Happy Sugar Life Episode 10: Sanity Jars

The show was about to reach its breaking point. Soon it will come to a point of no return, of eternal misery for certain viewers to relish and say “Glad it ain’t me” while others who are still around gaze upon the darkness with curious chills running down their spines.

Shio's turn to take care of Satou.jpg

Shio determined to take care of Satou.

After the sanity shattering events of the previous episode we were in a flashback of sorts before the final moments of said episode. The “DEED” had exhausted Satou as she rested on Shio’s lap. Shio worried about Satou leaving her too but was relieved when she felt her breathing. Wanting to take care of her for once Shio set out to cook a special curry for her and do some cleaning.

Shio comforting her mom.jpg

Shio comforting her mom.

While this was happening we got glimpses of the one missing flashback. As we saw on multiple occasions Shio’s mother had unknowingly hooked up with a demon. From her infancy all the way to her per-adolescence Shio had witnessed the demon abusing her mom verbally and physically. She also noticed her, let’s call it “Sanity Jar”, shattering bit by bit. After escaping the pocket hell dimension thanks to Asahi the two lived in hiding. Mom became paranoid. So much so that Shio opening the front door by herself enraged her to the point of blaming Shio for their misfortune. The pocket hell’s miasma had infected her during their time in there but it scared her that even after leaving there was still poison inside her. Shio’s comforting could do little to ease the pain.

Shio almost getting killed

Shio almost getting killed.

Shio was worried mom’s “Sanity Jar” was about to shatter completely so she convinced her mom to go outside together. She spotted a jar behind a store window…but didn’t look both ways. She lived a secluded life so no time for traffic safety education.

Shio's Mom snaps

Shio’s mom snaps.

Suffice to say that was the last straw…

Shio set the table for Satou.jpg

Shio looks extra adorable here.

Back in the present remembering these painful memories helped Shio fully realize that, like her beloved, she too was broken an in danger of shattering her “Sanity Jar”. That’s when Satou woke up. To Shio’s shock (but not the viewer) Satou talked about going to live together somewhere far away. Shio cherished their “castle” and tried convincing her to stay but Satou was like “Darling. Our castle won’t last much longer. Don’t worry. I’ll protect you”.

Shio pushing Satou away.jpg

Secretly Satou was like “All you have to do is smile, be adorable and love me. That’s all. I’ll take care of everything else”. Unfortunately for her Shio noticed and was like “Are you saying I’m just a plushie to you?”

Satou dumbfounded.jpg

Satou dumbfounded.

Shio pushed her away and ran off to another room. Satou was like “What? She pushed me? Just her ‘plushie’? What’s going on?” Her Sanity Meter was dropping as she pleaded with her to come out.

Satou rejected.jpg


It didn’t work. In fact, she rejected her. The Meter went beyond critical, shattering her “Jar”. For the first time in a long time Satou felt helpless.

Satou and Shio's first meeting.jpg

Kindred Spirits meeting.

We return to the flashback of when our heroines first met. Satou found the abandoned Shio. Satou asked if what she felt for her mom was love. Shio responded that it felt like the only reason she wanted her mom’s “Jar” not to break was so she could be safe. Shio thought she was being selfish and concluded that it’s for the best her mom abandoned her. That’s when she noticed Satou’s “Jar” intact and offered her some “sweetness”. And so their love story began.

Shio comforting Satou.jpg

Shio comforting Satou.

Shio opened the door and was like “That’s how I felt. Left out. I don’t want to be your plushie. I want to be your partner. I want to face the darkness with you. Whatever evil there was out there I want to face it with you” Satou’s “Jar” was repaired and her love for Shio grew immensely. She finally opened up about all that she had done as Shio calmly accepted it all, prepared to die together with her if need be,

Shio’s eyes were cleared. She had found the happiness she had sought and was prepared to face the scary world together with her fiancee. However…there was still one smudge of darkness left to face…and it most likely would be their greatest challenge of all…

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19 Responses to Happy Sugar Life Episode 10: Sanity Jars

  1. Jack Cactus says:

    I think despite Shio’s happy life with Satou, fate will eventually favor one side only, either it is Satou or Asahi or in a worst case scenario, none of them. However, there’s actually a possible outcome that can benefit both sides but the probability of this happening is as slim if not slimmer than a strand of hair.

    What is this outcome u may ask? Well, according to my expectation, it’d go like this. Asahi will eventually catch up with Satou and Shio in one way or another only to see Shio insist to live by Satou’s side, saying that her life has improved and she is now a lot happier than when she was with her mother. Not only that but she also has hard proof for that as well (I mean just look at how pure she is right now) but in order to succeed, Satou will also have to chime in to prove to Asahi that Shio will be safe and happy by her side (I mean goddamit, if her mother actually regretted her decision, she should be the one roaming the street crying out Shio’s name). Only after that arduous trials of trust can Asahi be at peace, he’ll be finally be able to let go knowing that his sister is now safe, happy and protected by Satou.

