357th G-View: Kase-San OVA

The wait was a long one for this highly anticipated OVA to both come out and get subbed. For the lucky few who got to witness this animated feature live or the luckier few who know how to search or have friends in high places the wait is over. Question is whether the wait was worth it. Let us find out as we take a look at the Kase-san OVA.

Yamada and Kase-san.jpg

Alternate Title: Asagao to Kase-san (Japanese)

Genres: Romance, Comedy, Yuri

Length: 58 minutes

G-Rating: Favoritism: 10/10. Objective: 8-9/10 (Buy it on Blu-Ray)

Plot Summary: Yui Yamada, a timid girl who enjoys tending to her school’s greenery, falls in love with the boyish and athletic Tomoka Kase. The two eventually begin dating, and the story follows the pair as they face various challenges in their relationship.

I will get straight to the point. Kase-san is one of, if not the most Shiro (White/Light) of Yuri series that has ever been Shiro’ed. What I mean by Shiro Yuri is a lesbian love story devoid of heavy drama found in Kuro (Black/Chaotic) Yuri:

  • No involuntary pouncing.
  • No love triangles.
  • No bloody violence.
  • No Faustian contracts with demonic mascots.
  • No Guys being involved.
  • Whatever else that could upset certain Yuri fans I have not mentioned or am aware of.
Kase-san calling Yamada.jpg

Kase-san calling Yamada.

The story is as simple as two girls dating each other and dealing with whatever obstacles come their way. It is the tale of an adorable cheerful gardener who is determined but not confident in her social skills and the super popular athletic beauty Kase-san who, while more social, shares more in common with Kase than she could have ever realized. While I did say there is no drama usually found in Kuro Yuri media I never said there was none in the story. The troubles our heroines face have to do with being in a romantic relationship for the first time. Even the classic “but we’re both girls” pops up but is but a blemish compared to other issues the two must face such as difference in attention and growing physical yearning to name a few. It is about being in love for the first time, said love being reciprocated and what happens next between the two lovebirds as they get ready to face the world together. It is one of those stories that unlike other romances that end once the two leads get together it continues showing what else there is after the first kiss.

Yamada and Mikawachhi.jpg

Yamada and Mikawa(chi).

The story in the OVA begins around the time Yamada and Kase-san started dating and before the sequel story (Yamada to Kase-san) starts. Remember the magical music video that warmed many a Yuri Nation member’s heart in 2017? That was a very short summary of how they got together. The OVA is set a couple of days after their first kiss.

Update: It has come to my attention that some super fans were bothered the OVA shortened the first part of the story (How the girls got together) and dread it alienating some newcomers. Perhaps it can and did. My take on this is simple: if it motivates other newcomers to the series to pick up the manga and read it then mission accomplished. For viewers not interested in checking out the manga, pity.

As I said above the obstacles the girls overcome are very grounded but understandable. Viewers must keep in mind these two are pure souls who fell in love for the first time, especially Yamada. They have less of idea of what it is like to be in a relationship than someone from a sitcom. Despite that the two do all they can to make their work and grow into something eternal.

Now there is something VERY IMPORTANT viewers need to know before checking out this OVA. It is like watching an “iyashikei” (a tranquil/relaxing story so to speak), meaning there are several moments of silence where one would expect the protagonist to have inner monologues. While Yamada sometimes does have them there are more times the OVA lets silence do the talking. I personally liked it. After all, reading the manga is also meant to be relaxing for Yuri fans who just want cute and fluffy loving.

Yamada and Kase-san embracing.jpg

The animation and cuteness is over 10000.

Speaking of fluffy loving…my goodness. The cuteness and sweetness are off the charts! Reading the manga made me “squee” uncontrollably during several scenes. Seeing some of those scenes animated…my GOD. I swear if we get an anime that covers the rest of what the OVA could not or one that covers the sequel story I do not know if my body could handle such heartwarming cuteness weekly. As readers can tell by reading this the animation is GORGEOUS! It is the same style presented in the music video. Take that and extend it from 5 to 58 minutes…Magical. The soundtrack is best described as scenic. Do not expect anything orchestral or mind blowing…because there is no need. Other than the delightful ED the soundtrack, like the OVA, is soft and calming. Nothing fancy, just simple fluffy loving goodness.

