Yuri Talk: The 18 “Tachi” Commandments (Translated by OG)

Here we are at the conclusion of the “Baroness’ 18 Commandments Trilogy”. Funny thing is the following list is the first one since I was introduced to the trilogy by Wammy from Wammy Radio who tweeted the third list and requested my translating it from Spanish to English. Baroness SethLiony, aka The Yuri Baroness, a Spanish Yuri Youtuber, liked what I did and asked if I could do so for the other two prior lists as well. I accepted. With that out of the way let’s get right to it as we conclude the trilogy by looking at “The 18 ‘Tachi’ Commandments”. Like with the last two translations these are simplified, not word by word, translations of the commandments for English speakers to have a casual understanding of what was said.

Check out the other two posts of the trilogy in the links below:

Ume and Shaga

WARNING! Video contains spoilers for many anime featuring Yuri scenes up to Spring 2017.

We start the episode briefly describing Tachis as the girls/women who take the initiative or strike first in anime lesbian relationships whereas Nekos are both the opposite and somewhat more complex. Check out the “18 ‘Neko’ Commandments” for more details.

Note: All three videos are meant to have fun talking about Yuri stereotypes and not go into detailed discussions or debates on the set roles within lesbian couples.

Now let’s get to the commandments.

#1: Tachis are automatically attracted to Nekos in distress: Tachis, especially Warrior Tachis, are allured to Nekos in distress who seem more cowardly than Shaggy and Scooby Doo but are more delicious than chocolate.

#2: No matter how much Nekos turn on Tachis, Tachis are to not openly confess their romantic/sexual desires for Nekos early on: Viewers can tell Tachis are constantly thinking about the girls/women they love but they will not tell them to their face for a long time. We (usually) have 11-12 more episodes to get through after all. Gotta build up the drama and stuff.

#3: When an enemy love interest tries to get in the way of a Tachi’s destiny no matter how much of a threat they are a Tachi will not show weakness, irritation but instead keep it cool: Tachis have a built in sense telling them their patience will pay off with Nekos eventually running to their arms rather than that of the enemy. HOWEVER, should the enemy fancy themselves a smartalec “holier than thou” jerk who rubs their “superiority” in their face Tachis are free to draw first blood. Otherwise patience is key.

#4: This is a followup to #2. As mentioned there Tachis are to not openly tell Nekos how much they love them. Instead when things seem to get rough between the two (or even before that) Tachis keep their distance from Nekos so as to “protect them from themselves” when in reality it is a ploy to get Nekos to eventually come to them: Self-explanatory.

#5: Tachis must always strive to be the best at everything. Be it studies, sports, combat, etc.: Classic setup and Neko bait.

#6: Followup to #3. Under no circumstance are Tachis to openly show their jealousy in front of their beloved Nekos: Tachis are to keep their cool. Otherwise Nekos will see them as primitive neanderthals like guys/men. HOWEVER…

#7: Once Tachis have earned their Nekos’ trust and love, all bets are off: Should an enemy even DARE look at Tachis’ precious Nekos in the eye Tachis are free to slaughter as much as they please. Though it is recommended not to overdo it lest the Tachi wants to become a Yandere. It is best to have a “protecc my bae” code of honor than send “Look at my honey and you’re dead” threats.

#8: Tachis are to satisfy their carnal desires as often as possible: Tachis have an uncontrollable desire to feast on hot, tender, juicy, delicious love meat as much as they can. Just make sure no one is around, the doors are locked and the curtains closed.

#9: Tachis are to be cold to everyone around them who is not their precious Nekos: They could not care less what happens to the rest of humanity so long as they are together with the girls/women they love.

#10: Tachis are to blush as little as possible: Should the Tachi not be able to hold back her blushing it is required to look away from their one true love.

#11: Followup to #5. Tachis are to always train themselves to be in peak physical condition to protect their precious Nekos: Tachis are usually taller than Nekos. As such it is in their DNA to work as hard as they can to get stronger than Nekos so as to keep them save and be their knight in shining armor. #Ego

#12: Tachis are to always pay attention to Nekos but not listen to them: Tachis are always at their soul mate’s beck and call but not actually notice what it is they want because Tachis “know” Nekos are like children who have no clue what exactly it is they need. Thus it is the Tachi’s duty to give them what they deem is best.

#13: Regardless of their size, Tachis are to ALWAYS worship their Nekos’ breasts: ALLLLLLLLWAYYYYYYYS!

#14: Followup to #9. Though Tachis are usually cold on the outside their Nekos’ warmth is always enough to melt their rough exteriors: Self-explanatory.

#15: Should a Tachi’s precious Neko be in any kind of danger or harm her safety ALWAYS takes top priority: The Tachi’s about to take their college entrance exam? SCREW THAT NOISE! MY BABY’S IN DANGER! TACHI TO THE RESCUE!

#16: Wordplay. When a Neko says “no” but is blushing profusely she means “yes”. When a Neko says “yes” it means “GET YOUR BUTT INTO THE BEDROOM WITH HER IMMEDIATELY!”

#17: Tachis ALWAYS have the first kiss but the last kiss upon their deaths must ALWAYS be by their Nekos.

#18: Tachis can never hook up with other Tachis: Similarly to Nekos hooking up with other Nekos Baroness has a “Where’s the fun in that?” response. In actuality it is more of a relationship where both Tachis compete to see who is the most dominant.

So what did the learn? Tachis have huge egos that can be easily shattered and though they can be patient they are also quite sensitive.

And that was “The Baroness’ 18 Commandments Trilogy”. I had as much fun translating as I did watching her nicely done videos. Being multilingual is good. Share your thoughts on the video and commandments down below. Spanish speakers can drop by the Baroness’ channel and share the love there as well.


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  1. tsubasasfamily says:

    Lol #16 x’D

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  2. DLZ says:

    Now begs the question: whats your favorite type of yuri character? Tachi,Neko or Teko?

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