371st G-View: Shoujo☆Kageki Revue Starlight

What was erroneously perceived as “another idol anime” by some when it was clearly about “theatre girls” quickly showed to be more than that. Much more. Question is whether the complete package was enough to make an impression on the interested. Join me as we watch a tale of cuties, hotties and bananas, eternally foretold in Shoujo☆Kageki Revue Starlight.

NOTE: This is one of those shows where it is best to go into it as blind as possible to get the full experience. I will do my best to explain to newcomers what makes the show worth checking out before going into mild spoiler territory in red.

Revue Starlight Cover.jpg

Genres: Drama, Yuri

Themes: Theatre, Takurazuka

(Some genres and themes are hidden to avoid spoilers)

Number of episodes: 12 + 1 Special

G-Rating: 10/10

Plot Summary: “Starlight” is the song and dance revue troupe loved throughout the world. Karen and Hikari make a promise with each other when they’re young that one day they’ll stand on that stage together. Time passes, and now the girls are 16 years old. Karen is very enthusiastic about the lessons she takes every day, holding her promise close to her heart. Hikari has transferred schools and is now away from Karen. But the cogs of fate turn, and the two are destined to meet again.

Hikari weeping for Karen

Typical romantic yuri drama…Yes. Typical…

Revue Starlight has two sides to it. The first one is a fun “all-female theatre school”, aka “Takurazuka” show about nine cute and sexy girls studying and training to put on the 100th performance of the “Starlight” play. These feature typical school life shenanigans from the comedic to the dramatic. It is somewhat akin to Hibike! Euphonium. Not exactly like that but it is the best modern example to give viewers an idea of the antics the girls get themselves into and the personal obstacles they must overcome, be it a desire to be with the one you love or yearning for happy times. There is depth in the characters’ personal obstacles but how much depth requires going into spoiler territory so take my word for it that it is not as simple as wanting to be the best in order to get the lead roles.

Karen and Mahiru

The performances are the main draws of the show.

Moving on to the performances they are quite unique I must say. In most of the episodes one or more girls have the spotlight on them. Them being theatrical each one tell their stories through song and dance which is a very nice touch. Similar to another anime series that again enters spoiler territory it is necessary to pay attention to the lyrics to fully enjoy the development. Like I said each performance tells additional information about the girls’ stories from their hobbies to in-depth details on what exactly is bothering them. The stage props, the dance moves and the lyrics all combine to tell nine different stories. These performances also have quite the intense and magical aura to them…but again “mum’s the word”.

The animation is, if I heard correctly, interesting. See, apparently the staff did not have enough artists to work with so they hired some peeps from the West to help out with later episodes and major props to everyone involved because the show, especially during the performances, looks stunning. I do not mean cinematic masterpieces but the amount of creativity on screen and the ladies’ movements is major eye candy. Same goes for the soundtrack. The casual and fun tunes are all neat but again it is during the performances where the music truly shines. As mentioned the songs play an important part to tell their stories. Not only that but alongside one of my favorite OPs of 2018 the ED has a different touch each and every episode. Depending on which girl or couple is singing the ED they again tell part of a story, in this case a girl’s situation and couples’ relationships. They have some similarities but trust me when I say it is a different experience every single time. Highly recommended checking out subs with translated lyrics (Maybe the English dub also features translated lyrics. Not sure).

Karen and Hikari having a moment

Lots of Shiro (white/light) yuri goodness to be found on this show.

The second major attraction of the show are the couples and their respective journeys to grow their snuggle power. From the main couple to the four other couples such as Kaoruko X Futaba and heavy hitters Claudine X Maya. Each couple have their own development and way of expressing their growing affection for one another off and on stage. The aforementioned songs obviously play a role here as well. Put simply the yuri is similar to that of shows like Harukana Receive, meaning “no goggles required” and “no strings attached”.

