Toji no Miko Episode 3 + HakuMiko Update

Both our hero and opposing sides got new additions to their respective ranks and I’ll announce my plans for Hakumei to Mikochi afterward.

Yukina and the Elite Toji.jpg

Yukina and the Elite Toji.

We joined Mai reporting to enemy HQ regarding the aradama attack and our heroines in hiding. She was reprimanded by Yukina, a hardcore Yukari loyalist who wanted the heroines dead at all costs. Unfortunately for her the Elite Toji had their hands tied being close to Yukari.

Yukina's Plan B, Sayaka.jpg

Yukina’s Plan B, Sayaka.

Thus she had her Plan B, Sayaka, wait on standby to take care of the “traitors” once located.

Rui Onda.jpg

Rui Onda.

Meanwhile Kanami and Hiyori met up with the ally mentioned in the letter Kanami found with Mai’s cookies, Rui Onda. She’s a retired Toji and a friend of the principal of Minoseki, Kanami and Mai’s school, revealing that it was the president who wrote the letter. She would help them by letting them hide out in her apartment.

Kanami and Hiyori hiding out in Rui's apartment.jpg

Kanami and Rui hiding out in Rui’s apartment.

Having found a place to rest Hiyori took the opportunity to ask Kanami how she found out about the aradama eye inside behind Yukari’s head to which Kanami responded that she barely noticed it when Yukari drew her katana, suspecting it may be connected to the Netherworld. Hiyori recalled two powerful blades: Oodenta and Onimaru, blades from the Netherworld. One thing was for certain, this aradama masquerading as Yukari was more intimidating than they already knew. While sleeping Hiyori was impressed Kanami was able to see her Jin’i, a Toji ability allowing them to travel faster than a speeding bullet. Kanami has plenty of MC powers it would seem.

Spirit World Toji.jpg

Spirit World Toji.

Later that night Kanami visited a girl in what looked to be a Spirit World of sorts. It’s not yet clear where they met up. She told the spirit about what had happened so far, showing great concern for how her actions affected Mai. The spirit told her “Hey. You helped another friend in need and Mai’s probably okay so don’t worry too much”. They then sparred as that’s all the spirit had to do in this mystery world.

Ellen and Kaoru.jpg

Ellen and Kaoru.

Next we joined Mai a bit shaken from the report. She stayed behind as her fellow sudents returned home. Two familiar Toji, Ellen and Kaoru dropped by to say hi. Ellen and Mai’s fathers were business partners and Ellen figured they could keep in touch. For now the two were ready to go on vacation since they’re free to go. Kaoru also had a horny hamster thing for a pet. The less said about horny mascot characters in anime the better.

Yume threatens Mai.jpg

Yume threatens Mai.

Mai was worried for Kanami when she ran into her school principal who assured her she was safe with Rui. Unfortunately for them the wild card of the Elite Toji Yume knew Mai let the two escape that day and warned Mai to not give her a reason to attack her. Not those exact words but that’s pretty much what she did.

Hiyori contacting other allies.jpg

Hiyori contacting other allies.

Back at Rui’s she showed Kanami and Hiyori some kind of private digital contact network thingy. It was about to tell Hiyori something important until they were invaded by Sayaka. The enemies tracked their location and she was sent to take them down.

Hiyori vs Sayaka.jpg

Hiyori vs Sayaka.

Hiyori held her own against the skilled Toji but she sensed she could be a major threat if not dealt with so she thought the only option was killing her.

Kanami Disarms Sayaka.jpg

Kanami disarms Sayaka.

Kanami quickly got in their way and tagged herself in, believing there was a better option. Using her MC powers she disarmed Sayaka and reminded her of their match in the tournament. They made a promise to fight again under less hostile circumstances.

