Hugtto! PreCure Episode 38-40: Present Contradictions About the Future

It’s once again PreCure time ladies and gentlemen! Been far too long, yes. Let’s start by briefly going over episodes 38 and 39 because the real meet of this episodic is 40.

Emiru and Ruru Pirates.jpg

Matching pirate girlfriends.

So 38 was the Halloween episode of the season. I’m not 100% sure but most Pretty Cure seasons have 2-3 holiday episodes. Everyone wore neat costumes but of course our matching main couple were the top stars. Harry, Hugtan and Ruru being from a post-apocalyptic future (more on that in a bit) had no idea what Halloween was so they got an amusing crash course. The part that stuck to Harry was getting to meet people from past lives.

Daigan failing.jpg

Daigan failing.

Daigan had a seemingly simple job that turned out to be tougher than he thought. He felt useless but was offered his old job back at the Dark Corporation by the bad hamster. He hesitated but ultimately accepted, was beaten by the Rangers, begged Pupple for forgiveness who showed him his “simple” job did have benefits. There you go.

Hana encouraging Harry.jpg

Hana and Harry talked about not being able to recover what was lost but Hana was like “Don’t worry fuzzy dood. We’ll help you fight for a better future”. Not going into much detail now because the next episode is where it played a bigger role.

38 was fun.


Other Space-Future Hamsters.jpg

Other Future Hamsters.

It was another day for our heroes when they were suddenly transported to the future and met Harry’s fellow Future (Not Space anymore) Hamsters. He thought something was wrong but for the moment enjoyed seeing his friends again. Suddenly things figuratively and literally got dark and Harry’s people, including Bishin, were seen suffering and hoping Dr Traum would help them. Then Risutol showed up to cause trouble.

Harry vs Risutol


Future in ruins.jpg

Future city in ruins.

Risutol showed our heroes what the future of the world would be like and said their fight to stop the Dark Corporation was meaningless. They should just let his team stop time and end the suffering.



Harry, Risutol and a sick Bishin.jpg

Harry, Risutol and a sick Bishin.

We got glimpses of what had happened to the future. Many of the younger hamsters were hit with a rough disease and the two older hamsters were promised by the corporation they’d help find a cure. Of course they didn’t. As for who or what was responsible for their bleak future? Take a wild guess…

Risutol had given up hope on ever restoring the city and people to their former glory and it looked like Harry was about to give in. But as expected The Huggy Rangers saw things differently motivating him to keep fighting the good fight as there was still hope for the future.

Cure Yell vs Risutol.jpg

Cure Yell vs Risutol.

Cure Yell tried convincing Risutol not to give up either but he was all like “Can’t you see it’s hopeless!?” Cure Yell’s optimism called forth another great power from the mysterious White Mirai Crystal.

Together for Tomorrow.jpg

Together for Tomorrow!

The Memorial Cure Clock got an upgrade in the “Mother Heart”. They got slightly altered Super Armor from the previous one and a new team finishing move, blasting Risutol with the power of positivity. Afterwards Risutol admitted he didn’t like working for the Dark Corporation. We’ll see where that goes next time.

Older Hugtan.jpg

Older Hugtan.

After the new team finisher we got a better look at Hugtan’s older/true form asking Cure Yell to lead the Rangers in saving the future. More on this in the next episode, which we’ll talk about right now.


Ruru upset.jpg

Upset Ruru looks kinda hot.

39 ended and 40 began with Dr Traum (No more “a”) making a surprise call and her daughter not being too pleased in welcoming her creator/daddy dearest.

Mother and Cure Tomorrow.jpg

Mother and Cure Tomorrow.

The now good doctor proceeded to summarize the state of the future. Long story short the Dark Corporation took advantage of the human wasteland and set out to accomplish their goal of freezing time. However, the one duo standing in his way were the legendary Mother and her daughter(?) Cure Tomorrow, the White Ranger.

Monster Harry and Cure Tomorrow.jpg

Monster Harry and Cure Tomorrow.

Harry took it from there, telling them about his first meeting with Cure Tomorrow. She calmed his enraged heart while in his monster form and teamed up with the other Future Rangers. However, Cure Tomorrow was the only Ranger to survive the corporation’s assault. I imagine the other three are frozen in time.

Cure Tomorrow and Harry escaping.jpg

After hearing Cure Tomorrow’s resolve to save the future despite insurmountable odds Harry helped her escape but they were cornered by Bishin. To avoid having Harry break his seal she used the remainder of her power to take Harry and herself to the past and…you all figured out the rest long before the big reveal.

Hana was like “We understand why you kept the truth about Hugtan a secret”. So everyone was cool with the reveal…except one. But we’re not here to talk about that relationship.

Eliminate Hugtan

Eliminate Hugtan.

With two generals remaining President Kurai ordered Hugtan’s capture.

Pouty Ruru.jpg

Pouty Ruru.

This is awesome. There’s the seriousness that is Ruru acknowledging being abandoned by her father and him suddenly wanting to patch things up out of nowhere…and then we have Ruru pouting while speed eating croquette balls.

Hugtan trying to cheer up Ruru.jpg

Hugtan trying to cheer Ruru up.