Before we get to the juicy stuff let us sum up the show for newcomers who want to experience the majestic glory of the show for themselves. Overall Revue Starlight is a fantastic viewing experience and in my personal top 5 anime of 2018. The cast is full of charming ladies who for some start off mild but they all quickly become prime time darlings. The drama is both simple and complex at the same time depending on the personal obstacle, the presentation is a melting pot of creativity, the performances are top notch and the yuri is very delightful. Highly recommended to yuri fans (and possibly the interested) looking for a unique and special viewing experience.

Alrighty then. From this point on it is time to spoil the juicy stuff as we talk about the second side of the anime. Newcomers have been warned. It is advised not to go beyond this point unless it does not matter to you.














Karen Sexy Henshin

My one little gripe with the show is that (Ba)Karen was the only girl to get a transformation sequence. At least it is quite nice to look at every time.

Junna vs Karen 2

Time to duel.

So now let us talk about what I liked to refer to as “The Fight Club Theatre” (FCT for short) duels. This is what caught everyone off guard and REALLY got lots of eyeballs on the show. For reasons that could only be explained as “because anime” Karen ran into a mysterious elevator. At the other side she was met with her dearest Hikari in a heart pounding duel equipped with a dagger against Junna. The duels were hosted by a telepathic demon giraffe. There is a reason for “what a giraffe?”  but is ultimately unnecessary to enjoy the battles. All viewers need to know is that he is the “scheming mascot” of the show. The battles are not to the death but as I said before they are intense and magical. For viewers who saw Toji no Miko and thought the duels did not mesh well for them may find the ones here more to their liking. After all, there are more slashing and striking weapons present besides swords. Heck a Revue Starlight fighting game would be awesome! Still waiting on that all-lesbian fighter though there are some featuring lesbian characters. I mean one where EVERY GIRL and/or WOMAN IS GAY!

Mahiru boss battle

One of my favorite duels. It can be said that each duel got better and better.

As I said before every part of performances told a girls’ story, their personal struggles and desires. Every prop, lyric and even the weapons of choice had as much to say about a performer as their actions. Not only that but this is partially where the psychological part of the show comes in. Like most mysterious tournaments there is a catch. During the story more clues are laid out leading to the ultimate reveal of what the FCT is for and what becoming the “Top Star” entails. ANOTHER SPOILER, “it ain’t pretty”. Come on, it almost never is. Symbolism aplenty but not Ikuhara levels of complex. Still it is overall fascinating. Like I said it is a unique and special viewing experience. A hint is to pay attention to the excerpts from the Starlight story and other theatrical messages laden throughout.

Put simply Revue Starlight is Takurazuka X Euphonium X Utena (with a dash of Yuri Kuma Arashi) X Symphogear and it all works quite well. Oh do not worry. Despite the scheming mascot this is not a “Moepocalypse” show.

PS: The hidden genres and themes are “Duels and Psychological”

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57 Responses to 371st G-View: Shoujo☆Kageki Revue Starlight

  1. Platon says:

    Ending of the first episode was really WTF moment and it was one of the biggest surprises in 2018 and not only in anime, I watch a lot of series and can hardly find bigger wow moment this year.

    The show had drama, lot of yuri, not hints, it was just there and the art behind the fighting was marvelous.

    More shows like this will make us happy.

    I can´t wait for first show from the fall 2018 to drop on us. The only problem with this are the shorter days, cooler weather and more rain.

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    • OG-Man says:

      Truly one of the biggest surprises of 2018 and one of the best shows of the year.


      Include some on screen smoochie-woochies and we’re all set.

      Good luck with the Fall weather.

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  2. kracen says:

    After I watched the first episode… I was so confused that I was compelled to watch every episode as it came out to find answers… Now that it is over… I am only more confused.

