360th G-View: Comic Girls

A Girls Club anime about cute and sexy girls drawing manga is not unique as it has been done before in past anime like Mangirl and Doujin Work. However, there seemed to be a brighter aura being emanated from this series. Let us find out if the light at the end of the tunnel led to a lily garden or a cacti field as we take a look at Comic Girls.

Comic Girls Cover.jpg

Genres: Comedy, Manga, Slice of Life, Yuri

Themes: Mangaka/Comic Artist

Number of episodes: 12

G-Rating: 11/10

Plot Summary: Moeta Kaoruko (Pen name: Kaos) is 15 years old, a high school student and 4-panel manga artist! After moving to a dorm especially for female manga artists, she meets shojo manga artist Koyume, teen romance manga artist Ruki, and shonen manga artist Tsubasa. Every day, they’ll work all through the night trying to ink and finish their work! Her cute, funny life in a manga artist dorm is about to begin!


KAOS. The self-deprecating heroine of the story with great taste but horrible luck.

The show is pretty much about cute and sexy girls drawing manga and their daily struggles when not taking breaks. Heck, even when taking breaks their activities often serve as inspiration for new chapters each girl is working on so at times it feels like the only time they are not working on manga is when they are eating or sleeping.

Nude Koyume and Ruki

This is not an ecchi show but it gifts viewers with glimpses of the ladies’ wonderful figures. KAOS greatly approves this.

The fun times they have is the standard Girls Club fare of eating sweets, shopping, going to the beach etc. They even bless viewers who can take the heat with their fantastic bodies of varying sizes. As I just said oftentimes during those fun moments the girls pay attention to what their friends and people around them are doing and jot it down as reference material when working on their manga. Also different methods of drawing manga are shown.

When not having fun the girls are either focused on their manga or facing personal struggles from the very familiar writer’s block to public perception, the role of girls and women in the manga industry and inspiration to name a few of them. The cool part about the struggles each girl has is that they are very real and relatable problems people can have in other occupations besides drawing comics. Essentially the show is a really good blend of cute, sexy, interesting and dramatic without going overboard with any of those elements.

Tsubasa Excited

Comic panel shots.

The animation is nice and varied. The ladies all look nicely drawn and level of detail in their movement is quite commendable. Pay close attention to how the girls move and it will be noticeable. This level of detail is especially noticeable in a certain episode that delves into a different genre. Readers who have seen the show will know which episode I am referring to and newcomers can easily spot the episode I am talking about. The soundtrack blends into the background while the OP and ED are both delightful to listen to.

The girls going out

From left to right: Tsubasa, Koyume, Ruki and Kaoruko (KAOS).

Let us briefly discuss the main four from left to right.

First up we have Tsubasa. She draws a shounen series and is a soft spoken tomboy not only because she enjoys “boyish” things but to relate to the main protagonist of her series, a classic Dark Hero type character. Her struggles are related to her personal life and the stigma of women writers in shounen manga. Despite my describing her as soft spoken she often gets into character when drawing manga. When that happens…weeeeeelllll…

Next up is Koyume. She draws shoujo manga, is very social, outgoing, fashionable and has a sweet tooth. Her struggles are connected to understanding romance. We will get to that in a bit.

Third is Ruki. She draws “teen erotica” manga and is (kind of) the mature one of the group despite being easily startled or embarrassed. Her struggles have to do with the what she is good at drawing and what it is she feels like drawing. Social perception also plays a role.

Lastly there is KAOS. She draws 4-panel/koma Girls Club/moe manga. As I pointed out in the first pic KAOS is self-deprecating and has very low self-esteem. Because of this she has the most struggles of the four…which similarly to the main protagonist of the Kinetic Novel Chuusotsu! 1st Graduation: From Time to Time there are many instances of KAOS doubting or belittling herself. In some cases it is used for comedic effect via overreacting or her using her catchphrase “A-BA-BA-BA-BA-BA”. It also helps that her seiyu Hikaru Akao nailed the performance making KAOS’ pessimism hilarious when it needs to be. Of course when KAOS has legitimate reason to be sad or doubt herself it is taken seriously. This leads us to what can be considered a mood point for some. See, KAOS can be best as a “jobber”, meaning she loses a lot. Viewers who dislike seeing jobbers, especially jobber protagonists may have trouble liking KAOS. Personally I get what they were going for. That is part of life. Some people have the talent to accomplish great things with hard work or sometimes little effort whereas others struggle despite giving it their all. KAOS is an example of a character who jobs a lot but with the help of caring people and the a growing inner determination, one day anyone can get that big win they dream of. Basically never give up, never surrender. No matter how difficult things get, if the career path you chose is one you truly believe you can succeed at then do not give up. That is KAOS’ journey in a nutshell.

