Hugtto! PreCure Episode 33: Expectations and Fulfillment

You all know the drill. When I skip PreCure episodes it means the ones I skipped don’t have much worth discussing and when I DO talk about it it means one of two things:

1: Something super important happened with the characters or the story.

2: Take a wild guess.


All readers need to know about episode 32 are the following:

1: Mermaid Homare. Nuff said. Red Riding Ruru and Emiru Liddell were also lovely.

2: It’s a HomaHarry episode. I’ve said this several times already. While I don’t mind it, I’m not emotionally invested in their relationship either.

Bishin's true form.jpgListol's true form.jpg

3: We not only got to see Bishin’s hamster form but were surprised by the reveal that Listol (The serious secretary guy) was also a space/future hamster and from the looks of it Bishin’s guardian or parental figure. Let’s go with Uncle Listol.

4: The show’s director said Bishin is male.

5: Bishin teased Homare saying that Harry’s one true love is another blonde chick, hinting that he had the hots for Hugtan’s adult self? Eh. We’ll see where that goes. Not going to waste time on it.

Now let’s talk about more important stuff.


Homare sexy skating.jpg

Homare sexy skating.

While I didn’t praise Homare’s swimsuit choice back at the beach episode I never said she wasn’t attractive.

Emiru and Ruru work clothes.jpg

Emiru and Ruru. Interviewers.

We started the episode with the gang watching Twin Love, EmiRuru’s rock duo name, being praised by fans on TV…until one critic said they sucked. Emiru didn’t take it well. Then Pupple showed up to inform them her talent agency (I guess they eventually accepted her offer) scheduled an interview with the Prince of Skating, Henri. Good for a popularity boost. Unfortunately Emiru’s head wasn’t in the game, obviously worrying her girlfriend. Luckily for her Hana and Saaya gladly offered to temporarily take their place.

Hana, the Intellectual.jpg

Hana the intellectual.

Is it safe to say Hana is by far the funniest Power Ranger? We’ve had plenty of comedic Rangers before but I feel Hana’s brand of comedy has consistently been top notch.

Emiru trying to pump herself up.jpg

Emiru trying to pump herself up.

While Hana was interviewing Henri there was one question and answer that stood out to Emiru. She asked him what was his next big goal. He said that after winning the junior cup tournament he wanted to “keep on winning” because that’s the only way he would feel complete. That answer motivated Emiru to strive for her own goal of complete fulfillment, which was for her songs to reach everyone across the globe.



Emiru willed herself to step back in and continue the interview. They were about to ask what was Henri’s appeal when Miss Rita answered for them, saying it was his #BORDERLESS charm, meaning he had a perfect blend of masculine and feminine traits and charms. Meanwhile Henri played with Hugtan and as he saw her it reminded him of his youth when he too was adorable and free. More on that in a bit.

Searching for a scandal.jpg

Searching for a scandal.

During a break Ruru, still wondering how to best support Emiru asked Henri if it was truly necessary to push one’s self in order to become successful like Emiru forcing herself to smile and be positive despite her not feeling well. Henri said that maybe people just aren’t able to fully understand one another, not helping Ruru at all. To make matters worse when Henri was helping Ruru fix her hair the director and cameraman caught them and immediately saw it as scandal gossip fodder. Emiru and Masato (her brother) were there to stop them. When the director tried to get info from Masato an annoyed Henri was like “Sorry boys. My life story is off limits and I’m not interested in becoming a gossip magnet”. Masato tried supporting him but he wanted to be alone for a while.

Listol trying to recruit Henri.jpg

Listol trying to recruit Henri.

While Henri was alone trying to piece together his thoughts Listol appeared to try and recruit him into the Dark Corporation. He had an idea what was going through his head and left him to think about it. Henri jokingly hoped it was an invite to become a Power Ranger, surprising an eavesdropping Emiru.

Emiru realizing something important.jpg

Emiru realizing something important.

Emiru offered to listen to what was troubling Henri. He told her about what I think was an identity crisis. Our good friend Rory speculated it may have something to do with “gender dysphoria” since Henri talked about his voice deepening and him growing taller, changing who he was. This goes back to him thinking about his adorable youth and his #BORDERLESS charms. He wondered if maybe people could be happier living the way they wanted to by themselves without anyone pushing their expectations on what kind of people they wanted them to be. Emiru first responded by thanking him for accepting Masato in his life. Then she said she too felt burdened by people’s expectations and trying to essentially please everyone. But she realized there was only one person she truly wanted her songs to reach above everyone else. Lastly she told him he helped her realize that she had to first love herself.

Emiru thanking Ruru for loving her.jpg

Emiru thanking Ruru for loving her.

Masato and Ruru arrived to greet their respective lovers (More on that in a bit) with Ruru giving her sweetie a BIIIG HUG! Emiru said that every time she told her she loved her she felt invincible!

Have I mentioned how much I love EmiRuru? “Only a hundred times OG”. WELL YOU’RE HEARING IT AGAIN!


Masato supporting Henri.jpg


Later before Henri’s big performance Masato finally got to show his support. That pumped the Prince of Skating up some. During his performance however, not only was Henri’s ankle hurting but the director, desperate for ratings, tried to sabotage it.

Emiru and Ruru here to save the day again.jpg

Twin Love doing what they did best, save the day.

Luckily for him Twin Love were there to save the day as usual.

Henri's fans blown away by his kiss.jpg

Henri’s fans blown away by his kiss.

Again, #BORDERLESS. Notice the lilies, machos and Masato’s heart. Viewers all know who Henri’s kiss was actually for.

