349th G-View: Yuru Camp△

A Girls Club anime about cute girls going camping. What more do most fans of mine need to become interested in this show? Well let us find out as we take a look at Yuru Camp.


Alternate Title: Laid-Back Camp

Genres: Comedy, Slice of Life, Iyashikei

Themes: Outdoors, Camping

Number of Episodes: 12 + Specials

G-Rating: 11/10

Plot Summary: Rin enjoys camping by the lakeshore, Mt. Fuji in view. Nadeshiko rides her bike to see Mt. Fuji, too. As the two eat cup noodles together, they behold the beautiful scenery around them.

Rin having a boiled snack

Best girl Rin.


As mentioned the show is all about cute girls going camping complete with tips and necessities one needs to set up camp all wonderfully narrated by Mr Akio Ootsuka who made Morgan Freeman and Roscoe Lee Browne proud. We will get to the voice acting in a bit. Many essentials are covered such as what kind of wood to gather to start a fire, the differences in tents, where to set up camp, how to cook tasty meals and most important of all, blankets.

For the longest time one important theme is covered throughout the show: The difference between solo and group camping. Sometimes it focuses on Rin (with Nadeshiko a couple of times)’s solo camping trips, other times the Outdoor Club‘s group camping, led by Aoi and Chiaki, and a few times both solo and group camping at the same time to give viewers an idea of what the pros and cons are for both.

Mt Fuji spotted

Prepare to be wowed by the great outdoors.

Being an iyashikei show it does a fantastic job showing viewers how wonderful and relaxing camping in the right camping site is. After setting up camp viewers join the girls having fun and most importantly taking in the beautiful scenery on both day and nighttime. This is a perfect segway to the animation which unsurprisingly is excellent, befitting an iyashikei series. Same can be said for the soundtrack. Motivating melodies that WANT viewers to go outdoors and take in the beauty of nature…provided the viewer lives near beautiful scenery to begin with. Otherwise wait for vacation time and book a trip to any of the Japanese campsites featured on the show…or Vancouver. Either one works. According to our friend Rory the OP is similar to some English songs, those being The Jackson 5’s “ABC” and “I Want You Back”. The ED might as well be a soothing lullaby.

Chiaki, Aoi and Nadeshiko lighting a Swedish candle

The Outdoor Club: Aoi, Chiaki and later member Nadeshiko.

The familiar Girls Club traits are here and accounted for such as the power of friendship and cute girls doing cute things besides camping. They even got small chances to show off their sexiness without going down the ecchi route. No swimsuit episode sadly but there is something close enough to spark plenty of hot fan art for one girl in particular. I mentioned voice acting earlier and that is because alongside the stellar animation and relaxing soundtrack the seiyu did a stellar job making the girls sound extra adorable and spunky. They sound cute regularly but there are those special moments they go the extra mile such as “Smug” or “Old Lady” Nadeshiko or “Scheming” Aoi. One of the main five girls takes a while before she joins in on the camping fun but in the meantime she gets enough screen time and fun moments to fit right in with the other four. For an iyashikei show Yuru Camp was especially funny. Besides the main five the side-characters are all really cool guys and gals with personal favorites being Onee-chan, Mama Deshiko and Drunk-Sensei.

Nadeshiko inviting Rin

Nadeshiko X Rin.

As for the yuri goodness I will keep it simple: RinDeshiko = Super Mega OTP + relationship goals. Some may include AoiChi if they so wish but RinDeshiko is where it is at.

Overall Yuru Camp is a MUST WATCH for Girls Club and Iyashikei aficionados. The camping is fun, the cast are all likable, the atmosphere is relaxing, the soundtrack is pleasant and RinDeshiko are bliss. It easily earned a spot alongside Flying Witch and Amanchu! as the new generation of Iyashikei greats. Be sure to follow the rules on the show CAREFULLY should the time come when you decide to go camping.

PS: Need more? Some fans went so far as saying the many dishes prepared on this show gave Koizumi-san‘s many delectable ramen dishes a run for their money in terms of mouth watering goodness.

