Yuri Talk: OG’s 7th Anniversary Yuri Blogging Reflection Thing. A Response to Remy Fool’s Post

Instead of celebrating another year of blogging like I usually do this time I decided to ask myself questions about who I am as a 30 year old Yuri media blogger and fan of the genre.

I have a feeling this will be another “rage bait” post. Hopefully I’m overreacting.

WARNING! Post contains spoilers for several shows.

Bloom Into You Anime Poster HD

I really like this Bloom Into You anime promotion image.

I will jot down my thoughts based on the points made in this editorial by Remy Fool discussing the Top 10 Problems for Yuri fans. See. That post and several others discussing the genre, its current state and the fan base is what got me thinking. It got me to ask myself what kind of Yuri fan have I become after seven years of blogging about the genre.


KumiAsu’s story was something very special.

1. Neglecting to consider how a potential ship could play out

This point discusses shipping without taking into consideration what kind of relationship the girls have while hanging out or based on their interactions throughout their respective shows. As far as I’m concerned I won’t stop doing this. I do however, pay close attention to interactions, meaning I don’t go around shipping all willy-nilly. That’s why I never jumped on the KumiRei bandwagon opting to instead pay close attention to KumiAsu. Lo and behold it (for the most part) paid off in S2.

2. Accepting the controversial nature of subtext

This is connected to subtext fatigue. It refers to shows with lots of shipping material or intimate moments between two girls but never going so far as to include an on-screen kiss or the two girls uttering the words “I love you” to each other followed by a kiss or an encouraging conclusion. Basically verbal confirmation. One example (Correct me if I’m wrong) are NanoFate showing signs of being a “not married” Yuri mom duo yet the writers toying with fans’ speculation by saying, if I remember correctly, “We’ll let fans decide what kind of relationship they have” or something like that. Maybe they’re just raising Vivio together but if that’s the case why drop SO MANY SIGNS of their super snuggle power throughout the series? Anyway rather than complain about no on-screen confirmation I accepted the two as being ambiguously gay moms raising their baby girl and am content with that.

Slow Start

Slow Start is an example of a show that rewarded viewers for being more open to Girls Club shows to satiate their Yuri needs. It threw subtext out the window just like Yuyushiki and the Triforce of Moe (KinMosa, GochiUsa and NNB). You don’t need goggles while watching this show at all.

3. Being forced to accept subtext due to scarcity

This is mainly a problem for people who cannot stand/are tired of watching Girls’ Club shows (Cute Girls Doing Cute Things) due to it being difficult to find 100% Yuri in other anime. Since Girls’ Club shows are my forte…yeah this isn’t a problem for me at all. Critics would call me a naive optimist or lame conformist for thinking this way but that’s what I do and I’m rewarded for it. More often than not GC shows feature at least one or more lesbian characters so it’s not like fans ALWAYS need to rely on their Yuri Goggles. However, the chances of the girls hooking up by the season finale is admittedly slim. Still, Yuru Yuri does something very similar (I would say the exact same thing but whatever) and it’s one of the most successful yuri shows of all time. Of course there are other factors attributing to its success but at its core YY is a GC show. I would go so far as it being the Meduca Meguca of GC shows, meaning it didn’t originate the genre but popularized it, especially motivate many others to sprinkle Yuri goodness into them ever since.

4. Preparing for shipping wars due to subtext

Ah yes. Shipping wars. These can get quite messy regardless of the romance genre. I try not to get involved in these. I more often than not stick to a ship but am open to others…most of the time. I don’t ship YohaRiko.


Yayaka: Down but not out.

5. Realizing that being forever alone is okay, too

Rather than just say a girl who “lost” (Didn’t get the girl/lost to another girl) will be alright by herself I see it more as “She’ll bounce back and find another girl to snuggle with someday”.


Bittersweet story, theirs was. Anime: Shin Sekai Yori.

6. Not receiving a happy ending if the characters do get together

This next one is tied to the ancient (yet still lingering in a different form) “Class S” genre that started it all. Long story short Class S Yuri treated relationships between girls (usually between senpai and kouhai) as nothing more than a “phase” or “experimentation”. Something that would come to an end post-graduation. Thankfully nowadays the odds of girls who hook up but do not stay together till the end of the story is not as high as it used to be. It sucks when it does happen and I understand the rage but after being a yuri fan as long as I have I do not let it sadden me for long. It’s like losing your first match after a long undefeated streak. As for the “bury your guys trope” I’m thankful the mortality rate in yuri anime and manga is lower compared to live-action shows. Very thankful.


