350th G-View: Citrus (TV)

So here we are at last. Looking at what was considered one of the most highly anticipated yuri anime back when it was first announced. It made it clear back then that I did not share the excitement as I thought the manga was overrated and average at best before losing interest in it. Years later this anime was announced and I went into it with the mindset of “having” to watch it instead of “wanting” to. Now after finishing the show how has my opinion of the series changed, if at all? Find out as we talk about the anime adaptation of Citrus.

Note: This will be a rarity for me as I will be bringing up the manga a lot. However, it is not to compare the two in storytelling but more to make a point.

Citrus Cover.jpg

WARNING: This is a story that is heavy on drama about two stepsisters falling in love with each other. If this sounds unappealing to you then do not bother watching this show.

Genres: Yuri, Drama, Romance, Pseudo-Incest

Themes: Stepsisters, School

Number of Episodes: 12

G-Rating: 8/10

Plot Summary: Fashionable Yuzu imagined the first day at her new school she transferred to after her mother’s remarriage a bit differently; she didn’t know it’d be an ultra-strict and conservative girls’ school. So instead of a sweet high-school romance, she butts heads with the stern half-machine student council president Mei-Tron – who turns out to be her new step sister. And she has to learn that hate and attraction are often not that far apart.

Yuzu confronting Mei

Yuzu and Mei-Tron’s first encounter.

First and foremost I must talk about the thing that stood out the most on the show, the animation. Is it the most spectacular form of animation to ever exist in history? No…BUT…it did something that the manga failed to do for me on a personal level: Breathe life into the characters, especially one I will talk about in detail later. The animation looked stunning from Yuzu’s trademark different daily hairstyles to the intensified sexiness of all the ladies everything looked gorgeous. It greatly helped me get more invested in a story that my memory was foggy on but remember not being as invested when reading the manga years ago. There are also minor additions (most of them lighthearted) that also helped breathe life into the story. Usually in arguments manga beats anime because manga are able to tell more expanded stories and get away with more stuff than anime. But there are those exceptions where the anime surpasses the manga. Diehard Citrus fans will say otherwise but as great as the manga’s art is (I still believe the art is what initially drove everyone in) it failed to capture my intrigue unlike the anime that had my attention around episode 2 (I was negative during the premiere but fans helped me lighten up). The soundtrack is befitting a heavy drama story like that of Citrus while the OP and ED are nice to listen to.

Harumin calming Yuzu down

Harumi, aka Harumin was already the best character in the manga. The anime solidified this effortlessly.

Speaking of breathing life into the story the same goes for the characters. First up we have las dos amigas Yuzu and Harumin, unarguably the two best characters in the story. First up is the undisputed best of the best in Harumin. She was already the best in the manga and the sole reason I kept on going and the anime served to make an already great character even better. Harumin is now one of the best anime babes of all time alongside Ikkitousen’s Kan-U Unchou, Queen’s Blade’s Tomoe, Hidamari Sketch’s Yoshinoya-Sensei and of course Aqours’ Dia Kurosawa. An elite list of badass anime beauties to be sure…Also kudos for animating one of my personal favorite Harumin moments in the manga.

Of similar praise as Harumin is Yuzu who shone brighter than before in animated form. Yuzu, like Yuma from Netsuzou TRap (Though Citrus is less hardcore believe it or not), is a girl who one day had a…naughty encounter with another girl and her life was forever changed. She has difficulty finding understanding what exactly it is she wants. Her encounter with this ravishing black haired half-robot made her question her sexual preference as her craving for steamy mecha meat buns grows with each passing day she spends together with the cyborganic beauty. What sets Yuzu and Yuma apart…without giving anything away is that Yuzu is nowhere near as oblivious…for the most part anyway. A commendable trait of Yuzu’s is her courage when it comes to getting what she wants. When there is something she absolutely wants to do or something she desperately wants to help she will do all she can or stand up to whoever is in the way of her happiness despite feeling lost on several occasions. She is as great of an ally as she is formidable when push comes to shove. She is at the end of the day a nice girl who does not like taking crap from people…as long as she realizes she is in trouble or facing an enemy.

Mei's poker face

From the moment this face was introduced to the end of the show it remained my absolute favorite Mei-Tron expression. HILARIOUS! Then again her gaze is kind of hypnotic…I get how Yuzu felt in that situation.