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  3. Dreamleaf says:

    Going to be binging this series next weekend. I wanted to wait until it was all over so I could watch it all at once. I’m walking into this one with high expectations, especially if you rated it 10/10

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  4. OtakuGamerGirlT says:

    This show was nothing short of art. Like, a masterpiece to grace our screens. It had so much symbolism and it was directed just like that of a classic stage play. There’s a lot I could say, but there isn’t much to really say as it speaks for itself. I believe we have just witnessed the birth of another Yuri classic, that will; like Utena, be talked about and praised for years to come. I’m so glad I decided to pick up this show. My second favorite of the season.

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  5. Bayuro says:

    Believe it or not, this is the only anime I focused on this season, Now it’s over, I’ll definitely miss this anime. Just as you judged this anime, I also give this anime a decisive 10/10 score .

    Almost every character of the series despite very few they keep us entertained throughout the season from Karen to Kaoruko. The two character who really make me stick to this anime are Junna and Mahiru. Junna’s cool moves and Mahiru’s dedication and love to Karen are the reasons why I pick them as my favorite characters of the franchise.

    As I observed about it’s fanbase, fans especially fan artist are getting crazy about KuroMaya pairing. JunnaNana pairing also received the same treatment by the fans. As for me, I’m no exception.

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    • OG-Man says:

      So much to like without a doubt.

      As far a couples go they were all great. Mahiru accepted supporting (Ba)Karen from the sidelines so HiKaren is pretty much set in stone, especially after that fantastic finale. No on screen smoochi-woochies is a pity but nothing to rip your hair off your head over as they yuri was already excellent.

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  6. Bayuro says:

    Some additional comments, I’ll sorely missed this anime just as I missed OG’s tweets (I don’t have a Twitter account but I sometimes check it out).

    More about Revue Starlight shippings/pairs, the ships here are far more stable compare to the one particular idol anime that I also liked (you know what I mean) except if you’re a KarenXHikari or a KarenXMahiru fan but I think there’s no intense hostility between those two shippings because in the middle of the series Mahiru treated Karen and Hikari like younger sisters (I also prefer those three going poly like ChikaRikoYou). KuroMaya, JunnaNana and FutaKaoru are very seaworthy ships. I guarantee it.

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  7. Alexis says:

    Simplemente me encantó esta serie, el takarazuka como tema es prueba de que aún hay muchas situaciones que se pueden explorar en el yuri, en lo particular espero algún día una versión yuri de Macross. Cada detalle era único, me encantó el ambiente tan surrealista y las canciones de duelo, mención especial para la seiyuu de Tendou Maya, su voz era muy clara y potente, espero que pronto estén en linea para disfrutarla

    ¿Que nos quedó a deber la serie? una ya la mencionó, otra que me hubiera gustado ver fue el duelo de Mahiru vs Hikari y que a Mahiru le hubieran dado una pareja. Otro detalle es el Sr. Jirafa, quedó claro al final que él se define como un espectador pero ¿cual es su origen?, a ciencia cierta no estoy segura de llamarlo villano, es muy ambiguo.

    Cada pareja es adorable pero las que robaron el espectáculo fueron Maya y Claudy, hasta este momento no me había dado cuenta que entre ellas ya no se hablan con honoríficos. Necesitamos más parejas mixtas de una japonesa con una extranjera ya sea francesa, rusa, latina, gringa, cualquier nacionalidad puede darle mayor impacto. Para mi fue un golpe directo a mi corazoncito cuando Maya comenzó a hablarle en francés a Claudy, estaría de lujo si en alguna serie ocurriera algo parecido pero en vez de francés hablaran español.

    Futaba x Karouko; Hikari x BaKaren también son adorables, Juuna, Nana y sobre todo Mahiru también merecen todo muestro reconocimiento.

    Esto no es un adiós, hasta luego BaKaren y cia., espero que hagan nuevos torneos con las chicas del juego y que el Sr. Jirafa esté ahí para presidir los revues.


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    • Ergzay says:


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    • OG-Man says:

      Una serie de yuri al estilo Macross? Espero que haya uno en el futuro.

