Yuri Talk Special Edition: #Bubbline (Minor Spoiler Warning)

To be honest I didn’t think I would be talking about this show again around here. I brought it up as a Yuri Hall of Fame induction due to how much a certain ship meant to many people throughout the series’ run. The TV show had come to an end as of the end of this writing and I figured now would be a good time to briefly share my thoughts on it and talk about that special ship. So yeah. Let’s skip my usual formal grammar style in reviews and talk about Adventure Time all chill like.

WARNING: There will be some spoilers.

Adventure Time.jpg

First my thoughts on the show as a whole. I honestly think it’s one of the most creative post-apocalyptic shows of all time. In a way it’s like they threw hundreds upon hundreds of stories kids and young adults would write in grade school and college into a blender and cook up a insanely delicious monstrosity of a milkshake made up of a thousand cooky flavors. I mean, when you have a show featuring characters such as a peppermint dressed as a butler who delves into the occult and dark magic and a stretchy dog in a relationship with a rainbow unicorn who only speaks in Korean. Not to mention the ruler of planet of Mars at one point was a certain president. That is but an itty-bitty fraction of the creativity and craziness that went into this show. There are so many characters, each with their own interesting lives. No matter how minor or in the background the character is, expect them to most likely play an important role later down the line. This is the case with a majority of the characters. Very few of them are one-off. Believe it or not, despite how packed it is and how initially confusing some episodes can be, rest assured that in time most of it will make sense. It has episodes that are fun-fun silly-willy, deep, emotional, complex, profound, containing figurative puzzle pieces that help form a bigger picture later on etc. It also used some different styles of animation every now and then. It’s one of those shows that both viewers who pay close attention and casual viewers can follow and enjoy as they continue watching. After all, it had 10 seasons with a total of 283 episodes, about 10 1/2 minutes each, of content to work with before wrapping things up.

Put simply it’s a show that kids and adults can get into…provided they can enjoy the simple yet effective character designs. Probably done that way to save money and also to show how much can be done with it using different art styles…and to encourage fans to go nuts with fanart, which for the couple in question they definitely did.

I could go on but despite my having enjoyed the show and would give it an 8/10 G-Rating, I am not qualified to go over each and every single detail and intricacies behind the show as I have yet to watch all episodes but besides following the “Bubbline episode guide” I’m about to show I also watched up to season 5 and bits and pieces of seasons 6 and 7 before I lost interest in Cable TV. I only watch WWE on Cable TV nowadays. Even so, Adventure Time is still one of my top 4 “Modern Era” Cartoon Network shows alongside Regular Show, Steven Universe and We Bare Bears.

Bubbeline Checklist + Evicted.jpg

Now without further ado, the couple in question: Princess Bubblegum of the Candy Kingdom and Marceline The Vampire Queen.

Besides the above essential episodes I would also include (from what I remember) some other neat ones featuring one of or both including:

  • S1 E07: Ricardio The Heart Guy (Bubblegum shows some of her physical abilities)
  • S1 Ep12: Evicted (Marceline’s formal introduction episode)
  • S3 Ep3: Memory of a Memory (Primarily for what happens at the end and it explains their journey in Sky Witch)
  • S3 Ep21: Marceline’s Closet (Most episodes featuring Marcy singing are choice)
  • S4 Ep6: Daddy’s Little Monster (Related to It Came From the Nightosphere and Marcy and Hunson)
  • S5 Ep38: Red Starved (To see what happens when Marceline cannot feed for a long time and how she recovers near the end)

Okay. NOW we can talk us some Bubbline.

Before we get to the episode that started it all “Go With Me” belongs on the above list because it shows PB and Marcy’s contrasting personalities and tastes but is also noteworthy for being the episode that revealed PB’s first name on television (Bonnibel) and also that Marcy was the one who called her by first name. Sure that’s not enough to build a ship but that small bit of info counts as a “puzzle piece”.

Where the ship TRULY set sailed was in the episode “What Was Missing”. Some door dimension guy popped up and stole treasured items from our heroes, locking them behind a big sealed door. The key to opening the door was essentially to sing from the heart.

Marceline singing about Bubblegum's ego.jpgBubblegum entranced.jpg

Marcy took the lead but PB thought her song was too much of a downer. Annoyed she sang another song about PB’s ego and her not understanding why she pushed her away. The gummy one became entranced. So much so that Marcy lost focus the moment she was to say something very important.

Marceline's gift shirt.jpg

PB’s special item.

After reclaiming their items AT style turns out what was taken from PB was a shirt Marcy gifted her with that she wore as pajamas.

Ice King and the Gum family.jpg

Ice King meeting most likely PB’s mom.

Simon and Marcy had several objectives but the main two I got from it were:

1: Explaining the connection between Marcy and Ice King. Long story short he was like her second father since her real dad wasn’t exactly “Father of the Year”.

2: When Ice King met PB’s mom it came off to me like Bubbline’s fates were intertwined. Like they were somehow destined to be together. At the time we didn’t know if it was as besties or…

Bubblegum waking up.jpg

There are episodes where it’s worth checking every nook and cranny.

The next stop on the Bubbline cruise was the episode “Sky Witch“. Like I said above check out “Memory of a Memory” to get an idea why the two went to the Sky Witch’s lair. The shirt plays an important role in the episode from when PB woke up to the climax when she faced the Sky Witch as Marcy was busy fighting the Crabbit.

It’s also worth pointing out that at a convention panel for the Adventure Time comics it was confirmed that in the comics Bubbline used to date. That was what gave supporters hope that maybe one day it could happen on the TV show. The odds were astronomically slim but as readers will see the hints supporting the ship didn’t stop with Sky Witch…

Bubbegum napping on Marceline's shoulder.jpg

Bonnie resting after a hardcore night hunting down Varmints.