Next up we have what I consider the greatest miracle courtesy of the anime version and that is Mei-Tron, the sexy half-robot stepsister of Yuzu’s. I mentioned this during my weekly coverage of the show but half of the reason I had a hard time caring about the manga was that to me Mei-Tron felt like a sentient block of wood with a brain. Not ONCE did it look like she emoted. Compare that to the anime where right away it (in the infamous scene early on) I could tell this person was not a hollow mechanical shell but a troubled human conscience trapped inside a mostly metallic vessel. That realization worked WONDERS for the anime along with everything else working in its favor to help enhance the experience. Mei-Tron, while still not my a favorite of mine by any means, was much more tolerable in the anime to the point of being a “decent” half-human who just needed to hang out with the right people to help her slowly reawaken her human heart. An arduous task for the lovely Yuzu to be sure but not impossible.

Having sung the show’s praises all this time, are there any flaws? Well…the same ones in the original story. At its core this is a telenovela/soap opera/trashy romance drama (or whatever you wish to call it) about a girl initially annoyed by another girl but then starts to become more and more sexually attracted to her and eventually considering that there may be something more to what she is feeling that “This chick’s hot and I want to eat her up”. However, there is the dilemma of their parents out of nowhere getting married, leading to Yuzu contemplating her role as a big sister and potential lover of her mechanical step-imouto. This being a heavy drama…

Yuzu and Mei Shower Scene 1

Expect several steamy scenes…with the price of most of them being…unsound…even though most of them make sense in narrative.

Another reason besides Harumin’ magnificence I was willing to give this anime a go were the anticipated raunchy yuri scenes. Again it did not disappoint. However, the catch is most of them are…let us just say…”pushy”. This will not sit well for viewers who feel uncomfortable watching “not consensual sexy time”. Keep this in mind should a newcomer who had never read the manga before be interested in picking this up.

Continuing with the narrative most of the arcs are were well done and, like everything else, done better in the anime because of the stellar presentation. The same cannot be said for the last arc (The one I dubbed the “Silver Twins” arc). While it of course has its supporters few can deny it is the weakest arc in the series. Credit to the animators they did the best they could with what they were given.

Overall the Citrus anime was a lot better than I had anticipated. The presentation is really good, the characters are true to their manga counterparts but greatly improved despite being the same, most of the arcs covered were done well enough that the weakest was tolerable, which is a massive improvement. Lastly as I said before the best contribution from the anime is they made Mei-Tron MORE HUMAN! I cannot emphasize enough how much of a praiseworthy accomplishment that is. People who disliked her in the manga or people with her kind of personality may not tolerate her in the anime either but trust me when I say she is more tolerable here. This review is primarily directed to newcomers despite my bringing up the manga a lot. What I mean is I have no clue whether this will please diehard manga fans or not. I imagine it depends on HOW HARDCORE of fans some are. When it comes to curious yuri fans it all depends on how tolerant you are of telenovela/soap opera/trashy romance drama stories and the “pushy” content. To make it simpler: the Citrus anime is much less difficult to get through than the Netsuzou TRap anime. There you go.

So…has my opinion changed of the series? No. I still do not think it is one of the greatest yuri series of all time since Girl Friends. However, I will admit it is a pretty good telenovela/soap opera/trashy romance drama. I would not mind a second season…though because it was easier to enjoy the story animated I will never read the manga again.

PS: What also helped was I watched and covered the anime MY WAY.

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56 Responses to 350th G-View: Citrus (TV)

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  2. cirno9fan says:

    Matsuri Best girl ❤

    Anyway, the final arc was probably the hardest to get through, but I think overall it was of the same ilk as the rest. The grandpa arc was probably the weakest tbh. Felt like it was there just to be there. Whereas the final arc was all about Yuzu sorting out things that had needed sorting out for quite a time and were building up. Sara was the vessel to help this move along.

    My main issue with the show is that it really needs to do more with the side characters relationship wise. I have a feelling that will happen if it gets a second season though.

    Did I mention how amazing Matsuri was? I did? Well, I’ll mention it again 😛

    My favorite arc was obviously Matsuri’s arc XD

    Matsuri ❤

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    • OG-Man says:

      I know how big of a fan you are of Sara and especially Matsuri.

      Principal Grandpa and Professor Father’s stories are both part of Mei-Tron’s character arc if you think about it.

