The 2017 Yuri Anime Awards Results

Thanks to everyone who waited patiently for this year’s tournament and award ceremony to finish. Again I apologize for the tardiness and will do my best to not repeat this in 2018. With that out of the way let’s take a look at the results.

Check out the exact percentages HERE.

Satsuki and Yuzu under the moonlight

Let’s first go over the Big 3 championships.

tohru-confessing-her-loveKanna warming herself up

It’s another clean sweep this year like it was in the 2016 tournament with Izetta: The Last Witch taking all the gold. This year all the belts go to Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid.

  • Tohru and Miss Kobayashi are the 2017 Yuri Tag Team Champions.
  • Kanna is the 2017 Yuricontinental Champion
  • Tohru is the 2017 Yuri World Champion

The 2017 World Champ and Yuricontinental Champ.

Despite the strong competition they took all the gold and it’s well deserved to be honest. One would say it’s due to them winning Best Comedy Anime of 2017 at the controversial 2017 Crunchyroll Anime Awards but they’re already raking in the votes before that.

Ange and Princess from Princess Principal came in second in all the big title matches.

Let’s move on to the awards starting with the newly introduced OT3 Championship. And the winners are…


The Perfect Team of KanaMariDia! ChiRiYou came in 2nd and HinaYuaKui in 3rd. Congratulations ladies!

Next up is Best Yuri Moment of 2017. And the award goes to…

Princess' Promise

Princess’ Promise from Princess Principal. 2nd went to Miss Kobayashi vs Tohru’s Dad and 3rd to I don’t Want You to Go! from New Game!! 2.

Next award, Best Antagonist of 2017 goes to…


Croix from Little Witch Academia TV by a landslide. She didn’t commit the greatest of crimes when one to stops to think about it but she caused a lot of trouble and was oh so dashing. I imagine the latter was what gave her the win. Contrary to what was said and shown in The Incredibles, capes rule! It helped Altair from RE;Creators get 2nd place. The psychotic Midari Ikishima from Kakegurui came in 3rd. I wonder how many fans figured out why I nominated Coach Tanahashi from Two Car as an antagonist?

Last but not least we have the 2017 Iono-Sama Award. Who was the best Yuri Harem Queen this year?

Yuzu's fang

It’s Yuzu from Konohana Kitan! YAY! Konohana Kitan won something! So proud. Yumeko from Kakegurui came in 2nd and Lucifer from sin: Nanatsu no Taizai got 3rd.

My best guess as to why Hina Logi didn’t win anything is because the competition was fierece but most importantly not enough people stuck around until the very end where eyes were opened. Oh well. At least I know I did all I could to get as many eyes on it as possible. In any case Konohana Kitan won an award and that makes me very happy.

Thank you again to everyone who participated in this year’s tournament and award ceremony. Here’s hoping the 2018 awards won’t be as tardy.


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16 Responses to The 2017 Yuri Anime Awards Results

  1. Umu. I am indeed happy for the winners. And my favourite OT3 won! ❤

    Kinda wished Altair won best Antagonist, but it can’t be helped! Dashing Croix is dashing indeed!

    Best Moment was pretty close with all the votes, huh? Well, there were many amazing moments last year, so it’s completely understandable.

    Yay, Yuzu/Konohana Kitan won something! ❤ Personal favourite of the year won something! ❤

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Okami おかみ Yamino やみの says:

    I honestly don’t see what people like about Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid so much. I mean offcourse I was happy we are getting some GxG romcom but other then it being GxG for me it is just a vanilla title, I don’t see how can it win against all those amazing titles like Konohana Kitan.

    I guess Russian hackers messed up with this election as well otherwise I don’t see how could they win against Yuzu X Satsuki.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Giack31 says:

      It’s a controversial opinion but I agree with you. I enjoyed New Game!!, Konohana Kitan and Princess Principal way more than Kobayashi (still really good anime though). If we talk about popularity though there is no arguing that Kobayashi is the most popular one.

      Liked by 3 people

    • Its probably because it was funny and ridiculously adorable. Two things ppl really love about anime. You may not have thought so, but most everyone else did. Just how it goes sometimes. I didn’t think shape of water was all that great, but it won best picture so apparently everyone else thought so. Sometimes you just don’t feel the same as the general consensus about something .


  3. cirno9fan says:

    The only other show in 2017 to have a kiss between two girls while they weren’t under any aphrodasiac/drunk/etc…..and it got nothing 😦

    Much disappointment in the community that that show still doesn’t get the recognition it deserves.

    Liked by 3 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Indeed. But so it goes. As long as there are those who know something so amazing took place that’s what matters. We must ensure the show is never forgotten.

      Liked by 3 people

  4. Mauron says:

    My top moment remains the proposal scene. There were some other good moments in there, but none that were quite so proposally. Also those two were quite good together throughout.

    Yuzu’s powers as a deity/popsicle were not enough to get her many awards. She definitely won the hearts of many.

    Liked by 3 people

  5. tsubasasfamily says:

    YUZU BABY CONGRATS!! ❤ Ah, and congrats to the other winners as well 🙂 I’m not at all surprised by Kobayashi, but I was surprised ChiRiYou didn’t win OT3. Guess people love their 3rd-years!

    Liked by 3 people

    • OG-Man says:

      So proud of Yuzu getting enough recognition to win an award.

      I imagine it being because the ChiRiYou OT3 was botched during the 2nd season whereas KanaMariDia remained thankfully untouched.

      Liked by 3 people

  6. Nick says:

    Nice to see Maid Dragon winning big. Such a great show that was, I hope we see more of it in the future.

    Liked by 2 people

  7. Ren says:

    I honestly can’t remember who I voted for in most of the categories, because I voted all over the place due to the fierce competition. Maid Dragon, Konohana Kitan, PrPr…so much yuri goodness. I feel like I’m getting spoiled. I do predict Slow Start’s Eiko winning Iono-sama award in 2018 though. Hands down yuri harem queen of the year. Here is to another great year of yuri. All the winners from 2017 were well-deserved.

    (And yes, I voted Croix as Best Antagonist too. Great style, unlike a certain somebody from NTR…)

    Liked by 2 people

  8. Kaylee R Smerbeck says:

    The real bad guy of Pripri was capitalism


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