Kase-san closing in.jpg

Second favorite scene in the OVA. First is the one right after.

I mentioned the OVA having several quiet scenes. This brings me to my one itsy-bitsy little nitpick. 95% of the OVA is excellent. That is all but the last act. I am not saying it was bad. Far from it. However, from what I remember in the last couple of chapters in the manga the last act could have been done a bit better. Granted the main focus was the same but some stuff that would have been pretty cool to see animated was left out. I understand though. It is a movie that is less than an hour long so the team did the best they could to animate as many great moments from the manga as possible. The last few minutes of the OVA were excellent, hence why I said this was a nitpick. It did not detract from my enjoyment whatsoever.

Overall The Kase-san OVA was fantastic! Totally worth the wait. Manga readers will enjoy seeing several great scenes given more weight thanks to them being beautifully animated. It also aired in the perfect time where the more prevalent shows centered around or featuring Yuri in 2018 were of the Kuro/Chaotic variety. If interested I would say give this one a try. Also if an option to support the OVA in the West becomes available for fans that does not involve importing then I highly recommend doing so if possible. Show Japan that 100% Shiro Yuri anime are just as wanted as Kuro Yuri. Let us hope the movie does well enough to finally warrant a 20+ minute per episode TV anime.

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56 Responses to 357th G-View: Kase-San OVA

  1. gremriel2016 says:

    So, do I have to search and wait for a subbed version someplace on the internet; do I need to go to a webstore somewhere in Asia and hope there’s a properly subbed BluRay; or can I buy it in the West (more specifically: Europe) like I would with all my entertainment needs?

    I really wish they (Japanese artists/publishers) would think about their Western audiences.


  2. Error says:

    “20+ minute per episode TV anime” x 22, minimum. 🙂

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    • OG-Man says:

      It can cover the beginning, expand the middle and end of the first series that the OVA covered and continue with the sequel. Let’s hope we get something like that.

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  3. yamialastor says:

    I learned something new today (Shuro and Kuro), thanks!

    I’m yet to see the OVA (waiting til’ later when it’s more quiet here) but I have read the manga and if this is anywhere near close to that, then this will be great. I honestly think Kase-san is so upbeat and cheery that non-yuri fans who like romance stuff like Tsuki Ga Kirei or something should try it.It’s one of those things that really emphazise the phrase ‘love is love’ to me.

    Should report back once I’ve watched it!

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  4. LuzeriP says:

    I have no other words except it was so freakin cute. My heart can’t take it. Although right now I’m watching it over and over again. It’s really bad for my heart but I don’t care. Yamada surely the cutest and Kase-san has a great body (if only there’s more bath scene). Overall best OVA I’ve ever seen. Also I need to buy the bluray. A movie this precious needs to play in a big screen tv.

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  5. That was…that was…beautiful! sobs audible Yuri fangirl tears

    Definitely buying it if I can get my hands on it at some point, and the manga is getting put right at the top of my “read this ASAP/find this and buy this and then read this” list!

    sheds more audible fangirl tears

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  6. x says:

    I was hoping they would show how they started dating or what lead to it, but all in all the best ova.


  7. kracen says:

    I’m probably gonna be the only one to say it here… But I was actually pretty disappointed in it… Yes I enjoyed it, maybe I was overexcited and thought it’d be completely perfect and thus couldn’t possibly live up to my expectations…
    For me, it was great, but the way it was presented, the way (What I believe to be) a significant amount of important fluff to make the story what it was, was cut out… It really felt as though it was just a gift to the readers and not to get people into it for those who haven’t ever read it.

    Without knowledge of the manga, and the characters, you’d have no real idea what was going on… The story is about Yamada overcoming her insecurities to believe she is worthy of being with Kase, while also learning what it means to be in a relationship… Kase has a similar side but her insecurities are born from Yamada’s mostly, with more of a focus on protecting Yamada from her concerns… A lot of the backing of this, with the exception of the bento part, was completely removed, which I believe is the essence of what the manga is about.

