final moments.jpg

Kurai in his final moments.

Not much to say about this scene. Kurai admitted defeat, Cure Yell comforted him, he FINALLY found peace and went back to the future. Whether he’ll hook up with Adult Hana again is unknown nor worth caring about.

Cure Amour and Ma Cherie hug.jpg

What IS important is seeing how their story concludes. We know Masato X Henri are all set but EmiRuru’s future is what we here want to know about.

So for newcomers and veterans I say this was a good PreCure final battle. It wasn’t as heavy hitting as previous ones but it didn’t need to be because from the very beginning Presidnt Kurai wasn’t depicted as a “Let’s fight to the death” kind of villain. His motivation made a bit of sense. He saw how corrupt humanity had become and then the (most likely) death of (most likely) Adult Hana was what drove him to do what he did. Dr Traum probably joined his star pupil/apprentice after his daughter died. That’s my best guess. Anyhoo it was a pretty cool battle where everyone got their time to shine.

Next time is the G-View and then we prepare for the next installment of Pretty Cure the week after which already looks promising.

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11 Responses to Hugtto! PreCure 47+48: The Final Battle

  1. Don’t compare to them to Reylo, TLJ wished it could be half as good as this.

    This was a pretty great series, I doubt I’ll be watching the next show all year though, I think I’ll need a break from that. I’ll watch the first episode so I can continue saying I’ve seen all the first episodes, but I doubt I’ll continue.


  2. Rory says:

    I am satisfied with the resolution of the conflict against Criasu. Cure Yell was excellent during the final battle, even standing up to Kurai without her powers.
    Seeing everyone lend their strength to PreCure to deal the final blow and become PreCure themselves was great, too.
    Hugtto! PreCure has been an incredible experience, and I can’t believe that there is only a single episode left. I shall miss Hana and the others after the end.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. cirno9fan says:

    Everything is hinging on this final episode
    If they don’t botch that, this will easily be the best Precure to date. If they botch the final episode, then it’ll just be one of the better seasons still, as everything up to the final episode will have been handled fantastically (though I really sigh at what they did with Hana relationship wise….)

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      We all know the fate of this show’s ranking lies on the shoulder of one couple’s conclusion.

      Not crying over Hana really. It’s whatever.

      Liked by 1 person

      • cirno9fan says:

        No tears, just a sigh at what could have been

        Toei gave us both EmiRuru and MasaAnri to an extremely high level. And also did so very much right even outside those two.

        But yes, the balance of everything relies on the next episode.

        Liked by 2 people

      • OG-Man says:

        I’ve seen worse het stories in PreCure. Let’s look at it this way. If the epilogue goes in a different direction then I don’t see Hana hooking up with George again. But as I already said I’m not giving it much thought.

        It’s all about one couple now.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. That was an amazing final confrontation indeed! Badass Hana/Yell is awesome! And seeing everyone else’s Ranger forms, including Masato & Henri’s (again), and our wonderful side-couple’s…!

    A shame indeed about Hana’s potential relationship stuff…but eh. We’ll see where next episode, and thus, sadly, sadly, the final episode, leaves her…

    And my heart almost stopped at the sight of majestic EmiRuru cuddle towards the end, indeed. I’m gonna miss these two when the season ends…here’s hoping the fanart doesn’t stop coming for a long while after.

    One episode left, and by the looks of it, we get to see grown-up Rangers/post-time-skip things! I can’t wait!

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      It was a great conclusion to the war against the Dark Corporation.

      Yup. We’ll see what Hana’s doing during the epilogue.

      Fingers crossed our super couple have a fantastic sendoff along with everyone else.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Giack31 says:

    That was a really cool fight. Part of me wanted Hana to “fall into darkness” even just for a little bit to see what would have happened but I understand that this is not that kind of anime.
    Hana’s family as Precure was really cool but nothing could be the greatness that was the side couple in their Precure form. So cute and such a great ship.
    Really hyped for the final episode to tie some loose ends and conclude this wonderful journey.
    Btw I’m actually ok with the whole Hana and George thing since I never expected Hana to have a Yuri ship in the first place.


    • OG-Man says:

      She’d be depressed for an episode and probably use her willpower to unfreeze her friends near the end of it. There you go.

      Side-couple rules.

      I feel indifferent about it myself like with Homare and Harry.

      Liked by 1 person

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