Yuri Talk: A Place Further Than the Universe: GT (By Remyfool and a little bit by OG-Man)

I was kinda planning on my own YT talking about this subject but Remyfool did such a great job that I might as well share his article and call it a day. However, I will at least try to add my own two cents to the discussion. Do not expect anything as detailed as RF’s article though.

Check out my review of the show HERE.

WARNING! Spoilers for A Place Further Than The Universe/Sora yori mo Tooi Basho ahead.

Gin and Takako


Link to the article is right HERE. If you want to read my two cents, continue.

At first during the flashbacks of Gin and Takako preparing for the first expedition I saw Takako as the friend who made Gin’s mundane life super fun whenever she was around. Then the flashbacks in episode 9 happened. I initially I did not think much of it. However, I noticed this tweet…


Then I saw Mai-chan and OtakugamergirlIT tweeting about the same thing:

Then as the week went on more and more tweets popped up about Gin X Takako as more than just shipping, leading to the Remyfool article. I paid more attention to the episode, specifically when Gin was asked what her “type” was. Based on her answer there was a strong connection to what Takako was looking for as well, leading many (and not soon after myself) to believe that Gin had romantic feelings for Takako. Then some more theories from my fans came in saying that it may not have been a one-sided love. Why else did Takako often leave Shirase in Gin’s care? It was as though she wanted Gin to help raise Takako together with her.

Gin mourning Takako's passing.jpg

Gin mourning Takako’s passing.

Adding more fuel to the fire was how much Gin thought of Takako throughout the episode, even during her confrontation with Shirase. It may not be much to people who need it spelled out to them before joining in but it was enough to get the party started for the Nation.

Then there is episode 11.

Mahjong Queen Takako.jpg

Mahjong Queen Gin and Takako.

The inexperienced would consider this a throwaway line or a joke…However, taking what we saw in episode 9 into consideration and how Gin and Shirase did not do the usual “embarrassed denial” or “heavy blushing” that follow these types of jokes (they quietly waited to continue playing before the guy with the “email messages for Hinata” showed up), that is strong evidence there was much more to their relationship than simply “besties”.

Basically as RF put it, Shirase had two moms. They might not have been married and as far as what they did behind closed doors we can use our imaginations there but there is zero doubt the two raised BEST GIRL…oh and grandma helped too.

One last thing before I end my part of the discussion…voluntary seed donation…Do you see where I am going with that? Before people bring up the laws in Japan regarding this…all I have to say to that is…don’t be a party pooper.

Gin's death pitch.jpg

Wonderful little scene.

Lastly there is the episode 13 pitch of doom and Gin’s kind of “Do you see how much our baby has grown up Takako?” thought when she next pitched to Shirase.

There you have it.

Mari wanting to step out of Megumi's shadow

Mari X Megumi.

PS: As a bonus we also got episode 5 and for some 11.

PPS: Top 5 Yuri Sports:

  • Mahjong
  • Ping-pong
  • Keijo
  • Mixed Martial Arts
  • Baseball


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28 Responses to Yuri Talk: A Place Further Than the Universe: GT (By Remyfool and a little bit by OG-Man)

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  2. OtakuGamerGirlT says:

    I love me some domesticated lesbian family plotlines (hence why I adore Kobayashi so much), so that particular aspect was right up my alley. There’s a lot that can be left to speculation, but I truly believe that if nothing else, no one can deny that Gin and Takako both shaped Shirase through their teachings into who she is now and they BOTH are special to her because of it. But for us in the Yuri Nation, there can be no doubt. Gin and Takako were in love and raised Shirase together as their daughter.

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  3. Dante Smith says:

    Not ONCE was Shirase’s father mentioned in the show and the possibility of him dying was completely ruled out because only Takako’s image was seen placed on the family altair.

    I love how the yuri between characters in the show was done so subtle yet so powerful. Even on TVTropes, the article about Gin and Takako both holding the trope “Ambiguously Gay” so that can even further solidify the theory. And I pray to all humanity, please let Takako live to see her family once again.

    Also that ShiraHina moment in episode 11 deserves some highlights

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    • OG-Man says:

      Yup. Some can argue Takako had a relationship with a guy before but ultimately it is irrelevant to the conversation as it means little that a woman was with a guy before. Doesn’t stop her from being in love with a woman.

      Takako still being alive would make people who loathe cop-out endings cry so best to not your hopes up.

      ShiraHina shippers had that moment I suppose.

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      • David Walker says:

        I tend to suggest that Shirase’s dad was a turkey baster. Sperm banks are a thing in Japan, too.


