Magical Girl Site 6+7: New Blood

Back to the madness we go.

Nijimi fawning

We’ll keep the Nijimi visit scene short. She wanted Aya’s head for lying to her about Shioi. Suddenly for no good reason she got a crush on Garbage Boy. Nijimi tried holding back her anger towards Aya while Garbage Boy was being Garbage Boy by planning to use her for his wicked schemes. Again I couldn’t care less about his storyline. The same goes for AniTwitter Guy who was bawling his eyes out seeing his “precious” gushing over another guy. You know, idol purity and all that crap. That or he wants Nijimi’s booty. Whatever.

Kosame healing Rina Shioi.jpg

Healing blood.

On to things that actually matter we join the eye patch girl. Turns out she didn’t come to kill Shioi but heal her with her blood. Her pocket knife Stick gave her blood healing properties. Thus Rina Shioi recovered from her coma.

Kosame Amagai.jpg

Kosame Amagai having a panic attack.

The healer, Kosame Amagai, is prone to cutting herself before she stumbled upon the Magical Girl Site. She also has periodic panic attacks. Probably part of an abusive family.


Kosame’s first big reveal was that Frieza wasn’t the only freaky Magical Girl Site Admin. In fact there was a whole organization of them running their own Magical Girl Sites and recruiting unfortunate girls as part of their ultimate scheme.

Besides Shioi Kosame also healed Aya and Tsuyuno. She explained that her team needed their help to find out what the admins were planning and stop them. We then got a bit more information on the Tempest. Long story short it’s coming on August 11th, 7:23 PM and would wipe out most of humanity. There WAS a way for someone to avoid being part of the purge: By offering a Stick full of negative energy. While there was plenty of that around the world…readers who were paying attention know why this won’t work. So Kosame’s plan was to gather a group of magical girls then find and capture an admin to get information on the organization’s scheme.

Samurai Magical Girl

Hype girl.

Like Rory when Kosame’s teammates were introduced this magical girl interested me the most. He knows why but for me it’s because she’s the hottest and a swordswoman.

Admin killing magical girl.jpg

Admins going around killing magical girls who knew too much.

I have a question. If the admins’ goal is for the unfortunate magical girls to go around gathering energy and ultimately kill each other then why include a “backdoor” to uncover information on the Tempest and later their scheme? My best guess is they only counted on the girls who found the “backdoor” to become paranoid killers who will go around gathering Sticks but not figure out the truth.

Tsuyuno and Aya resting

Aya and Tsuyuno resting.

After Shioi left Aya and Tsuyuno to search for an admin they took a break to talk about Tsuyuno’s revenge. She basically told Aya about the murderer and her plan of torturing him and suffer a slow, painful death. As we all know Sarina the magical bully cut her revenge short last time. Thankfully Tsuyuno found a new reason to keep on living. Take a wild guess. The episode ended with Aya convincing her parents to have Tsuyuno stay with them for a while.


Kosame telling the girls a harsh truth.jpg

“Oh. One more thing.”

Episode 7 kicked off with a “Oh. One more thing” moment as Kosame told our heroines…and Shioi that although she healed their wounds she didn’t extend their lifespan. No matter how healthy they were their lives were still cut short the moment they became magical girls. Knowing this Tsuyuno still wanted to take down the admins before their untimely deaths.

Tsuyuno and Aya sleeping together.jpg

Aya and Tsuyuno holding hands and sleeping together.

Ojou-Sama magical girl.jpg

Ojou-Sama magical girl and her masochist butler.

Not much to add to this teammate of Kosame’s yet. She’s an ojou-sama with a hot bod along with an equally hot ego and equally horny masochist butler.

Patient vengeance.jpg

Patient vengeance.

This next magical girl reminds me of a certain someone from Magical Girl Raising Project. This person kept a secret that was unfortunately discovered. Kosame wondered why the person didn’t use their power to get back at the bullies to which they responded that their time would come. Once the bullies established a stable life and created families of their own…they would strike.

Nijimi's panties again.jpg

Nijimi has a nice booty all things considered.

Before our heroines…and Shioi were to meet up with Kosame’s team there was one more girl they needed to recruit. Unfortunately this girl had a very strong grudge. Luckily they made a deal…

Rina Shioi, transfer student.jpg

Of course this would happen.

Anyone surprised by this hasn’t watched much anime…or television. Nijimi was pleased to see the new transfer student. Veeeeery pleased.

Aya's glory.jpg

Taking extreme measures.

I don’t blame you Aya. It was either that or a messy(-ier) classroom.

Kosame's Team.jpg

Mikari Izumigamine, Sayuki Ringa, Kosame Amagai and Kiyoharu Suirenji.

Later that day our heroines managed to drag Shioi and Nijimi to the meeting spot. There they were formally introduced to Kosame’s team.

  • Mikari Izumigamine. She has a mach speed flying broom though nowhere near as fast as Top Speed.
  • Sayuki Ringa. She can harden whatever she cuts.
  • Kiyoharu, Kiyo for short, can read minds and communicate with others with her mind. Kiyo is also a cross-dressing boy. Transgender perhaps like that other magical girl I eluded to?
Asahi Takiguchi.jpg

Asahi Takiguchi.

Lastly there’s Asahi Takiguchi. She has superhuman abilities such as super speed. One would hope Kosame’s team is a more cohesive unit…I refer readers to my previous comment regarding television. The plan, in short, was to capture an admin and have Kiyo read their mind.

Sarina meets Nana again.jpg

Sarina meets Frieza again.