      Asi es. Este show tuvo muchisimo de gustar ademas de las fantasticas parejas.

      Creo que la pelea entre Mahiru y Hikari tomo lugar en el fondo despues del episodio de Mahiru. Ademas Mahiru parece estar contento apoyando a BaKaren por ahora.

      El origen del girafa demonio parece ser algo que no necesite explicacion. Simplemente existe.

      Ese episodio de MayaKuro fue el mejor de la serie. Estoy de acuerdo que debemos ver mas parejas que consisten de una japonesa y una europea/medio europea.

      JunNana tambien eran muy tiernas. Todas fueron grandiosas.

      Yo no tendria ninguna problema viendo un otro torneo con las chicas del juego. Meduca Meguca recibio un spinoff de su juego movil. Porque no Revue Starlight.


  8. cirno9fan says:

    A show that i was hyped for waaaaaaaaaaaay back when this project was first announced. But I had to wait…and wait….and wait….and wait some more until it was finally announced when the anime would air. And then it was another wait to see the actual anime’s premiere. And it was over worth it. not since high school fleet had I felt such intense emotions as the “fights” went on. It was just simply marvelous~

    Everything played out so amazingly wonderful, and the yuri was real. So very real! Every emotion was so strong and it was all musical and it was like everything I could want! I very much love the performing artes and this show took that love and combined it with so many amazing things and just outperformed so much!

    There was so much to it too! it wasn’t 100% clear, but the very strong inclination was that the giraffe was actually one of the ‘Goddesses” who got stuck in the tower. I mean, if you think about it, the giraffe couldn’t leave this strange space. And the giraffe could do amazing things. Why, it even may have been that the Giraffe was the true original Flora (or was it Claire that got imprisoned in the end?). And on top of all this, we had Karen doing the unthinkable. Hikari just did what was expected, it was obvious she wasn’t surprising the giraffe much. But Karen did it. She truly blew the Giraffe away by writing a story after the story. And it was amazing and beautiful and I was crying and bawling and just so wonderful!!! it was truly just like seeing a world class performance hit the finale. I know not else how to describe it.

    I could gush on and on and on and on really. The OP was so catchy, and got stuck playing in my head many a time, and even gave me strength to make it through when I was sleep deprived and mentally tapped out. And the ED was so full of emotion each time, telling a story in the 1:30 it had. I cried during more than one of the ED versions T_T

    I know everyone was a huge fan of Maya and Claudine, and I did like them, but I was the biggest fan of Hikari and Karen personally~ One of those rare instances where the MC DIDN’T forget her childhood friend, and her love for her never once faltered in all the years they were forcibly separated. Reminded me of Alice and ibuki, as they went through a similar thing, and also reunited in high school. And, just like Karen and Hikari, fight with everything they have to never experience a true separation like that again. Just, Alice and Ibuki don’t have to fight supernatural powers XD And, other spoilers I could mention parallel the two’s relationship (but not their couple dynamic XD that is one point they are so very different on…so very different ._. )

    I really could go on and on. Anime of the year. Unless something in Fall really surprises, It’s got that spot solid. And it has to REALLY surprise. Because this is one of the greatest shows I’ve seen period. Something I definitely want to purchase once Sentai releases it. Something I will be saving up for.

    I still am continuing to feel such strong emotions just while writing this. But when that Giraffe had finally experienced something unexpected…ah it was such an amazing feeling~

    Tears are welling, and I’m still typing and I really can’t keep on doing this XD I may never sleep if I don’t stop. So, this is where I put the curtain down

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    • cirno9fan says:

      And I must also comment on the amazing audience interaction that they pulled off in the finale. I was completely not expecting that, and yet it was so fitting that they did it. it helped to even more make it feel like I performance I was partaking in~

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    • OG-Man says:

      Karen X Hikari had the story (and it is a wonderful one for sure) but MayaKuro pretty much had everything else.

