Flowers -Le Volume sur Été- Release Date Announced

At Anime Expo 2018 JAST USA made the announcement the Yuri Nation had been waiting a very long time for.


WARNING! Ete is set immediately after the events of the True Ending to FLOWERS -Le Volume sur Printemps- so it is highly recommended to play that game first.

FLOWERS Erika and Chidori.jpg

First of all the release date: July 16th, 2018.

Second, the Limited Edition can be pre-ordered at JAST USA’s Store.

Third, plans to translate FLOWERS 3 -Le Volume sur Automme- are already set.

In a perfect world FLOWERS 3 would come out this Fall but it is best not to rush things. Instead let us all thank Meru-Meru BomBom for her hard work. Why am I already praising her work if we have yet to see her translation work? Because I know full well she is a trooper who guarandamntees high quality translation work. Basically should there be any issues with FLOWERS 2’s release I assure readers it will have nothing to do with the translation.

Here is a refresher on what to expect from FLOWERS 2. Again FLOWERS 1 SPOILER WARNING!

Plot Summary:

Summer has arrived early to Saint Angraecum Academy, and with it comes change.

Since the sudden disappearance of one of her Amitié partners at the end of spring, Suoh Shirahane has been left nursing a profound sadness. Though she tries to hide it, Suoh’s pain does not go unnoticed by her close companion, Erika Yaegaki, who feels compelled to help her ‘bookworm buddy’ mend her broken heart.

In the midst of all this a new classmate, Chidori Takasaki, arrives, disrupting Erika’s solitary lifestyle. To say that the two of them get off on the wrong foot would be an understatement, but Erika soon learns there’s more to Chidori than meets the eye. Can friendship blossom between a sharp-tongued misanthrope and the haughty class diva?


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31 Responses to Flowers -Le Volume sur Été- Release Date Announced

  1. Rust says:

    Im so happy right now i love this games so much.

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  2. I love the almost water colour feel to the art!

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  3. tsubasasfamily says:

    This is great news. For anyone who hasn’t played these, they’re really great; I usually find all-ages Yuri VNs waaay too subtexty, but I love Flowers.

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    • OG-Man says:

      I’ve played several that aren’t “Subtexty”.

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      • tsubasasfamily says:

        Of course I have as well, really excellent ones. I just like to see the girls explicitly “seal the deal” in some way, and there are ways to do that beyond sex obviously, but that’s generally the most straightforward option in my mind (just being honest!)

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  4. ApricotEarthDragon says:

    Excellent news. I’ve been waiting to hear when the next game would be translated ever since I finished the first one. And it looks like we’ll be getting the whole series as well. 2018 has been such a great year for yuri. Can it get any better than this?

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  5. DLZ says:

    And I thought this year could not get better.

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  6. Okami おかみ Yamino やみの says:


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  7. ThePhenomenalSecond says:

    The first one landed firmly in my top VNs ever. Of any genre. I am hyped for this.

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  8. Ilya says:

    This is a great news! I just finished the first game and second is almost ready. I have to admit, it was a great experience. One of the best Yuri VN I played, and I played a lot of them. Hovewer, one thing I disliked is the “case solving” part. It was waaaaay to hard for me, so I was forced to play “save-load” game, which is not the best way to play games. Still, it is a fantastic game and I would recommend it to any Yuri fan.

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  9. Red says:

    As an fyi to anyone who plans to buy this, don’t wait. Not only do they offer 10% off on pre-orders, orders of $40 or more can get $10 off for just the next few days, and these stack. You’ll have to add something to your order (the game is $39.95, so a small snack bag will do), but I came out paying less than the price of the game in the end, even after shipping was included.

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  10. exqalph03 says:

    Finally!!! Whew~!
    I remember playing the prequel of this and it really made me want for the next one! haha XD!
    I got so frustrated when I found out that it’s actually a four part series since you know? it really makes one to desire more of it, haha. well, the frustration of wanting more is part of the enjoyment I guess, haha.!

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  11. With the box of the first one sitting on my shelf, I’ve been waiting quite some time for this, and I pre-ordered it a few days ago. Here’s to hoping that all four parts will make it to the west eventually!

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