    So, from a readers perspective, its an easy 10/10 because we have all the backstory, fluff and context from which to understand what is going on… but someone who had never read the manga, would probably find it more confusing than anything, which doesn’t help put the Yuri genre into the more acceptable mainstream… Yes I know it is just an OVA, but an OVA is the perfect setting to have a quick, understandable and enjoyable story that people who are not willing to watch a full series to see if they like something.

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    • OG-Man says:

      I’m sure others out there share your lack of satisfaction. At least you have the manga to fall back on till the day something more fulfilling pops up related to this series.


    • Excuse me for saying this, but as someone who’s never read the manga, only heard about it, I still throughly enjoyed this one, and understood pretty well what was going on at all points. And it definitely has made me all the more interested in reading the manga/seeing a longer series to see all the stuff that was left out. So there are non-manga readers out here/there who did enjoy this.

      …Though I am already a devoted fan of Yuri, so there is that…but still I feel that this one did a pretty good job of making me interested in and hungry for more, as a non-reader. Definite 9/10 or even 10/10 without ever having read the manga (yet).

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  8. Reapy_s0ul says:

    I still loved it, but the pacing was atrocious imo, as someone has read the manga from beginning to finish, I feel like this was dwarfed by the source material. Definitely would have preferred a full-length anime to faithfully adapt the entire manga, but you don’t always get everything you want.


    • OG-Man says:

      Four volumes’ worth of content in less than an hour. What did you expect?


      • Reapy_s0ul says:

        Some sort of order of events and possibly at least mentioning the important plot points idk.

        I mean it is still Kase-san so I had a smile on my face the entire time but I guess my expectations were far too high because I love the manga so much.


  9. It’s a well animated and well directed Anime, and well acted as far as I can judge Japanese voice acting. But…..

    As a massive Yuri enthusiast I hate the one debbie downer on this OVA, but it’s really not to my taste. A lot of people are saying it’s so preferable to Citrus cause it doesn’t have so much DRAAAAMAAAA!!!!! But the thing is, it is still a Melodrama, it is still a conflict driven narrative. And so if we’re gonna have Melodrama I’d prefer they just go all out with it.

    I do want more fiction that isn’t conflict driven narratives. And what I want from that for Yuri is just Lucky Star or K-On or Yuru Yuri but with everyone unambiguously openly gay, all the plausible deniability thrown out.

    I get that Kase-San is trying to capture a more realistic relationship awkwardness and tension, and if that’s what you need from a Yuri Romance then this might be for you. But I don’t want that kind of realism from Anime. This OVA was okay but I couldn’t watch a 12 or 24 episode series with this general tone.

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    • OG-Man says:

      Don’t worry. You’re not the only debbie downer who dropped by this post.

      You at least had the common decency of saying “I don’t like this kind of yuri”. That’s fair. Not everyone does.

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  10. Bayuro says:

    Wow look at those comments! So many at the instant. That’s what you expect from a much anticipated Yuri anime.

    I just watched the whole OVA tho… Yamada is just too cute especially when there’s a young plant (her ahoge) growing on her head.

    Got a bit of research and I find out she has the same voice actress as El Condor Pasa.

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  11. Platon says:

    I agree with most of the reeaders, it was light, heartwarming and ejoyable, but the OVA didn´t do justice to the manga source and it did deserve the full series, 20+min. 12ep. would be just enough to cover the story. Still, we need more anime like this and more full series without extra drama, series to just sit down, enjoy and relax


    • OG-Man says:

      For a nearly hour long OVA that crammed in four volumes worth of story it did the best it could. As I told many here let’s hope it eventually leads to a 20+ minute per episode anime that has the time to include more fluffy loving that the OVA couldn’t fit in.

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  12. tsubasasfamily says:

    Just watched it. Oh god, my heart. There were parts of this that were just so damn cute I can’t even. Yamada ❤ Kase must cherish her forever, she is so pure.