No goggles needed but confirmation from staff and writers helped solidify FiZetta’s greatness.

7. Dealing with vagueness of relationships compared to other mediums

I already touched on this in previous points so there isn’t much else to add. No on-screen kissing or “I love you” face to face. Sometimes this is made up for with the staff and/or writers confirming their relationship once the show is over. Other times it just speaks for itself the two are in love. Here’s the thing. I’ve been in this “business” long enough to realize that sometimes you don’t need “I love you” to confirm two girls’ romantic feelings for one other. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. That’s how I roll most of the time.

As far as fans who CRAVE on-screen smoochie woochies or need girl on girl action to truly be satisfied with the relationship…that’s them. They can simply keep on looking. Speaking of girl on girl action…

Mirei x Mamori

I will never stop loving Valkyrie Drive Mermaid.

8. Fetishizing yuri

Queen’s Blade, Valkyrie Drive Mermaid, sin: Nanatsu no Taizai and even Sakura Trick. The notion that relationships in shows featuring a lot steamy skinship and/or smoochie woochies between girls shouldn’t be taken seriously. That or the only good Yuri is the steamy kind. Basically Yuri Hentai. Good luck finding that nowadays, especially scenes longer than 2 minutes not featuring “futanari X female” action. Back to the point. I have made it clear many times that I am a naughty boy. I freely express my desire for swimsuit episodes/segments and joy whenever viewers are gifted with such. Why should I be ashamed for being attracted to hot women showing off their beautiful bodies? Also why should I be ashamed of enjoying women “getting down to bizznizz with each other”? Point being I have seen more than enough shows featuring “dat hawtness” that still feature good relationships among the ladies. Just because it’s steamy doesn’t mean it lessens the seriousness of how much the ladies care for one another. It depends on the writing and in some cases be cool when the “hungry” girl shows attraction to, and possibly gets frisky with, other girls but is ultimately loyal to ONE! I have very few limitations to what kinds of Yuri I indulge in is what I’m saying. Plus I know women who like this stuff as much as I do so the “Male gaze” argument is considered weak to me. Yes the sexiness usually attracts more men than women but to say there aren’t women who are cool with or like them some “jiggy wiggy” is not true.

9. Finding it difficult to recommend/talk about shows

Like Mr Remy I too created this blog because there are few people to share my yuri love with offline. The few I could do so with live abroad. A good friend of mine is cool with my liking yuri but is not big on it himself. Also like Mr Remy I too ran into a shounen/sci-fi person who mistook me for “one of THOSE people” when I said I watch shows with lots of girls in the cast. As for “needing a male character to project myself into the show”…there’s a reason I stopped watching het-harems and rarely watch mainstream sweethearts nowadays. I think the only one I’m keeping up with is Attack on Titan and that’s because of the ladies (and YumiKuri of course…while it lasts). Anyway not many people to talk to about this stuff offline. That has always been an issue for me but I adapted and will continue to do so until my eventual retirement from blogging in the very distant future…hopefully

10. Coming to terms with why you’re a yuri fan

I’m a yuri fan because I enjoy watching/reading/playing through stories about girls/women falling in love with each other. I started off being only about the “jiggy wiggy” but over time came to appreciate the beauty of love stories between girls/women and never looked back. That to me is enough of an answer to why I still look for and enjoy these stories in as many forms as I can find them.

Happy Sugar Life Poster

Being hyped for Happy Sugar Life caused some Nation members to question my validity as a Yuri fan. Not cool.