      That’s a good theory about the Demon Giraffe’s true identity.

      The songs played a very important role indeed.

      A fantastic anime and one of the best of 2018 without question.

      Ah yes. They successfully blended the line between play and reality during the last minute of the show. It reminded me of Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door. Excellent stuff.

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      • cirno9fan says:

        This is just more of that “Sexy relationships are better” (“sexy” being defined by a certain set of rules that I don’t follow the same as most though)mindset that goes through people’s heads all the time (similar to people going on about how much better Haruka and Michiru were than Hotaru and Chibi Usa). I think about how Karen’s love for Hikari rewrote the rules of the entire messed up revue, and let her come back even when she had lost and should not have come back. And how Hikari’s love for Karen was to the point where she would suffer an eternity of…that…just to protect Karen from the same thing she went through (but man did that backfire. Love makes people do stupid things sometimes). The two of them not only broke through the shackles that had probably hurt so many young women’s lives, but also freed something from a long curse (we don’t know what the giraffe was, but it was VERY heavily implied that the giraffe was trapped in this setup until Bakaren smashed everything). Never forget also, that Karen was never supposed to be in this, only supposed to be in the audience, but she barged right in.

        I feel like the not as high like for them is also partly due to Mahiru wanting what she never had a chance for. i dislike that as much as the next person, but that doesn’t make the chemistry between the two any worse. It would have been nice if they showed some more hope for her before it was over, but ah well. She’s become a very famous star, I’m sure she’ll get an adoring fan that will be able to return her affections properly one day!

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    • yurimylove says:

      You get an A on your graduation thesis.

      (Haha, just kidding)


  9. tbiscut74 says:

    The 1st episode caught my interest, and the last episode took my breath away! This show is a Masterpiece! No words can describe how much I’ve loved this Show.

    That Final episode was beautiful! It brought so many emotions through out the episode! The music, the fight and the acting all came together wonderfully! Both this show and HSL ended on such strong noes for me!

    I cant chose a favorite pairing because their all SO GOOD! They presented them so well and their so well developed!

    I really cant praise this show enough. This is my (non-horror/psychological) AOTS!

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    • OG-Man says:

      Has all the makings to be a yuri classic for sure.

      Quite the finale it was. HSL’s was controversial but this one was mostly well received by everyone but the pickiest of the picky.

      Another show with many best girls and couples. I liked MayaKuro most myself but that doesn’t mean the others were lesser. Again all of them are best girls.


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  10. This is what that putrid horsepoop of a series should have been. This is the best recent multimedia CGDCT series in my opinion. The anime is clearly more than just an average 30-min-per-episode ad for a mobile game and is one of the biggest surprises in this season. It has the right number of girls so everyone has their fair share of the spotlight. Great amount of production to have pretty character/background art and amazing battle scenes. And of course, it has a lot of yuri more than enough for yuri fanatics to enjoy.


  11. Makoto Itoshi says:

    I’ll never understand why so many people didn’t like Hikari x Karen, not even the marvelous final episode helped with the fanart or fics. But besides that this was one of the best experiences I had this year, I’m still not sure if the best one, but it’s up there.

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  12. Giack31 says:

    This was a really well done anime. The fight were amazing and breathtaking. The only bad thing I guess is that I found the final episode to be pretty unremarkable and predictable. Also I’m usually not “that guy” but after the super gay scene between Maya and Claudine I expected a least a kiss for Karen and Hikari but nothing.

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  13. LuzeriP says:

    As much as I want the OT3 but Karen and Hikari love for each was incredibly sweet and strong. I think not everyone can see it but the last episode was very romantic. They maybe kissed along the way, we just don’t see it.

    My fave pairings, Kuromaya, KarenxHikari, Junnana, and KaorukoxFutaba. In that order. I hope Mahiru will find love. Maybe in the game.
    I can’t decide whether this or Harukana is my AoTS. They all have the same amount of gayness. I’m hoping for the second season. It’s just too good.

