Akanesasu Shoujo 10+11: The Last Arc

While the episode formula changed a bit in the last arc one thing remained the same, Part 1 was the setup and Part 2 was where things got real. The only difference is this last arc is a 3-parter but Part 2 once more has plenty to talk about.

Note: Postponing my episode 10 episodic was a bad idea.

Yu-Two giving Asuka T. Asuka's charm

T. Asuka’s pendant/charm.

Let’s go over the main points of episode 10. As we recall T. Asuka sacrificed herself fighting the “king” and entrusted OG Asuka to OG Yu. OG Asuka tried her hardest to go back to T. Asuka’s fragment but was stopped when Yu-Two gave her T. Asuka’s pendant, saying she was swallowed by Twilight.


Young Yu worried about Young Asuka.jpg

Young Yu worried about Young Asuka.

Asuka stopped coming to school for a while and everyone thought she was struck with grief or depression. She surprised them with a sudden return but Yu noticed her acting strangely. It brought memories of that time after Kyo-chan disappeared. A few days after it happened Yu went to cheer her up but she talked about wanting to take over her dad’s miso business instead of becoming a Chikuwa Master. It felt like Asuka was pushing away the grief by focusing on something else. She was doing the same thing in the present by focusing on hunting Clutters in hopes of luring out the king.

Twilight Takumi in his new life.jpg

Twilight Takumi in his new life.

When asked about her strange behavior Asuka changed the subject again by talking about Twlight Takumi, which was a valid concern but she was still using him as an excuse. Nana told her he was okay with OG Takumi’s parents and Asuka suggested they throw a welcoming party. All went well until Asuka told him to make a wish to the Almighty Chikuwa. He wished for T.Asuka to come back and take him home because he felt guilty living OG Takumi’s life as a Link.

Asuka arguing with Yu.jpg

Asuka arguing with Yu.

Nana knew a storm was coming and escorted Takumi back to the folks. What followed was an argument between a realist and and an optimist. It started with Yu scolding Asuka for giving Takumi false hope.

Asuka: What’s wrong with that?

Yu: You heard what Yu-Two said.

Asuka: We WILL see T. Asuka again.

Yu: You lied to him because you wanted to assure yourself she’d return.

Asuka: Maybe. Actually, you’ve seen me as an immature, irresponsible kid since that day ten years ago. You see me as someone who lives in denial and prefers living life without putting in the extra effort when it matters.

Yu: No! What I meant is you never tell us how you really feel.

Asuka: I always have.

Yu: I never once thought you spoke from the heart.

Asuka: I see…

Nana educating Yu on how to approach Asuka.jpg

Nana educating Yu on how to approach Asuka.

After Asuka walked off and hearing what just happened Nana was like “Yu. Asuka is someone who doesn’t respond well to ‘grounded’ scoldings. The best way to get to her is basically “Keep it simple”.

Asuka hoping Kyo would return.jpg

Mia then asked Yu what had happened to Kyo-chan. On that day he wanted to go home but Asuka felt like playing a little longer. She turned away for a second and that was the last time she saw him. No one blamed her but she blamed herself. Every day for an entire year she went to the park in hopes of THAT DAY being when he’d return. This will make more sense in episode 11 but the fact Yu knew about the park visits meant she saw her there every day that year. Everyone agreed to go look for Asuka.

Asuka, Emissary of Twilight.jpg

Dark Loli Asuka, Emissary of Twilight.

Asuka saw a silhouette of Kyo-chan and followed “him” to the sea shore. There she saw the King of Twilight but was surprised when it was revealed to be another Asuka, the Emissary of Twilight.