Ruru was like “If I’d had listened to him for another minute I’d have fried my circuits”

Hana was like “That ain’t your circuits. It’s your heart”.

Ruru was like “Why do I have all these feelings an android clearly shouldn’t have?”

Hana explained the origin of her name and the feelings her parents put into it. She told Ruru her last name (love in French) surely has a precious meaning for Dr Traum to have named her that.

Early Ruru.jpg

Ruru early on.

Dr Traum came looking for her and the told her that she’s a troublemaker long before her surprising emotional development, aka growing a heart.

Ruru's original design.jpg

Dr Traum’s late daughter most likely.

From this picture I gathered that Dr Traum was trying to recreate his late daughter through Ruru but thought it was impossible for her to develop human emotions, thus deeming her a failure. After seeing the Rangers accomplish what he couldn’t he realized his biggest failure was giving up too soon and seeing her as an android and not as “Ruru Amour” like the Rangers did.

Emiru late to rescue Ruru.jpg

Emiru was a bit late to rescue Ruru but her caring so much was more than enough for Ruru.

Seeing the lovebirds together brought tears to the Doctor’s eye. Best part was when he requested they stop so he could calm his tears Ruru was like “Shut up. My girlfriend’s singing.”

Dr Traum protecting Cure Amour.jpg

Dr Traum protecting Cure Amour.

Not gonna go into detail on the MotW battle. It was cool as usual. The one noteworthy moment was Dr Traum helping Cure Amour.

Ruru weirded out by Dr Traum.jpg

“Quit being freaky father”.

The two agreed to one day sit down for lunch and talk things through then. First they had to set things right. The Rangers said they’d do all they can to build a brighter future for Hugtan to return to. That’s when Emiru had a shocking realization…

Emiru makes a shocking realization.jpg

“OH CRUD! If Hugtan has to go back to the future then…SO DOES RURU!?”

Two things I’m sure most of us knew would have to happen eventually.

1: Ruru becoming a real human. That’s pretty much happened by now.

2: The dilemma of Ruru being from the future and the possibility of our adorable couple splitting up because of it.

Hopefully they’ll find some way to work things out in the next episode. I’m sure they will. Best case scenario: MiraLiko. Worst case scenario: AkiYuka. What say you Rory old bean?

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7 Responses to Hugtto! PreCure Episode 38-40: Present Contradictions About the Future

  1. cirno9fan says:

    You’re guessing the wrong “worst case”. Another Precure has it nailed down what terrible thing could happen. I am hoping for a nep solution. Also, YukaAka can never be attained with those two. it’s already too far in and too much has persisted for it to qualify for that level of disaster.

    Does seem we’ll never get a Hana ship though 😦

    Anyway, I have been loving this show so very dearly ~

    But am so very extremely worried for how they’re going to handle it….I don’t know how I could take it if Toei separated those two permanently…..

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      It’s like Rory said and I theorize. If they must separate they’ll follow the MiraLiko route, meaning it’s obviously temporary. Besides her girlfriend Ruru has many other special memories she made in the present so sending her back to the future for good would be poor sportsmanship.

      Shame about Hana and Saaya but again we got a very special couple so it’s not a complete loss.

      I’m guessing the ones going back will be Dr Traum, Cure Tomorrow and the other two Hamsters. Gelos will most likely join Pupple’s team.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Rory says:

    Emiru and Ruru are going to be together forever, that’s what I say about that. Ruru says that there is something she must bring back from the future in the preview for episode 41, so though she may depart it seems to only be a temporary thing.
    Everyone who is important to Ruru is in the present, after all. I think that there is no way that Emiru and Ruru are going to be permanently separated.

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Right on. If they’re going to split up after the future is saved it’s clearly temporary like it was with MiraLiko and to an extent Love X Setsuna. Their love for each other transcends time after all.

      Liked by 2 people

  3. I liked seeing more of the Ruru/Dr Traum dynamic. Fun unconventional families give me joy. (Maybe one day, they’ll get closer to being a more functional one…)

    And while much more amazing EmiRuru moments were had…sad realization Emiru is most definitely bad civ. I hope it gets resolved fast in some way! (For the sake of my heart, too.)

    Hmm…so no (obvious, at least) ship between Hana & Saaya…oh well. (I might still ship them, at least if neither gets someone else I actually like for themselves), but I just won’t have canon material to work with, I guess…)

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      Dem Bearhugs.

      Fingers crossed they’ll be together 4EVAH! They deserve to be for their love transcends time. I’m sure of it.

      There’s still 8-10 episodes left (A season of PreCure is between 48-50 episodes) so let’s keep our fingers crossed.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Giack31 says:

    All the Halloween costumes were really cute.
    Since they showed that there are other Precure in the future do you think we will actually see them? (maybe they could be the main characters of the next Precure series?)
    Very good Lulu episode with some really cute moments like Lulu angrily eating takoyaki and her blushing when Traum was talking about when she was “little”.
    Next episode looks really interesting, i really hope that Emiru and Lulu don’t get spit up they deserve to be together forever.
    Also the preview show that Henri will be in the next episode. I wonder if they’ll resolve the thing about him maybe joining the bad guys.

    Liked by 1 person

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