11: Enjoying different kinds of Yuri

Remy’s post only had 10 points but I recently noticed an eleventh problem. Certain Yuri fans having an issue with the kinds of manga getting anime adaptations. Specifically ones referred to as…”troubling/problematic” Yuri stories. Examples include Citrus, Netsuzou TRap, Happy Sugar Life and Uchi no Maid ga Uzasugiru. Basically Yuri stories starring “troubled” lesbians, lesbians labeled as “troubled” or lesbian love stories in a “problematic” scenario. Some fans are tired of these kinds of stories getting anime adaptations or in my case getting upset by my either being excited for (HSL) or willing to give a chance (Muscle Maid). Like I said above I watch as many kinds of yuri stories  in as many forms as I can find. There aren’t many that upset me. Put simply all I ask for is to not humiliate the girl/woman for her sexual preference or who she is or write the character as a “joke” lesbian. Do that and I am good. Sure there are some stories I “proceed with caution” but for the most part I approach them with an open mind.

Of course like most Yuri fans I much prefer love stories with no strings attached, no “problematic scenarios”, no love triangles where one of the combatants is a guy (though I don’t complain as much as I used to about anime FEATURING guys like Uma Musume -Pretty Derby-) and no life threatening journeys. I too would be much happier with stories like Kase-san, “A Kiss and a White Lily” and Kindred Spirits on the Roof getting 12-26 20 minute episode anime. I too want Sasameki Koto and Sakura Trick (I still love it. #DealWithIt) getting animated conclusions. But for now we’re getting more “troubled” yuri shows. Drama sells and all that. So be it. All the more reason the Kase-San OVA and Bloom Into You should do well. It’ll AT LEAST send a message to adapt more grounded Yuri stories…hopefully. In short I’m not ashamed about my excitement/interest in “troubled” Yuri shows. Why should I be? Am I to assume that detractors are saying based on their disgust that I’m a part of the problem? Is that it? Well TOO BAD! You don’t like these shows? Don’t watch them. Done.


My reflection summarized in one tweet. For a moment I questioned my “optimistic conformism”. Maybe I should become more critical of the anime I watch or that are getting adaptations because of the supposed message it sends to animation studios and the general audience. Maybe I should cut down on the Girls’ Club shows. Maybe I should only stick to reviewing 100% Yuri shows. These thoughts crossed my mind ever since I got blocked and Unfollowed on Twitter by select Yuri fans or questioned by some in the Amanchu! Advance comments section for sticking my ground on PikaTeko’s anime incarnations despite what happened in the manga…before ultimately cancelling my coverage. In the end I came to one conclusion.

“Nah. I’m good”. I’m happy with the kind of Yuri fan I am. I’m happy that I can still have fun blogging. I’m happy I get to share my Yuri love with loyal fans and newcomers interested in the genre and what I have to say, even when some disagree with me…so long as they don’t insult anyone. Episodics are slowly dying with Animeniacs focusing more on editorials and reviews. I of course do reviews. As far as editorials go…I consider myself a simple man with simple needs who does not ask for much. Plus I don’t consider myself profound enough to articulate in-depth analyses of shows I’m watching or the Yuri Community. I just do what I do, have fun doing it and that’s good enough for me.

Here’s to (hopefully) 7 more years and beyond.

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26 Responses to Yuri Talk: OG’s 7th Anniversary Yuri Blogging Reflection Thing. A Response to Remy Fool’s Post

  1. Whoa – yeah, Kindred Spirits would be a cool anime. Too bad the manga spinoff is too short to make a decent season.

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  2. Very well articulated. (TL:DR Thank you!)

