Frosty Ramen Camp Episode 9: Two Out of Three

I think I’ll stop covering Koizumi-san. Not because it sucks, it’s still a solid show, but there not being much to say about each episode. The focus is on Koizumi-san and her love of ramen and that’s okay. The show lives up to the title and while I’m sure some were expecting more it’s also not a good idea to complain about the show living up to its title.

With that out of the way let’s briefly talk about Yuru Camp and then discuss something interesting regarding the Antarctica Show.

Rin anticipating Nadeshiko's guidance.jpg

So cute together, RinDeshiko are.

This after Nadeshiko offered to guide her to interesting destinations. See, Nadeshiko was pumped to go on another camping date with Rin but sadly got sick the day before. Rin’s going camping for her sweetie’s sake. It makes more sense after seeing their conversation.

Jealous Rin is jealous.

Lady campers.jpg

The curse of years of wearing Yuri Goggles: Shipping any random duo of ladies going somewhere together.

Aoi's imouto.jpgNadeshiko's Mom.jpg

Blessed is the family with purple hair. Nadeshiko’s mom is as lovely as Aoi’s imouto is adorable.

Hungry Nadeshiko.jpg

Hungry Nadeshiko.

Chef Chiaki.jpg

The entire Chiaki houtou cooking segment was glorious.

Houtou Ramen eating.jpg

I imagine Koizumi-san would have accepted an invitation to this family lunch.

Happy Onee-chan.jpg

Raging otaku boner worthy.

Castle bun.jpg

#CastleBun. I hope everyone watching doesn’t forget to check out the post-ED Room Camp stuff.

As far as plot progression goes in the previous episode Saitou was invited by the Outgoing Club to go on a special Holiday camping trip. She accepted in this episode. In the next episode the club hopes Rin will accept an invite as well. It’s only a matter of time.

Annoying guy.jpg

Only part of this episode that I didn’t like was the desperate guy trying to hook up with Gin. Thankfully the hot excavation babe above was often around these scenes so it wasn’t TOO BAD.

Anyway his involvement was irrelevant. There is something far more important to discuss. Before we get to it let’s talk about the plot.

Deja vu.jpg

Deja vu.

So the fool’s annoyance gave the girls an idea to get to know Team Captain Gin better by interviewing her (also ratings). Since Shirase seemed to have some connection with her they asked her to do the interview. The above pic says it all.

Embarassed Gin.jpg

Embarrassed Gin.

We got glimpses of it here and there but behind her tough exterior Gin’s quite the sensitive hottie. Pay attention to the answer she gave for later.

Young Shirase.jpg

Kid Shirase is a blessing.

Eventually the two do come together to talk about their divide caused by Takako’s disappearance. Gin thought all this time that Shirase blamed her for her mom’s disappearance. In reality Shirase felt conflicted. Part of her kinda did but the other knew full well the expedition would be dangerous and mom wanting to go through with it anyway. Part of her believed mom was out there in the antarctic. She decided to come to Antarctica to get closure by finding what her mom searched for, the place further than the universe.

In your face rally.jpg


The episode ended with our heroines stepping on Antarctic soil for the first time after the ship pushed and pushed through hard ice. After a thunderous journey in the previous episode Shirase and friends proved the doubters wrong with their first triumphant step in making history. Awesome moment that was!

Now then, about that important discussion.

What say you folks? It certainly explains a lot. This isn’t me going “ship crazy” or anything. Given her answer in the interview about her “type” and her behavior during flashbacks, Gin may very well have had a crush on Takako. It’s certainly not unbelievable.

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22 Responses to Frosty Ramen Camp Episode 9: Two Out of Three

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  2. cirno9fan says:

    I was getting the same vibes really. it seemed a pretty lowkey way of saying that she had a crush on Takako. The hints were rather strong. That aside the episode was fantastic~ The guy was kinda annoying, but I’m pretty desensitized to that by now, so eh. I had tears when they all were saying “Serves you right!” So many people who got told it was impossible, and that things would never work out proved they could do it. It was a really beautiful continuation after learning about the truth behind the expedition.