I predict Sayaka will join our heroines either by her own volition or Yukina pushing her around to the point of her getting fed up. As for Ellen and Kaoru, we may find out next time. I’m very interested in seeing where the story will go next. I predict this will be the 7/10 Fighting Girls show of the season like Ange Vierge, Schoolgirl StrikerS and Battle Girls High School. It won’t amaze and will definitely bore some but be a solid viewing experience for others.

Mikochi and Konju.jpg

My beloved’s character, Konju, debuted this episode.

Lastly we’ll briefly discuss my plans regarding Hakumei to Mikochi. The show is still great, “chillaxed” fun two episodes in but as far as stuff to talk about there isn’t really anything worth going in depth about. What this means is I’ll watch the show on the side and make a G-View when it’s done.

Update: At first I heard from someone that in an interview the mangaka said HakuMiko aren’t a couple and disliked some fans shipping them. According to later findings by LuzeriP, while the mangaka did say HakuMiko weren’t a couple there was no evidence of the mangaka being against fans shipping the two as a couple.

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37 Responses to Toji no Miko Episode 3 + HakuMiko Update

  1. Is it just me, or did one of the other principal off-hand comments about Yukina having “changed a lot” make someone else think she could be influenced by the Aradama directly as well? Sudden personality shifts are common for such scenarios, after all.

    Otherwise, interesting stuff this episode.

    You never know, the mascot character could turn out to be female. The japanese in that moment doesn’t say either way. Still, yes. Horny/lecherous mascot characters are usually just annoying. Excepting the horny cat in Re-kan and his comments about main character Yuri. He was great.

    I wonder if that Spirit World Toji, Kanami’s connection to and sparring with her are the reasons for her MC powers?

    The power of social networking, I guess.

    Disarming her, huh? Well, it did work, apparently, at least. I wonder if that sword of hers is how Yukina is controlling her or something? Or she just has a kind of “berserker mode” that activates when she’s holding it in general, not controlled by anyone?

    Too bad about Hakumei to Mikochi. Still have to watch the 3rd episode…so much anime coming out today…T.T

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    • Also, a report: Finished watching Mouretsu Pirates, though I have to still re-watch the movie. I liked it, though maybe not quite as much as you. Still, it was great. Favorite things:
      Flustered/Embarrassed Chiaki. That OP and those EDs though. Dashing Gay soon-to-be-married Senpais. Spaaaace.

      Also, currently watching through Yama no Susume in preparation for S3. Currently in the middle of S2, and enjoying it a lot. Best show to watch after a big cliffhanger in another anime to wind down somewhat.

      Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Could be.

      The horny cat from Re-Kan was one of us so we let him slide.

      I’m sure she helps power up Kanami a lot.


      There’s definitely some kind of power or curse in Sayaka’s okatana. That or the power/curse is inside her.

      Like I said it’s a great show so far but not much to discuss on this blog. It’s on episode 2 as of the date of this writing.

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  2. YYZ says:

    You could always look by this angle, the mangaka didn’t want for people to look at them like married couple because marriage is somewhat flawed way to show love in their opinion.

    But this is only me, I somehow got this idea that every mangaka at some point drew some gay Touhou Doujin somewhere as a rite of passage into mangakahood.

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  3. Reapy_s0ul says:

    I don’t really have much to say about Toji no Miko, the route it’s taking is quite refreshing for this subgenre of anime, what with the main character being a fugitive and all that, I’d say it passes so far, now all of the female characters need to kiss to bring it to a higher level.

    Hakumei no Mikochi is really good, Mikochi is like the world’s responsible older sister, or maybe an aunt that spoils all of her relatives… Either way, the main pairing makes me very happy, although it makes me feel a bit meh that the author doesn’t ship it, I mean, why even make female characters in the first place if you’re not going to ship them?

    Liked by 3 people

  4. yurimylove says:

    i’m guessing the online “ally” will turn out to be Ellen and Kaoru, right? that’d complete their team of 6 (based on the OP anyway)

    Liked by 1 person

  5. x says:

    Is Sayaka using a curse sword or something else for that power?