    As a long time Yuri lover & Creeper on your blog I appreciate what you (and others) do for veterans, and newcomers to the genre. Heck I even found some shows that I never knew had Yuri in them; so thanks for that!
    Anyways loving Yuri is a painful and uplifting ride to be on sometimes; having places like these to visit and see many other people talking about Yuri (or whatever your niche) is simply an amazing experience. 
    As I mentioned I have never commented here before, but have been lurking for several years now and have always been impressed with your devotion to Yuri, the site, and your viewers/ commenters. Not trying to stroke your ego here but it's just nice to have a place I can relax and just rest my eyes on some flavorful blogging... and delicious Yuri. We are all in the same boat and while sometimes it feels like we are fighting against a losing tide; I can already see the proverbial y\Yuri paradise on the horizon. Just give it time, Japan will eventually give in and accept it's new Yuri overlords *Gendo Ikari Pose*. 
    That being said I better see a Kiss from Kanna X Riko & Tohru X Kobayashi or imma riot. JK.... Also I want to plug a manga that (IMO) deserves an OVA at least: "Comprehensive Tovarisch". Yeah it's a bit of a gag / or whatever the term is for rapid-fire humor manga. Kanna though (the MC)... I dunno why but I just LOVE her design (maybe because I draw or whatever) but hot diggity she is cuuute and even though a Tsundere (ish) she is a real fun character. If you look around someone translated the last chapter... which doesn't disappoint. So yeah! Check it out if anyone has not already. Plug-ish thing over.
    Before I end this I also want to praise you for the lack of political plugging on this blog. I have been to some others that turn me off due to constant bombarding of political matters outside of Yuri (not going to name anyone). I get so tired of hearing about it. I'm a trans woman and all that but I don't feel the need to shout my views from the rooftop or feel I need to bash either side for likes or whatever. I just want some freaking good Yuri in my life and people to obsess over it with. 
    Maybe I missed some of it, or maybe you don't feel the same as me; that is fine. I just really value places where I can go and read / watch a certain thing and not get annoyed / angry because of external BS. 
    Sorry to write so much but being my first post kinda felt... good I guess. ANYWAY I look forward to reading your next blog entry and thanks for spreading the Yuri love.
    All the best;


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  3. Congratulations on seven years doing what you love!

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  4. tsubasasfamily says:

    Yes to most all of this, especially points 8 and 11. I think our shared perspective on these is what drew me to this blog a while back. I really dislike the “male gaze” thing being brought up especially; half of Yuri’s fanbase is male, cut us some slack, we love it and are funding it too lol. As for fetishizing, well, when two girls love each other very much, I don’t think much needs to be left to the imagination anyway xD

    The only thing I’m a LITTLE less agree on is CGDCT, because I’m more in the tired of it camp. I like the genre, but I don’t like being baited and knowing I’m being baited. Now stuff like Yuru yuri and Comic Girls are great, because you have those explicit Yuri moments. But NanoFate to me is a whole lotta headaches, admittedly because I care about the Yuri too much.

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  5. Mauron says:

    I try to keep an open mind on potential ships early on, but once I’m sold on one I’m unlikely to switch unless they weaken the first or do a much better job of showing the new one. (YohaRiko did neither, which made it largely unimpressive to me)

    Some of my favorite ships have been subtext only. While it would be nice to see them get some canon acknowledgement, good characterization is good characterization. Also, I kinda want someone to write a yuri series and claim it’s not. “They’re not in a relationship, they’re just kissing as friends. They’re talking about getting friend-married.” Sadly too many people would take comments like that seriously.

    And since Amanchu! came up, I first heard of that show after seeing a clip of Teko and Pikari talking about having s- I mean, diving. I’m not sure on the details of what happens next, but they’ll need to make a very convincing argument to ruin it for me.

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  6. LuzeriP says:

    Congratulations on your 7th anniversary yuri blog. And by far the best yuri blog I’ve been into. Should’ve found this blog sooner but back then I didn’t know English. Now I’m still learning.

    I too enjoyed mainstream anime. Mostly with man protagonist because theres hot girls in it. Then I got tired of it and wanted something new. That’s when I found Yuru Yuri. Season 1 just aired that time and I thought these are all girls and they’re so funny and love each other, how beautiful. And I fell in love with yuri since then.

    I joined a couple of yuri communities back then coz hey I found a new love and I wanna know more about it. And it wasn’t easy. I have my standard (by pretty much don’t have any). And they have theirs, and they judged me because of it. I thought this is not healthy and I left. I’m my own woman ever since. Let’s say the moment I stopped caring what other people thought and started doing what I wanted to do is the moment I felt free and the most happiest. And God rewarded me, I mean look how much yuri shows we had and we’re gonna have.

    Well I’m blabbing too much. Again, congratulations and here’s for another 7 years and more.

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    • LuzeriP says:

      I forgot something important. I like dem jiggly wiggly and smoochie woochie. It has nothing to do with genders. You just like ’em or not. But come on, who doesn’t like hot girls.

