Hugtto! PreCure Episode 41: Dem Feels yo.

I’m sure many of us knew this topic would have to be brought up at some point in the series. The time has sadly come to address it.

Sad Emiru.jpg

Emiru sad and conflicted.

When we last left our heroines they had come to the realization that once the war with the Dark Corporation was over Harry, Hugtan and Ruru would have to return to the future. The one hit hardest by this was Emiru. She tried all she could to convince Ruru to stay but it looked like there was little they could do. Emiru tried to “be a hero” and not come off as selfish but later that evening it was clear as day she didn’t want Ruru to leave deep down. Still, she tried to lock away that “selfish” desire in the name of justice. That was a mistake.

Ruru also felt conflicted.jpg

You’re right my friend, Ruru is attractive.

Of course Emiru’s girlfriend also felt conflicted about her decision.

Robo Emiru and Hugtan.jpg

Robo-Emiru and Hugtan.


Emiru bottled up her true feelings so deeply she turned into an amusingly creepy kitty bot like creature, even dropping her “Nano-desu” (I think that’s what she ends most of her sentences with).

Masato's attempt to cheer Emiru up failed.jpg

Best failed attempt.

Everyone tried cheering her up, the best attempt being Masato’s (Mecho-Kappa comes in 2nd), but of course there was only one person who could get through to her.

Ruru asking Emiru to open her heart.jpg

Ruru asking Emiru to open her heart.

Ruru reminded Emiru of their promise to never keep secrets from each other and asked to open her heart and tell her what she’s feeling. Emiru was still hesitant and because of it when she tried speaking she lost her voice. Usually a sign of great doubt in anime. This caused the two to lose their morphers and Emiru to lose a lot of her strength due to stress.

Pupple worried about EmiRuru.jpg

When Pupple heard the news she too grew worried for our adorable couple. Remember, they changed her life for the better so she’s eternally grateful and wants nothing but the best for them.

Ruru felt terrible for Emiru’s pain but she didn’t have time to grief for an unexpected guest appeared.

Emiru's grandfather.jpg

Emiru’s grandfather.

It seems grandpa was the only on who didn’t know about Emiru’s career change up to that point. Him being the “I know what’s best for you” type of relative he disapproved. Hana and Ruru tried standing up to him but he was too intimidating.

Masato standing up for Emiru

Masato standing up for Emiru.

It was Masato who ultimately made a difference. Like Pupple, he too had his life changed for the better thanks to our wonderful couple. Let me put it this way, if his thing with Henri doesn’t go where we hope it does this is the culmination of his path to redemption. We’ll see what happens next episode.


Come with me my love!.jpg

Come with me, my love!

Masato’s words helped reawaken Emiru’s heart and she ran off with Ruru to their special spot. Before Emiru got a chance to let it all our for her bae Bishin, the one who told gramps about Emiru’s secret, turned him into the MotW.

Emiru and Ruru have another heartfelt moment.jpg

I love this couple so much.

Emiru still wasn’t at full strength but Ruru was there to protect her. She took a heavy blow from Monster Gramps but luckily the other Rangers kept him busy so they could have a heart to heart talk. Emiru let it all out saying she wanted to be with Ruru forever. Ruru wanted the same thing but felt she had to go back to the future. See, her dream was to bring back music to the future but most importantly share her love for Emiru in hopes that it will help spread infinite peace and stuff. As we all know, one super key to ultimate happiness is true love. She also told Emiru she’d be waiting for her. Hopefully the future Ruru’s from isn’t too far off. Emiru accepted her words and the two regained their powers.

Onions were nearby.jpg

I shouldn’t have chopped onions today.

After the usual PreCure ass kicking awesomeness it dawned on everyone that their time together until the foreseeable future was numbered. Best believe the penultimate episode is going to be bittersweet to the max. We still have around 8-9 episodes left though.

Next time we’ll probably conclude the Henri subplot. Will it end the way us supporters hope it does? We shall see.

Another fantastic EmiRuru episode. Time and time again they continue showing me why I made the right choice dubbing them my #1 couple of 2018. Here’s hoping their story ends with a bang. Other nice touches include Pupple and Masato repaying our wonderful couple for helping change their lives. Great stuff. Oh and I expect gramps to mellow down by the end of the season.

So Rory old bean, guess they’re going with the MiraLiko option. Cool with me. Let’s hope for the very best. As you theorized Cure Tomorrow and her team may end up being the Ranger Team of the next season and they could play a big role in the outcome of the final battle.

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7 Responses to Hugtto! PreCure Episode 41: Dem Feels yo.

  1. Rory says:

    This was an incredible episode. Seeing everyone attempt to cheer Emiru up was fun, and Masato standing up to his grandfather was excellent. Even Pupple got a small scene to show us that she cares for both Emiru and Ruru, and knows exactly what their relationship is.
    Then we have EmiRuru themselves, who have just been amazing. Every time an episode have focused on them, the two girls have proven time and time again that they are one of the best yuri couples from the entire PreCure franchise. Depending on how Hugtto! PreCure concludes, they may even claim that top spot.

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Yup. Those were some great moments alongside the continued excellence that is EmiRuru’s romance. Fingers crossed they conclude their story with a bang! They sure as heck deserve it.

      EmiRuru are this close to taking the top spot from MiraLiko.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Giack31 says:

    Such a great episode.
    The first part with cat Emiru was really funny and then came the feels.
    The way Emiru carried Lulu and the hug were so good. I kind hoped for an I love you but that I will wait for you might be even better. That seal that their are going to happen when Emiru is more grown up ( omg can you imagine if we get grown up Emiru as some kind of mentor figure in the next season? That probably won’t happen though)
    I’m looking forward to see how they wrap up the Henri plot. Also is that a transformation scene at the end of the preview??? Was there ever a male precure?

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      They’re set for life. Plus they declared their love for each other on multiple occasions already so no need to worry.

      Can’t say for sure what’s going to happen with Henri. We’ll have to wait and see.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. The feels! AAAAA.

    …I cried, indeed. Multiple times.

    Robo-Emiru indeed looked funny, in a sense…though I didn’t feel it as such that much due to instantly understanding how much it all was hurting her…

    Clearly the solution is for Emiru to go to the future with Ruru! …But then she would have to leave her family and everyone behind, so that’s probably not a good idea. Sad as it is, I guess this gives Emiru time to grow up somewhat before meeting Ruru again, hopefully indeed in the not-too-distant future where they can then be together for good and spread true love and happiness everywhere with music!

    Such a wonderful couple they indeed are.

    And yeah. I’m bracing myself for heavy feels from now on for the final episodes/arc.

    And Henri story conclusion next episode? I’m hyped already, considering the previous episodes with him involved. #HenrixMasatosupporter


  4. Wanderer says:

    I don’t want to see best couple split up! Emiruru deserves to have happiness together.

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      It’s currently a “Till we meet again” setup. Don’t worry. I’m sure the writers will reward us with a fantastic ending for EmiRuru.


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