When The Shutter Stops Kickstarter

The following project looked interesting based on its description and the leading lady being adorable. Then I saw more of it pop up and I followed the person in charge, Nai, on Twitter. I also noticed an image and asked about it. A certain word that starts with “Y” that I love ever so much came up during the conversation. You have my attention. So yeah. Let’s take a look at the Kickstarter campaign of Remort Studios‘ debut project, When The Shutter Stops.

When the Shutter Stops Cover.jpg


When the Shutter Stops is a Detective Mystery visual novel, featuring a heroine with a sordid past whose actions, your choices, shape her view of the world and steer the outcome of the stories within.

We draw inspiration for When the Shutter Stops from different forms of mysteries, including classic movies such as The Maltese Falcon and Chinatown, books such as Sue Grafton’s Kinsey Millhone Alphabet Series, and games like the Tex Murphy and Ace Attorney series.  

Of course, we love visual novels and visual novel fans will see influences from Steins;Gate, Root Double and Analogue: A Hate Story, and fans of western cartoons will see our Americanime, Disney-esque art style.

When the Shutter Stops combines a love for detective mysteries, drama, comedies and cartoons.  You’ll experience action, a few laughs, stolen kisses, breaking hearts, and visual storytelling and branching narratives.

Most importantly, we’re making an experience meant for grown-up who are still meddling kids at heart.

When the Shutter Stops Yuri.jpg

When my attention was grabbed.

Plot Summary:

Meet Priscilla “Pri” Vate. Where most child prodigies show off at school and on TV, Pri put her skills to work as Philadelphia’s youngest private eye. She saw things most kids never imagine and was unfazed by the filth in the world around her…until one case hit too close and ended her career.

But like the stench of the city, the life of a Philadelphia detective never completely washes off. A decade after the infamous Dart Killer case, Pri–now working as a family photographer–finds out that the man she locked away is set to be released on new evidence.

She must return to the streets to solve the case that put her out of commission, once and for all. But the city has changed in the past ten years, and so has Pri. Can she get to the bottom of a case everyone thinks is closed in time to keep a murderer from striking again?

The interested can learn more and if able support the game by going to the Kickstarter Page HERE.

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3 Responses to When The Shutter Stops Kickstarter

  1. havefeith says:

    Neither of the images are showing for me… I wonder why.


  2. k1ru says:

    Looking good…. I’mma check it out thanks ^_^

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