Let’s start off by summing up OG Asuka and Dark Asuka’s conversation. Dark Asuka came from a Fragment where she’d lost all hope after her Kyo-chan disappeared. She was approached by the Twilight and it was like “Join us and you will never ever have to feel pain, sorrow or grief again.” Basically Dark Asuka was what would happen if Asuka gave up in her search for Kyo-chan. It was also revealed that the main target of the Twilight was OG Asuka because, like Dark Asuka, she too had the potential to become one with the Twilight. OG Asuka initially refused and tried fighting Dark Asuka but she was like “Even if you somehow defeat me it will not stop the Twilight from consuming your world”. She considered the offer when Dark Asuka said the Twilight would spare OG World for a while longer. OG Asuka then threw an ultimatum: Restore T. Asuka and her Fragment. Dark Asuka then talked about the Kyo-chan thing I mentioned and offered the counter deal of her also being relieved of sadness and grief like she was. We’ll get back to this conversation in a bit.

Chloe, Mia and Nana captured by Sensei Clutter.jpg

Chloe, Mia and Nana captured by Sensei Clutter.

Before we get to the main event let’s go over what happened to the above three. They split up to fight the Clutter while Yu searched for Asuka. The Clutter took control of a familiar teacher who was nervous about proposing to his girlfriend. More on that in a bit. Anyway Sensei Clutter took advantage of the “Henshin Rule” and captured the trio. What’s the “Henshin Rule”? Put simply, magical girl (and boy) transformation sequences that seem like they’re 15-30+ seconds are actually less than a second in real time. Unfortunately that doesn’t include the “It’s Morphin’ Time” call.

While captured Sensei Clutter took advantage of the girls by twisting their resolve and turning it into hopeless futures. For example Nana’s resolve was she’d make her own decisions and not marry a guy “because that’s what’s expected of her from society”. Sensei Clutter was like “You only said that because you didn’t want to become dependent on a man like your mother. Eventually you’ll become even more dependent on them than her.” The three questioned their resolve…for about two minutes before realizing Sensei Clutter was talking crap. They made their own destiny and had no reason to follow whatever society expected of them or how jaded adults expected them to live their lives.

Supergirls kicking butt.jpg

He wasn’t so tough.

Reclaiming their will to fight they made quick work of Sensei Clutter, belittling him by saying “You talk about how we should live our lives when you don’t have the balls to propose to your girlfriend.”


Yu-Two helping OG Yu.jpg

Yu-Two helping OG Yu.

Yu had no luck finding Asuka and looked like she was giving up when Best Girl showed up and was like “Giving up already? You’re an embarrassment to Yus everywhere.”

OG Yu: I don’t have time to argue with you…Wait…Do you know where Asuka is?

Yu-Two: Nope…But I do have a pretty good hunch. Asuka was the Twilight’s main target. They took out T. Asuka and her fragment because it was the last border to reaching the OG World and capturing Asuka.

OG Yu: How do you know about that?

Yu-Two: Again just a hunch. BUT I have a Master’s Degree on Asukaology.

OG Yu:…Unlike me.

Yu-Two: Having said that, only YOU can save OG Asuka. Here. Take my Morpher. If you don’t save Asuka, I’m coming for you.

OG Yu: You got it!

Yu-Two: (I hope you won’t suffer like I did…)

We now return to OG Asuka and Dark Asuka’s conversation.

Yu coming to Asuka's rescue.jpg

Yu has something very important to tell Asuka.

Asuka was about to enter the Twilight Zone when Yu screamed at the top of her lungs: DON’T GO WITH HER ASUKA! YOU WANT SIMPLE! I’LL GIVE YOU SIMPLE! I LOVE YOU MORE THAN ANYONE IN THIS WORLD!

So. Someone complained that the Asukas took away her character development arc last time. Well, everything from Yu-Two’s quest to find her Asuka (Which I think was a way to revive her than find where she’d disappeared to.), her questioning her “honor student” behavior thanks to Yu-Two and most importantly finding the courage to confess her love. Like Asuka Yu’s character development was split into several parts.

Super Yu.jpg

Super Yu. Definitely cooler than Super Yu-Two though Sir Nickolas does have a soft spot for the latter.

Asuka and Yu doing the thing.jpg

I’ve been doing this long enough to not complain. I’ll take this kiss.

Asuka and Yu closer than ever.jpg

OGs together at last.

