Lesbian Romance Short Stories – Luscious Collection Volume 1 Kickstarter

I’m helping promote a little Kickstarter project for what looks to be the start of a lovely series of short stories. Check out the ones being offered in this first volume to kick off what could possibly be something big. This is Volume 1 of Luscious Spirit Studios‘ Luscious Collection of Lesbian Romance Short Stories.

Lesbian Luscious Spirit Collection Volume 1.jpg

Luscious Spirit Collection Volume 1 is our first collection of adult lesbian romance stories. You can read these stories on tapastic, however the book contain all the adult scenes that were too saucy to post. Support our writers by buying the uncut, unedited parts of their stories.

All stories are short one-shot adventures and dramas so you can enjoy a completed story with no commitment.

This is a limited edition print run of this book. There are currently no plans for it to be published in stores. If you are interested in this collection please support the Kickstarter If you miss this Kickstarter you will have to wait for the next Kickstarter for a chance to get a physical copy. You can buy the individual stories on Amazon.

Luscious Rewards.jpg


The interested can visit the Kickstarter Page HERE and get previews of the stories included in Volume 1.



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