    Yuru Camp is very ❤ as usual~ We’re almost there Nadeshiko!!

    Yeah, I dunno. While I think much less of the show than you do, I still do agree that it does what it’s meant to do. And I can respect it for that. At least it has some amusing/interesting segments from time to time. I’ve become more of a fan of MIsa as time has gone on. I firmly believe she’ll get Yuu one day. Koizumi is more that “fleeting crush” that often happens in youth.

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    • OG-Man says:


      Yes It was a great moment seeing our heroines stick it to haters. Won’t they be surprised when they return.

      I know you’re not the biggest ramen fan. Let’s cheer Misa on.

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  3. Mauron says:

    Rin might not like Chiaki, but I certainly do. She had a lot of fun scenes this episode.

    I would like more mustached characters in Yuru Camp.

    Rin ran into Aoi and Hinata on the mountain (Hinata being late), and no amount of screenshots will convince me otherwise!

    Adorable little kid with giant eyebrows. I’m still waiting on a yuri family show.

    Needs more bun-art.

    The pervert was told “Don’t creep on the kids. This means you.” As soon as they’re over the motion sickness, he creeps on the kids. I prefer my perverts in the form of Shirase peeping on Hinata in the shower, thank you very much.

    In your face!

    Takako making an unplanned store run while a friend is visiting seems like an odd way to get your friend and daughter to bond… That seems more like a plan for someone you’re living with, which opens up whole new interpretations of everything.

    Liked by 4 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Would YOU like someone hitting on your sweetheart? But yes Chiaki was the star of this episode.

      You are a super hardcore shipper as you’ve shown on several occasions.

      Exactly. several hints about the two being interested in each other as more than best friends.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Mauron says:

        No, but someone playing the evil supervillain while I’m forced to visit tourist spots sounds like fun.

        I’m also a fan of taking the more perverted explanation of a sequence of events.


  4. OtakuGamerGirlT says:

    Yuru Camp continues to please and RinDeshiko are adorbs as always. Jelly Rin is cute.

    As for universe, the entire flashback segment seemed to show Gin hanging out at Shirase’s mom’s place quite often and she seemed rather comfortable, as opposed to a good friend who visited often. The biggest suggestions imo though, were how the mom left Gin and Shirase alone every time, kind of like a mother wanting her child to get closer to a new potential parent. I guess we don’t know for sure, but I saw it as a domesticated lesbian couple raising a child from a previous relationship together, with snippets of the new parent and child bonding. Even if it’s not the case, you can’t convince me Gin didn’t at least have a crush on the mother. Anyway, the show was good as always.

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  5. Dante Smith says:

    I know that Rin doesn’t like Chiaki because she’s always close to her boo, despite already Chiaki already havin’ someone else. And yes, I instantly ships the two hiker girls and none can deter my opinion.

    I love seeing family moments in SoL anime, it makes rather good characterization. That houtou segment was so intense, probably even more intense than the cooking scenes in Ramen. Also, it seems that Nadeshiko and her mother are the cute ones while onee-chan is the hot one 🙂

    More Shimarin hair buns please.

    That guy whose name I don’t even care to remember deserves all he’s having. Not only he tried to ruin the sacred art of yuri, his demeanor, his approach are so unbearable and not to mention he whines like…..most of the time URGH!! Good thing that he got what he deserved. Also Yumiko is the hottest girl in the show, HANDS DOWN!!

    I’ve always wonder where is Shirase’s father and upon seeing Gin and Takako together, I finally know the answer 🙂

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    • OG-Man says:


      The entire houtou scene was fantastic.

      So many sexy girls and women in the expedition that picking the hottest is tough. But yes, Yumiko is an excellent choice.

      Case closed.