PPS: Be sure to stay tuned after the ED of each episode for more fun with an Outdoor Club corner segment and extra goodies.


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32 Responses to 349th G-View: Yuru Camp△

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  2. Rory says:

    A comfortable experience that leaves us all feeling like a member of the Secret Society BLANKET. This show was a real treat, and hopefully we’ll get more of it in the future.

    For those curious, the opening theme sounds a lot like the Jackson 5’s “ABC” and “I Want You Back”.

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    • OG-Man says:

      If we’re lucky we’ll get to meet the blankiemonster and the other Secret Society BLANKET members again someday.

      Noice. Will update with this information.

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  3. Wanderer says:

    Yuru Camp is tied for my anime of the year slot right now, and I doubt anything is going to knock it or the other series (Sora Yori mo Tooi Basho) out of first place. This series is incredibly comfy, relaxing, beautiful, and just plain enjoyable. Everything about it was well done: the visuals are gorgeous, the music is perfectly suited to each scene and location, and the characters all very fun.

    The work with the characters is especially impressive to me. I’ve read the translated manga chapters (which aren’t up to as far as the anime has gotten) before the anime aired, and in the manga none of the characters other than Nadeshiko and Rin really made an impression on me. Aoi and Chiaki were just the girls from the club: I didn’t have a grasp of their personalities or really remember their names. Saitou had kind of faded into the background entirely. The anime chaged all that, bringing all of them to life, making them all interesting and unique people.

    This has been a great series, the likes of which we only see rarely, and we should treasure it.

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  4. 12 warm and fuzzy episode 😀 ❤ and don’t forget the shoutout #thanyouyuru http://www.asagiri-kogen.camp/index.html

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  5. LuzeriP says:

    One of my favorite this season. You already covered it neatly why this show is so great. I give 100/10 for this show. You mentioned how good the voice actors are and this is where I emerged (no idea what am talking about, it’s late). Yeah they made their characters alive. My best girl is Chiaki. That girl is so funny.

    Nadeshiko x Rin definitely an OTP. Nadeshiko always runs toward Rin everytime she sees her, makes my heart melt. So cute!
    It’s sad that it is over. I’m hoping for season 2.

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    • Alastor says:

      VA wise I laughed pretty hard at how Nadeshiko would be something completely innocuous like walking down the street but she’d be like “HmmmhmhmhhEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! XD >_< *breaks into a run*” Which is why I liked it when Rin actually points out ‘here comes the genki one’ at one point.

      Speaking of Rin, she’s my breakout character of the show, I dunno’ how things work in Japan for these things but if that girl doesn’t become somesort of mascot to get younger people into camping then nothing will. She’s so young but she has life figured out already, I feel slightly envious of her when she’s just chilling out in front of the campfire when I’m over here feeling stress and anxiety all the time and not knowing what to do with my life even though I’m almost twice her age (I think? How old is she?). Andshe’s a camping genius, we got our first tutorial on camping through her and it’s impressiveb ecause in the context of the story it’s still her own knowledge, legendary character imo.

      Is the implication that she alwayssounds so tired and deadpan because she’s always working to afford her trips or is she just like that? I love the way she is 100% chill and stoic, the perfect partner to super hyper Nadeshiko.

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    • OG-Man says:

      Oh yes, Praiseworthy show for sure.

      Chiaki’s personality, fang and body are commendable.

      They are meant to be.

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  6. cirno9fan says:

    A single word to describe the entire show
    NadeRin is indeed ❤

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  7. Mauron says:

    RinDeshiko is love. Many great things from those two.

    I hope we can see more of the flying tent in the future.

    Fun show, need more. I’ll be starting the manga soon.

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  8. Zack says:

    This is was a really enjoyable series, and I hope we get a season 2.

    As you said, Nadeshiko x Rin is really the only actual ship. Despite their nearly opposite personalities (or maybe it’s because of it?) the two get along really well. You could maybe ship Aoi x Chiaki, but they don’t have nearly as much moments as RinDeshiko do.

