Happy Sugar Life Episode 11: Preparing for the Dark Storm

Although our anti-heroines’ bonds had grown stronger last episode it also ended with their doom fast approaching. Odds of them living happily ever after together grew weaker with each episode. Soon there will be nowhere left to run…

Asahi's pissed.jpg

Asahi’s pissed.

As we recall two episodes ago one of Shoko’s last acts was sending a photo of Satou and Shio together. Asahi had had enough of putting up with the pain and decided to fight back. His first course of action was getting Pretty Danger to talk, which he did…and then proceeded to screw himself over when he revealed why he helped Satou.

Asahi's inner demon.jpg

Asahi’s inner demon.

Well Asahi was the firstborn so it makes sense he’d inherit his “father”s darkness though he still had some shred of humanity left to control his rage. He got the poor sap to help get info on Satou’s apartment.

Satou thanking Shio.jpg

Satou thanking Shio.

As her beloved slept Satou thanked her for rescuing her from the abyss she almost fell into. She had committed so many crimes and manipulated so many people that Shio being her plushie was all that held her from losing her soul. Luckily Shio’s helped restore her Sanity Jar for a while longer. She was now more determined than ever to fight for their love.

Facing Auntie again.jpg

Sexy and absolutely terrifying. It’s Auntie.

Her first course of action was to enter the den of a familiar uber power. We got a bit more info on the kind of love she experienced living with Auntie. It’s a bit complicated but the short answer is that Auntie feels satisfied by granting people their deepest desires, most of the sexual of course, no matter how depraved or violent it may be. Hence her scars and bruises. Satou came to her both to for help and to finally confront her greatest personal demon.

Auntie was like “So you killed someone. That’s alright. Most of the people I love did too. That’s why I love you just as much as all of them”.

Satou was like “No. I see now that your ‘love’ is wrong. I finally understand what true love is. I have found someone to love and be loved by.

Auntie was like “Ok. Cool. However…you’re still just a cute kid, mooching off adults. You can pretend to be noble and pure all want but when you’re older you’ll be a dirty adult.”

Satou no longer afraid of Auntie.jpg

Satou no longer afraid of Auntie.

Satou was like “Yeah? Well it’s your fault I grew up in this hellhole with a twisted sense of what love is. You better act like adult and take responsibility.”

Auntie pinky swear.jpg

Again. Sexy and terrifying.

Auntie was like “Ok. I’ll help…By the way. Was the person you killed that cute little bird pal of yours? Oh don’t worry. I swear I won’t tell anyone. I looooove you after all.”

“That’s a shame…”

Satou and Shio planning their escape.jpg

Satou and Shio planning their escape.

Later on Auntie got to meet her fiancee and was like “Well don’t you two make a cute coupleee. Well, off we gooooo!” The trio proceeded with the next part of Satou’s plan, getting rid of all evidence leading to her crimes or the couple’s existence. The final part was of course to go airborne.

Suu returns.jpg

She FINALLY returned…but didn’t get a single line of dialogue. She just handed Satou the fake passports and was left in the dust. Not cool.

Oh yeah. There was something else I forgot to talk about. Remember how Pretty Danger “promised” he’d help get the info on Satou’s address? Well he was like “I have the address now so screw that jerk. I’m going to get my angel!” Let’s just say it didn’t end well…Oh it was much worse than you think.

Satou and Shio kiss.jpg

Just married.

Tune in next time for the G-View.

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35 Responses to Happy Sugar Life Episode 11: Preparing for the Dark Storm

  1. Jack Cactus says:

    Place your bets ladies and gentlemen, will this result in a happy, tragic or open ending?

    Personally I’d predict something VERY bad will happen but eventually, all things will go into ambiguity.

    Even tho I’ve hypothesized a “Happy” ending for all this in the previous episodic G-View, the chance of it happening is as slim if not slimmer than a strand of hair and judging from the tone of this anime, and ideal ending is VERY unlikely.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Platon says:

    Another great one. As we found out last time, Shio isn´t some naive kid, she is well avare of what is going on. Satou stoop up to her Auntie and she did not made manage to make another slave, she leveled the field and probably gained some kind of twisted respect.

