HANEBADO! Episode 1: Test Match

Alrighty then. Let’s see what you got badminton show.

BTW! I am not in the mood to deal with het rants or people judging other fans for their tastes after the bullcrap from the Spring season so please do not waste my time nor that of others who just want to freely discuss the show.

Nagisa sweating.jpg

I see the show blesses viewers the same way Scorching! Ping-Pong Girls did.

Nagisa playingNagisa playing 2.jpg

As we can see the show already gets points for blessing viewers with intense action. We start the show during the (I think) finals of the Nationals tournament (or maybe it was the first round? Whatever.) where Nagisa and her opponent went at it in an intense match up. Unfortunately for Nagisa she got her sweet booty handed to her…HARD. The loss understandably shook her down to her core.

Prodigy raised by Queen.jpg

I do hope they’re dating.

Surprisingly the winner of the match didn’t feel satisfied with her victory as she watched a picture. My best guess is the “Queen” in the pic is the winner’s older sister. As I said I hope the “prodigy” is her girlfriend.

badminton booty.jpg

Again the show delivers where it counts.

Sometime after the match Nagisa had been pushing potential new and fellow Badminton Club members alike beyond their limits because she believed anyone who wasn’t giving it their all wasn’t fit to be part of the club. I have a feeling Booty Girl here will be joining a rival club. That or come back later after an apology match or something.



As this was going on the supervisor promised the team she had a plan but said plan was taking a while to arrive and she couldn’t stop Booty Girl’s backlash.


Riko. Nagisa’s best friend and vice-captain.

The one person who stood by Nagisa no matter how angry she got was her bestie Riko. She knew Nagisa was super frustrated and didn’t lash out at her like others wanted to, trying hard to console her.

Ayano and Elena.jpgElena beating up a criminal.jpg

Before getting back to Nagisa let’s join the person who beat her, the adorable lethal badminton weapon Ayano and her bestie Elena. She was happy to be in the same class as Elena who didn’t want to admit she felt the same. The two were looking for a club to join and were coerced into joining the Tennis Club because of a skilled pretty boy. He’s not important right now. The one guy who is happens to be the “Trainer Guy” of the show…who we will be referring to as “Criminal” for being a Trainer Guy ripoff so far. Anyway the reason Elena was laying the Smacketh Down on his candy ass was because he “inspected” Ayano’s hands after she surprised everyone by netting a point on the skilled pretty boy to protect Elena. Wouldn’t you know it, Nagisa was right there, she recognized Ayano and she shivered again.

Riko Consoling Nagisa.jpg

Riko consoling Nagisa.

Later that evening Riko caught up to Nagisa who revealed the reason she was so hard on everyone was to hide her own fear and shame by pushing herself and others to become better players. She knew all along she was being a jerk and couldn’t stop herself. The reason she stopped was when she acknowledged her fear after seeing Ayano’s mad skills again.

Coach Criminal.jpg

Coach Criminal.

The next day the supervisor’s secret weapon arrived. It was the criminal so we’ll call him Coach Criminal around her. Coach Criminal’s story is that he was going to compete in the Olympics but a career ending injury put an end to that before he could even debut. Sucks. To make up for his failure he hopes to teach a new generation of Badminton stars to compete in the Olympics.

Elena defending Ayano again.jpg

Elena defending Ayano again.

Suddenly Elena dragged Ayano to the club because she knew badminton was in her blood. However, Ayano felt like it was all a waste of time and there was no point in playing the game just because. She seems to have lost her will to compete seriously. Nagisa, someone who trained her butt off to even come close to the level of someone like Ayano wanted to call her out but couldn’t. Luckily Riko was there to defend her bestie. That was what she needed to accept Elena’s challenge: “If the best player in the club can beat Ayano she’ll join the club”.

Next time Ayano and Nagisa will have a rematch. So far so good. Coach Criminal doesn’t seem to be a het-harem lead and I think Prince Pretty has his hands full with the Tennis Club captain. That or he’ll lead the rival Badminton Club or something like that. The show has potential. Let’s see if it can keep it up.

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36 Responses to HANEBADO! Episode 1: Test Match

  1. Shinryu says:

    I loved this debut episode. A few stumbling blocks may come into play but it really just grabbed me right from episode 1. Sure it might end up being fairly typical sports fare but that’s not an issue if it’s done well and has compelling characters, and this one already seems to be aces on both of those.