    I was kind of expecting Rin and Ena to join the Outdoors Club by the end of the series, and was a bit surprised that didn’t end up happening. What I found even more interesting though is that it’s not portrayed as a bad thing (as in “oh no, we failed to convince them to join our club!”), but rather just the way things are. The Outdoors Club will continue to be Aoi, Chiaki and Nadeshiko, and Rin and Ena will probably join them for more camping trips in the future. And I’m surprisingly okay with that.

    Anyway, the series isn’t completely over yet. There’s still that episode 0 that will be included on the BD to look forward to.

    Liked by 3 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Hopefully we eventually will.

      RinDeshiko blessed us more than enough.

      There’s still time for them to eventually join but if they don’t it’s fine.

      Should be a fun prologue episode of sorts.


  9. FantasyGirlKanna says:

    It’s a really relaxing show 😀
    And I like how they started and ended the show with Rin and Nadeshiko. Totally agree with you about them being a Super Mega OTP + relationship goals since they seemed like a couple towards the end already.

    Liked by 3 people

  10. Comfiest, fluffiest flow of the season. Every episode just makes me feel so warm and fluffy inside, with the music, and the characters actually wearing properly warm winter clothing, and the delicious-looking and -seeming food. Perfect show to watch in the winter cold.

    RinDeshiko is indeed ❤

    Would be AOTS contender, and it’s definitely at least a strong contender for #3 spot, but I think both Sora Yori and Violet Evergarden have been hitting me in the feels so hard that I might need to give them the top spots. Though Last Encore also has the potential to rise to the top 3, if the last episode is any indication of where things might be going. (Hint: The Yuri direction.)

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  11. themarrowbook says:

    My personal thought is that Yuru Camp might actually have been one of the most epoch-making works in the Slice-of-Life anime history, along with things like K-ON!, Yuru Yuri and GochiUsa.

    To me, the elements which have made it unique are as follows:

    ・The primarily outdoor setting, which provided us viewers with a variety of good scenery and fun activities, with the help of its high-quality animation and soundtracks.
    ・The time setting. Tha end-autumn to the early winter may be one of the most neglected seasons in SoL anime, but Yuru Camp explored this season with creativity, while not totally sacrificing fanservices and emotional buildups.
    ・The effective use of text messages. This allowed the show to explore 2 separate groups of girls simultaneously, fitting with its concept of depicting both solo and group camping in depth. It had been used as a tool to express Rin and Nadeshiko’s emotional closeness throughout the season.

    Also as you mentioned, all the cast have contributed to the fun and comfiness of the show, including the narrator and even talking pinecones. Although Nadeshiko is my fav, each character has a distinctive personality, which is portrayed nicely thanks to seiyuus’ efforts.
    It is also worth noting that the director mentions he actually did winter solo camping in the campsites that the girls visited in the show, to depict the camping activities with reality.

    Yuru Camp was a solid Girls Club anime that deserves a sequel should there be enough materials. Until that happens, I guess I’ll have to check Yama no Susume before its S3 airs this summer.

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  12. Probably the comfiest anime that I have watched in years. I want more of these cute camp girls!

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  13. Ren says:

    I tried making that beef pot they had during the Christmas camp (where they had a sukiyaki base, and then they added tomato, basil, and onions into the pot) and it turned out really delicious. This show’s recipes are legit. Best cooking show of the season! (Okay, it is a camping show, but the food is totally the selling point for me)

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  14. K says:

    Exquisite scenery, good eats, understandable tips on camping, comfy camaraderie and a colourful cast to showcase it all (awesome narrator included)! Yeah, this anime’s one of the tops of this season for me.

    I’m with you, Rin’s the best and Rin/Nadeshiko’s a very good pair.

    By the way, Rin’s grandpa’s is quite the cool old dude.

    Liked by 3 people

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  16. yurimylove says:

    After i retired, I’m going to buy an iron skillet, camp near mount Fuji, and hand out meat to young girls 😀

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