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  6. Understandable regarding Ramen. It has had less interesting things happening than in other shows, that’s for sure. And regarding the food…

    …I think Yuru Camp might even have it beat in terms of how tasty they make eating the food look. Yuru Camp best cooking show this season.

    RinDeshiko is ❤. Too bad Nadeshiko’s night-time outside texting and such habits might have caused her to be defeated by the greatest adversary of the camper, a cold!

    Chiaki may be a prankster, but good food she makes. Apparently. Also, cute. Like most of them are. Also nice seeing the families a bit.

    Need more hairbun art. I wonder if Saitou takes pics of them afterwards to remember them by? And I wonder how Rin reacted when she realized the artwork her head had become? Probably used to it, to be fair.

    That guy was indeed pretty annoying. Though, by the end of the episode, he seemed to at least have the decency to realize when he should just stop. Somewhat. Hopefully he won’t get too much screentime later on. At least there’s someone to stop him doing stuff around. Best girl of the show, protector of Yuri and beater-up of perverts.

    The facial expressions on SoraYori are just ❤. The animators did such an excellent job on the show.

    #InYourFace. That moment was great. Moments like that make the show into the greatness that it is.

    Also on board the GinTakako ship. Definite signs all around.

    Also…that post-credit scene, if people missed it. Short, but go back and watch it if you missed it. Some serious foreshadowing of something going on there.

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    • OG-Man says:

      Yuru Camp is admittedly more enjoyable.

      Poor Nadeshiko being denied another date due to forces beyond her control.

      Chiaki’s always been adorable. Her being good at cooking was a welcome bonus, showing us Nadeshiko’s not the only one who can cook.

      Rin does have several hairstyles so it’s not unbelievable for her that Saitou playing with her hair is a common occurrence.

      Yumiko is sexy, badass and a protector of yuri. She’s praiseworthy.

      The animation is great.

      A very powerful moment.


      Looking forward to more.

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  7. B-M says:

    I’m not even sure if Gin had a crush on Takako – it seemed like so much more. She has basically been a low-key parent to Shirase… This reminded me of so many lonely-parent arcs.

    Yes, I ship it!

    IN YOUR FACE was a great scene, too.

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  8. Zack says:

    So since you won’t be covering Koizumi does that mean future episodic reviews will just be called Frosty Camp?

    Just out of curiosity, what happened with the episodic reviews of episodes 8 of both Antarctica and Yuru Camp? I never saw them get posted. Well, whatever the reason, I’m going to give my brief thoughts on those episodes as well.

    Yuru Camp episode 8:
    *This episode was enjoyable, but there was sadly very little Rin in it.

    *When Aoi mentioned having a boyfriend my first thought was that the fans are not going to be happy about that. Luckily, she was just joking.

    *I think the funniest part of the episode was when Aoi said she usually spends time with her family on Christmas, Aki shouts out “You have a family!” I just cracked up when I heard that.

    *I’m calling it now, the new teacher is just the drunk onee-chan from the previous episode. Actually, the dialog kind of makes it rather obvious that they’re probably the same person.

    Yuru Camp episode 9:
    *On a personal level, I think my favorite part of this episode was when Rin sees a dog looking at her and she goes “do you want to fight, punk?” The reason I liked it? The dog was a boston terrier which just so happens to be the same breed that my dog is.

    *My other favorite scene was when Aki had to cook for Nadeshiko’s whole family. I especially loved how Nadeshiko’s sister looked like she hated it, but then said it was “insanely good”.

    *If Nadeshiko’s sister ever confessed to someone, it probably would be one of the most hilarious confessions ever.

    *I have to admit that I also thought that those two mountain climbing girls that Rin met were a couple. Chances are much more likely they’re just friends, but my mind can’t help but jump to conclusions.

    *Aoi’s sister was adorable. She kind of looked like a younger clone of Aoi.

    *The after credits scene with Saito styling Rin’s hair was funny.

