Yuri in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (By Rory)

Note from OG: As of this writing I have yet to acquire a Nintendo Switch but rest assured that sooner or later it will be mine. Luckily someone I am certain a few here are familiar with, Rory, volunteered to elaborate on there being some yuri in one of the console’s must own titles (so long as the reader enjoys JRPGs), Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Check out this post going into detail on the yuri characters and moments within.

Spoiler warning, obviously.

The floor is yours Rory old bean.

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Ask me what my favourite Nintendo Switch game is, and I will tell you that it is Xenoblade Chronicles 2. A game I consider to be one of the best JRPGs available for the Switch, and a very worthy sequel to the fantastic Xenoblade Chronicles.
I could quite easily go on and on about why I love Xenoblade Chronicles 2 so much, but I am here to focus on just one aspect: girls lovin’ girls.
Whilst yuri doesn’t play a major role in the main plot of the game, it is something that does have a presence. As such, I will be focusing on certain characters: a handful of Rare Blades, and a certain playable character who may be considered a spoiler. I feel that it has been long enough that her addition to the team is fairly common knowledge by now, but I guess it would be better safe than sorry to leave a warning here.
I’ll just briefly be going over some instances of yuri you can find in Xenoblade Chronicles 2, not going into too much detail in order to keep spoilers to a minimum.
I will also say that most of this is totally open to interpretation – yuri goggles will help for the most part.
To begin with, I shall be talking about my favourite character from the game, Mórag. The Special Inquisitor of the Ardainian Empire, she is also known as the Flamebringer. Mórag is a Driver, and her Blade is Brighid.
Each Driver has a fairly close relationship with their main Blade, and Mórag and Brighid are no exception to that. Mórag is the only playable character with a main blade that is the same gender as she is.

Mórag and Brighid being Driver and Blade respectively is already a pretty good start for pairing the two, but they also get some very nice moments together during the game. There’s a lot of post-battle banter in the game, including one where Mórag says “Without Brighid by my side I wouldn’t be Special Inquisitor”. Mórag is very dedicated to her job, so that is very high praise for her Blade indeed.
Before I move on, I think it is worth mentioning that Skye Bennett, voice of Pyra and Mythra in the English dub, ships Mythra and Mórag. She said as much during one of her earlier streams of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 on Twitch. Just a fun little thing I thought I would bring up.

AzamiMoving on, let’s focus on some Rare Blades. First up, Azami. To put it simply, she is basically Xenoblade‘s answer to Fire Emblem‘s Tharja. She becomes very yandere for her Driver, regardless of their gender. That’s pretty much all there is to it when it comes to Azami, but there are still a few other Rare Blades who provide some yuri – though I will say in some cases it may depend on how you choose to interpret it yourself. Some of them are relatively minor, so I’ll quickly go through them one by one.

DahliaI’ll start with Dahlia. Whilst people have had plenty to say about Dahlia’s design, that’s not what I am here to talk about. Dahlia’s quest involves a girl called Kastina who becomes enamoured with Dahlia’s beauty, calling her ‘Pretty Lady Dahlia’. Kastina becomes absolutely smitten with Dahlia, even claiming that she will become her Driver one day.

KOS-MOSThe ever elusive KOS-MOS also gets a bit of this with a young female NPC called Astelle during her quest. Astelle is actually a nod to Xenosaga‘s Shion Uzuki. During the quest, Astelle becomes interested in KOS-MOS’s frame and asks her to take her clothes off so she can examine it. KOS-MOS does mention indecent exposure, but is otherwise willing to do so.
Later on during KOS-MOS’s quest, Astelle ends up in danger – KOS-MOS makes it a priority to protect her above all else.

Note from OG: Having played the Xenosaga Trilogy I can attest that Shion X KOS-MOS is a valid ship though it can be…complicated to say the least considering Shion’s luck in the romance department…yes. Anyway from the brief description here Astelle is indeed a nod to Shion.

Praxis and TheoryA pair of Rare Blades, Praxis and Theory, consider themselves to be sisters. Due to various circumstances they join the party at different times, with Theory being rather distant from her ‘sister’. There are a series of quests focusing on the pair of them, with Theory gradually warming up to Praxis.
Whether Praxis and Theory’s feelings are just sisterly love or something beyond that are totally up for interpretation – perhaps my views on them have been influenced by the likes of A Kiss for the Petals: New Generation, Citrus and Harukana Receive.

Pyra & CrosetteWhen I was asked to write this post, that was on the same day that the Xenoblade Chronicles 2 version 1.5.1 update dropped. That update brought a new Rare Blade along with it; Crosette.
I think Crosette is really cute, and she absolutely adores Pyra. It’s pretty much a hero worship thing, but that is still an instance of a girl loving another girl. It is one-sided though.

That covers a few instances that can easily be interpreted as yuri, and that now brings me to the final Rare Blade I shall be talking about.
Sheba awakenedEarly on in the game, you’ll arrive in a town called Torigoth and discover a shop that is selling an Inherited Core Crystal for the rather extensive sum of 500,000G. Fortunately, making money is really easy in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 thanks to salvaging.
Once you have all the cash, you’ll be able to awaken a Rare Blade called Sheba.

ShebaNow, whilst instances of yuri with the previously mentioned Rare Blades are up for interpretation, Sheba leaves no room for doubt about her preferences. She desires an entourage of beautiful women – she actually uses the word ‘harem’ in Japanese. She is known as the ‘Bathtub Lesbian’, after all. Sometimes the water in her floating bathtub will take on a sentient female form, too.
Doesn’t matter whether a character is a Driver or a Blade – as long as they are female, Sheba is very eager to have them as part of her entourage. Unfortunately, the other ladies aren’t exactly as keen on that as she is.

There we have it; a few instances of yuri you can find in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. They are relatively minor things in the grand scheme of the game, and some them are totally optional. It is by no means the main draw of the game, but yuri does have a presence. Not a huge presence, but one that is probably best thought of as a bonus.

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5 Responses to Yuri in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (By Rory)

  1. cooler1303 says:

    speaking of yuri and nintendo splatoon 2 has a lot in pearl and marina both in game and through promotional material

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  2. Cytrus says:

    XC2 has some slight yuri, but it’s overshadowed by its yaoi. The main two male antagonists have the best relationship in the game and are extremely shippable.


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