Besides the lead four the side-characters also have their own stories to tell and genres they tackle in their own way.

KAOS blessed

I nicknamed KAOS the Yuri Nation’s Spirit Animal.

Now on to the main event. This show, like Slow Start, does not hide the fact its cast is either lesbian, bisexual or ambiguously gay depending on the character. I nicknamed KAOS our #SpiritAnimal for two reasons. First of all it was because of how relatable she was to many despite being jobber. Most could understand where she came from and her struggles. The second reason is because she has great taste in women and is very thankful to GOD for the gift that is the female human species. Oh yes indeed.

Koyume likes Tsubasa

Koyume X Tsubasa.

As readers can tell the show is full of happy lesbians, both the fully aware and those ones who are trying to understand their true calling. Put simply it is the special kind of Yuri found in Girls Club shows. One to be treasured, similar to the Yuri in Slow Start (like the show or now).

Overall Comic Girls is another wonderful Girls Club show worthy of becoming part of the collection of any aficionado of the genre. Besides the lead cuties and hotties the side-ladies are also likable with their own relatable struggles, the animation looks simple but quickly shows that there is more to it and the soundtrack is neat. KAOS is a jobber but her tale is not one to be scoffed at. Plus she is our #SpiritAnimal. Recommended to Girls Club aficionados and whoever else is interested after reading this review.

PS: Remember the episode I hinted at that took full advantage of the show’s impressive animation? There is a lady who debuted in that episode. Put simply she is arguably the best side-character. Also be sure to keep your eyes open after her debut.

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35 Responses to 360th G-View: Comic Girls

  1. OtakuGamerGirlT says:

    This show was plain and simply delightful. Probably in my top 3. Although Tsubasa was my best girl, Kaos is undeniably our Spirit Animal. Fuura-senpai is simply the best character of all, but truthfully, all the girls were wonderful, adults included. Major props to their VAs, especially Fuura and Koas’. I found myself laughing for almost the entirety of the show and every episode was relatable. It was wonderful to see Kaos’ journey and eventual success. Finally, last but not at all least, the ships were wonderful. Ruki and Kaos may have been less definitive, but I’m pretty certain they’ll click in their own time. Tsubasa and Koyume however, they’re undeniably in love, Tsubasa just needs to become a bit more self aware, but then again, she is a Shounen mangaka, so she’s kind of dense by nature. She’ll catch on eventually though. Overall, comic girls was a highly enjoyable show and I can’t reccomend it enough. I’d be down for a second season if we are so blessed.

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    • OG-Man says:

      Tsubasa’s awesome. I am certain Koyume will find the courage to openly confess to her one day. We also know Tsubasa wants her deep down.

      I’m sure KAOS and Ruki will have more time to grow closer in their new dormitory.

      Fuura-senpai is a treasure.

      Most of us would love a second season.

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  2. I really can’t state just how enthralled I was by the final episode. It was the episode where Kaos-chan struggled the most and yet advanced the most. It was also very emotional and seriously managed to make me cried, because I was so touched by Kaos-chan words regarding her friends and during the time that she realized that she isn’t alone in this world, plus due to the fact that I was sad that this wonderous anime has ended. I was seriously not expecting to cry watching this but it succeeded in making me wept, which in turn shall makes me remember and recommend this anime to everyone for many more years to come. All of Kaos-chan pessimism was truly saddening if you would take it seriously, and this episode shows the effect of that. Comic Girls is such beautiful anime.