Ever since Yu-Two’s official debut I said I wanted to see at least one Yu and one Asuka get together. Looks like it’s the main duo. I hope all other Yus in love with their Asukas will also be blessed provided the finale is a good one.

Akanesasu pose.jpg

Strike a pose.

Not gonna go over our heroines’ rematch against Twilight Hydra. Just know it was awesome.

Dark Asuka annoyed.jpg

So much for no longer having emotions.

Chloe: There’s still one more enemy to take down.

Dark Asuka: I am an Asuka yet you want to defeat me?

Yu: You may be an Asuka but you’re not (MY) our Asuka!

Dark Asuka: Rrrrr. Very well. Come get some bitches.

Asuka noticed the small sign of emotion inside her dark loli counterpart and was like “If I come with you then you’ll leave my world alone right? Alrighty then. Let’s go”. I suspect she has a plan.

G-View most likely coming next week.

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39 Responses to Akanesasu Shoujo 10+11: The Last Arc

  1. cirno9fan says:

    Holy holy holy!!!
    What an episode!!

    It’s obvious! Asuka saw how “dark Asuka” is actually lonely. My guess is she got the winning lottery fragment of having no Yu. And that is how everything went so sour for her so easily. The other Asukas always had a Yu to rely on, but this one seems to not. She doesn’t seem to have anyone really. And I think that’s what Asuka saw, and what Asuka plans to fix.

    Basically, “Dark Asuka” just wants friends. That’s it. I have zero belief that after that confession Asuka would drop everything and go join the “dark side”. You can tell she reciprocated. She’s just trying to help a fellow Asuka find hope again.

    Liked by 5 people

  2. Mike says:

    Never ever did I expect an actual love confession. The anime god’s surely are spoiling us yuri fans this season.

    Liked by 4 people

  3. Sora says:

    Was there really a kiss? it seemed to have looked like that but also looked like a they were hugging. Can’t really tell tbh.


    • OG-Man says:

      It’s a trick some shows use to avoid getting into trouble. Same thing happened in Izetta: The Last Witch and Hina Logi’s kiss scenes. It’s too much of a hassle to explain in detail.

      Point being it was indeed a zoomed out kiss.


  4. ineedyuri says:

    Can I just say how badass Yuu’s Transform state is.
    She’s got a giant cannon that she can also ride on.

    We still don’t know much about Ero Yuu, And what she has to do with any of this.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Liddo-kun says:

      agreed that it’s badass. However, one thing bothers me.. why is Yu equalizer form looks different from equalizer form of Ero Yuu?


      • cirno9fan says:

        My guess is the equalizer form has highly to do with one’s emotional state. Eroyu would have had different emotional barriers to cross than this Yu did. Thus they have different transformed states.

        Liked by 2 people

      • OG-Man says:

        My best guess is Yu-Two comes from a fragment where she didn’t confess to her Asuka until it was too late, thus her Super form not being as “positive” as OG Yu’s. Something like that.

        Liked by 1 person

  5. LuzeriP says:

    Like in many other Girls Club show, we always have hope for the characters confess to their loved one. And sometimes they did, so what we’ve learned from this show, don’t give up hope. And now I’m looking at you, Uki. Yu’s confession was cute, and yes that was a kiss. Don’t try to tell me otherwise.

    So next week episode we’ll find out who’s the Twilight King. Dark Loli Asuka doesn’t know Twilight King’s face. Could be Kyo, but I’m not so sure. Also, I hope Sexy Yu’s Asuka still alive somewhere. Maybe she gave up on finding Kyo and joined Dark Loli Asuka. The same hope for T Asuka. I can’t wait for the final episode but I’ll be sad when the show’s over.

    Liked by 3 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Despite it being about an all-girl Radio Club I don’t classify this as a Girls Club show but I get what you meant.

      Fingers crossed we AT LEAST see Uki try to confess to Kohane like with Koyume to Tsubasa.

      Of course it was a zoomed out kiss.

      The finale should be a most interesting one.


