Bloom Into You Episode 11: Seitokai Training Camp

Two episodes to go if I’m not mistaken.

Protagonist and girlfriend.jpg

Protagonist and girlfriend.

Quick recap of Koyomi’s play. It’s about a girl who was in accident and woke up at the hospital with amnesia. Her family, friends and girlfriend all remembered her differently. To find her true identity the girl role played as every version her peers remembered.

Koyomi not feeling the ending.jpg

Koyomi not feeling the ending.

The end has  her choosing the girlfriend version of herself. This didn’t feel right to Koyomi. She thought the ending would be satisfactory for casual viewers but felt something was missing. Basically she’s going through what others do when writing for a highbrow crowd. Gotta find the right balance to please them and yourself.

Eh. Whatever. Pandering to super picky people can wait. What came next was FAR MORE IMPORTANT.

Sayaka embarrassed to get in the bath with Touko.jpg

Sayaka embarrassed to get in the bath with Touko.

Touko: Sayaka. Bath time.

Sayaka: (Oh no. Wait. This shouldn’t be a problem. I’m used to taking showers alongside other girls after gym class. No big deal…OF COURSE IT’S A BIG DEAL! I’M GONNA TAKE A BATH WITH TOUKO! I’LL GET TO SEE HER TIDDIES AND SHE’LL SEE MY SUPER KNOCKERS! No…I have to do it. I can’t let that shrimp steal my glory.)

Yuu bra and panties.jpgYuu booty.jpg

Yuu: (Better get into the tub quick. Don’t wanna give those two, especially Touko, time to take in my figure.)

“Sees Touko’s figure”

Touko Bra and panties.jpg


Yuu: (I can handle it.)

OG: We were denied a closer look at Sayaka in her bra and panties. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Sayaka, Touko and Yuu in the bath.jpg

OG looking at Sayaka: Why writers? Why did you deny us her full glory?

Touko: (Oh goh. Yuu’s tiddies are bigger than I thought…NONONONONO. Keep calm Touko. Hold it in.)

Yuu stretching in the bath.jpg

Yuu making things difficult for Touko.

Touko (I want them. I WANT THEM, DAMN IT!)

Sayaka wearing glasses.jpg

Bless you Sayaka.

Lotta “what ifs” that night.

The real Mio.jpg

The real Mio.

We’re skipping ahead to the big moment of the episode. Remember the guy Miss Riko called to help oversee the seitokai’s training? Touko remembered him as one of Mio’s old classmates. He did his job helping everyone improve their acting. However, things got interesting when he complimented Touko on doing a good job as seitokaichou…unlike her sister. This triggered her. She later asked him what kind of seitokaichou was her sister? His answer rocked her to the core. Basically Mio wasn’t a token “perfect president”…but a token “goofball president”. Touko was like “But when I saw she was amazing…”. The guy was like “Guess she didn’t want to ruin your image of her as a role model”

Hmmm. Why does this sound familiar to me…

Mei's poker face

Ah yes. On the bright side Touko doesn’t seem to have been roboticized.

Think about it carefully before calling me crazy.

Sayaka and Touko talking about her state of mind

Sayaka and Touko talking about the latter’s state of mind.

Moving ahead again to the gang playing with fireworks (thank you Miyako) Touko was pretty down. So much so she couldn’t approach Yuu, holding back more than usual. That’s where Sayaka came in. She overheard the guy complimenting Touko about being a better seitokaichou than Mio. She also figured out her plan to become Mio 2.0. Touko felt lost. Her years of planning had seemingly all gone to waste in one day after all. For now all she could do was thank Sayaka for always being there to support her.

Lonely Yuu.jpg

Lonely Yuu.

Yuu most likely overheard their conversation and her expression was like (Why didn’t you come talk about it with me?). At least that’s what I gathered. Oh yes. I did notice the symbolic fireworks Sayaka and Touko were holding.

You know what I find interesting? Touko feels like she’d failed in her quest to become Mio 2.0. However, like her late sister she too hid her true self from the public, only showing it to people she felt she could chill out in front of. In a strange way Touko’s still following in Mio’s footsteps.

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10 Responses to Bloom Into You Episode 11: Seitokai Training Camp

  1. Karandi says:

    It is an interesting conundrum for Nanami given she wants to be like her sister and given she is living essentially a lie to keep up others’ impressions of her, she’s kind of succeeded in one aspect of it. Then again, maybe she’ll learn to be herself at some point.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Little Viktoria says:

    Lovely. I think Touko and Sayaka would make an adorable couple too.

    But why we were denied a nude Koyomi, I don’t know…

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Mauron says:

    Miss Riko: Don’t call me Miss Riko.
    Everyone else: Of course, Miss Riko.

    Starting when school returns, Touko will have to slack more in her student council duties.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. x says:

    With only two episodes to go will they get to the play in time or will everbody scream season 2

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Baba says:

    I kind of like Sayaka too much. She got some points here for approaching Touko and asking her the important questions. I’m sure Yuu is going to talk to her later but maybe she’ll realize that instead of holding back she needs to take the initiative too. I feel bad for Sayaka all the time though lol I hope she ends up with someone later.

    Again, I really like this show and I really liked the fact that Touko kind of failed to copy her sister and in a way she is really different. I think we all hide some parts of ourselves to some people and be our truer self with people we’re comfortable with. We don’t fully know others and others don’t fully know us.

    I like the maturity in this show. Pretty sad that we only have one or two episodes more to go.


  6. cyan says:

    I’d like to think so too, like you said, Touko is still following Mio’s steps in a different kind of way.

    I like this camp, everyone is realizing their own feelings… All three are in doubt and they don’t know what to do.
    About the three sleeping in the same room, hehehe they couldn’t pounce on each other because of the other one, just have a threesome girls, problem solved.

    This is what I was worried about, with two episodes left, and the animation following the manga I wondered if we would feel cliffhanger, but I’ve heard news that the author promised a clean ending, so I’ll trust in that.

    Liked by 3 people

    • boredmelly says:

      The thing is, the clean ending will only happen if we get a season 2 though. The origin of that comment was to encourage people to buy BDs, so that we can have it wrapped up nicely in season 2.


  7. yurimylove says:

    I think Touko should be happy that she has turned out better than her sister.


  8. Nick says:

    Always love bath scenes, this one wasn’t super crazy sexy but still a lots of eye candy.

    Like you said, lotta “what ifs” this ep. A lot indeed.

    Touko having her impression of Mio rocked was a pretty dramatic part. Now she’s really not sure what to do.

    Yuu feeling lonely without Touko to talk to. Wonder how she’ll deal with that now.

    The end is in sight for this show, feels like there is a lot to get through still. Really hope this isn’t a cliffhanger ending or a read the source material ending. Although if it’s the latter I honestly might go read it. Getting pretty into this story, would hate to be left hanging.

    Liked by 2 people

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