Is The Order a Rabbit? Dear My Sister

The long awaited English subs of this highly anticipated special/OVA have finally come out. Let’s check it out.

Sad Cocoa.jpg

Is Cocoa leaving?

We kicked things off with Chiya and Syaro hurrying to the train station. It looked like Cocoa was leaving everyone…for a week…to visit her family. Unsurprisingly Cocoa and Chiya acted like they’d never see each other again, them being soul mates and all.

Aoyama Blue Mountain and her Editor.jpg

ABM and her editor.

On the train Cocoa ran into ABM who was “on a journey”. Her editor made sure ABM didn’t lose track of her responsibilities.

Lonely Chino.jpg

Back at Rabbit House Chino had enough time to stop acting all tsundere-like and start feeling lonely without Cocoa around. Clearly the lovable genki had a huge impact in her life.

Hot Bakery.jpg

Hot Bakery. Cocoa’s family business.

Cocoa, Mocha and their Mom.jpg

Cocoa, Mocha and their mom.

Fresh reminder of where Cocoa and the arch-enemy of someone I will not name got their looks from. Cocoa envisioned a cuddly “welcome back” from her family but what she actually got was even better.

Chino's Posse funny faces.jpg

Chino’s Posse were as adorable as always. Not much to say about them. They were fun.

Serious Rize.jpg

Serious Onee-chan Rize.

Rize was put in charge by Cocoa as the temporary Onee-chan while she was away. As expected she’s strict with the posse.

Chino and Rize's first meeting

This looks familiar.

Rize’s strictness reminded her of when they first met. I imagine it must be tradition for people to be blessed by Rize’s fantastic body on their first meeting. Unsurprisingly Chino’s first impression of Rize was an intimidating one but over time she SLOWLY mellowed down. Chino then realized she was strict but also very kind.

Chino's bunny gift from Rize.jpg

The origin of Chino’s bunnie plushie.

After mellowing down Rize gifted Chino with a plushie. When the rest of the posse asked Rize where they could buy one she said it was confidential.

Chiya and Syaro talking to Rize.jpg

After work Chiya and Syaro found Rize at the park feeling down. She explained that she knew how much Chino missed Cocoa. The figured out what she really wanted was the posse to look up to her in a cute way rather than be intimidated by her. The two cuties knew exactly what to do.

Due to Cocoa’s family living far off in the mountainside they didn’t have wi-fi connection so it took a while before Cocoa could call Chino. After said call Chino noticed something about the plushie. Its sewing looked rough, meaning she solved the mystery of where the plushie came from.

Blushing Rize.jpg

Embarrassed Rize.

Rize felt a mix of embarrassment and glee that day.

Three Bakerteers.jpg

The Three Bakerteers.

Back at the Hot Bakery the Three “Bakerteers” started off their morning fresh. Cocoa wanted to show her family how much she’d improved but realized she still had a ways to go to reach their level of skill. She’s gifted with the family’s sexy gene so she had that going for her.

Mocha's scooter.jpg

Mocha’s scooter.

The two went to deliver some bread on Mocha’s sweet scooter and then visited a spot with a great view of the ocean.

Cocoa the witch.jpg

Cocoa the witch.

They had a discussion about what Cocoa wanted to become when she grew up. Longtime fans of the show will know what her first idea is. This reminded Mocha of what Cocoa wanted to be when she’s younger. Unfortunately for her Cocoa didn’t like being reminded of that.

Mocha tending to customers.jpg

When Mom saw her girls in a bit of a pickle she devised a brilliant plan to help them patch things up though she had to be a little tricky to get it done. Cocoa saw first hand how hard Mocha worked and the experience she had with customers. It helped her calm down and rekindle her admiration and love for her onee-chan. Later that evening Cocoa and Mom talked about what she really wanted at that moment in time.

Magical Girl Chino.jpg

Magical Girl Chino.

One amusing dream later and it was already time for Cocoa to return to Rabbit House.

Mocha's tears of joy.jpg

Tears of joy.

On the way to the station Cocoa told Mocha what she wanted to become was someone who could make people smile just like her role model. The joy in Mocha’s heart was immeasurable.