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  7. You’re a great man, thumbs up for you. Being a fan like yourself is totally what I’m aiming to be, though I’m still not gonna be a person that watch mixed relationship shows or anything hetero included because it’s just not my forte. Also, your respond there is simple but great, saying “Nah, I’m good” when it comes to facing shows that aren’t fitting the desired criteria is noteworthy, because there’s a lot more out there that would resorted to insults to get their point across rather than taking a chill pill and move on to stufd you’d rather prefer, and sadly, I’m one of them myself but I’m trying my best to become as laid back as possible. Great article by the way, keep it going. Really glad to discovered this website. I’ll also promoted your blog here to my local yuri circle every now and then.

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  8. cirno9fan says:

    I’ll do a short thing as a reply
    1 – I will ship like mad at the beginning, I can’t really do much about it. It’s pretty much my nature to ship. But the difference between myself and some others is that I am willing to move onto a better ship.I think as long as someone can do this, then it doesn’t matter how crazily they ship at the beginning.
    2 – Long used to it, not gonna worry about it now. It’s how it is.
    3 – I don’t think it’s “forced” really. Cause I quite enjoy it. Still, zero complaints from me when there’s something like Lily Lyric Cycle.
    4 – I don’t know if I ever can fully prepare myself for this, but it’d be nice if people never really took things that seriously. I’ve fallen to that side before, but I have made efforts to never do so again
    5 – hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…..I don’t think I can do this one. Sorry, i am a shipper. Moreso than a yuri fan, I ship het couples too.

    6 – Screw this. I want happy endings! I don’t care about how “beautiful” it was. And I totally wasn’t bawling my eyes out when I listend to an audio draama where a yandere and her love ended up killing themselves to be together forever with no one to get in the way of their love….

    7 – This is a problem in anime in general really. No idea why Kase-san can be considered an example of this though (irt to the post you originally got this from OG) as they are literally going out.

    Fetish what you fetish, just try not to apply anime logic to real life, and you should be fine. I think people are silly for getting up in arms about what people fetishize.

    9 – Haha…………this one I feel hard. But I find just saying names of anime that fall under thsi category is safer than saying ‘I like yuri anime”. You can more easily get an idea of if they’re like minded, or if they have no clue that way.

    10 – That is a secret. Related to many things I never tell anyone. And probably never will….

    it’s best to not let others control you. It’s good to take constructive criticism of course, and you never should outright ignore everyone else, even if they’re just whining, as even people being just mean, can give insights you never normally would have. But it’s not good to be controlled. So you made a good realization, is what I’m saying.

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  9. Ren says:

    Congratz on the seventh anniversary! Your blog is amazing and it has been a pleasure to read your posts!

    As for the 11 problems, here is my (unsolicited) opinion:

    1) I honestly don’t care too much about which pairing becomes endgame. As long as it is yuri, I’m good. If a yuri pairing breaks up only to go in a het direction, though, that I’d consider bait. This relates to point 4. I simply do not understand ship wars. What is the point of trying to convince everybody that your favoured pairing is the one true pairing?

    2) I think points 2, 3, and 7 all pertain to subtext. Am I forced to accept subtext because of scarcity of blatant yuri? Perhaps. I confess that I would probably watch fewer subtexty shows if I have more blatant yuri like Citrus to watch. But do I enjoy subtexty shows like Yuru Camp and Girls’ Last Tour, sometimes to an even greater extent to blatant yuri shows? For sure. I might enjoy them even more if my ships are canonically confirmed, but as it stands, Girls’ Club shows can be relaxing and interesting to watch in their own right, yuri subtext aside. The only time I see a problem with subtext is when it serves as bait. Build up the illusion of yuri only to drop the bombshell out of the blue towards the end, saying “Of course she’s straight all along. Where did you get the idea she’d be lesbian? Straight girls surely blush and stutter when staring down their best friend’s boobies!” But I do agree that I’d like to see more blatant yuri shows, and for that cause I’d be willing to fish out more cash to support such shows. Doesn’t mean I wouldn’t continue enjoying Girls’ Club shows though.

    5) I’m perfectly fine with this so long as the love interest doesn’t end up with a guy. It’s the homophobia of the idea “yuri is a phase, het will always be endgame” that bothers me. The exception would be if the love interest is characterized as bisexual from the very beginning, and this identity is thoroughly explored, not used as an “excuse” just to push for a het endgame.

    6) I’m just not a fan of bad endings, yuri or not. I don’t think the dead lesbian trope is as much a problem in anime than in mainstream Western media though.