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    • OG-Man says:

      Most likely they kissed before the 100th performance.

      Mahiru will hopefully find a new girl that loves her back.

      A new season centered around a new cast from the games like with the upcoming Meduca Meguca spinoff.

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  14. FantasyGirlKanna says:

    Well I didn’t think this show would be a bit confusing one at first really. I thought it’ll be a slice of life/drama/yuri.ish sort of thing, then came the “wai- what? a giraffe? it talked? the heck with that duel…huh?” but I enjoyed it still. What I liked about that show is whatever fights that happened in the FCT stays there, afterwards they all go back to being friends and rivals, sure there’s some drama but they let it all out during the FCT. And another thing I like, of course the ships most especially MayaxClaudine (No.1!!!! LOL 😛 ).

    Takurazuka X Euphonium X Utena (with a dash of Yuri Kuma Arashi) X Symphogear – I completely agree with that mix and they were able to do it well. Very nice, very nice indeed 🙂

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    • OG-Man says:

      Ah yes. The girls settling things on stage and was a nice touch. Still they did have some drama off stage too and it was good drama.

      Most fans agree MayaKuro are #1 though all the couples are viable for the top spot. They’re all that amazing.

      That combination is what I thought after seeing the first episode.

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  15. Little Viktoria says:

    I love this anime so much. So much longing and desire and beauty. Karen and Hikari are meant for each other. I love how Hikari realised that Karen was her star, her treasure in the heavens, all along, and how Karen realised that Hikari was her stage, her inspiration, her only true goal.

    And after all the suffering, no one had to die. Even the giraffe became happy. What a beautiful ending.

    I was inspired to draw some fanart, if you like Karen x Hikari ^^

    And I love how they sing to each other. My other favourites were Mahiru and Bananice with their cute sexy voices, and that Claudine who’s just begging for Maya to have her way with her. For some reason I can also see her slamming a door open and shouting, “TENDOU MAYA!” in the style of Ayano from Yuru Yuri (probably because of “This is Tendou Maya”) ^^

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  16. I still can’t quite decide whether this or HSL is my AotS…I’d give both at least a 9/10, if not perhaps even higher…so it might be that both are, or that I can’t quite make that choice, due to the excellence of both.

    BaKaren did it! And while there was no kiss (shown to us, the audience), there was what amounts to a very gay and wonderful confession scene instead! And Hikari literally called Karen “BaKaren”, which was cute.

    As I’m sure you’re aware by now, I loved the hell out of this series. I loved the direction in the last episode too, like “camera work” in what was “the final fight” between the two of them, as well as the scene of Karen’s revival. That last fight in it’s entirety was amazing, to be honest.

    And sadly, Mahiru is left a little alone at the end…but is still friends with everyone, and not alone in that sense. And hopefully, she’ll find someone who can fully love her back with all their might soon, as well (maybe in the game?)

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    • OG-Man says:

      #BaKaren is canon.

      Both were pretty good for sure.

      Yup. As much we love dem kisses they aren’t always needed to state the obvious unless the viewer is in denial.

      It was a fantastic finale for sure.

      Mahiru’s currently content supporting her beloved baka but hopefully she finds a new girl who will accept her love in the near future.

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    • cirno9fan says:

      Hikari literally called Karen “BaKaren”, which was cute.

      I mean, she’s done this throughout the show. it’s been her nickname for Karen the whole time.

      I guess, I just don’t get why you pointed this out?

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      • Huh…either it hasn’t happened for a little bit, or this was just the first time I really consciously realized it, possibly because of not only her repeating it, but her actually going from “Baka” to “BaKaren” in the same scene…either way, I only just fully realized such in the finale.

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      • OG-Man says:

        Same here. I don’t recall Hikari calling her BaKaren specifically up till the finale. Oh well.

