Blossom Detective Holmes Mini-Series Kickstarter

Better late than never to bring this one up. So the main reason I’m promoting it is the usual, cool female leads. The catch is this project is led by Steve Ahn who worked on the first four seasons of Voltron: Legendary Defender and The Legend of Korra Books 1-4. I know it’s a stretch buuuuut…

Blossom Detective Holmes Poster.jpg

Blossom Detective Holmes is a first of its kind independent animated mini-series filled with suspense, mystery, and action.  Not a lot of anime is produced in America, so Blossom is taking the first steps to make that happen!  The goal of the show is to introduce a new genre into mainstream  American animation that will be based on mature topics such as crime, murder, and serious drama. This genre of animation is very uncommon in animated shows, and you can be a trendsetter by supporting Blossom Detective Holmes and bringing it to market!

The first case in the series, Selfie with a Strange Intruder, begins with two teenage detectives, Skylar Holmes and her partner Jamie, as they take on the case of a suspicious robbery from their client, Mr. Edvard.  Skylar and Jamie both have unique skills that make them the best in the business.  Skylar has the instincts of an expert detective and a heightened sense of smell, almost hound like, that allows her to gather data through scent alone.  Jamie, on the other hand, is meticulous and uses visible evidence and logic to uncover the truth.  Jamie also carries a special Polaroid camera that can transport them anywhere in the world with a quick snap of the camera.

Each episode will be around six minutes long and as of this writing three have been funded. Even if it does not turn out being what I hope I am still interested in seeing the project in its entirety and hope the remaining three episodes and bonus stretch goals get funded.

For more information go to the KS HERE. Link includes the pilot episode.

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