    8) Hmm…fetishizing…I think how explicit a show is and whether it is fetishizing the relationship is two different concepts. I think if the characters express clear attraction to each other, and the self-agency to pursue a relationship together, then that’s not fetishizing. In comparison, I think “gay until graduation”, and “girls in het harem do steamy things together just to turn on male protagonist” tropes are more problematic in terms of fetishizing lesbians. As for jiggy wiggy, that is not a problem of fetishizing yuri relationships, but can be argued whether it objectifies women. I’m not a huge fan of jiggy wiggy because sometimes the anatomy is just so…exaggerated that I can’t see it as attractive, but even so, I usually have no problems if the characterization of the women is done well, in that they have a clear personality and goals that do not just revolve around a male protagonist. Following that train of thought, female characters in yuri shows typically show stronger will than those in het harems. In my opinion, while objectification of women do exist, it is typically not as problematic in yuri shows than het harems.

    9) Yes so much to this, but I’ve stopped caring. We have your blog posts to look forward to after all!

    10) I don’t think I’ve ever had to come to terms with this. Come to terms with being lesbian? Sure. Come to terms with liking media that represents people like me (even if somewhat unrealistically)? I think that comes naturally.

    11) I don’t think anybody takes anime seriously enough to believe real-life lesbians are all like those in NTR. Do I detest NTR though? Yep. But that’s just a personal preference (and that has nothing to do with the NTR aspect or the yuri aspect but the objectification of women in this show). It does mean I’d rather see other series being adapted instead, but the world doesn’t revolve around me – can’t steal the whole cake and eat it. I admit to never finishing NTR, and it has left enough of a bad taste in my mouth that I would never support any show like it. Still, if others like it, that’s fine by me. Nobody asked for my opinion after all.

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  10. chikorita157 says:

    Congrats on your seventh anniversary.

    Yes, not paying to other potential ships can lead to surprises. I agree with the example since it’s surprising that Kumiko and Reina didn’t happen after the first season. Thankfully, it’s not with Shuichi.

    As for guys showing up, yes I read through the whole drama over Uma Musume. I agree that one can watch whatever they want and not be told what he or she can watch and what shows he/she can’t watch. I tend to have an open mind and still watch shows with males once in a while. But I don’t watch harem shows like I used to during the early years.

    But yes, I would like to see more yuri shows that are more romance and less drama. Maybe someday as it took a while until same-sex marriage became more accepted, maybe someday we will see more in the future.

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  11. Krystallina says:

    Happy blogaversary!

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  12. OtakuGamerGirlT says:

    So much I’d like to say, but it’s probably too much for a post reply. I may be inspired to write a post of my own as well, though the focus will be different and broader. So, my one sentence summary is this. Being a Panromantic yuri fan is unusual and so people don’t really know how to take me, but ultimately, I’m going to watch what I want, ship who I want and not give af what ppl may say or think. Good on you for sticking to your guns too. Always stay true to yourself.

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  13. yurimylove says:

    Congrats OG! We shall have many more years of discussing yuri anime and games right here!

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  14. qorl says:

    I will happily accept even subtexted yuri, I’m fine with stuff like Yuru Yuri(which a poster on /u/ once described help make yuri more mainstream-acceptable due its subtext and mildness), but I will never stop being annoyed about the concept. I’m just not sure who to ultimately blame for it, the writers or the reactionaries? Although I find stuff like Queens blade or valkyrie too on the nose with its fanservice to watch/enjoy, it’s too ridiculous.
    I think I’m a yuri fan just because I like women and at some point I realized seeing women together(in any sense of the word, as long as romantic emotions are also involved) is beautiful and makes me feel happy on the inside.

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  15. mihomaho says:

    Honestly I don’t think I even like ‘yuri’ much lol. I just watch interesting show without hetero romance, I’d rather watch funny gag show than boring romance.


  16. Makoto Itoshi says:

    I agree with your points, but I don’t agree with you using the Slow Start picture to represent subtext, I would never call Slow Start subtext, it’s one of the most explicit things we have gotten in years. There are tons of other shows you could have put there.


  17. Remy Fool says:

    Congratulations on the anniversary and thanks for sharing my post. Personally, I think you should just do what you want to do and shouldn’t worry too much about what others think as you mentioned.