Drunk Syaro Special.jpgCocoa Returns.jpg

There was talk of an upcoming festival throughout the Special. Not gonna go into details discussing it. Fun times were had.

Overall it was a 60 minute episode and a fun one at that. Nothing amazing but everything was of higher quality so there you go. Feel free to share your highlights in the comments section. Mine was everything involving Cocoa’s family.

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18 Responses to Is The Order a Rabbit? Dear My Sister

  1. Great to see the cute rabbits again and Mocha and mom get their time to shine. Rize sure cannot stop lewding herself.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jack Cactus says:

    My Lord, where did u find the path to enlightenment??

    I’m lost and cannot proceed on my journey

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Rokfer says:

    Cocoa and Chiya… Soulmates ? That’s a first.

    80% of the yuri stuff I’ve seen online of this anime is Chino x Cocoa, and the other 20% is Syaro x Rize/Chiya.

    Even when watching the anime, I only see the similarities between the Cocoa/Chino pair and the Yui/Azu-nyan pair from K-on! (aka one of the purest yuri ever).

    Oh well, I guess we can’t all have the same yuri goggles :/

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Cocoa and Chiya works fine, especially when you consider that Cawfee-Gween x Tea scene.


  5. Mauron says:

    I’ve missed this show, and things like Cocoa and Chiya’s love.

    That is one hot bakery.

    The classified origin of the plushie was great.

    I need a season 3.

    Liked by 3 people

  6. cirno9fan says:

    I had forgotten we were on the same wavelength regarding this show OG 😀

    Also, I liked Mocha here. I’ve very much warmed up to her~

    It was a fun ova, and I REALLY want a season 3 now T_T

    Also, can never get enough of ponytail Cocoa ❤

    I find it interesting how all the fanart is CocoaChino, but the show/OVAs don’t stop us from cheering on Chiya to snatch Cocoa up one of these days~

    Also, expected this to be just Cocoa and her family antics (I can be very nineball, you know this), so I was very pleasantly surprised that it was so much more than that!

    Finally, Cocoa’s family is amazing!

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      So the feud between you two is over? Awwwww…There’s always season 3. Some grudges never die. I anticipate the rage resurfacing then.

      Unlike Yui X Azusa I never once saw Cocoa and Chino as anything more than a sisterly bond. Cocoa X Chiya on the other hand. Oh I could go on and on.

      The Cocoa family stuff were the best in the special. That and Chiya longing for Cocoa’s return. The Rize scenes were also wonderful.

      Liked by 1 person

      • cirno9fan says:

        Yeah, it’s definitely more of a sisterly bond. And while I do ship sisters, they just don’t feel like the shipworthy sort of sisters. Now Mayu and Megu? They definitely will get with Chino in the near future methinks (the “middle school” uniforms for this school are really awkward XD They look a lot like primary school uniforms…).

        I mean, I thought you’d be glad? Someone becomes a Dia fan, “you’ve seen the light”, someone stops hating on a character “Awww….I wanted to see you rage more” 怪しい……

        I liked all the scenes really. it was a great balance of everything~


      • OG-Man says:

        Sure.. A Chino Posse OT3 would be nice.

        Because your utter hatred of her amuses me. Let’s just say YOUR DISDAIN for her is special.


      • Mauron says:

        I think Cocoa has a crush on Chino, but nothing compared to her love for Chiya.


  7. K says:

    My favorite moments were with the Hot Bakerteers and learning more about Chino/Rize.

    Heh, it was nice seeing Cocoa and Chiya being super melodramatic again. It just shows how strong their bonds are.

    Rize’s good at making bunny plushies. She shouldn’t have to try to hide that, especially since she wants to be seen as less intimidating but I get it. I’m pretty sure she liked being the big sis to the Posse while Cocoa was away, even if she doesn’t want to admit it.

    Cocoa’s hometown’s quite nice and it has a nice view of the sea. Riding around on that moped must have been quite the experience, indeed.

    Cocoa wants to be a big sis better than Mocha someday and that’s because Mocha’s her ideal, her hope. Those words were like music to Mocha’s ears.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. yurimylove says:

    More of the fun stuff that makes this series great! The only small regret is that Syaro hasn’t been able to seize a moment to get closer to Rize, yet.

    Liked by 1 person

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