We then joined Sarina still thinking about her fight against Aya. when she went to look up the site again Frieza was waiting. It demanded the Sticks Sarina gathered but she refused wanting to kill “those girls” first. Frieza warned her not to get any bright ideas and then disappeared.

Aya and Tsuyuno having a lovers spat.jpg

Lovers spat.

Cut to our heroines taking a bath together and having a lovers spat.

Uninvited guest.jpg

Uninvited guest.

While we were blessed with Shioi’s deliciousness our friend Rory pointed out that our heroines were all alone in the manga. Oh well. At least we got parts of the lovers spat intact so no biggie.

Ominous call

Ominous call.

The episode ended with Aya getting a call from Kosame but what she had to say wasn’t good at all. Earlier when Kiyo met Tsuyuno he most likely saw something really bad inside her mind. We’ll find out what Kosame’s message was and the favor Aya asked of Kiyo and her next time.


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21 Responses to Magical Girl Site 6+7: New Blood

  1. Giack31 says:

    I like that Tsuyuno and now also Shioi have moved in with Aya so that there are less chances that the brother does something to her.
    The panties scene in the classroom was so surreal. Why did she have to hold them up like that?
    It’s good to see the Aya x Tsuyuno ship finally taking shape.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. kitsu260 says:

    Kiyo best girl…
    Oh, they change something in Serina and Frieza scene, probably mean original ending.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Nick says:

    The sudden revelation of more magical girl sites was something I totally didn’t see coming, but how they all point towards the same end game is gonna make for a thrilling finish to this show.

    The Healing Blood was kinda gross tbh

    Nijimi does have a nice ass. Thicc thighs too as seen a few eps ago.

    I’m really getting into this show a lot more now, it’s one I look forward to each week as these girls press on towards this apocalyptic end. Should be good.

    Oh and Garbage Boy really needs to die. I hate that guy so much. If only the damn plot didn’t have to keep him around. Also the AniTwitter Guy is still a wild card. What’s his game in all of this? I want to know, it’s bothering me.

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      The plot thickens and keeps getting more interesting.

      You could relate to Shioi then.

      Oh yes indeed.

      Like I said a couple of times the show’s pretty good except for Garbage Boy and AniTwitter Guy.

      Liked by 2 people

  4. The site administrators have pretty scary powers, firing off finger bullets like that seemingly with no effort whatsoever…the plan to capture one of them better be a good one, or someone’s gonna die, and it won’t be pretty.

    Nice to see that eye patch girl wasn’t doing what we thought she was going to to Shioi, and then that she also healed Tsuyuno (yay!) and Aya back up. Teamwork is power, after all, especially with those site administrators. I assume the administrators have essentially more than enough power to handle any one magical girl, but they likely (hopefully) haven’t planned for an entire coordinated team to come after one of them…

    Katana girl is indeed pretty cool.

    …Well…that’s certainly one way to render Nijimin powerless…

    Yes! Ship moments! My shipper heart is pleased.

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      That was most likely an homage to Frieza’s Death Beam.

      Thankfully Kosame’s team aren’t up to no good…yet.

      Oh yes she is.


      We were all pleased I’m sure.

      Liked by 2 people

  5. ThePhenomenalSecond says:

    I’m 99% sure that most of those girls will die before the shows over, possibly by the bully’s hands (or yoyo, rather).

    I like this show a lot, my only concern is that I hope MC-chan’s decision to save the bully amounts to something. Maybe the bully shows some remorse, they have an actual conversation or something, because so far that’s been the most interesting individual moment of the show for me. And I’m VERY afraid that it’s going to end up being meaningless and it was just a way to keep the bully alive.

    Liked by 2 people

  6. x says:

    Not that they have Nijimi’s magic stick, now who is going to wear it? With the events that are heroines had to face so far, time will tell how far there relationship is or will be, How many more magical girls will arrive before it end?

    Liked by 3 people

  7. Alexis says:

    Esta serie está entrando en el climax y lo mejor es que Tsuyuno y Aya comienzan a entrar en celo, al parecer la chica del pelo rosa no estaba ahí originalmente, pero ella jugó el papel de Yurizan Kazan al señalar que este par es empalagoso y que nosotr@s podamos construir el barco.

    Freezer y sus compinches son muy misteriosos, necesitamos más información.

    A estas alturas de la serie lo único que pido es que Sarina y él asqueroso oni-chan mueran y tengan un funeral barato.

    Nos escribimos


  8. I think this character is far more likely to be Trans then the one from Raising Project. With this character they made a point to make what Bathroom she uses is a controversy.

    Liked by 2 people

  9. Merb says:

    Kiyo is trans. She gets called slurs in the manga and many of the mains refer to her with female pronouns.

    On a totally unrelated note, chapter 54 was god’s gift to Aya/Tsuyuno shippers. Like. Wow. Yes.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. yurimylove says:

    Aya has become quite the unexpected “harem protagonist”, seeing as more and more girls are moving into her house…

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Mauron says:

    Finally caught up on the last couple episodes. I was thrilled with the ship moment in episode 6, and then we got episode 7.

    Aya deciding to do the Zelda item obtained pose was probably a poor choice in that situation. Still… “You got the mind control Stick. You can use it by setting it to <, v, or >. Just don’t mention how you got it.”

    New trans character? I can get behind that. She seems close to Kosame. More of them, please.

    Mikari is interesting. I’d like to hear her thoughts on Dog Play and Nijimin in detail.

    I won’t complain about Shioi’s addition to the bath scene, for multiple reasons.

    Liked by 2 people

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