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  3. Shinryu says:

    Solid and well reasoned review. 🙂
    As something of a hardcore fan of the manga (or hardcore-ish at least), I really did think the show was great. While I’m not at all someone who is always on board with the belief that an anime must (or even should in some cases) directly clone the manga word for word and scene for scene, Citrus was largely one of the most accurate adaptations I can recall seeing. Outside of not quite 100% directly porting the art style over, what we got in the anime was very accurate with the addition, as noted in the review, of the anime form giving some extra life and heart to some of the cast members and to some moments. Also, it should be noted that there is a little bit of altered content in the anime right at the end. Nothing is really changed outside of removing the obvious lead in to the next chapter and adding some scenes and elements that make the anime feel more complete as a (hopefully not) single season series. As a fan of the Citrus manga, this series pretty much was the exact anime series that I was wanting and hoping for.

    As for the content itself? Yeah, I actually pretty much have to agree with most of the review except from the perspective of someone who was probably more favourable to it going in. The beginning of the story could use a little work in character definition and framing, and some of the arcs on display definitely are not the best the series has to offer, but the strong characters and overall storyline are super solid. I’ve read a bunch of yuri at this point and, even in series I’ve enjoyed, I don’t even remember most of the characters involved. Citrus is not at all like that, even with Mei who is sort of tough to like or connect with especially at the outset. I also actually appreciated that the sexual content was not overdone even if the connotations of it are troubling at times (though understandable given the characters involved). Yuri is often in a weird place of either being completely chaste to the point of being silly or taking even single opportunity to throw naked characters on top of each other. Citrus bucks this trend by actually acknowledging sexuality without coming across as borderline (or not so borderline) porn. Anyway, yeah, I love Citrus and love the Citrus anime even though it’s definitely not “perfect.”

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    • cirno9fan says:

      I’ve read PLEEEENTy of yuri that doesn’t go all out, and doesn’t stay pure pure. I think this is more an outdated way of thinking as yuri manga/lns have become so much more varied than they used to be. I mean, we have one that is basically Shaun of the Dead meets Yuru Yuri.

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  4. ThePhenomenalSecond says:

    I have to say, I haven’t seen many explicitly yuri anime (anime where the main pair actually kiss or acknowledge that they’re together, and it’s not a “maybe they’re together” type of thing, like with Hibike Euphonium) but out of the ones I’ve seen (Sakura Trick, Candy Boy, Simoun, NTR, Strawberry Panic, Valkyrie Drive etc.) This has BY FAR and away been the most satisfying to watch, and the most fun. My issue with a show like Sakura Trick is that it’s a “Lesbians, lol” kind of show, and my issue with a show like Candy Boy is that it never fully committed with the pairing. This show didn’t have those problems, so it was already a head above. And, despite it’s small amount of blandness, at least it had a plot.

    That’s what leads me to the conclusion that among manga, this isn’t top tier, but among anime, it is. Especially if you’re like me and you just can’t get into the older stuff people say is good, because the animation is jarring. The themes this show explores (fatherhood, family, sexual awkwardness, etc) are sort of sprinkled in throughout, making it entertaining but also thoughtful at times. For the first several episodes there was never a dull moment, and while a lot of the drama is telenovela-esque, it was never at NTRs level.

    Mainly, I’m hoping more people watch this show, because the better this show performs economically, the higher the likelihood of more straight up yuri shows being made. If studios see this and see that it is marketable, this show could end up sparking a Yuri streak of sorts.

    If you have any recommendations for shows that feature explicit yuri and have good animation, I’m eager to hear em, just in case you cringed when you read this.

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    • Shinryu says:

      I have to agree completely about the viewer numbers. What I find most heartening about Citrus is just the amount of exposure it’s received. It’s shown up on multiple most watched and favourite character lists. It’s actually being advertised and talked about. Even for people who don’t like the show (for both good and not so good reasons), there are many who are at the least asking for/demanding more yuri.. even if they don’t want it to be like Citrus. I’ve already seen a lot of people who became fans of Citrus The Anime and then became fans of Citrus The Manga and are then branching out into their own explorations of the “genre” to their own tastes. That’s exciting and maybe, just maybe, it might be what the studios need to see to stop with the BS yuri baiting and teasing and actually start confirming some of the relationships they love pushing but not taking all the way. Heck, I’d rather lose a bunch of shows that bait yuri in exchange for a few shows that actually have the guts to go all the way. Since it somehow wasn’t clear enough to them before, people are not going to run screaming when two girls are shown on screen in a romantic relationship and Citrus (like it or not) could be the start of actual yuri being something that is actually accepted, recognized and valued.

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    • OG-Man says:

      It depends. If you want to see girls go all the way then there are some in the mid 2000’s you could check out. If you are fine with the girls not saying “I love you” or kissing each other but their love is so obvious only the narrow-minded would deny it then you have more choices.