    *Anyway, it looks like next week they’re going to try to convince Rin to come with them on a Christmas camping trip. Hopefully, she’ll answer yes.

    Antarctica episode 8:
    *There’s really just one thing in particular I want to comment on this episode, and that’s the scene where the girls go out on the deck when a storm is going on. That was probably the stupidest and most suicidally dangerous thing they could have done. So much could have gone wrong. They could have been washed overboard by the giant waves. Since they were all feeling sick at the time, the cold water could have made their illness worse. And since they left the door open, they ran a risk that the inside of the boat could have been flooded. I think the only reason they didn’t get into trouble was because nobody knew they were out there. But since the girls were sick, I’m just going to assume they weren’t thinking straight.

    *But other than that it was an enjoyable episode, and I am still liking the series.

    Antarctica episode 9:
    *When that expedition guy went up to Shirase and said he was in love, my first thought was “did you forget about that speech from a few episodes ago? They’re not legal!” Fortunately, it wasn’t Shirase he was in love with.

    *That guy was pretty annoying. I don’t mind him wanting a girlfriend since that seems perfectly normal, but the way he went about it was all wrong.

    *I really liked the flashbacks to Shirase’s childhood. It almost felt like Gin was a second mother to her.

    *The scene where Gin heard Takako’s final words over the intercom was both disturbing and heart wrenching. What really sold it for me was the horrified look on Gin’s face.

    *It’s subtle but in the flashback scene where Gin is left alone in the trailer you can see that one of the seats headrest has been broken, but was perfectly fine in a previous scene. This implies that Gin may have broken it out of frustration.

    *My favorite scene was when Gin asked Shirase if she really actually forgives her for not being able to save her mother, and Shirase says that she “doesn’t know”. To me, that felt like a realistic response. It’s natural that Shirase would feel conflicted and not know what to think.

    *The scene where the ship starts smashing away at the ice was pretty cool. I guess it’s called an icebreaker for a reason.

    *My second favorite scene was them finally getting to Antarctica. The best part was Shirase going “In your face!” That line really made it obvious that she had some pent up rage.

    *As for Gin having a romantic crush on Takako, there was definitely a lot of hints pointing to that being the case. Even TV Tropes agrees since on the character page for the series they list Ambiguously Gay under Gin’s section. We’ll have to wait and see if we’ll get actually confirmation though.

    And that’s everything I wanted to comment on. Sorry for the long post.

    Liked by 3 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Most likely Frosty Camp.

      It’s cool. All 8th episodes were straightforward. Not much to add other than talk about fun moments. Antarctica was more our heroines braving the hardships of sailing across harsh oceans.

      Oooh. You have a Boston Terrier? Noice!

      The Kid Shirase flashbacks and Gin acting like her second mother were delightful. Their confrontation was also a powerful scene along with #InYourFace.

      Yes. So much win.

      Liked by 2 people

  9. Giack31 says:

    I’m not someone who usually jumps to ships without having very concrete evidence but I agree 100% that Gin and Takako are a couple. I don’t know why but I just kind of assumed they were from the start (my initial reaction to that guy’s confession was “dude you have no chance she likes Takako”) and this episode gave us a lot to work with. As OtakuGamerGirlT said it looked like Takako and Gin were in a relationship and she wanted Shirase to get along with her “new parent”.

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  10. x says:

    Yuru Camp, It’s always nice to bring some joke’s, when someone is sick.
    On Antarctica, I love there victory cheer.

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Reapy_s0ul says:

    Camp Thing:
    Rin and Nadeshiko should cuddle in their tent.

    Cold Place:
    I haven’t caught up on it, same with a few others I just don’t feel the m o t i v a t i o n


  12. OldYuriLovingCj says:

    As much as I want2 c more every week, I at the same time dont
    it saddens me these beautiful shows are almost finished 😦

    Liked by 2 people

  13. yurimylove says:

    Haha I should trick my daughter’s friend to cook for the whole family too.

    Liked by 1 person

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