  6. MarkS00N says:

    This isn’t the final episode, but holy moly does this episode make this anime easily my AOTS.
    Great actions, great character development, and most importantly great yuri with CONFESSION AND KISS! A zoom out kiss, but a kiss nonetheless (and I won’t listen to any other ‘interpretation’).

    I know Yuu’s arc going to be her love for Asuka (that basically what multiple episodes have been hinted at), but I never thought it is going to go this far. Most “serious” anime (you know those anime that tried to make social commentary but failed to deliver) don’t treat girls love very well. I suppose one can say the fact that this anime manage to do what most anime failed (which is delivering a nuance yet clear message on each social issue it brings) as a sign that they are going to go through with Yuu’s love for Asuka, but not every anime can be Hina Logi with its yuri, so I was rather pessimistic, but I am really glad I was wrong.

    This anime, is what I wanted for a while now. It might not have the best production, but you can feel everyone’s passion in it. Its honesty and sincerity. Without a doubt, this is my AOTS.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Liddo-kun says:

      glad that more anime are doing the Hina Logi route with real yuri…. and not just giving us undertones or trying to make things vague.

      Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      Doesn’t take a genius to see it any other than a zoomed out yuri smoochie.

      It depends on how the viewer interprets the serious shows and whether they like it or not.

      Hina Logi was also quite nice with its yuri development. Yes.

      Enough motivation to go buy the Blu-Ray for sure, especially when it gets localized with improved quality.


  7. Nick says:

    All that set up in ep 10 really paid off this week in what is probably the best ep to date in this show.

    Sensei Clutter making them question their resolve for all of 2 minutes, yeah okay I know there is only so much time to work with per ep, but yeah they got out of that situation pretty quick. Seemed like a pretty straight forward way to fix that problem.

    The battles were great in this ep too. The production might not be that amazing overall, but they made this ep look pretty damn good. The fight scenes and transformation sequences were all great.

    But yes the highlight this week was the confession and kiss. Honestly that totally was a kiss, you can’t change my mind. Sure it wasn’t up close for you to see all that kissing goodness, but even at a zoomed out state, that was totally a kiss. Makes me think of Izetta ep 11(?). Anyways, that was really great to see happen and it’s awesome Yu got that off her chest. Asuka totally heard what she said too, even if she down plays it, she knew exactly what Yu said.

    And lastly, the part right after the kiss where they land on the flying rocket, I legit thought we’d get the up close kiss there. The way they were looking at each other, it had kiss written all over their faces. That would’ve been the icing on this cake, but hey I’ll take what we got. That’s huge and another moment the anime gods are blessing us with this season.

    Looking forward to this grand finale next week. Should be great.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Liddo-kun says:

      listen to what loli Asuka says… “you cannot get everything you want”. Just kidding. I think the confession is more than enough. Glad they did not beat around the bush there.

      Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      I wasn’t complaining about it taking them two minutes to get over Sensei Clutter’s words because it would have taken me the same amount of time. The answers to their dilemmas at that moment wasn’t complicated at all compared to what they went through finding their answers. I’ll update the post with that info.

      It’s the usual “It’ll look much better in the Blu-Ray” thing. The battle animation slowly but surely improved throughout the show though.

      Exactly. Kiss may have been zoomed out but it’s clear as day the two sealed the deal.

      Asuka playing with her girlfriend was nice. She was like “C’mon babe. Say it again” and Yu was like “Not in front of the others!”. Nana had a pretty good idea what happened because she knew Yu became super by telling Asuka something very intimate.

      We can hope they kiss again before the end of the show. For now this was yet another fantastic moment courtesy of 20-Gay-Teen.

      Pumped for the finale!

      Liked by 2 people

  8. Liddo-kun says:

    Now we have a weird love triangle between loli Asuka, Asuka, and Yu. The loli looks so lonely, Asuka should go with her. Just kidding. xD

    This is the best among the low tier shows I’ve watched. Glad I didn’t drop it at episode 1.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Holy Madokami, an actually confession of Love from Yuu! Did not think we’d actually get one, especially one this explicit. And a (mid-air, zoomed-out) kiss, too!

