Frosty Ramen Camp Episode 6: Cold Trips

We’re going to do something a bit different this time around. Instead of going through the usual order we’ll cover the episodes that can be quickly summed up first and save the one with more to discuss for last.

Early Koizumi.jpg

Koizumi-san early in the morning.

The first sketch of Koizumi-san featured her getting some ramen early in the morning. Yuu’s bro was passing by and smelled the tasty ramen scent from Koizumi-san’s hair. Her ability to attract more customers to eating ramen had prevailed once more.

The girls enjoying Hiyashi Ramen.jpg

Our leading ladies after enjoying some hiyashi ramen.

The second sketch had the three friends enduring unbearable Summer heat when Yuu spotted Koizumi-san heading towards a restaurant selling hiyashi ramen. Basically it’s tasty lukewarm ramen with ice. Really good for hot Summer days from the looks of it. My one gripe with the sketch was it being a missed opportunity or the four to finally have ramen together. Hopefully we won’t have to wait till the season finale for that to happen.

Koizumi and Hannah.jpg

Koizumi-san and the lost German girl Hannah.

The last sketch had Koizumi-san visiting a busy district wearing a yukata. We then cut to a lost girl looking for her mom. She ran into Koizumi-san…and spoke German. Luckily for the youngling Koizumi-san could also speak some German. I’m more of a Dutch speaker myself when it comes to European languages. Anyway it was cute seeing Koizumi-san and Hannah chow down.

Hannah and her mom.jpg

Hannah and her mom.

After finding her mom Koizumi-san parted ways with Hannah and went on to taste some foreign ramen.

Before continuing to the next show here’s a lovely German yuri fan fans of mine following my Slow Start coverage will know well, sharing her thoughts on the third sketch:

Solid episode despite my not having much to talk about.

Proud Rin.jpg

SO CUTE! Proud Rin is totes adorbs!

Next up is Yuru Camp with Rin being ecstatic after receiving her “COMPACT CAMPFIRE GRILLLLL-grill-grill-grillll.”

Rin trying to get Saitou to do her work

No Rin. YOU have to deliver your gift to your crush yourself.

When Saitou showed up to talk about the “metal offertory box” and all the sweet beef they could cook with it Rin tried having her deliver the gift to Nadeshiko but Saitou was like “dood. She’s your crush. YOU should give it to her”. Luckily her sweetie wasn’t too far off so she didn’t need to leave the library.

Nadeshiko inviting Rin.jpg

Nadeshiko inviting Rin on a BBQ camping date.

This time Nadeshiko took the initiative and invited Rin on a BBQ camping date.

Nadeshiko Salute.jpg

Nadeshiko Salute.

Thanks to a hint from Chiaki she’s able to find the right camping spot.

Mom giving Nadeshiko her blessings

Mom receiving Rin’s Mom’s blessings on dating her daughter.

Onee-chan again.jpg

The curse of having a hot older sister is that your girlfriend thinks she’s way prettier than you.

Cashier Aoi.jpg

Aoi and her floating eyebrows working as a cashier.

Chiaki and the old camper.jpg

Chiaki had an interesting encounter with a seasoned camper while searching for the Outdoor Club’s next camping spot.

The rest of the episode was about the above stuff. Next time we’ll join RinDeshiko on their date spot.

Mari the Airplane.jpg

Mari the airplane.

Discount Prease.jpg

Discounto Prease! Prease!

Durian flavored ice scream scare.jpg

Apparently Durian flavored ice cream is terrible. I can’t confirm this but I’ve heard from the locals that it’s not the tastiest of deserts.

So this episode of the Antarctica Show trended in Singapore…because the girls traveled to Singapore. Fun times and sightseeing aplenty for the majority of the first half.

Beautiful Singapore city at night.jpg

Quite the sight from atop the building I imagine.

This scene featured a profound discussion on what everyone else was doing right now while our heroines traveled. How much different were everyone’s lives compared to theirs at that point in time. Stuff like that.

Yuzuki pushing Hinata to spill.jpg

Yuzuki can be quite pushy when need be.

The meat of the episode began when the Yuzuki pushed Hinata into spilling the beans on losing her passport. When they couldn’t find it anywhere in the room Shirase and her were assigned to they looked up how long it would take to print a new one. The process would be relatively quick…however, there was a chance this delay could jeopardize their journey. Shirase became the most nervous for obvious reasons while Hinata brushed it off saying “It’s cool. It’s cool. I’ll stay behind and work things out while you girls go on ahead and if I somehow don’t get to join you then no biggie”. Shirase didn’t like that at all.

Yuzuki's torture.jpg

Yuzuki’s torture, sleeping in the same room as Mari who sucks at sharing beds in her sleep.

