Kase-san OVA Trailer

Oh yes ladies and gentlemen. This is a momentous occasion. The Kase-san anime Twitter page launched a trailer featuring for the very first time Kase-san and Yamada speaking!



As a reminder Kase-san is voiced by Ayane Sakura and Yamada by Minami Takahashi. IMikawa is voiced by Ibuki Kido. Ayane and Minami sing the theme song (Thanks LuzeriP). Will update this trailer once translations are released.

The Kase-san OVA will see a theatrical release in Japan this June. Dunno when it will be made available for purchase to the public though.

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14 Responses to Kase-san OVA Trailer

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  2. gremriel2016 says:

    Excuse while I go read it again.

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  3. LuzeriP says:

    Finally they’re talking. And they’re sound cute. I’m so very hyped.
    Mikawa is voiced by Ibuki Kido. And Ayane and Minami are singing the theme song.

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  4. Nick says:

    I feel bad for not starting to read this yet. I have volume 1 but like all my other manga, it’s just sitting on the shelf. This is my motivation to pick it up and start reading it.

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  5. philipbaxton says:

    Oh man I can’t wait. The trailers look amazing and has me so hyped for the OVA. The hype so so real right now.

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  6. tsubasasfamily says:

    I know I should be happy with just the OVA, and I am VERY happy about the OVA, but I am still secretly hoping that if the OVA is received well there’s some possibility of a TV series. Kase-san deserves a full adaptation, I’m gonna need more than 40min of Yamada’s crazy expressions.

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  7. Mauron says:

    I still need to pick up volume 4. The trailer looked very Kase-san.


  8. yukiho says:

    im so hyped omg!!!! also the link for yamada’s seiyuu is different? this is her !! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minami_Takahashi_(voice_actress)

    im so excited aajfcnask


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