    I really wish many parties would pay more focus to this sorts of anime rather than licensing more harem crap for people to watch and spreading it all around. If anything an excellent anime like this, Sora Yori and Hakumei no Mikochi deserved more spotlight. Many people thought that CGDCT shows and anime with all girls cast can’t be taken seriously at all. Such a shame.

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    • OG-Man says:

      KAOS and the others were all relatable characters and fun to see grow to become better mangaka.

      That’s how it’s always been. Hence why I no longer visit forum sites or care about the majority consensus. I really couldn’t care less what’s considered the “popular” anime in the mainstream because more often than not I’m most likely not watching it unless it’s something I’m interested in.

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  3. Error says:

    I want more from this anime. DOT.

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  4. I’m sure you know how much I loved this series already, so I’ll keep this short(ish). Short by my standards!

    As for the series itself, season 2 please. I need more. Much more. Also, the ED is wonderful.

    As for the final episode: It was great! Though personally my favourite episode of the series might go to Ruki’s focus episode for the animation/direction/etc, or Koyume’s & Tsubasa’s park visit for the sheer level of on-screen gayness.

    So glad they showed us them getting back together again in a new dorm though. Happy little gay mangakas are the best!

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  5. tbiscut74 says:

    There are no word that can properly describe how much i love this anime! My favorite yuri anime of the season for sure! This came out when i needed it, since the last few months have been….. trying. So much warmth this show has given to my heart! I loved every character! The voice Acting was amazing! And so funny! I was Smiling none stop every episode!

    And that last episode with the Baby Kaos-sensai pictures! My Poor Heart wasnt ready! 😀

    And how could you not mention the Divine Gift of Heaven that is Nyaos-Sensai!? She melted my Heart every time she appeared! My #1 favorite character for sure!

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  6. I believe Comic Girls anime has more yuri than Tachibanakan Triangle and it is the most yuri in the season. Nice and comfy CGDCT anime with lovable girls making nice manga. Kaos is so cute.

    By the way, in case you are still looking forward for Hanebado, you may as well forget it. The male coach is an important character and one of the main girls has a crush on him. Just because he does not have a visual does not mean the anime will downplay his role.


  7. yurimylove says:

    once again it’s proven that animals like small girls

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  8. Mauron says:

    Now where will I get my cat with beret fix?

    Excellent show, and a season 2 is much needed.

    I would have liked to see more Kaos x Ruki, and Ruki being Ruki.

    It looked like the new dorm was a new building in the same place as the old dorm. What a shocking turn of events.

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  9. chikorita157 says:

    As with most Manga Time Kirara shows, this is a very enjoyable watch. I enjoyed the characters quite a lot, especially Fuura Suzu of course. Also, easy to relate to Kaoruko as well.

    Hopefully there will be a sequel someday. As for me, I plan to read the manga and hope for one someday.

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  10. Platon says:

    This one was probably the most fun one of this season: Characters were amazingly put together and just on the spot. I do have a soft spot for women with shorter hair, so Tsubasa was my favourite in one way, but Kaos and her personality swings, that was something you can´t see every year presented so lightly and with so much comedy in it.

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  11. cirno9fan says:

    I will try and be brief. So many feelings were had from this show. When I first was getting ready to watch it I was quite hyped, but I didn’t have a clue what I was getting into. That first episode…It brought about a level of cute that I didn’t know existed. I know not everyone agrees, but for me, Kaos is easily best girl. Girl of the Season even. Maybe year depending on what happens before this year is over.

    My only complaint is the same as many, in that there wasn’t enough KaosRuki, hopefully season 2 fixes that (I’m sure we’ll get it. I can’t imagine this show not warranting one in the future, just will probably be a wait).

    Many said how Kaos was not “growing” not “interesting” and even called her “1D”….it made me sad that so many thought this just because her growth wasn’t measured in “success”. But she was always growing, slowly and surely. And her continued determination amidst everything that happened, especially her own self-doubt, was really moving. In an odd way she reminded me of Milky Holmes. Just, her struggles were less on the comedic end and taken more seriously.

    Anyway! Rambling aside, it was amazing. Nyaos-sensei was amazing! Cats need to take over all anime!! And all the side characters were great! Everyone was great! The show was great! Kaos was great! Kaos is love! Kaos is life! #Kaos4ever ! Kaos! Kaos! KAOOOOS!!!!!