      As Shinryu said the viewership for this show is strong enough to warrant more Grade 1 yuri shows getting adapted…Let’s just hope we get more that aren’t super heavy on the drama. That tends to get some fans’ blood boiling.


  5. As someone who has read the first half of the manga, I say that the anime is a beautiful adaptation. Citrus is a polarizing yuri series but it is one of the best in recent years. The anime’s art is very close to the manga’s. Yuzu, Mei, and all the girls look gorgeous. Also, this anime has a lot of lewd bath and kissing scenes.



    And this is the team that won it


    So congrats to /u/! Truly the year of yuri!

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  6. OtakuGamerGirlT says:

    As a diehard manga fan and now anime as well, I can say this adaptation was one of the best I’ve seen in many years in terms of following the manga, while keeping things fresh. It really is the kind of story that translate well to anime and will pull in fans faster than the manga. I could rave on about it for years, but plain and simply, I loved it. I will also highly recommend that those who enjoyed the anime, go read the manga, because it gets even better. I’m hoping for a season 2 and call me an optimist, but I believe we will get it eventually.

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    • OG-Man says:

      As long as it does well enough to warrant more 100% yuri manga to get anime then it’s all good. Apparently it’s doing well as of this writing. But yes it’s a really good anime adaptation. Frankly it far surpasses the manga.

      Like I said if the anime gets a second season I will check it out.

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  7. Alastor says:

    What sets Citrus ahead of most of its contempories for me is Yuzu, I will say Bloom Into You is obviously hands down a much better written story but….no one is sunshine incarnate like Yuzu is, you aid it pretty good when you mentioned her bravery, that is exactly how I feel, Yuzu had to fight for her love and she does, she has more balls than most het protags in het romance(/dramas) in my opinion. Not to spoil the manga but there is a with most of the cast present and while it doesn’t explicitly say it, it felt like it was showing us how many lives Yuzu touched and brought together, she made Mei happier, Harumin happier, Matsuri happier (so happy infact that lher initial loss as a child turned her into a complete sociopath lmao) and so on.

    I’m a bit bummed out at the framing of the last kiss, in the manga I dunno’ if ‘iconic’ is the right word, but I can perfectly picture it in my mind and always will. Last episode was pretty good though and a better ending to an anime covering an ongoing Manga than Sasameki Koto’s largely unfilling ennding was and the quality overall of Citrus was a million miles ahead of NTR. (I can’t think of an anime that got shafted so bad as NTR).

    TL;DR – I’m moret han happy with how Citrus turned out, just wish they didn’t go so overboard with the forced kissing, Mei fondling Yuzu’s ass makes no sense if she was looking for a phone!

    ALSO, OG Man, wasn’t the way Yuzu and Harumin casually fist bumped at the end just amazing? I will be very upset if she turns out to be in love with Yuzu.

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    • OG-Man says:

      Yuzu was pretty cool. Harumin and Yuzu are top two characters for sure.

      “Manga did it better” is of no concern to me. I liked what I saw.

      Harumin secretly being in love with Yuzu all this time would the WORST THING TO HAPPEN!


  8. Mauron says:

    This was definitely a drama heavy series, but worth the watch. It’s also filled with lots of sexiness.

    Nina finally seems ready to take the direct approach in finding Sara some love. Good for her.

    Were Harumin and Himeko getting closer that last night of the trip?

    There was a severe lack of post-scheme Matsuri.

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  9. Nick says:

    I think the heavy drama is what turned me off when reading the manga, so while it’s nice seeing the story in animated form, the drama through the second half of the show kinda dragged it for for me. Not saying it’s a terrible show or anything, I enjoyed watching it, but I just wasn’t a huge fan of all the drama all the time and the characters just going in circles at times. Maybe it just depends on how I’m feeling that day. My final score was a 7.5/10. Still enjoyable, just didn’t like the drama at times.

    I look forward to reading your future coverage of yuri shows next season!


    • OG-Man says:

      Believe me. I know exactly how you feel. While the drama wasn’t the main reason I stopped reading the manga it did feel like it was dragging around this point of the story.

      Like I said I’ll gladly continue watching the anime version should it get a second season. The manga though I’m done with.


