The Muscle Maids Show Episode 10: Buff Onsen

Sadly we weren’t blessed with the sight of two gorgeous muscular women at the hot springs and Tsubame hardly got to show off her magnificent physique. There is stuff to talk about though.

Young Misha and Yatsuhiro.jpg

Young Misha meeting Yatsuhiro for the first time.

We started the episode with Yatsuhiro trying to get Misha to join him on a trip to the onsen. She refused but was convinced when he brought up there being capybaras. She loves animals after all. We got a flashback of the day Mom introduced the two. Since that day Yatsuhiro had been doing everything he could to be a good father to Misha.

Midorin taking care of Misha's friends.jpg

The only Midorin scene in the episode. I know. I’m sad too.

Before going Misha took as many precautions to make sure “SHE” wasn’t coming.

Tsubame's vow.jpg

Miss AJ pooped her pants.

A joke so nice they did it twice. My poor gut. No seriously. My tummy hurts.

Misha using her animal powers.jpg

Misha using her animal powers.

The capybara were behind protective glass so Misha couldn’t play with them. Yatsuhiro told her not to wander off but she was like “The capybara pen isn’t far from the lodge. Let’s go see them!”

Misha sees a panda.jpg

Mysterious panda.

Let’s make this quick. Misha saw a panda. She told Yatsuhiro about it. He didn’t believe her. She was determined to find the bear and got lost searching. Our heroine helped calm down Yatsuhiro while she went off searching.

The bear's mom.jpg

Bear cub’s mom.

Turns out the bear cub was a cross-breed. Cool. Anyway Mama Grizz didn’t like the cute blonde intruder. Our heroine of course came to the rescue but instead of a bloody battle…she told Mama Grizz her life goal.

Disgusted Mama Grizzly.jpg

Mama Grizz echoing Miss AJ’s reaction to Tsubame’s speech.

She was like “Yeah. You’re doomed kid. Good luck and stuff. You’re gonna need it”.

The episode ended with Yatsuhiro and Misha growing closer to becoming a real father and daughter. She’ll call you Papa one day Yatsuhiro. Keep it up dood.

Solid episode.

Memory Yui.jpg

Memory Yui.

I forgot to mention this scene of Misha remembering the people she cared about and was like “Yeah. Even Yui’s cool”.

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23 Responses to The Muscle Maids Show Episode 10: Buff Onsen

  1. tbiscut74 says:

    Yeah that Bit they did Twice was Hilarious and Glorious! My gut indeed.

    And that Capybara Summoning was also Hilarious! My Gut! Again.

    I love this show.

    Also ps good for you Yatsuhiro! Keep at it my dood.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. cirno9fan says:

    T_T I love this show
    Also, these were the two chapters that were skipped over so far. And I found that at least one of the segments that were not in Volume 3, were indeed in volume 4. Not reading further ahead to confirm the other segment.
    I love this show~
    I think I said that already?
    Though I do wish Dogakobo would stop with their censorship already…am doubtful the BDs will fix anything, but maybe!
    Apologies for my mistake, the manga wasn’t clear about this as far as I read. I know I already said it on Twitter, but I felt I should be more public about that. I am sorry.
    But yeah, Yasuhiro is best dad ❤
    Glad others can finally see that!

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      Good luck with that. This will be a one and done show for me.

      Why people questioned his determination to be a good father is beyond me.


  3. x says:

    I’m glad that Yatsuhiro got close to his daughter and that Tsubame mess up as a stalker.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. kitsu260 says:

    That Bear was searching for her Masha.


  5. LuzeriP says:

    Misha will call him Papa soon. No doubt about it. Up until now I think Yatsuhiro is a great dad. Also I didn’t know there’s a black and white bear. My knowledge of bears is lacking. And Misha you can’t get away from a professional stalker. She was in the army for god’s sake. Midorin should’ve stalked Tsubame too so we can see more of her.

    Liked by 2 people

  6. Nick says:

    It’s funny how this show can switch from lolicon bait to some heartfelt father-daughter moments so fast.

    I’m beginning to think we won’t be seeing the magnificent physique of Tsubame, or Midorin, at this point. The show is almost over and they’ve been skirting around it forever. Don’t do this to us….

    Also a little disappointed we didn’t get to see Tsubama actually fight the bear. Easily would’ve been one of the top fights of the season, hell, maybe the year.

    Good ep though, still enjoyed it.

    Liked by 3 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Still not a fan of the lolicon jokes but it is the show’s MO so what can you do. Gotta respect the heartfelt moments though. They are genuine and not the South Park kind of “Here’s a nice moral. Now let’s make fun of the person who said it”.

      HUGE missed opportunity not having our buff babes in swimsuits.

      This isn’t an ultra violent show.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Jamarioadams says:

        Lol!!!🤣 looks like mrs grizzly. Got so grossed. Out by little mrs loli popeye mades speech she was like ok this Cyclops. Is just crazy and just said. Lets just go Little One i lost my appetite. For this loli perv. Lol!!!

        Liked by 1 person

      • OG-Man says:

        Mama Grizz’ reaction to the speech was the best part, yes.


  7. yurimylove says:

    Generally the self-proclaimed “rival” tsundere girls are pretty fun and Yui is no exception.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. chikorita157 says:

    It’s nice to see Misha’s father get closer to his daughter. It took him a while, but at least things worked out in the end. Things could have ben worse with that bear.

    Still, It’s amazing how Tsubame knew that Misha would be going to a hot springs in Hokkaido that she would get a part time job at the same inn. I guess Misha got her hopes up a bit too much in that reguard.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Tsubame was downright terrifying at some points in this episode…I can definitely agree with Misha (and the bear) all throughout the episode. (And generally, too.)

    A critical lack of Midorin indeed.

    Nice that Yasuhiro managed to get a little bit closer to Misha after all.

    Going into woods alone in the evening while following bears makes me think of some children’s songs, almost…

    Liked by 2 people

    • Jamarioadams says:

      Im still wondering. How the manga will end in the future. yes not having. Our favorite. Other milllatery chick in the mix was a waste. Of an episode. The only reason. I stayed. And seen the hole thing was to lol when mama grizzly. Was so unexpected. With that hole speech. By loli Popeye man what a perv .


    • OG-Man says:

      She’s undeniably sexy but her love and preferences are intentionally creepy.

      Very sad.

      He’s on his way to becoming a dad of the year.

      Like someone else here it reminded me of Masha and the Bear.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Jamarioadams says:

        u think She should. Probably. See a psychiatrist. Cus in my opinion. She looks. Like she has no clue that what shes doing is wrong. even Midorin sees that her loves. Head is screwed. On backwards. Waching over masha my 🦶.


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