Hugtto! PreCure Episode 44: Saaya’s Resolution

We’ve had several resolutions already from EmiRuru, MasaHenri and HomaHarry (No one here asked me to talk about these two nor did I feel like covering them. Short answer: The human X hamster romance was not meant to be). The next hero to find her resolve was Saaya so let’s see what she found.

Saaya and Reira about to film a big scene.jpg

Saaya and Reira about to film a big scene.

As we recall Saaya’s arc revolved around acting and wanting to become an awesome actress like her mom Reira so that they could grow closer together. However, during the journey to find herself she visited a hospital that had a huge impact on her. We’ll get to that in a bit.

Emiru the magician and Ruru the black cat.jpg

RIP Rory: 1991 – 2018.

Suddenly Risutol showed up and transported everyone to another realm, again. Our good friend Rory passed away upon seeing Ruru as a black cat complete with cat puns. Hopefully he’s smiling from the heavens blessed by many sexy catgirls.

The Legendary Clapperboard.jpg

The Legendary Clapperboard, aka The Clapperboard Magisword. I wonder how many will get the reference without Googling it?

Hana wanted to pull out her sword all cool like but it was actually The Legendary Clapperboard, meaning she’s the new director of Saaya’s movie.

Saaya vs Ranze scene.jpg

Saaya vs Ranze scene.

Saaya and Reira were filming the big scene when outta nowhere Rival Ranze once again graced us with her tsundere presence, challenging Saaya to a duel. Whether that was in the original script or not didn’t matter. Point was Ranze once again wanted to compete with Saaya. She got annoyed however when she noticed Saaya not giving it her all.

Saaya and Dr Maki.jpg

Saaya and Dr Maki talking about future aspirations.

Let’s get to the main point of the episode. Remember Dr Maki from the hospital episode? She played a major role in helping Saaya get an idea of what she wanted to become. In this episode they continued that conversation. Saaya asked Dr Maki what inspired her to work with mothers and children. Short answer, the miracle of child birth. The message she wanted to convey to Saaya was that sometimes your first dream/career choice may not be the one for you. Sometimes it’s the second or even third choice. What’s important is taking what you’ve learned from past experiences and use them to help get the job you feel is the one for you.

Saaya and Ranze shaking hands.jpg

Handshake of respect.

With her newfound resolve Saaya put on a better performance than the first one. She then surprised everyone announcing her retirement from acting after finishing the movie. Ranze was heartbroken. Deep down she had always respected Saaya for her talent and hoped they would be badass rivals throughout their careers. In the end she saw the resolve in Saaya and respected her decision, swearing to become an international superstar Saaya would envy. Saaya made a similar promise of becoming a great doctor.

Reira squeezing Hugtan.jpg

Reira unable to accept Saaya’s resolve.

While Ranze accepted Saaya’s decision, deep down Reira didn’t. Risutol took advantage of this and turned her into the MotW. The Wild Oshimaidaa stored Hugtan inside herself but Cure Ange sensed the small part of Reira inside the monster and went after Hugtan. Inside she saw a sad Reira telling “Saaya” (Hugtan) she didn’t want her to leave. She hoped Saaya would become a superstar actress alongside her. Saaya said she wanted to become an actress so she could become closer to Reira but thanks to the time they shared together on stage and the visit to the hospital her dream was to help spread the same joy she felt being her daughter to other families. Okay, her explanation wasn’t that deep but you get the idea. Saaya’s love for her family helped inspire her to choose her career path in hopes of helping bring other families together.

The Huggy Rangers did their thing and saved the day as usual. Saaya and Reira resumed filming the big scene and put their own spin on it.

Santa Claus.jpg

Tune in next time for the Christmas episode with special guest, Santa Claus!

If I were to rank the main character arcs from favorite to least favorite:

1: Emiru and Ruru. I count them as one character arc. Because it is.

2: Saaya.

3: Hana.

4: Homare.

5: Harry and Hugtan.

So yes. I really enjoyed Saaya’s arc. She didn’t get the spotlight as often as the others but when she did her episodes were some of the best on the show. Great stuff. Still no confirmation on whether she’ll be the one to save Hana’s soul but there’s still time so don’t give up hope.

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5 Responses to Hugtto! PreCure Episode 44: Saaya’s Resolution

  1. Rory says:

    Close, it’s actually 1991. Black cat Ruru was excellent, and Emiru even managed to sneak in a Maho Girls PreCure reference.
    Saaya is an excellent character, and I’ve never been disappointed it comes to her character arc. Same goes for EmiRuru, but this was Saaya’s time to shine. A very satisfying conclusion for Saaya.

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Whoa. Not a bad guess then.

      Hey there Rory. Good to see you survived.

      Gotta reference one of the best entries in the franchise, yes.

      Loved Saaya’s character arc. So good!

      Liked by 2 people

  2. cirno9fan says:

    Ah man, Ruru and Emiru were way too adorable this ep~<3
    I agree that Saaya has been one of the best character arcs in this, with of course EmiRuru being the best 🙂
    It’s just been great how it slowly changed from her wanting to be a world famous actress to her being a world famous doctor. She has had less episodes than most, but what she has is always very powerful~
    I don’t see anyone commenting on it yet, so I shall: Hugtan’s slow growth. In this episode she was actually almost saying words fully coherently and even beginning to form sentences. I just find it very interesting how well they’ve done this growth throughout the whole thing. It’s been very subtle and happened bit by bit.
    The staff are really nailing a lot with this season of Precure~
    But man did I laugh when Hugtan summoned Santa to explain to Ruru what “santa claus” is XD The staff are just going all out with the zaniness this season!

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Good observation. Hugtan’s growth feels natural. She was growing up like a regular baby, which makes sense. She may be a Power Ranger from the future but to go back in time she regressed to a, let’s say 2 year old infant.

      Yeah. The setup to Santa’s appearance was quite amusing.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I just realized with this episode that Hugtto! has been one of my most consistently favourite series all year…helps that I’ve been watching it for most of the year, of course…

    And Saaya’s arc was pretty great, too. With her scenes with Ranze though…if Saaya x Hana doesn’t really take off much in what’s left of the season, part of me sort of wants to ship Saaya x Ranze now, based on what happened when Ranze heard of Saaya quitting and how she reacted…

    And Emiru and Ruru being amazing as always.


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