Hinata and Shirase having a hard talk.jpg

Hinata and Shirase having a hard talk.

Back to serious matters we learned the real reason Hinata skipped going to high school was because she felt uncomfortable whenever people were considerate to her if she made a mistake. She couldn’t tell whether they understood, pitied or resented her for her mistake. Basically she preferred shouldering all burden by herself and not drag anyone else down with her. Something like that. Shirase tried telling her that she also had social issues but Hinata wouldn’t hear it. Realizing Hinata stubbornly stood her ground she went to Plan B the following morning.

Shirase's counterattack.jpg

Shirase’s counterattack.

At the airport the girls booking tickets for another date after the issue with Hinata’s passport is resolved. Hinata of course tried stopping them but Shirase had had enough of her “Don’t worry about me” attitude. Long counterattack short she didn’t want to leave any of her homegirls behind, otherwise their friendship would be shallow and meaningless. Plus she’s Shirase and she’s the alpha female regardless of what critics thought.

Hinata overwhelmed

Hinata overwhelmed.

Hinata took the hint while also being overwhelmed with joy over Shirase caring so much. She was even willing to spend her hard earned cash to keep Hinata in the party.

As for how the episode ended…I’ll leave that to the viewers to find out. Let’s just say there’s a reason Hinata and Shirase are top 2 girls.

Also be sure to stay tuned after the ED for a little hype bonus.

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20 Responses to Frosty Ramen Camp Episode 6: Cold Trips

  1. Koizumi’s third sketch was a breath of fresh air for the show, really. It had been feeling a bit repetitive with the jokes and such by now, but that one was refreshingly different. Also, the German actually sounded like German, colour me amazed.

    RinDeshiko is cute. That is a lot of meat, though. Nadeshiko does make anything look tasty though…I wonder now which of Nadeshiko and Koizumi would actually be more effective at marketing ramen to people…

    Antarctica: And that is why it’s bad to be both careless and forgetful.

    I will say no more to avoid spoilers, but it was a good episode once more, with many good moments.

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  2. Dante Smith says:

    Though I still like Ramen, I fear that the show is derailing from the story telling and character development. 6 eps already and most of them were just ramen showcases and I’m still waiting for the part where Koizumi stops and ask Yuu the reason for her stalking and how can Koizumi herself handle the situation.

    Aw yiss, Rin finally went on a dat….I mean trip with her boo and they’re goin’ ALONE…..Though Nadeshiko’s onee-chan looked prettier than her, the cinnamon bun is still extremely adorable that she’s grabbing everyone’s heart slowly. Also, it seems that Chiaki is go looking for camping spots for her and Aoi so they can …u know….. Anyway, how did that old camper manage to remain so composed during that moment? If I see someone staring at me in the woods, even if it’s a cute girl, I’d jump.

    This ep of Antarctica is pretty much a Best Girl showdown between Shirase and Hinata and u know who my vote is for 🙂 One major plus of ep.6 some pointed out is how accurately they potrayed Singapore and its landmark. Oh and you should include the part where Yuzuki turned frustrated when Mari swooped the bed, she looked so amazing in that scene. Speaking of Yuzuki, none shall be able to hide their feelings from her as she will push it out in seconds…..hands up for HinaYuzu 🙂 And that part involving the passport, I can’t blame Shirase as I’ve committed the same thing before so I can feel her position.

    Also, Durians taste amazing, don’t let the media fool you

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      This isn’t really a character developing show when you stop to think about it. Some does occur but it’s mostly about cute girls eating ramen erotically.

      Ah yes. Yuzuki’s death glare. Very awesome.

      That passport scene near the end was both truthful and hilarious!

      Dunno how true that is myself.

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  3. Reapy_s0ul says:

    yuru camp is nice, Rin and Nadeshiko are finally going on their first camping date, now watch them get to the site and reveal that they brought their own seperate mini tents just to fuck with us.

    frosty stuff is being weird, I’m all fuckered on what to ship so I’m just going to wait until the end before I jump the gun on anything, also there are some durian products at my local asian market that I think I’ll try out, wish several lucks.

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    • cirno9fan says:

      well, it’s not a show meant to ship tease. Theyr’e friends. You can ship if you want of course, but that’s why it’s so “weird”

      Liked by 1 person

      • Reapy_s0ul says:

        Yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised if all of the potential ships were ruined by a platoon of penis-havers one of these episodes, I’ve learned to always be prepared for the yuri to not be yuri ever and everything is ruin

        won’t stop me from hoping tho


  4. cirno9fan says:

    Koizumi continues being pretty amusing, but that german girl sketch was ❤

    Yuru Camp is just so…<3 I just can’t bring up a complaint. And Nadeshiko is beyond ~<3 Still considering dubbing her best girl of the season. I don’t think I’ve even made that a thing before, but Nadeshiko is pushing me to do so!