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  17. Nick says:

    Now this is a show that I can truly say caught me completely off guard when the back half of ep 1 rolled around. It’s not often where that happens to me, but it was that moment where this show really got me hooked and kept me coming back. While Harukana was my AOTS as it was just so hype, Starlight was THE sleeper show of the season. Maybe it was just that it was a HiDive show or that no one really payed that much attention to it, but it felt like I could count on 1 hand the amount of people I knew on Twitter watching it. Man what a treat this show ended up being. I’m usually not a fan of really symbolism heavy shows, but I enjoyed Starlight a lot.

    I think what stands out for me are the fight scenes I really enjoyed those from ep 1 right to that amazing final fight. The songs for each fight were so good too, I’ll have to go see if I can get those as I liked quite a few of them. As a lot of the comments above mention, the final ep was truly spectacular.

    Oh and before I forget, I think my favorite couple has gotta be Maya x Claudine. Maybe it’s just because of all the great art of them I see on Twitter, but they really stood out for me and out of everyone I thought they’d at least get a kiss at some point. Hell, I was hoping for at least one kiss in general at some point in this show. Oh well, one day we’ll get it in a show.

    Anyways, this show took me by surprise and I wish more people would watch it. My final tally was the same as yours, the big 10/10. Although Harukana still ended up being my AOTS. An anime about girls playing beach volleyball is glorious on pretty much every level.

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    • OG-Man says:

      Shame about not many people using HiDive and missing out on this majestic show in the West.

      Yup. The duels were the best parts for many as was the awesome finale.

      It also helps MayaKuro are both gorgeous and so good together.

      Gay beach volleyball cannot be topped. It just can’t. But yes Revue Starlight is one of the best shows of 2018, no question.

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  18. ineedyuri says:

    This show didn’t really click with me.
    Was kind of bored in some of the episodes.


  19. yurimylove says:

    While there’re similarities with Utena and Yuri Kuma Arashi, i definitely like this anime more than the other 2. Wonderful series from episode 1 right till the end.


  20. yamialastor says:

    Revue of Pride is a god damn work of art and it’s my most rewatched scene by far, it’s the perfect blend of surrealism and imagery with some genuinely amazing fight choreography that sums up what this show is all about, it’s a stand out.

    It does a good job of showing why Maya Tendo is the Top Star of the Revue, from the way she utterly overwhelms Karen with her side sweeping slashes from a top the stairs to the way she just assumes her pose and waits whilst the platforms separate her and Karen near the end, whereas Karen is having to run about about after her. Utterly top notch animation.

    Imagine an anime about theatre performances having better fight choreography than most combat orientated anime, yes, I like My Hero Academia (3rd series kind of meandered but ok) and everything but there’s no fight scene in that anime with the flair, choregraphy (failed to avoid overusing that word, whoops) and inventiveness of Revue of Pride for me.

    Maya Tendo is the absolute queen, perfection.


  21. Yuritopic says:

    Does the yuri even go anywhere, or is it just teased heavily?


  22. wwererq says:

    It is revealed in the supplementary plays that Karen and Hikari have an open relationship.


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  24. piano_cello_conducting says:

    I found the last episode rather underwhelming after all the build up. Too much symbolism and also maybe I don’t find myself being invested in Karen x Hikari. The other couples have their moments in the earlier episodes and then there is no further development. In fact, other than Mahiru, the other couples are ambiguous enough for yuri haters to claim that they are just “friends”. I was hoping they would pull a Strawberry Panic to give Mahiru the happiness she deserves but oh well.
    Rather disappointing show.


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  26. Ksyda says:

    Loved the series especially the dubbed version I was excited hearing my favorite vocal dubbed actor Brittney Karbowski (she played Misaka in Scientific Railgun, The Best PERFORMANCE) play Karen. Her vocal scenes were so good I had to watch it twice!

    Aside from the I loved the show I definitely do think it deserves a second season. I also hope Mahuro does find happiness with someone she’s just too Cuteee to be alone.


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