Uma Musume -Pretty Derby- Episode 11: Silent Force

Last time we saw Special Week make a triumphant return from a painful losing streak. In this episode it was the Open Special, meaning Silence Suzuka’s highly anticipated return to the track. How did she fare? Let’s find out.

Silence Suzuka ready to race

Broye's announcement.jpg

Before getting to the race we were greeted by a surprise guest. Turns out Broye would be competing in the Japan Derby, meaning she’d be going up against Special Week. Look forward to that epic showdown next time.

Broye's thighs.jpg

Broye’s thighs. Perhaps hers are more fitting of the “thicc” description thrown around online to describe hot anime babe thighs.

Special Week taking care of Silence Suzuka.jpgSilence Suzuka taking care of Special Week.jpg

The first half of the episode doesn’t have much to talk about. It was a two-sided preparation. Broye gave a brief demonstration of why she’s as good as everyone makes her out to be while Special and Suzuka were training hard preparing for their respective races and supporting each other when able. Since Suzuka’s return race was up first she got support from both Team Spica and Team Rigil.

El Condor's Strategy Book.jpg

El Condor Pasa’s strategy book.

There were two neat scenes worth mentioning. The first one was El Condor Pasa offering Special her “Anti-Broye” strategy book to help her but Special was like “Thanks for the help but I’ll take on Broye using my own skills”. El Condor respected her decision and said “Then you better not lose”.

Focused Silence Suzuka.jpg

Focused Suzuka.

The other scene was before the start of the race where Trainer Guy revealed that he lied to Suzuka when he said she’d be back in action after recovering. The doctor told him she’d most likely never race again. We all know who we have to thank for Suzuka’s recovery…besides the rest of Team Spica of course.

Sun Visor.jpg

Sun Visor.

There was another reason Trainer Guy was worried for Suzuka. That being the impressive up and comer Sun Visor who didn’t take kindly to being looked over by many in favor of Suzuka’s big return.

Silence Suzuka vs Sun Visor.jpg

Silence Suzuka vs Sun Visor.

Think of their bout as something akin to Rocky Balboa vs Tommy Gunn but under far less unfavorable circumstances than in Rocky V. As for the race itself it initially looked like the leg would hamper Suzuka like it did her real life counterpart. However…she was just waiting for an opening. Once she found it and remembered everything that happened up to that point along with her oh-so important promise she tapped into the Speed Force once again…and that’s all she wrote. Dem feels throughout the track yo…dem feels.

Emotionally driven episode like last time. Good stuff as usual. Be sure to tune in next time for the mega race that is Special Week vs Broye!

Before we end the episode let’s see what Best Horse and her beloved were up to.

Gold Ship and Mejiro McQueen training.jpg

Training and tussling.

Team Spica positive energy waves.jpg

Positive Energy Waves

Leading an Umahameha/UmaKen of positivity to help Suzuka win. In short being awesome as always.

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18 Responses to Uma Musume -Pretty Derby- Episode 11: Silent Force

  1. x says:

    That’s one way to shot a positive ball.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Bayuro says:

    Just passing through here, I really missed this site. I currently tuning in on Uma Musume but I only have time to comment here.

    I observed that many here called Gold Ship as best gril, I agree too because of her crazy antics with Mejiro McQueen. She’s one of those character that can outfame the MC like Special Week and Silence Suzuka.

    Silence Suzuka, every time I watch her race it’s like she came from another planet.

    Another observation, that French horse girl called Broye, she really reminds me of one particular character from the retro anime called “The Rose of Versailles”.

    Liked by 3 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Welcome back dood.

      Gold Ship is Best Horse. No question.

      She’s pretty much a Speedster after all.

      Yes. Some fans have noticed Broye’s physical similarities to Oscar Francois de Jarjayes.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. tbiscut74 says:

    A good episode indeed!

    It was sweet how the MC couple looked after each other, as proper girlfriends are want to do.

    And Best Horse being amazin with her girlfriend. And that positive energy “transfer” was fantastic! I Love Her!

    (Also what was that board game she was playin in that one scene?)

    And boy, Broye is still drop dead Gorgeous! And dem legs! Oh My!

    Liked by 2 people

  4. One thing this episode and the last one have made me realize is that this series that really good music timing/usage. Both of the tracks during Special’s race last episode and Suzuka’s race in this one had amazing timing that makes the races feel just much more intense…including the dead silence/lack of music when Suzuka takes a deep breath and prepares to make her move.

    Aww…so supportive, so gay. Huh, so Special is basically the reason why Suzuka is able to race again, in more ways than one.

    GO SUZUKA! The Speed Force is accessible once again, and this time there were no injuries to get in her way!

    Golden Ship ship was again wonderful. Special mention also to subtle adorable cuddlings in one moment just as Suzuka won her race.

    Next time, can Special win against the strongest horse known using only her own power? Go go Special!

    Liked by 2 people

  5. chikorita157 says:

    It’s nice that Suzuka is now back in the game. It’s interesting how she wasn’t first at first during the most of the race until the very end to build up the suspense. Either way, it’s good that Suzuka quickness came back and Special is obviously happy to see her back in the game.

    Still, quite surprising that Sun Visor is voiced by the Tsundere queen, Kugimiya Rie. Still, Sun Visor is still a bit tsundere.

    Also, it seems that Special will have a hard time next week. Hopefully Special won’t go back to her usual losing streak since it would be disappointing.

    Liked by 3 people

  6. cirno9fan says:

    Was very tense, and they shot off all the flags. But thankfully it was all a red herring, and Suzuka made her triumphant return!

    Now, it’s time to see if Special can get out of the failure spiral PA has been keeping her in all this time. The show’s hitting it’s end, so I really hope they don’t have her lose again….

    I personally lean towards Teio for best horse, but the whole of Spica are pretty great

    Lots of newfaces in this episode that will never have much screentime XD

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Murii says:

    In terms of raw speed I think Suzuka is better than Broye. The problem is Suzuka has been out of the game for a whole year so her track record took a massive hit. At this point even Spe has more G1 races won (G1 races are the highest level races). But I think if Suzuka and Broye raced each other, Suzuka would come on top.

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to episode 13 the most. I hope we’ll get that all-Spica race they keep hinting at. That would be sweet.

    Liked by 2 people

  8. yurimylove says:

    Breaking news! Spinoff anime series just announced, to be titled “The Horse of Versailles” 😛

    Liked by 1 person

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