    Might be a Spoiler!!! Blondie shouldn´t have gone to the aparment, most people probably knew what room was he going on even before we saw the number.

    Liked by 3 people

    • OG-Man says:

      She had to become aware of the world around her the hard way.

      Yup. Satou standing up to Auntie was a really cool moment. Auntie remains sexy and terrifying.

      Pretty Danger was a victim of his own impulsiveness or something like that.

      Liked by 2 people

  3. kracen says:

    Seems they are skipping over Chapters 28-30… Good.


  4. LuzeriP says:

    I never thought I’d care this much about them. I’d end up happy or broken heart. Either way I’m ready. Beautiful wedding ceremony by the way. And Shio is so mature and she understand her feelings. She also respect her in laws.

    Liked by 3 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Let’s hope they find a way out of the darkness.

      It was beautiful. Shio was forced to grow up fast and she did for the most part. Should they survive she’ll continue being a great wife to Satou.

      Liked by 2 people

  5. KZO says:

    Best text for that final picture. The wedding ceremony and the preview of the episode not being sad at all gives me hopes for the ending.

    Liked by 3 people

    • OG-Man says:

      It’s as good of a wedding as any. Plus it’s one of the extremely few (if being the only) anime yuri wedding and not something in the background or something like that.

      The odds of them surviving are very slim but let’s hope for the best.

      Liked by 2 people

  6. x says:

    I hope nothing turns out tragic in the end and poor kid for getting assaulted for a second time and if people are interested in the detail of this episode the manga got you covered.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. tbiscut74 says:

    And we’re at where the manga stopped off now. Pretty Dangers fate was different in the manga, since in there he hasnt met auntie yet, he went back to Asahi and thought he was bluffing about him being able to hurt other people. Then Asahi broke his arm with the bat. Pretty Danger was then like “F*** this Noize” and just ran off. And the Kohai Had actual lines in the manga but it was the same scene. She was used to get passports.

    Now I’m wondering if the manga and anime will have different endings. Guess we’ll find out.

    Liked by 3 people

  8. FantasyGirlKanna says:

    Pretty danger should’ve reported to Satou-chan right away so now Auntie got herself a new toy, good for her 😀 Now that I think about it, I couldn’t think of any other way to end Pretty danger. And Suu-chan…I kinda felt the pain there. Anyway, I’m still nervous. Hopefully they survive.

    Liked by 3 people

  9. Oh my…Asahi is sure going off the deep end here. Am I forgetting now, or did he even mention that he would know what happened to his mom yet either? Or is that something he has yet to learn, and something that could make him turn demon even more…

    Pretty Danger sure made a lot of biiig mistakes this episode…and likely just lost the remainders of his sanity because of it.

    Satou’s aunt is indeed so unsettling…and again cements just how well made this show is. Those creepy noises when she blinks, and everything else…ugh.

    Poor Suu for not getting even a single line of dialogue more.

    Hopefully they both survive what’s to come in the last episode. At least we know based on the opening of the first one that they both survive to that point, but…what lays beyond it? I do think Asahi probably won’t survive, though. He’s put too much into this to back down, has nothing else left, could potentially find out Satou killed Shoko, and Satou is never gonna let him take Shio, so…

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Oh Asahi knew what happened to their mom. Apparently the chapters that showed these events weren’t adapted. Must have been some truly horrific stuff for readers of the manga to be glad they didn’t get adapted.


      Fingers crossed that they survive. As far as Asahi goes he might be beyond saving at this point.

      Liked by 2 people

  10. cirno9fan says:

    I just know we’re in for a nightmare, but I just hope the sun will still rise….

    This episode was really adorable and probably one of the most relaxing in the entire show. The most relaxing really. still really stressful, but yeah.

    I don’t want to go down with this ship….the both of them have gone through too much. I know Satou has done terrible things, but still. And Shio you can tell really loves Satou.

    Satou’s aunt is messed up, but I ended up liking her some after this episode. She’s mental, but yeah.

    I just….I just want to see a happy ending for them both. I hope….so dearly hope….that my hope won’t get crushed.