    As for yorimo, another fantastic ep. Ever since Yuzuki was introduced, I started to see a shift in the shipping force, and it’s continuing to prevail so far. Shall see how it goes! Either way, the show’s story and everything is just so enjoyable~! Really helps that all the characters are so well put together.

    I just knew that was the case from the moment we learned Hinata lost her passport XD

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  5. Zack says:

    Yuru Camp continues to be a good show. A lot of funny moments, and Rin and Nadeshiko have great chemistry with each other.

    I like how both Saitou and Nadeshiko mistakenly think that Rin’s new grill is a metal offertory box. I guess strange minds really do think alike.

    Not only did that older camper that Chiaki met look kind of cool, but he had a cool voice as well. I would not mind a spinoff focusing on him. I bet he goes on a lot of cool adventures. Or at least I like to believe he does.

    Now on to Antarctica. We finally have an episode focusing on my favorite character, Hinata.

    When I first watched the episode I missed the part where they said which country they were in. So, it wasn’t until afterwards that I found out they were in Singapore. I’m not too familiar with Singapore’s tourist spots, so I didn’t recognize any of the landmarks.

    It was interesting to see Hinata screw up on something. Up until this episode, she had usually been portrayed as pretty competent. I actually kind of liked it. It was nice to see that even she has flaws.

    Some people would probably wonder why Hinata didn’t tell everyone about her missing passport sooner, but it does fit in with her character. As she said in this episode, she doesn’t like people being considerate of her. She probably didn’t say anything because she didn’t want the others to put off the Antarctica trip for her sake.

    Shirase using her million yen to change the tickets for their flight was kind of a big deal. Although, considering how the episode ended, it was kind of a waste. I hope she got the money back. She probably did. They did mention that they were able to change the tickets back.

    Speaking of how the episode ended, the way Shirase realized she had Hinata’s passport all along was brilliant. I think it was the dramatic music that really sold it for me. Not to mention it’s not a cop out or anything like that since they do show the scene where Hinata handed her passport to Shirase earlier in the episode. So, you could probably have figured out where Hinata’s passport was if you put enough thought into it.

    One thing I do have to wonder is why didn’t Shirase check her purse sooner? If it was me, I probably would have checked. Not necessarily to see if I had her passport, but just to make sure I didn’t lose mine as well.

    I also loved the punishment that Mari and Yuzuki gave them. I’ve never had durian before, but I’ve heard it is nasty.

    Liked by 3 people

  6. tbiscut74 says:

    My only complaint about the new Ramen Daisuki Koizumi-san episode is that it didnt have enough Yuu. Still a delightful Episode!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. x says:

    Yuru Camp, hopefully that meat is to die for when they get there.

    Antarctica, the ending was just too funny, but i can totally understand a mistake like that.

    Liked by 3 people

  8. Mauron says:

    I was shocked when Koizumi’s “party for two” didn’t feature her anti-stalker stalker.

    It’s a good thing Rin didn’t close up the library while Nadeshiko was napping. She probably gets stuck places like that a lot.

    Rin was really focusing on her “I don’t have feelings for Nadeshiko” thoughts. Meanwhile Nadeshiko plans to treasure Rin’s gift forever, which Rin wisely put a stop to.

    Durian ice cream makes for a very non-romantic indirect kiss. I had hopes for those two when Shirase took Mari from “it’s too rainy to skip school” to “I’m going to Antarctica” overnight, but I think the ice cream was the final nail in the coffin.

    Meanwhile we had Shirase peeping on Hinata in the shower, and a mwillion yen gesture of “we’ll stay together”.

    Mari seems like a terrible cuddler.

    It’s a good thing Yuzuki is so perceptive. Without her they would have been out either a party member, or two days and and a mwillion yen.

    Liked by 3 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Quite the shocker.

      I wouldn’t be surprised.

      Nadeshiko’s cuteness is already having an effect on Rin so it’s only a matter of time.

      Again I don’t know if Durian tastes good.

      Hoping for a swimsuit segment before they arrive in Antarctica.


      That would have been disastrous.

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  9. ArcaJ says:

    Koizumi-san missed an opportunity for Yuu to show up with Hannah. Bang! HAPPY YURI FAMILY!!!

    I am a terrible person. Cute episode though.

    Also Yuu and her brother have the same tastes.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. yurimylove says:

    i’m now ready to watch Koizumi-san…

    Liked by 1 person

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