Akanesasu Shoujo Episodes 8+9: Twilight Chaos

Episode 8 was a solid episode but didn’t have much to talk about. Episode 9 on the other hand…

OGs and T Asuka photo.jpg

OGs and T. Asuka photo.

Let’s briefly go over episode 8. The first half was dedicated to a fun maid cafe segment where our heroines dressed up in costumes based on the Fragments they visited so far. They also saw the OG versions of the Clutters they fought in Poo Poo World and Westworld World, bringing back bad memories. T. Asuka would eventually join the fun.

Asuka and Yu talking about Yu's change.jpg

Some of Yu-Two’s influence had rubbed off on OG Yu.

The people behind Akanesasu pulled a Netherrealm Studios on us this episode, meaning that instead of the expected Yu Arc the next set of episodes centered around another duo. As far as Yu went we had some interesting moments. The first was brief but it showed Yu-Two having had an influence on her, meaning she wasn’t as uptight as before. The second was her being the only one who could immediately tell the Asukas apart at the maid cafe. It’s another subtle hint of Yu’s strong feelings for Asuka.

Asuka and T Asuka sharing the same bed

Asuka and T. Asuka having a moment.

Fellow Nation member DimChan89 shipped the Asukas early on in the show and after this arc I think he’s on to something. Personally I’m rooting for Asuka and Yu but I wouldn’t mind seeing the Asukas hook up instead. So this arc was centered around the Asukas, specifically T.Asuka, as they talked about their respective lives, families, futures (or T.Asuka’s present lack of one) and of course Kyo-chan. All was well until T. Asuka’s cassette player sent out a distress call. T. Asuka pretty much said goodbye to OG Asuka but our spunky heroine was like “No way in hell am I leaving her to face the danger alone. Come Radio Club. We’re off to T. Asuka’s Fragment!”


One Yu, two minds.jpg

One Yu. Two minds.

Before we get to the others let’s briefly check in with Yu who was the Link this time around. However, due to T. Yuu (and T. Nana) having been consumed by Twilight she somehow ended up inside Yu-Two’s body who was “coincidentally” there at the time. OG Yu was mostly in control because Yu-Two didn’t feel like doing much.

Twlight Sacred Tree.jpg

Twilight Sacred Tree.

Most of the first half of the episode had T. Asuka giving the OGs (except Yu) a tour of the rebel base and explained the situation. She also mentioned the Sacred Tree acting as a seal for Twilight Amber, the only energy able to combat Twilight. The rebels couldn’t extract the amber to combat the Twilight so they used it to shield their base.

Upgraded Cassette Morphers.jpg

About time.

Later she finally gave Nana, Mia and Chloe their own morphers so they wouldn’t have to rely on the backup morpher. We’ll get back to that morpher later. She also gave them a “Great power” speech. Suddenly a huge concentration of Twilight energy was detected. T. Asuka concluded it belonged to The King of Twilight.

Yu-Two and Asuka Reunite.jpg

Of course that was when Yu-Two would take back control. Too bad “they” smelled bad after a little incident with rebel kids.

Speaking of rebel kids…

Hooded kid.jpg

A hooded kid. Always be wary of hooded people.

To the surprise of no one the hooded kid was bad news as “it” wreaked havoc inside the rebel base. Its victims’ heads were consumed by Twilight and Noizies came out.

Twilight Hydra

Super Mia, Chloe and Nana vs Twilight Hydra.

Our super trio engaged the Noizies. Also whoever was the first one to bring up “Not TED” being a representation of Chloe’s deepest thoughts deserves a prize. The trio fought bravely while Asuka, Yu and Takumi (One of the rebel kids T. Asuka met the OG version of last episode) tried to help in their own way but couldn’t do much. The tides turned for a bit when T. Asuka joined the battle. However, the hooded kid, aka The King of Twilight successfully broke the Twilight Amber seal. Then all hell broke loose.

T. Asuka hands a fourth cassette player to Takumi.jpg

T. Asuka hands the backup morpher to Takumi.

With her Fragment pretty much done for T. Asuka played the classic “noble sacrifice” card, much to OG Asuka’s disapproval. Another subtle hint of Yu’s feelings for Asuka, T. Asuka entrusted HER to care for the cheerful leader. She was kinda like “I love her too. Take care of her for me”.

Part of The King of Twilight's face revealed.jpg

Wait a minute…

I have two theories on who the king could be:

1: All the missing Kyo-chan’s in one body controlled by the king.

2: Dark Loli Asuka or a loli Asuka controlled by the king.

Very intrigued to see what happens next.

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11 Responses to Akanesasu Shoujo Episodes 8+9: Twilight Chaos

  1. Platon says:

    Asukas did get really close and that is the time in these kind of shows to kill someone like that or atleast to pretend they died. Lets hope for the best.