    Lastly, man are they planning out things. Satou even got her phone to go on a journey. I’m guessing part of it is advice that Satou’s aunt has heard from one of her many “encounters”, but it really does show how clever Satou is. And she’s also much more of an adult than her aunt would admit. Even though she hated it, she recognized how much she had to rely on her aunt for this. And she quashed all her pride, and held back all her fear, and everything, and went to her greatest “enemy” and asked for help. THAT is not what a kid would do.

    Next saturday (likely when I’ll see this) is going to be a ride that I hope I can leave with a smile…

    Liked by 3 people

  11. OtakuGamerGirlT says:

    Psycho auntie is best auntie! And probs my favorite character. We’re in for a ride I think, but as slim as it is, I’m going to choose to be optimistic and say the end of the tunnel will be bright for our newlyweds. Can’t say the same for Pretty Danger and Asahi…only god knows what will become of them. Looking forward to the finale next week; I’m sure it’ll be a great one.

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Can’t deny her appeal. Like I keep on saying, she is as sexy as she is terrifying.

      Fingers crossed our heroines will be able to go on a honeymoon in the world of the living.

      Both are life victims who succumbed to the dark side.

      The hype for it is real.

      Liked by 2 people

  12. chikorita157 says:

    The sad thing is that Asahi is becoming the thing he loathes the most, his father. He basically sacrificed Shoko and tries to use Taiyou as his grunt. Of course, none if that worked as he goes off the deep end. I highly doubt that even if he finds Shio that she will be willing to return given how her older brother turn out to be and her mother abandoning her.

    But hopefully there will be some happy ending after all this, for Satou and Shio.

    Liked by 2 people

  13. Nick says:

    I hope this ends well but I’m preparing myself for a bad end.

    The wedding was lovely though, and nice to see they actually shared a kiss too.

    Oh and the Auntie making a return was both sexy and terrifying. I’m still not really sure what to think of her. Part of me kinda likes her but at the same time she’s some seriously damaged goods.

    Whatever the case for the next ep, it’ll certainly be a thrilling end to this show.

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Fingers crossed my friend.

      The kiss was delightful.

      She’s a human succubus after all.

      Let us prepare our bodies and minds for it since both Chio-chan and Harukana are over.

      Liked by 2 people

  14. yurimylove says:

    yes auntie i’m starved for love… but not that staved lol

    Liked by 1 person

  15. K says:

    What little humanity Asahi had left was devoured by the darkness in his heart, completing his transformation as a result. Bear witness to the rise of Asahi, The Dark Avenger!

    Taiyou is quite the misfortune magnet, isn’t he? I feel sorry for him however his encounter with Crazy Aunt there was a disaster of his own creation. Poor lad. Poor fool.

    Speaking of Crazy Aunt, that was a colossal mental battle between Satou and her. She was quite intimidating but Satou held her nerve and gained a valuable asset to assist her and Shio’s escape. It was funny how she and Shio got along swimmingly, to Satou’s chagrin.

    Shoko did ask her about Satou’s whereabouts, meaning that she knew that Satou was still living in that apartment complex but didn’t do anything because why would she. Furthermore, she really was fond of Shoko and, I assume, most disappointed that she didn’t get to…chat with her more…yeah, that’s it.

    Suu being used and disposed so quickly was to be expected. Satou only saw her as a tool to aid in her escape, after all. I’m just wondering what connections she has to be able to get those passports.

    Satou and Shio’s odds of reaching that happy end are 5% (my odds). Can they beat those odds and start their new life together?

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:


      He kinda had it coming.

      Shio wanted to make a good impression on her soon to be aunt-in-law and succeeded.

      Missed opportunity for Auntie. What might have been…

      A question anime fans may never find an answer to.

      Like ALMOST everyone else I have my fingers crossed.


  16. Giack31 says:

    Asahi threatening Mitsuboshi was legit scary especially the nail part.
    Satou standing up to her aunt was pretty cool.
    Mitsuboshi really can’t catch a break can he?
    I really wonder how is this going to end even though I see almost no chance of getting an happy ending.

    Liked by 1 person

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