Next up is Varmints. After learning about Bonnie’s exile (long story) she found her at the cabin she spent reflecting about her decisions up to that point. She convinced Marcy to help her hunt down the titular Varmints that kept eating her pumpkin patch, aka her new kingdom. The journey led them to the Candy Kingdom underground which happened to be their old playground of sorts. They remembered the good times and bad, It was then that Bonnie broke down, remembering the good stuff and how she started pushing away all the fun stuff, including Marcy, in favor of being a proper ruler. While she did a good job for the most part she made many rash decisions (as most rulers tend to do on purpose or not depending on their views) to protect the Candy Kingdom and the Land of Ooo to an extent. Some of her rash decisions include the (let’s call it) “Fire Kingdom accord” and several of her creations turning against her and threatening to terrorize Ooo. Point being she regretted pushing so much good stuff away for what she believed to be the good of her kingdom.

Marcy was like “It’s all good Peebs” and gave her a shoulder to sleep on.

Possible future.jpg

Possible future.

The Stakes mini-series is a must watch! Marcy her considering removing them and being okay with spending the rest of her mortal life with Bonnie, seeing the harshness of her youth of being half-demon, losing her human mom too soon, abandoned by her father figure (see Marcy and Simon for hints on why) being ostracized by humans for her appearance despite her fighting against terrorizing vampires, becoming a cursed immortal after absorbing the souls of the vampire lords, said lords being released after the vampire essence was removed from her, more Bubbline moments etc. Excellent stuff.

Marceline having some mixed feelings.jpg

Marceline having mixed feelings.

Ketchup featured Marceline telling B-MO a story about Bonnie and herself, probably in their young adult years. Besides the photos on the fridge the next puzzle piece came in Marceline “copping out” at the end. Basically she had some feelings she didn’t want to share because even she wasn’t sure about how to feel or whether to talk about it with Bonnie.

Marceline and Hunson.jpg

Marcy wearing the aforementioned sweater in the episode Marcy and Hunson.

Not much to say about Marcy and Hunson. It’s another good episode.

And now we get to the moment of truth. The moment I talked about with others a couple of years ago where I said “If Bubbline were to become canon at some point in the show then it would most likely happen in the series finale because by that point what could the weenies possibly do about it? Show’s over”. Many supporters kept their fingers crossed for the finale.

So yeah. Come Along With Me. The nearly hour long finale (technically four episodes) where the end of the world was at hand. Not going into full detail but rather let’s discuss “the moment”.

Marceline at full power.jpg

Marceline at full power.

It’s actually quite simple. After a great war had come to an end (long story) suddenly an ancient evil, awakened in the name of love (again long story), that threatened to destroy all of existence appeared. Marcy and the other allies throughout the show joined Bonnie in the final battle. During the battle the ancient evil created an abomination that seemed unstoppable. Not even the Gumball Guardians (colossi with gumball heads) were enough to take it down. When it set its eyes on Bonnie and smashed her hard Marcy was like “HOW DARE YOU HURT MY BONNIE!” and crushed it with all her power.

Bubblegum and Marceline kiss.jpg

Their journey is complete.

Bonnie being Bonnie came prepared but Marcy was so relieved she survived she was like “Screw it! I almost lost her again. I’m letting it all out!”…and history was made.

After a bittersweet conclusion the epilogue showed the mutant gum woman and the half-demon woman enjoying the rest of their lives together in love.

And there you have it. My abridged Bubbline journey post. Point of this post was simple, to show that it was not forced at all. Throughout the show’s run hints were thrown about the possibility of the two becoming a couple. It was all about whether the writers and Cartoon Network were willing to pull the trigger. Let me put it this way, 2018 was a bountiful year for the Yuri Nation when it came to animation. Some live-action as well but mostly in cartoons, anime, manga, comics and video games so this was pretty much the perfect time to do so…and thankfully they did. It was worth the anticipation and then some. Who would have thought one of history’s greatest (imo) lesbian couples would feature a human/demon/vampire hybrid and mutated bubblegum.

PS: Yes I know both are technically bisexual due to them both going out with boys at some point. True. In the end it didn’t work out for either of them and over time their feelings for each other grew stronger and…there you go.

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6 Responses to Yuri Talk Special Edition: #Bubbline (Minor Spoiler Warning)

  1. tbiscut74 says:

    A great ship indeed. And a great year for yuri.

    When the moment happened i actually cheered! A great way to end a series, like the ending of Korra.

    Also speaking of I just got the last part of Turf War comic, A great read especially the last few pages.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. gremriel2016 says:

    I never watched the show, but I saw the influx of cute art with the two of them and figured something was up.


  3. ApricotEarthDragon says:

    I can’t claim to be a fan of Adventure Time (tried watching a few episodes with the waifu and it just didn’t work for either of us) but I’m very happy to see the same-sex kiss barrier being broken on an animated show that’s aimed at a younger audience. I was a huge fan of the Legend of Korra a few years ago, and the last episode was both really exciting to see the Korrasami ship confirmed onscreen and kind of heartbreaking to see that they still couldn’t go all the way and show affection like a het couple (say, Korra/Mako) could. I always knew that somebody would eventually have the guts to break the barrier and I’m glad it’s finally happened. I really hope this effect spreads to future animated shows once people realize that society won’t collapse just because two cartoon girls kissed onscreen.

    Liked by 3 people

  4. Another win for yuri/femslash fans since that Korrasami. Westerners seem to respect yuri more than Japanese do.


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