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  2. Jack Cactus says:

    Oh joy in heavens, I wasn’t expecting this anime to come out this early and here it is. From the get go, this show has a combination of Scorching Pingpong Girls, KEIJO!! and a hint of Uma Musume in it.

    That Queen x Prodigy moment was completely unexpected yet so glorious, I genuine hope that they’re dating. Other than that, my Yuri Eyes have already detected a strong chemistry Riko x Nagisa (I mean come on, they’re not even trying to hide it) and Elena x Ayano.

    Also I’ve eavesdropped on the release date of the Beach-Volley-Ball-Girls-anime….thing (I forgot the name lol), which is around 6th of July if I’m not mistaken.

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    • OG-Man says:

      Yes. That’s a good triple combo description right there.

      Let’s hope the queen and the prodigy are a couple. Hoping for some or all the ships to sail.


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  3. B-M says:

    I’m real intrigued by that Queen and Prodigy moment… I’m not actually sure who those people are but I sure hope they’re dating too!

    Other than that, it seems like Hanebado is gonna be a solid sports anime with an undercurrent of drama akin to Hibike Eupho.

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  4. Summer season kicks off with this anime and the first episode is off to a good start. Like the lovely art and sweaty animation (and the tomboy’s boob jiggle). I wish we can have more character design like this for upcoming cute girls anime and manga. Cute, sexy, beautiful, and not too moe like the ones from the majority of Kirara series.

    Now I will try to be as gentle as possible. Quite frankly, this is the kind of girls’ sports anime where you need to put down your yuri goggles for thirty minutes each episode and watch it for the drama and badminton. I am getting some Uma Musume and Two Car vibes from this anime but those vibes are put off moderately since there are male badminton players including the coach who is a major character. I would not be so hopeful for any real yuri moment, even though Elena/Ayano and Riko/Nagisa are cute couples.

    This, by the way, is a picture of the MC’s stepsister (left) and her mother (right). Not that it is going to stop certain type of yuri fans from thinking that they are dating. Sorry for the little spoiler but like I said, it is better that you read the source material first before getting your hopes up. Or at the very least, if you do not have time for that, look up for people’s comments and opinions about it.

    I am going to watch this for 33% girls, 33% badminton, and 34% fanservice. Harukana Receive is shaping up to be 100% yuri-friendly.

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    • OG-Man says:

      I am shocked beyond belief you of all people didn’t make a scene…


    • tsubasasfamily says:

      Good info, that was insightful for me. I think I’ll still watch for the gurls. Shipping them is just inevitable, but now I can keep my expectations in check from the beginning.

      And at least it doesn’t look like a Euphonium thing, where you took your goggles off and lo and behold there was still Yuri there…


  5. Nick says:

    Hmm, well I’m still considering it. I’ll keep an eye on your coverage and others, see how it goes before jumping in. From your write up though it does sound interesting. I like the first couple screen caps you used too.

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    • OG-Man says:

      That’s cool. Drop by on Sundays to find out whether this is worth your time based on my coverage. As you can see the ladies make a strong case on giving it a try.

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  6. Bayuro says:

    It seems that this is gonna be a busy season for me after finishing Uma Musume. Hanebado is definitely a must watch anime for me while waiting for Revue Starlight to start.

    This anime is just getting started but my spider sense tells me those girls are definitely shippable just like the other comments said, Nagisa and Riko, Ayano and Elena or Nagisa and Ayano probably.

    Ayano, she’s one mc who look less intimidating but highly talented, she really reminds me of Fubuki of Kancolle but sexier. not to mention both of them have the same hairstyle.

    I don’t really get bothered on the presence of some male characters as long as they look entertaining just like Trainer-san from Uma Musume. Trainer-san and Coach Criminal’s personality seems almost the same and both are flamboyantly designed in contrast to the boring ones you usually see from harem animes. They’re my kind of male anime characters.

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    • OG-Man says:

      There are plenty of potentially good shows to watch, yes.

      Hopefully some or all the ships sail.

      Why yes she does look like Fubuki. Good observation dood.

      Hopefully he’ll keep on being similar to Trainer Guy and not cause trouble.