Henri captured again.jpg

Henri captured again.

Listor/Risutor used the director’s dark energy to create the MotW. It captured Henri and he was like “Welp. Here we go again.” When the monster had Henri cornered Listor/Risutor asked him about the offer to which he replied “No thanks. I know things will be rough and I’m not the most cooperative guy but…’GO GO ME! GO GO POWER RANGERS!” He remembered Hana’s special cheer that Emiru taught him earlier. The Rangers did their thing and saved the day.

Emiru and Ruru, together forever.jpg

EmiRuru. together forever.

Henri still has the Dark card.jpg

Looks like Henri isn’t out of the woods yet.

While our beloved couple’s love grew stronger Henri X Masato had a ways to go as not only did Henri’s ankle still bother him but the Dark Corporation card was slowly corrupting him.

So yes. Now I can freely say the two couples I’m currently the most invested in EmiRuru (DUH!) and Henri X Masato. For a long while many were shipping them but some like me weren’t 100% sure. That uncertainty is long gone after this episode. My prediction is that despite Henri’s best efforts he’ll be corrupted and it’ll be up to Masato to “repay the debt”. THEN they can openly talk about snuggling.

PS: HAPPY BIRTHDAY RURU! (September 23rd).

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9 Responses to Hugtto! PreCure Episode 33: Expectations and Fulfillment

  1. cirno9fan says:

    Every episode surprises me more

    I mean, I wasn’t “on the fence” about these two, but they were really blatant about things

    It sucks that Henri’s started to fall to the “dark side”, but I have no doubt the writers will be giving us an amazing scene with Masato paying back in spades for what he put his little sister through for many years!

    Also, if it follows the formula it’s been following, am betting it will be an Emiru Ruru episode as well. It’s very interesting how the writers have chosen EmiRuru and MasaHen to be these relationships that run aside each other and grow one another. They always seem to be helping each other out.

    Next episode looks amusing XD


    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Most of them anyway.

      Had to wait till it was absolutely certain there was a thing going on between both of them. Now we know there definitely is.

      Oh for sure. What better way to fully redeem himself than by saving his prince. He did apologize to Emiru but there’s still Henri to fully patch things up with.

      LGBT peeps backing each other up to show the world how true unity is done. Or something like that.

      Looks like a fun one.

      Oh you don’t have to remind me. I’ll be sure to always sing EmiRuru’s praises. They’re still my top couple of 2018.

      Liked by 1 person


    Every time we get an episode about Henri, it seems to be amazing, and also usually includes Emiru & Ruru a lot, so it seems clear that these episodes at least are always something to be hyped up about.

    AND YES! THE OTHER GREAT SHIP SAILS! I honestly didn’t think they’d ever be so blatant about it either, but here we are…I honestly had to pause and re-check when I noticed Masato’s heart also captured by Henri. And the guys in the back are a very nice addition. I approve greatly.

    A bit sad to see Henri holding such deep darkness in their heart right now…but surely, it too will be resolved when the time comes, and hopefully indeed Masato will get plenty of character growth/ship moments when it does!

    And Henri’s other problems are somewhat surprising too, though very welcome to see. I wonder just how far the show will dare to go in that direction? Hopefully all the way, and thus be pretty revolutionary in anime.

    Bishin being male and another member of the Dark Corp being a future hamster is surprising, honestly…it seems this season has plenty of BL vibes amongst the rest.

    And indeed, Hana is pretty great & funny as well.

    Oh, and since I forgot briefly, happy belated birthday, Ruru!

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      Best believe I’ll continue singing their praises.

      Both couples’ fates seem intertwined and that’s fine by me.

      All the girls and boys want him but his heart belongs to only one lad.

      Yup. Masato has to be the one to free Henri from the darkness.

      It’ll be interesting to see how far they go with him.

      That’s cool. We here get some wonderful yuri and there’s some yaoi thrown in for good measure.

      Hana is so much fun to watch.

      A special day that was.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Rory says:

    Both Masato and Henri have come a long way since their respective first appearances. It’ll certainly be interesting to see what Henri does with Criasu’s offer, and whether Masato can keep him from going down that dark path.

    EmiRuru are my top couple of 2018 as well – maybe even of this decade. Every time they are on screen together, we are presented with this utterly amazing chemistry that just blows me away every time.
    Which brings me to this question: MiraLiko or EmiRuru?

    I definitely agree with you about Hana’s comedy. I reckon she even gives HeartCatch’s Erika Kurumi/Cure Marine a run for her money, and I think of her as one of the funniest Cures in the franchise.

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Very interested in their relationship.

      Favorite of the decade, that might be pushing it a bit but they’re definitely the best of the year without question.

      MiraLiko vs EmiRuru…we’ll have to wait till Hugtto comes to a close before ultimately deciding. EmiRuru are definitely on the fast track to becoming the best couple though if they keep it up.

      Erika was indeed quite funny but like EmiRuru Hana is on the fast track of becoming the funniest Cure.

      Liked by 2 people

  4. Red says:

    I replayed the part where Lulu crashed into Emiru about ten times. Everything about that moment was incredible.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Giack31 says:

    Harry being in love with the white Precure (aka adult Hugtan) was quite the revelation.
    I definitively had my suspicion about Bishin being male and now they are confirmed. That the other guy was also an hamster caught me by surprise

    Really good episode for Emiru and Lulu even furthering the ship but also for confirming Henri and Masato ship. Henri has some kind of injury that will probably make him unable to skate anymore so we’ll see of that will sway him to the dark side or if Masato will be able to Kim him sane.


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