      • Perhaps this is a bit late, but… The creators had the opportunity to feature yuri romance in the text of the show, without having to bring a character back to life, and they decided not to. That is their responsibility, so it’s not right to put the blame on fans.

        Believe me, I would have loved to see “text” yuri on YoriMoi, whether between Takako and Gin or the new generation. But I think bringing Takako back to life would have compromised the show’s integrity, since for Shirase part of the point of this journey from the get-go was having to deal with her loss. This is also not Made in Abyss where finding the missing mom alive is technically plausible because of magic reasons.

        My point is, let’s not give up on standards. We should not ask the writers to bring characters back to life in a desperate attempt to save a ship. A good writer can weave a yuri romance into the story organically (without resorting to excessive contrivances).


  4. Mauron says:

    I made a small comment about this earlier, but I have been squeeing internally about the “Daughter of Gin and Takako” line for weeks now.

    Shirase was definitely closer to Takako growing up, and her relationship with Gin only worsened later in life.

    I was hoping for a little more between mother and daughter at the end, but I’m sure Gin will be quite moved when she finds the treasure Shirase left behind.

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  5. Red says:

    My interpretation is that they weren’t married…yet. Gin’s flashbacks with Shirase strike me more as getting to know a potential future family member rather than a current one. I can picture Gin entering the picture when Shirase is already maybe 7. She and Takako hit it off, start dating, but Shirase and Gin are still pretty distant. Maybe they were even planning to get married but Takako’s all, “if you wanna be my girl, ya gotta get chill with my offspring.” It becomes even more believable when you realize that a father for Shirase is never mentioned, referenced, anything, suggesting Shirase came into the picture in…some other way.

    The “daughter of Gin and Takako” line becomes a little odd, but it can be assumed their relationship wasn’t any kind of secret, so the line is a bit jokey but born from truth.

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  6. Giack31 says:

    I’m one of those that most of the time needs “proof” to start shipping characters but in this case I have no doubts that they were a couple and have raised Shirase together.

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  7. DRYEICE2001 says:

    Great series overall-and it sure packed an emotion punch! I too, think that all of the sings are there to ship Gin x Takako.

    But, the main point of my post is that News flash! You can be a lesbian and have had sex with men, previously, or currently for whatever reason. It does NOT make you any less of a lesbian. I just find it silly that people are preemptively trying to stomp out the possibility of a “het” birth, or trying to rule out one or the other. Does it really matter either way if they loved each other? My 2c.

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    • OG-Man says:

      Whether it was my fun “seed” theory or as you say Shirase having had a mystery dad you are right in saying just because Takako had relations with a guy before does not nullify the fact her true love was a woman all this time.

      Liked by 1 person

  8. phmmoura says:

    I don’t know…. To me, it didn’t feel like that at all.
    Since I watched weekly, I don’t remember, but after Takako died, did Gin had much contact with Shirase? I wished I hadn’t deleted the first eps so I could check. Please, someone tell me if they did had a lot of contact.
    While I did think Gin had feelings for Takako, to me, it felt much more one sided.
    And if their relationship was out in the open to the crew, how come that guy (I call him Kirito due to his voice actor) was thinking of confessing his feelings for Gin? If he had no idea, at least that kitchen lady could’ve hinted him or something.


    • OG-Man says:

      It is all speculation in the end but one thing is for sure their relationship was more than besties, be it one-sided or mutual.

      As DRYEICE2001 said though the worst reasoning someone could give is “because Takako already had relations with a guy”. That doesn’t mean automatic nullification of yuri relationship goodness.


      • phmmoura says:

        The show should’ve worked more on that.
        It’s like Tamako Market all over again.
        There was a girl who hinted she had a crush on the MC, but only those with keen yuri goggles picked it up.

        Too bad.


  9. phmmoura says:

    The show should’ve worked more on that.
    It’s like Tamako Market all over again.
    There was a girl who hinted she had a crush on the MC, but only those with keen yuri goggles picked it up.

    Too bad.


  10. Remy Fool says:

    Oh, jeez, thanks for featuring my post. Also loved your take and how you featured other people’s tweets and opinions on the matter, too.

    Gotta agree with you on the top 5 yuri sports, too!

    Liked by 2 people

  11. yurimylove says:

    now i believe that Saki and Nodoka will become a lesbian couple and raise a mahjong prodigy together 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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  13. There’s another sneaky ship that’s easy to overlook (though not any less interesting in my opinion): Hanami Yasumoto & Yume Sasaki. These two were pretty much always together.

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