    Ahhh, I think my list is too narrow in scope in some areas, but I’m glad there were some interesting responses.

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    • OG-Man says:

      I figured it was time to have a long hard look at myself at that in time and your post was just what I needed. Nicely done dood.

      Even so you highlighted ten very important points.

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  18. Nick says:

    7 years is a long time to be doing this, especially when I see so many blogs close down in a few years time, you deserve all the congrats for keeping a solid blog like this active for all that time.

    I’ve got a whole jumble of thoughts about this post and I’m really not sure how to write them out in a coherent way but two points that stood out for me were number 8 and 10. Those points got me thinking a lot about if I’m a fan or just someone who likes the “jiggy wiggy” side of it. I mean at the end of the day I’m still a guy who likes stuff like that, but looking beyond that and seeing the love stories are something that I want to do more of. As pointed out in the comments, seeing more yuri shows that are just romance without loads of drama and such are what’s needed. Maybe with all the yuri shows coming out this year that’ll happen sooner than later.

    Anyways, great post and congrats once again for reaching this milestone. I’m so glad I found this blog and I’ll continue to check out the content you post here.


  19. K says:

    Congrats on another year of Yuri blogging goodness!

    After reading your thoughts, there were some views I like to express, if you don’t mind. It’s been more than three years since I found your blog and it has been quite the delight. Just like you, I was first interested in the “girl on girl” aspect (still am) but I’ve grown to appreciate the genre for more than that. If I remember correctly, it was after Madoka when I started looking into the genre more closely.

    I’ve also seen these recent controversies around some shows. These controversies and some other comments made me want to say something that might not be well-liked but…it feels as if, as Yuri becomes more and more mainstream, some sections of the fandom has lost its way.

    Let me explain, there were these controversies and then there are these apparent purity tests to determine who can be a Yuri fan as demonstrated when some folks called your viewing habits into question, going as far as to block you because you didn’t 100% agree with them. I understand the desire for more romance-themed shows and less of the tragic ones but to say that someone isn’t much of a fan because they prefer one over the other is just unfair.

    Another thing I noticed was that the response to a pairing not going the way it’s thought it should is to call the writers homophobic like what happened with Amanchu apparently (since I don’t read the manga). Throwing around such baseless accusations because a pairing wasn’t made canon just reeks of entitlement. I get those who don’t want to subsist on subtext alone but screaming at authors to make it so is just so petty and unhelpful. Besides, subtext or not, are people’s imaginations that limited that a pairing not being canon is enough for them to throw the entire animanga out into the bin?

    Apologies for the ramble but I guess what I’m saying, in short, is that being a fan of something doesn’t need to be a statement on anything.

    Liked by 1 person

  20. Basil says:

    I will never be mad at you for liking whatever the Hell you like, and I think anyone saying “you can’t tell a certain kind of story because that character is a lesbian” is kind of a tool. What that sort of talk is doing is trying to limit character variety specifically among yuris because some small group of people are uncomfortable with the subject matter. All that does is limit the sort of stories people are “allowed” to tell. This behavior creates an atmosphere in which people are shamed for liking something some small cabal of yuri fans deemed as “problematic,” and I don’t think that’s any way to treat your fellow yuri fans.

    We’re all here for one reason: we like it when girls kiss. We should be bonding instead of flinging crap at people who like a vaguely different kind of girls kissing.

    I get that people want me to consider some broader political agenda when choosing the yuri I consume, but I don’t want to engage with anything like that. I hate politics. I don’t want to consider anything except if I like something or not, and guess what? It works for me. I watch something that makes me happy, and I become happy. End of story.

    I remember watching the Sono Hanabira hentai. I was getting ready for a good fap, but I never ended up doing it. I remember tears in my eyes because I’d never seen a love so pure. That’s around when I really became a yuri fan. Different people get different value from different things, so trying to regulate those things based on your individual vision is folly. You can’t see what others see in something. In my case, a half-hour anime that was out-and-out porn changed the way I look at yuri relationships. Go figure, right?

    In short, you do you. Like what you like, even if some consider it a bit trashy. Life is too damn short to start worrying about other people’s reactions to the things you like, and you’ll stop enjoying yourself that way.

    If you stuck with me this long, thanks pal. 🙂

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