  10. elkat4 says:

    I started with low expectations and was surprised, I’m afraid that the opposite occurred in the later episodes. By ep11 I was wondering “How many more weeks I must endure this anime” (though I’m sure I wasn’t the only person who just wanted to get through the last arc). I’ll admit that I wasn’t left with feeling “meh” with this anime’s finale I was with NTR’s. I’m grateful for this anime and what it means for the future of yuri anime, but I won’t be rewatching it any time soon.

    BTW, Harumin is best girl! If she got her own spin off, I’d totally watch it.

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    • OG-Man says:

      I’ll watch it again at some point but like you not anytime soon. I know I’ll be skipping the last arc though.

      Harumin is one of the best anime girls of all time, period.


  11. MarkS00N says:

    While I can be bothered by animation, my main gripe for anime is usually the pacing, whether the anime is too rushed or too slow or not. As long as the animation doesn’t reach jiggly-jiggly anime from Shirobako, I can like it with good pacing. And with that, I am glad to say that Citrus has a very great pacing, in each episode and the show as a whole. The director know how much material to be adapted, how much original content should be included, and when and where to end each episode to create enough impact but left enough material to make the next episode felt finished from beginning to end. So I salute my appreciation to you, Director! And whoever compose the soundtrack, it was brilliant.

    I will say that I am not exactly love this series, but I certainly like it (along with other popular yuri manga, except maybe NTR. Which I presume is popular because it got 5 volumes, like other popular yuri hime title like Tachibana-kan and 3DK). And I will say that I can recommend to anyone who likes yuri and/or romance. And now that we can binge it, I certainly hope we can get less of those “controversial” complain.

    I know volume 4 is where they will end the anime, and it is as sweet as I predicted. So I hope we can get second season, and get at least until volume 6 (or maybe end in volume 6 while adapting bonus materials, which I think enough for 6 or so episodes).

    Now I want to talk a bit about the manga.

    I firmly believe that Citrus (volume 1-4) is something better to be read in one go. The manga was a bimonthly one, so each year you will only get 1-2 volume (about 10 months per tankoubon), which means it is long enough for reader to forget the detail of last volume, so I think Saburouta wants each volume to have their own beginning, middle, and end, which people can find repetitive. The cliffhanger are also mostly to entice people to read the next volume, only to be subverted as the drama ends pretty quick. And as the manga become monthly (from volume 6 onward), this trend began to change and now arcs can last several volume, thus not as many “miscommunication” drama as it used to.

    For those who’ve read the first 4 volumes or finished the anime, I implore you to continue to read until volume 6. Volume 6 is one of the sweetest Citrus volume and I assure you, this volume won’t disappoint you.


  12. appbeza says:

    I want anime yuri to be less trashy now. If this continues, the stereotypes will haunt us for decades to come.


    • OG-Man says:

      That’s beyond my control dood. If your wish came true telenovelas would cease to exist. Whether that’s a good or bad thing depends on who you ask.


  13. tbiscut74 says:

    As a fan of the manga i greatly enjoyed the anime. So I really hope there is a 2nd season. There are 3 characters that i would love see animated. 2 from the next arc. 1 of which being Harumin’s older sister.

    Harumin and Yuzu were indeed the 2 best girls.

    So until they make another season or not, ill continue to read the manga which i have up to volume 7. Thank god for The Seven Seas Entertainment publishing!

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  14. automaticimperfection says:

    Yes, I started reading Citrus because of the art and even when I can say I still read it and all, I must agree with you, Yuzu was exactly as I could think she would be if she was “alive” aka animated, but Mei… Mei went from this ice block to an actual person. Not a warm person or anything, but at least human dammit. I really liked the animation, I read around the web that it was popular enough to make people consider more seasons, I’d like to see Shirapon for example, but I honestly would end up bald with so much drama being animated haha.

    Thanks for covering it!

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  15. So I just noticed something. You know how Himeko always says Aihara Yuzu? After thinking about it there are many coincidences.

    Both Himeko and Ayano are Vice Presidents of the student council.

    Yuzu and Kyouko are both rule breakers.

    Himeko and Ayano have purple hair.

    Yuzu and Kyouko have blonde hair.

    And of course, Himeko calls Yuzu Aihara Yuzu all the time.

    Himeko x Yuzu ship? I mean she even gave her a charm and is a tsundere.

    Though tbh, Himeko x Harumin isn’t that bad either.

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    • OG-Man says:

      Good theory but from what I’ve heard Himeko will get someone else. Dunno if it’s Harumin but should a second season air we’ll find out then. At least yours truly as I have no intention of picking up the manga ever again.