    I think it is the missing brother body or more bodies.

    Still not really sure what is the Sexy You role in all this.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. cirno9fan says:

    I’m nearly 100% positive it is loli Asuka. She came to the conclusion that the only way to save Kyou has to do with what she’s doing. My guess is originally this Asuka got much more info about things, and was able to travel the parallel worlds, only to find that there really was no hope for Kyo no matter which timeline/world she went to. He always goes missing/dies at the same time. So, she’s trying to harness an energy that “stops time” to create a timeline in which he never goes missing, because the time doesn’t happen. Or creating a world where he makes it. I thought it would be Kyo initially, but when I saw that face….it looked more like Asuka. And it would fit.

    I don’t think she’s doing anything that the other Asukas wouldn’t do really if they learned it was the “only way” to save him. Especially being younger when getting exposed to everything. Would also explain her being young, since the Twilight energy seems to stop time, it may have stopped her aging.

    It could still be Kyo, but I am betting on Asuka.

    I still think Kyo is the “true evil” and loli Asuka is that “force working in the shadows that is misunderstood”.

    Liked by 4 people

  3. Nooo! Seriasuka! Survive somehow! Even if it’s very unlikely!

    Also, I wonder, if Cirno is right, and the King of Twilight is Loliasuka, then…could that have some connection to how EroYu was behaving this episode, the reason she was there in the fragment “coincidentally”, and refused to fight? This is my theory: She’s from the same fragment as LoliAsuka, and LoliAsuka is the reason why she isn’t focused on her own Asuka, but rather others, and why she travels to other Fragments seemingly randomly. I’m not saying she’s necessarily on the same side as the King of Twilight, but maybe she holds some lingering attachment to her that prevents her from fighting her directly, and thus she mostly seems to go around having fun, as opposed to Seriasuka who has a clear purpose in her travels? Maybe that connection is also why she seems to know so much about stuff? Though, this is just a random thought/theory, at this point. But it would at least explain EroYu in this episode, and her unwillingness to help, even for Seriasuka and such…

    That said, there was some very nice animation in episode 9!

    Liked by 3 people

    • cirno9fan says:

      That was one of the reasons I was thinking it. It was very odd how EroYu just left even “cute asuka” to die. She could have helped a lot. Once that “twilight king” showed up, she completely left everything to normal yu, and got unnervingly quiet. Leading me to believe she had a strong connection to the person.

      Liked by 3 people

  4. Giack31 says:

    I really don’t like that they are basically combining Yuu’s arc and Asuka’s and then only talking about Asuka, Yuu deserves more focus.
    The moment where Yuu was the only one that recognized that that wasn’t the “true” Asuka shows that she pays a lot of attention to her. It was so cute.
    The way they let the kid in was comical. I just assumed that he was the brother but it could also be loli Asuka.
    The two Yuu in one body was interesting but it needed to be explored much more.
    I think Asuka’s world now is gone but she probably isn’t because her brother brought her with him in his “lair”. Also I’m not 100% sure he’s the king of twilight since there is another character in the OP that hasn’t appeared yet.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Red says:

    This show isn’t perfect, but I like it a lot. Too bad it’s getting so little attention.
    Really hoping to eventually see Yu come out and confess her feelings to Asuka. I bet she was annoyed but also really happy when Sexy Yu grabbed Asuka while both of them were in the same body.

    Liked by 3 people

  6. LuzeriP says:

    This is so intense. Please don’t let T-Asuka die. It is strange how Sexy Yuu refused to fight. I agree with everyone else in here, I think Sexy Yuu knew who the King is. From the glimpse of her eye looks like Loli Asuka. Maybe she’s from another fragment trying to find Kyo-chan like most of all Asukas.

    Liked by 2 people

  7. Mauron says:

    Yu being able to differentiate between Chikawasuka and Seriasuka was the main point I wanted to bring up from episode 8.

    Also Seriasuka’s last name being Seri.

    If Chikawasuka wants to go the interdimensional harem route, I fully support a selfcest addition. If she sticks with one woman, it’s gotta be glasses Yu.

    If the defeated Clutters can be restored, maybe Seriasuka can be too.

    I’m still thinking the King of Twilight is Kyo (or Kyos), but a younger Asuka is possible.

    I want to know how Seriasuka and Sexy Yu avoided merging when traveling to other worlds.

    What’s going to happen to the original Takumi now that SeriTakumi is hoping over to the home world?

    Liked by 2 people

  8. Veela says:

    I think hooded evil is the lost brother

    Liked by 1 person

  9. yurimylove says:

    “Always be wary of hooded people” Exactly! You never know when they might try some jedi mind tricks on you…


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