Hugtto! PreCure Episode 42: Henri vs The World

The moment of truth has arrived. The conclusion to Henri’s story. Let’s check it out, shall we?

Henri's true self

Hana starting to “get” Henri.

We start the episode with everyone getting ready for the big skating competition Homare and Henri are in. Hana wanted to find a way to cheer Henri on by drawing a cool costume for him.  He kinda-sorts rejected it but not really. Hana started getting Henri’s enjoyment of teasing people for fun. Suddenly a wave of Henri fangirls!

Masato playing crowd control.jpg

Masato playing crowd control.

Masato jumped in and was like “Back off! He’s mine!”. Well not really. It was more like “give him room to focus on the competition” but let’s be real. It’s how he really felt deep down. Anyway Henri was like “It’s cool hon. I’m still in the zone”.

Henri determined to perform one last time.jpg

Henri determined to perform one last time.

While Homare was thinking about her hunky hamster again Henri noticed something different about her routine. Homare however, noticed that his routine had changed entirely, as if he was skating hurt. She nailed it. Henri confessed his ankle hurt and despite multiple surgeries doctors recommended him to not compete. Even so he was determined to push through the pain and be The Prince of Skate one last time.

Risutol had his memories wiped.jpg

President Kurai had Risutol’s memories wiped.

After a scene of President Kurai successfully turning Risutol into his loyal servant once more and another of Charalit telling Hana to just cheer Henri on any way she could we joined the handsome skater on his way to the competition.

Henri had an accident

Talk about the worst luck.

Suddenly car accident! As if a hurt ankle wasn’t enough. Homare and Masato tried supporting him but he told them to leave. He then broke down hard. Risutol took advantage of this by inviting him to the dark side one more time, which he accepted.

Lily Oshimaidaa.jpg

Lily Oshimaidaa.

Being shown the fans’ sadness of not getting to see him perform was the final trigger to turn him heel.

Thanks to some uber badass cheering from the Huggy Rangers (and more development for Cure Yell) Henri finally opened up to everyone and accepted their full support, no longer hiding behind false bravado.

Cure Infini.jpg

Cure Infini.

All that positive energy transformed Henri into Cure Infini, the unofficial 7th Ranger of the season. He dazzled the crowd and the MotW with his sexy machismo and the other Rangers finished it off. After the battle Cure Infini’s powers faded and the Rangers for some reason couldn’t react in time to catch him. HOWEVER,

Masato to the rescue!.jpg

Masato to the rescue!

My one gripe with this otherwise great episode was Masato not being part of the uber cheering. Definitely a missed opportunity there. On the bright side we saw him run at light speed to save his man so that’s a decent consolation prize. Hopefully they’ll get one more big moment before the show ends. This couple is nice so they deserve a big send off. Don’t have HomaHarry steal their spotlight next episode.

The PreCure of Wings.jpg

The PreCure of Wings.

We ended the episode with Henri back at the hospital revealing he figured out the three main Rangers’ identities and dubbing them The PreCure of Wings, which is really cool. He also said that although his career as an ice skater was most likely over that wouldn’t stop him from achieving his dream of a brighter future, meaning he’ll find something else to do with ice skating. Probably become an instructor, coach or something. It’s possible. Oh and Cure Yell’s badassery gave President Kurai a raging ring boner.

Again a great episode and conclusion to Henri’s story. Wish we got some more MasaHenri greatness but we weren’t devoid of seeing them being cute together either so it’s all good. Next time is most likely the conclusion to the HomaHarry story. Doubt I’ll cover it in much detail, unless fans want me to. I also think Cure Infini will briefly return during the final battle.

PS: Someone asked last time if there were ever male Cures before this season. I’m not sure. I know there were male allies with superpowers, but male Cures? I don’t think so. I’ll wait for Rory or Cirno9fan to drop by and answer that question.

PPS: Did everyone notice the small change at the OP? It teased Henri’s heel turn being longer, which of course it wasn’t. Nice tease nonetheless.


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7 Responses to Hugtto! PreCure Episode 42: Henri vs The World

  1. Kaylee R Smerbeck says:

    Masato Henri Emiru and Ruru post series
    Masato: now what
    Ruru: gay cation
    Seriously glad they got the l, g, and maybe t depending on Henri’s gender identity, not onto the b


  2. That opening sequence change just for this one episode (very probably) was very clever, indeed…making one unsure if Henri’s arc is gonna really end this episode, and then…

    …I certainly didn’t expect Henri to become/appear as a Precure! And awesome it was, indeed.

    And I guess I’m the “take what I can get” type with my shipping, so I was definitely overjoyed to see that quite epic dash catch on the ice! Go gay guys! Hang in there Henri and build a wonderful future together with Masato!

    And once again, Hana is a badass. This is always good. However, I did sense a lack of EmiRuru moments this episode, rare for an episode with Henri as a focus…but since they did just have their own episodes, I can overlook it this one time.

    And poor Risutol, to be memory-wiped like that.

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Nicely done by the writers. Oh yes indeed.

      Hopefully they’ll get one more big scene before the season ends.

      Hana was indeed awesome once more this episode. As you said, EmiRuru already got an amazing episode last time.

      To be truly free he has to leave the company but that ain’t gonna happen for a while. Plus President Kurai has lost his cool so it’s up to our heroines and Harry to free him and Bishin.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Rory says:

    There haven’t been any male Cures before this season, just superpowered male allies as you have mentioned.

    This episode was a great way to conclude Henri’s story, and it was nice to see how his relationship with Masato has changed from their first meeting.

    Liked by 3 people

  4. Giack31 says:

    Pretty good episode.
    I like that they mixed it up and didn’t go for the clique injury during the performance, instead it was just really bad luck.
    I kind of wished that they wouldn’t have spoiled the Henri’s transformation in the preview so it would have had much more impact but it was still really cool. I liked that it didn’t magically heal his leg because that would have felt like a pretty cheap cop-out.
    Hana is such a cool character, I really hope we get another episode focused on her before the end.
    Next episode is Homare’s. From the preview it didn’t look particularly focused on Homare and Harry so here’s hoping.


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