    And Asuka most definitely has a plan. It’s written all over her actions at the end there and her own expression changing when she saw LoliAsuka’s irritated/sad expression and realized what LoliAsuka really needs.

    Hopefully they all make it through this fine. You better come back to your Yuu, Asuka! Or I’ll come there and drag you back myself!

    I do wonder about Yuu-Two, though…maybe we’ll hear more of her reasons for stuff and her past in the next episode?

    And that battle. Was. AWESOME!

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      20-Gay-Teen struck again!

      Definitely. She believes there’s a way to convert Loli Asuka to the light side.

      Damn right she needs to return to her bae!

      Fingers crossed Yuu-Two won’t come end up empty handed.

      Very much so. The battles keep getting better each time.

      Liked by 2 people

  10. Platon says:

    Still remember considering to quit this show after 3 episodes and I am really happy that I continued watching.

    I hope in the good finale and I do think Asuka has a plan to convince Dark Asuka to light side.

    that was a kiss and I will stand with this statement.

    This anime has enough story background for season 2, this season they are going to destroy or convert Dark Asuka and the next season the King. I hope it sells good.

    Liked by 3 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Those who believed in the show and stayed were rewarded for their patience.


      Most of us do.

      There’s potential but I don’t think we’re getting another season. We can hope for one though.

      Liked by 2 people

  11. tsubasasfamily says:


    We all knew why Yu would become an Equalizer in the end, but I smiled when she just straight up shouted it to the heavens. The power of Yuri hath created a goddess. Literally. And then the kiss (I also assume it was a kiss, their faces are literally on top of each other lol) I’m dying ❤ Please don’t dash this in the last episode with some best friends crap show, I won’t buy it….

    Also, I feel kinda bad for the smol bully Asuka. It seems like she might just be lonely and grumpy. Not that that’s any excuse for gobbling up dimensions…

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      It was yet another welcome surprise courtesy of 20-gay-teen.

      Of course they kissed. Some shows do that to dodge LGBT kisses for reasons I’d rather not talk about. Nothing new. Same thing happened in Izetta (Magic Broom Ride of Love)).

      Asuka reciprocated her feelings so I doubt they’ll brush it off.

      As others here have theorized, cirno9fan especially, she just needs friends. OG Asuka clearly has a plan to save her dark loli counterpart.


  12. yurimylove says:

    mid-air, upside down kiss, what a head rush!

    Liked by 1 person

  13. Book of Lilies says:

    Well I might need to give this anime another shot… but I should probably wait till the dry week between the change of seasons.

    Liked by 1 person

  14. kitsu260 says:

    Oh, EroYuu presence make more easy to Yuu confessed since she just her with more explicit feeling.

    Liked by 1 person

  15. Mauron says:


    That was quite amazing, and possibly the second best line in an anime this season (Saki’s got the top spot).

    And the teasing at the end, Nana “wondering” what Yu said, Chikawasuka “not quite hearing” it… Yu, give the the girl what she wants.

    Maybe Glasses Yu can use a smaller bazooka when she’s alone with Chikawasuka. 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      So proud of our formerly uptight girl in love letting it all out to protect the most important person in her life.

      Yup. Asuka heard her loud and clear whereas Nana didn’t have to think hard at all to guess what Yu said.

      Most likely.


  16. Picked this up for my end-of-the-year binge, wondering whether it’d be worth it, given the low MAL ranking. From episode 1 I wondered about just one thing: How can the ranking be so low? I mean, I don’t like CGI, but it was quite tolerable in this series. CGI quality seems to be improving across the board. And is there really that much else to complain about? Spotted a single borked keyframe, but that was it.

    Anyway, watched it all in one day, and episode 11 really made my heart jump! Didn’t expect this at all! I really love it when girls just like Yu go all out like this!! I can’t quite remember whether it’s true, but I think this made me squeal of joy a litte. 🙂

    PS.: Liked the powerful opening song as well!

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      Do not rely on MAL. It’s the IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes of the anime world. Otherwise you would have missed out on this gem as you noticed.


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