The Expression Amrilato Coming to the West

It’s safe to say 2018 was The Yuri Nation’s most successful endeavor when it comes to the Mangagamer Survey. Mai88 and I had three big titles we hoped would get localized and the Nation stepped up BIG TIME! Two of them got picked up! First was Lilycle Rainbow Stage. Then at Otakon 2018 we were gifted with another title from the survey, SukeraSparo‘s Kotonoha Amrilato, or as it will be known in the West, The Expression Amrilato.

Kotonoha Cover

Plot Summary:

High schooler Rin was just buying a snack in her hometown’s shopping district一but she gets a shock when her surroundings suddenly transform.

“…Why is the sky pink…?”

She should know this area well, but the unreadable letters on the signs and the strange language the people are speaking have made things unrecognizable.

…Just then, Ruka, a girl so cute she could be an idol, appears and extends a helping hand.

Rin, a high schooler who claims to have positivity in spades, and Ruka, a supportive girl who speaks just a smattering of Japanese.

This is the story, pure and sometimes frustrating, of two girls intertwined by their fumbling efforts to communicate.

For a preview of the CGs go HERE.

Congrats Nation. Our quest to spread Yuri love across the globe is coming along nicely, yes.


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13 Responses to The Expression Amrilato Coming to the West

  1. Mai88 says:

    YES! We did it! Thank you very much for never doubting that this VN will get a localization! I’m just so uber happy right now that we made it this far. I’m so glad that more people will be able to enjoy the adorableness of Ruka/Uchida Shuu, and of course induldge in the pleasure of learning Esper- I mean Juliamo!

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    • OG-Man says:

      The Nation grows stronger as more wonderful stories are spread worldwide. Here’s to this one doing well enough to warrant the eventual sequel following suit when it comes out in the near future.

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  2. DLZ says:

    This looks awesome. So happy to see all the nice things getting released and translated, and the Nation’s support for all these things is really making a huge difference. Unfortunely I’ll have to wait for my monetary condition to get a little better to enjoy all these games, but I hope they all do well so we can keep growing.

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  3. tsubasasfamily says:

    More VNs! Great news! Those surveys don’t stand a chance against us, tbh.

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  4. Okami おかみ Yamino やみの says:

    Yuri shell conquer the world!

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  5. qorl says:

    Sweet. Could you please remind me what was the third title you wanted?

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  6. Takadou Akane says:

    All I have to say is this: YES!YES!YES!!!!!!!!!!
    The nation’s power is strong this year, what a good time to be alive!

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  7. ApricotEarthDragon says:

    Well, this looks like a super promising VN. It’s been great to watch the yuri genre grow by leaps and bounds this year. I love it when the community comes together to make stuff like this happen. We won’t stop until white lilies cover the earth!!!

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  8. It would be awesome if Akai Ito and Aoi Shiro, two yuri novels, get picked up by MangaGamer or any VN publisher. They are two of the best yuri VNs of the last decade. We have bee getting some lovely ones recently and Expression Amrilato is one of them.

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  9. yurimylove says:

    well count me in chief!

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  10. I see “education” tag here. Does this VN have anything to do with language and stuff?


    Jokes aside, thanks OG and co. for helping to bring this wonderful title to the west (and civilization too since almost no one but Japanese can understand moon runes :v )

    From the site’s description it seems this VN would be about “love vs language barrier” or so I thought. Would be great if this actually turns out to be a lengthened version of Kiniro Mosaic’s first 5 minutes.

    That first 5 minutes was so sweet…

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