    Kaos ❤

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    • OG-Man says:

      KAOS is awesome! Whatever sods on forum sites said about her jobbing a lot can take a hike. It’s also why I am not affected when people say a show/series/etc. sucks because of a “Mary Sue” or “Gary Stu” protagonist. It’s everything else around it that I pay attention to in such cases.

      Hopefully we’ll get more KAORuki next season.

      NYAOS was a totes adorbs kitty for sure.

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  12. x says:

    KAOS can do it.


  13. ImReallyFeelingIt says:

    Kaos is the cutest
    most sweetest
    character/overall thing iv ever seen
    pure perfection; aw~♥

    All the others were great and sweethearts too
    Really loved this anime

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  14. Giack31 says:

    This was a really good anime. My favourite of the season for sure.
    Kaos is such a great character and the last episode legit made me cry.
    I really like that they left the ending open for a second season 🤞

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  15. Nick says:

    I don’t think I shared my final thoughts here so I’ll quickly do that now.

    Really enjoyed this show a lot. As I said many times it was the highlight of my Thursday and it’s something I’ll really miss. From start to finish I loved this show and it never missed a beat. Week in and week out it was constantly solid and I love it when a show does that. While it’s still a cute girls doing cute things show, it’s got so much heart to it and it made each the characters that much more loveable. I honestly don’t know if I can pick a favorite as each of the girls had something I liked about them, so this is a rare time where I can’t pick a best girl.
    But yeah overall it was so delightful to watch and I’ll miss seeing Kaos and the rest of the girls each week. I wonder now what show can fill the void Comic Girls has left. Final score from me was a well deserved 9/10.

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    • OG-Man says:

      Having a Girls Club show that’s consistently good and a cast of Best Girls is a great thing indeed.

      Hopefully Summer will have one show that can fill the void left by Comic Girls’ absence. It shall be dearly missed. S2 better happen sooner or later.

      Liked by 2 people

  16. LuzeriP says:

    Definitely my anime of the season. With Uma Musume in second. When I first saw Kaos I thought I’m gonna like this girl. Now I adore her very much. I feel like watching myself. Of course I’m not cute and I’m borderline creepy when it comes to beautiful girls. Ask around.

    I just realized from this review Kaos seiyuu, Akao’ Wikipedia just updated, that’s so great. Usually English Wikipedia not as detailed as Japan Wikipedia. Unless they’re popular in the West too. We’re going to see a lot of her in the future (watch Back Street Girls).

    My next favorites are Fuura and Kaos’s mom. A beautiful creepy and a beautiful mother. So yeah, I’m sad the show is over. I’m hoping for 2nd season.

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      You sound like a fun lesbian to be around. I’m sure KAOS would be proud.

      I’m curious to see how crazy Back Street Girls can get.

      Good picks for other fav girls.

      Hopefully the wait for S2 won’t be a long one.


  17. K says:

    This show was a great treat. The girls are all so likeable and fun and their stories were most interesting. Another good Kiraranime.

    Kaos is definitely our girl. She may not have overcome her struggles but she was improving bit by bit and that’s very admirable. She kinda reminds me of Machi(Kumamiko) before that final episode made all that progress she made pointless. Also, Kaos looked good with all the hairstyles she had throughout the show.

    I’ve seen lots floofy critters in anime but there’s something about Nyaos that makes it extra floofy. That beret heightens its cuteness factor also.

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      Manga Time Kirara keeps on giving us great series to get adapted into anime.

      KAOS was Machi done right.

      NYAOS’ cuteness was a welcome dessert to an already great full course meal.


  18. piano_cello_conducting says:

    I think this show reached its peak in the middle episodes. The final episodes were a little less impressive. The yuri seems to be pushed aside and the endless pessimism of Kaos was tiresome to watch. Kaos’ character works best when she’s ogling other girls. I’m a little disappointed that the yuri relationships were not developed enough.


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  20. fff says:

    yeah same, slice of life will never beat yuri, ruki x kaoruko should have been a thing
    seems like ruki change her mind on kaos after living with her


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