      • Yeah, I know. After all if Yuzu doesn’t get with Mei it would be the upset of the century. But the amount of coincidences with yuru yuri just seem uncanny. I don’t know why it took so long to realize though.

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  16. The Otaku Judge says:

    Impressive that you consider the anime to be superior. Like you mentioned, it’s normally the other way round (especially in properties that don’t have much action.) In a lot of fiction I end up liking the emotionless characters, so I think I would like Mei-Tron.


  17. Error says:

    Total agree. I was in hope for 10/10, but that was only a 8/10… sadly. 😦

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  18. chikorita157 says:

    The story was enjoyable. Sure, the whole Yuzu having to say how much she loves Mei when her relationship with her takes one step forward two steps back can get frustrating. Still, I liked how it eventually played out as they finally start acting like a couple and start dating.

    Of course, Harumi and Yuzu pairing would make more sense though given that they are best friends. Still, I wouldn’t mind more in the future.

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    • OG-Man says:

      Yeah. Roadblock after roadblock but it works so it is what it is. Still, the good parts are definitely good.

      I said this a couple of times but Harumin revealing she’s in love with Yuzu all this time would be a HUGE mistake. Yuzu’s shown she likes her girls mechanical so having Harumin be a third wheel would be disastrous. Besides, she apparently will find someone else.


  19. yurimylove says:

    A definite 10/10 for me.


  20. fddsite11 says:

    the writing improved in later volumes were did you end the book reading? IM interested to know lol
    but I must say the lastest manga arc is killing us lol


    • OG-Man says:

      Around where the anime ended. That’s when the translations slowed down and I didn’t bother continuing. I still won’t. Give me a 2nd anime season of Citrus otherwise I’m no longer interested.


  21. piano_cello_conducting says:

    I liked how steamy this anime was but I found the payoff to be rather unsatisfying. While Yuzu and Harumin are great characters, Mei is too emotionless for my liking. Instead of always showing things from Yuzu’s point of view, they should let us see Mei’s inner thoughts more. The show also needs a secondary yuri couple. I honestly wouldn’t mind a Harumin x Himeko pairing. Also while I liked the steamy yuri scenes and I realize this isn’t a hentai, I would have prefer Kuttuskiboshi-type of scenes to consummate their relationship.
    I found this show more satisfying than Netsuzou Trap but in terms of payoff was lacking compared to Kuttsukiboshi (which is a rather flawed anime anyway).


  22. I find it crazy that so many people like this anime. Maybe if it’s your first time watching yuri & drama I can get it. But for me the pacing was way to slow and the drama way too forced. I actually prefer the manga that I started reading way back, because you can go at your own pace, faster while waiting for the forced drama to resolve. The very last moments were cool, but I cannot stomach at all the omni-present forced drama. It’s so painfully obvious and slow paced, doesn’t feel natural.

    Artstyle was cool, especially Yuzu, but nothing incredible.

    The craziest thing is that there isn’t a single “normal”/vanilla yuri anime yet. I would say the closest we have is Kuttsukiboshi or Candy Boy, maybe Sakura Trick. For the others it’s very often subtext (I don’t understand why YuruYuri is grade 1, but I stopped watching quite early in), ecchi or unfinished stuff like Aoi Hana and Sasameki Koto. There isn’t one complete, clear cut, proper yuri anime yet, I feel, I mean of course Citrus is, but I think we are all still waiting for a true Champion, a true cute, consensual, full on blushing, hardcore hand holding Yuri anime.

    Hopefully Kase-san’s adaptation turns out great.


    • OG-Man says:

      The opposite then. That’s cool. Still prefer the anime over the manga myself.

      Depends on what a fan defines as “normal yuri”. Differs from person to person.


  23. cyan says:

    I finally watched it! I lost interest back then when I was halfway through the manga, it seemed like the only one making effort was Yuzu, and Mei felt like an emotionless character… but that shouldn’t stop me from watching, better late than never.

    The anime was done well, there’s a scene which I didn’t understand in the manga, they delivered it clearly on the show and gave us a smooth ending, no cliffhanger feels.
    This review definitely gave me a push to try Citrus again.

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    • OG-Man says:

      Yup. Like you I too lost interest in the manga and thought the anime did the story much better.

      Good luck finishing the manga. I’ll sit back and hope the rest of the story gets animated.


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  27. Katlyn johnson says:

    Hi me again. They need to hurry up with citrus season 2. And they better not change it from fall 2020 to 2021. They have already changed the release year of new game season 3 from summer of 2020 last minute they change I to 2021.


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