    Although this outcome is VERY UNLIKELY to happen, there’s still hope for a happy ending right??

    Liked by 1 person

    • KZO says:

      Well, it would be extremely fitting if the show ended with Satou saying the title of the show, like she has done multiple times, and the only way that could happen is with an ending similar to that.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Platon says:

    Another interesting episode. We finaly found out why was Shio left alone and one even more interesting think, Shio is not as naive and innocent as one could think: Murder, no problem as long as we are in it together. Sometimes children do mentaly grow much faster in enviroment like that.

    Post credit scene is also important and interesting. I wonder what happened to their mother and if he was in the end looking for Shio not because of love, but because is blaming her for mothers death.

    Liked by 3 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Pretty much. She survived a pocket dimension of hell so if she wanted to survive she needed to develop some ability of logical and rational thought.

      We will most likely find out next time.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. tbiscut74 says:

    A great one for sure. In the manga it showed the mom’s background more before she had kids and when she met the Demon. And its less unknowingly and more like FORCED. That said I don’t think they’re are going to show her background on the anime. But maybe that is for the best. Its pretty horrifically tragic what the demon did to her. Its a good thing he’s dead and hopefully he’s where all demons must go.

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  4. FantasyGirlKanna says:

    Shio’s so used to sh*tty stuff that seeing blood on the floor and on Satou’s clothes, and hearing Satou’s confession about all those things are just nothing to her. It’s completely normal. And she seemed very sharp about that stuff. Seeing her reaction when Satou said she killed someone, Shio probably already figured it out beforehand. “Satou-chan had an argument with a girl…she’s gone…there’s blood on the floor…there’s Satou-chan’s clothes in the washer full of blood…there’s scratch wounds on Satou-chan’s hand…ah…”

    Damn, Asahi should just die already. Satou should be smart about using her minions. Man this is really making me nervous. The manga hasn’t updated so I don’t know what heck’s going to happen.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Red says:

    All this time people have considered Satou horrible for kidnapping Shio. Turns out Satou has been doing Shio a humongous favor. Not like Shio would have a better life with the homeless Asahi, anyway.

    If only Satou hadn’t, uh…done what she did last episode I could be completely on her side.

    Liked by 3 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Pretty much.

      Shoko brought it on herself by not walking away and betraying Satou. Asahi wasn’t of sane mind either but she pretty much sealed her fate when she took the picture.


  6. Giack31 says:

    We finally got to see the whole backstory and we discovered that Shio is way clever than she looked.
    I’m looking forward to the final episode. The only thing that we don’t know is what Shio’s mother told Asahi but that still won’t change the fact that she abandoned Shio. It’s sad to say but I don’t see anyway this could have a happy ending.

    Liked by 2 people

  7. cirno9fan says:

    My sanity jar cracks more and more with each episode T_T

    I was crying so much during this episode….

    It’s going to be so hard to get through, and it will probably end in a terrible way, but I’ll trudge on…

    Liked by 2 people

  8. lilmagi says:

    “As we saw on multiple occasions Shio’s mother had unknowingly hooked up with a demon.”
    Considering I doubt the show will show this (as it’s extremly dark) I feel like clarifying this.
    Shio’s mom had things looking up for her while she was in high-school. Then on her way home she was accosted by the Demon and raped (and got pregnant). Then her parents and the father of the Demon forced them to marry. She gave birth to the child. Later on she was raped again by the Demon and gave birth to another child (Shio)..Because she had to drop out of high school she didn’t have any skills and was forced to raise the child on her own. With small hope that her mom will come to rescue her. Her parents together with the Demon’s father died in a car accident while being on the way to visit her. After that she lost all hope and things spiraled down. As the Demon moved in and started to physically and emotionally abuse her.
    All in all she is a broken person that isn’t capable of taking care of herself. So of course she couldn’t take care of a child.

    Liked by 4 people

  9. chikorita157 says:

    It’s not so surprising to see Satou’s sanity hit new lows. Still, it’s nice to learn more about Shio’s past. Given that her mother abandoned her, Satou didn’t really kidnap her, but one can say she adopted her. If Shio only told what happened, maybe Satou wouldn’t have to go to such extremes and killing her best friend.

    Still, I highly doubt Asahi’s dream will ever come true nor he would be aa more suitable choice to raise her sister since he is homeless. If only he knew the truth that his mom abandoned Shio… Shouko’s life wouldn’t be, well scarified for a pointless cause.

    Liked by 3 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Perhaps but unfortunately what’s done is done. Shoko sealed her fate when she took that picture.

      Perhaps he does know but didn’t let it bother him as he’s obsessed with reuniting his family to bring him a pinch of happiness.


  10. yurimylove says:

    this is really, really sad. I fear bad end coming…

    Liked by 1 person

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