      Liked by 2 people

  7. FantasyGirlKanna says:

    Oooohhh!!! Starting with drama and action I see well I don’t mind, it makes me excited for the next episode. Anyway, I really love how they made this, their movements and footwork look so clear and clean omg. I’m especially excited for this show because it’s about badminton and I used to play. Out of all the sports I tried to play, this is the first one I really enjoyed playing when I tried it for the first time. Ah…I miss playing badminton. I think, Ayano’s style is more like my style of playing. A good defence is a good offence I might say. That kind of play is less aggressive so that means less smashing equals less movements equals less exhaustion equals more stamina – a good playing style for someone lazy like me LOL. And Ayano looks like she’s baiting Nagisa into smashing more by just keeping the shuttle up and have a good placing and like I said not smash too often. And seeing how sweatier Nagisa was than Ayano, that was probably the case. As a person with not much patience, somehow I can feel Nagisa’s frustration in not even getting a win for so long and after having put so much power in one swing only to be returned every time so that lead to an attack error – jumped and swung too hard. And not even getting a single point is so painful even after putting all the effort and practicing so hard.

    But because of Ayano’s own drama in her life she lost all her reason and motivation in anything now that’s why she can’t appreciate badminton anymore. Again, which is painful for Nagisa which is putting a whole lot of effort since the beginning.

    I think prince pretty will join the badminton club later and he seems to have a lot of pride in him since he can beat almost anyone, I don’t think he’ll just let that “accidental” loss he had from Ayano, who btw has no prior experience in playing tennis, go, especially just when he just got serious.

    So much drama, gosh! I can’t wait for next week. Now, If they could just keep the balance between sports and drama and keep that criminal and prince pretty restrained properly that’d be great.

    Liked by 3 people

    • OG-Man says:

      You are the second woman I met who had played badminton once before. I sadly didn’t devote enough time to get good at it myself.

      Yes. That is a good summary of Ayano’s problems.

      Wouldn’t surprise me if Prince Pretty joined the club.

      Especially keeping the guys restrained.

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  8. LuzeriP says:

    I liked how it started with drama. But I’m sure the show is going to be a fun one once Ayano and Nagisa kiss and make up. And I too would like to know who is that couple. I’m guessing her sister? Maybe. Also I liked the animation. That badminton movement was perfect. Looking forward for more!

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  9. philipbaxton says:

    So far the animation looks wonderful and the women look gorgeous. I’ve never seen a badminton anime before and only have little knowledge of the actual sport so this looks interesting because I’ll get ro see some yuri moments and learn more about the sport. I’ll wait for your reviews to decide if I should fully pick this one up.

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  10. x says:

    Not bad for a first episode, it has a lot of potential and i love the action scene. I’m sticking with it to the end with a yay or a nay to buy.

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Mauron says:

    I got some decent yuri vibes from the first episode, and hopefully they stay that way.

    I’m not sure where I stand on the series as a whole. Sports anime isn’t usually my thing. I’ll probably keep it up if the yuri is strong or some of the characters hook me.

    On the other hand, Criminal gives me bad vibes, same as Trainer Guy. That’s a major low point for me.

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  12. Giack31 says:

    The first episode was kind of meh (too much drama with little context). I’ll see if it gets better in the next few episodes.


  13. Cytrus says:

    Probably watching this regardless of yuri but I’ll be super grateful if Ayano and Elena don’t get derailed. I don’t mind if Ayano and Nagisa become important to each other badminton-wise, though.

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  14. cirno9fan says:

    This episode was drowning in angst, felt like I was getting crushed by it….
    Not the best start, but hopefully it gets better.

    Helps that the MC seems to be likable though.

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      It’s not Evangelion angst so not too bad.

      I can take a wild guess which girl you’re referring to.

      Liked by 1 person

      • cirno9fan says:

        The actual main character.
        Also, I DO get why everyone is acting the way they did. I don’t think it’s bad writing or anything, it’s just too much angst for me personally to deal with.

        Liked by 1 person

      • OG-Man says:


        Don’t worry dood. The drama will eventually tone down somewhat. Haven’t read the manga. Just a feeling.


  15. ImReallyFeelingIt says:

    Whats the red comment about?
    Going to start watching this later today, so if its some sort of spoilers, dont tell me xd

    Liked by 1 person

  16. yurimylove says:

    it’s a good thing nagisa isn’t in the tennis club — if she sweats this much from badminton, she’d surely pass out from dehydration playing tennis 😀


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