    This really makes me want a full adaptation even more. This OVA felt like a special treat to manga readers, but as much as I love it, I can tell it wouldn’t stand quite as well on its own with no prior knowledge of the source material. I was impressed with the fact that it took its time instead of trying to rush through a bunch of scenes though, that was an excellent choice on the part of the writer(s). The OVA felt confident in what it was doing throughout and I’m very happy with it all things considered. The Yuri gods have smiled upon us.

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  13. Now I am waiting for the two 24 episode seasons of Kase-san, at least three OVA’s, a complete movie trilogy and a remastered movie trilogy. Watching the OVA filled me with joy. Not only did the OVA capture the sweetness of the manga we love, overall the OVA was brilliantly directed. The shift from heartwarming, romantic Slice of Life to heartwarming, romantic iyashikei worked was one of the highlights of the adaptation, for me at least. I agree that the OVA’s ending was rather disappointing, as it was rather anti-climatic. Still I loved the OVA and hopefully the anime gods will heed my unreasonable demands 😛

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    • OG-Man says:

      Anti-climactic is a word I would use but not the last couple of minutes. No sir.

      Yup. Hopefully we will eventually get that TV anime we’ve been wishing for since reading the words “Asagao to Kase-san anime” on Twitter.

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  14. Cytrus says:

    Finally sat down to watch this and it exceeded my expectations (when I see OVA, I think “up to 30 minutes”, this was basically a short movie modestly calling itself an OVA).

    Other than the super fluffy feel, the biggest outstanding point of this OVA is obviously how it starts with a relationship established. It’s a daring choice, since it means skipping some easy squee potential. But it also means that there is 50 minutes of content we almost never see in other series. And there’s not even a love triangle to pad things out!

    Easy recommend in the open (no denial possible) yuri category. Aoi Hana for a hard-boiled story, this for fluffity-fluff. If the manga is even better, like many people here seems to think, then more power to that.

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  15. yurimylove says:

    there can never be enough genuine onscreen yuri kisses!

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  16. Mauron says:

    That was a fun watch. I was quite disappointed they didn’t do the “things girls can do besides kissing” scene. Yamada’s innocence with that is fun to watch.

    I need to pick up more of the manga for this. Also, a full anime is necessary.

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  17. elkat4 says:

    This OVA moved me to tears. I’ve never read the manga, but in only a hour I was so invested in their relationship that the last ten minutes had me worried. Their love is pure and uncomplicated, I might have as well been staring into the sun. I don’t know if I’ll ever read the manga. If it brings the emotions in like this, I might have to do so only in short spells as I don’t know if my heart can handle so much greatness in large doses.

    On another note, the scene where Yamada invites Kase over to her house and states that her parents weren’t going to be home until later, I thought myself “That’s a sex flag.” Apparently I wasn’t the only one thinking that. ^///^ Poor Kase-san.

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      I HIGHLY RECOMMEND READING THE MANGA! Trust me. There’s a reason why fans want a TV anime. WE NEED MORE!

      Told you that was the one of best scenes as I had hinted in the review.


  18. Just watched this in my (thank god I built it) Anime home cinema.

    Haaah…. now I feel warm and happy all over. 🙂 So wonderful! Animation, backgrounds, calm music, voice act (they sounded almost like I imagined it in my head, especially Kase-san), everything just fit so well!

    I don’t think I need to say that much more at this point. Definitely needs all the other chapters animated as well, of course. Wouldn’t even care if they recycled the entire movie for parts of a TV series either. Really, I wouldn’t.

    Also, as you mentioned the silent moments: Silence is quite powerful, emotionally, isn’t it? I loved that moment at the bus stop! 😉

    Will buy the Blu-Ray as soon as preorders are up!

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  19. piano_cello_conducting says:

    I think we need more yuri anime like this. No unnecessary angst with rivals scheming or the whole indecisiveness to get together etc. It is good to watch one which takes place after the relationship has been established.


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  23. Katlyn johnson says:

    I not being mean or trying to make whoever decided to this an ova, but you should remake the manga into a tv series instead of just making just the one ova movie as again I am not trying to offend you or in anything of that matter. And also let me introduce myself my name is katlyn joann johnson I live in griffin ga in the USA. I am autistic an 19 1/2 years old I just recently discovered anime and I totally love. I really hope you considered my comment and make it happen.


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