    Liked by 3 people

  6. Jack Cactus says:

    Okay, am I the only one feeling suspicious about Rui Onda? The lady offered them so much with such a laid back manner, perhaps she’s trying to gain their trust by such actions or it’s just me having severe trust issue. Since we already have a KanaMai bath scene in the first episode, I wonder how long will it takes for us to see her bath scene with Hiyori (ಠ‿ಠ) and Hiyori is proving herself to be a good….wife(?) for Kanami, looking forward to all the couples in the show.

    Also, I assume that Sayaka’s blade has its own consciousness or at least sentient so that when she wields it,her mind will be taken over in exchange for power and speed.

    HakuMiko is such a soothing and wonderful anime, alas I can’t get to see the weekly episodic review anymore

    Liked by 3 people

    • OG-Man says:

      We’ll find out who ends up turning heel as the show progresses.

      I don’t ship the two yet.

      We’ll probably learn more about Sayaka’s abilities soon.

      There will be many fun adventures our little married couple will experience I’m sure but I doubt there will be a lot to discuss around here.

      Liked by 2 people

  7. LuzeriP says:

    Toji no Miko : The plot got more interesting. At least for me. I somehow thinking that Sayaka has been brainwashed by Yukina. And not because she’s in love with Yukina. Although that will be interesting to see. I agree with Hiyori, never let your guard down. And Kanami is very powerful MC. I’d like to know more about spirit world girl.

    Hakumei: it was cute and relaxing. I love the Utahime girls. They sound amazing. I admit I was shocked when the author says that. That was kinda cruel. They should let the reader having their opinion by themselves. And for me Hakumei x Mikochi is canon and I stand by it.

    Liked by 4 people

  8. If you were talking about me, I didn’t actually mean to say that… But looking at my comment, I can see how it could be easily misinterpreted, and that is totally my fault. I never should have accused the mangaka of anything.

    However, I did make the basis of my suspicion clear in my comment (a certain panel in the manga, though I didn’t link it, so I’ll do that now:

    To quote myself:

    “The author doesn’t seem to like the married couple interpretation. In the manga, when a character mistakes the two of them for one, Hakumei just says “I’m a woman.” Not “she’s not my wife” or “we’re not like that”, but just “I’m a woman.” I get that the joke was that Hakumei was mistaken for a guy, but this implies that the world that Hakumei and Mikochi inhabit is just as shitty as ours in this respect (i.e. women can’t marry), and that the author is just fine with the way things are in the real world. This of course shouldn’t deter anyone from enjoying this work or interpreting the subtext any way they want, but for me the author’s blatant apathy sours the experience.”

    In hindsight, I blew things out of proportion as I don’t think I should have drawn such a damning conclusion from just one joke that was in bad taste (or at least felt that way to me). Noting my suspicions and concerns would have been okay, but I went too far by making accusations. I am very embarrassed and I apologize.

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      Well the mystery was solved and in the end no real harm was done. Even if he did oppose the shipping I’m sure most of us would have continued shipping them anyway. Now we can do so without trouble.

      Liked by 1 person

  9. cirno9fan says:

    Toji continues not being interesting, but the final part shows SOME promise. If this is a “hit” like Ange Vierge….>>

    I think the problem is this isn’t two cour, cause the writers are clearly trying a two cour story. And that will be the downfall


  10. Mauron says:

    I’m hoping mascot character is either female or telepathically linked to Kaoru. Both is an acceptable option.

    My current speculation is mystery spirit world woman is actually Kanami’s Okatana.

    Hakumei and Mikochi are most certainly an adorable married couple. Screw the canon, I have yuri!

    Liked by 1 person

  11. K says:

    Like Mauron above, I was thinking that Kanami was speaking to her okatana, Chidori, and that was her inner world.

    The Minoseki principal has a lot of faith in Kanami, so Mai doesn’t need to worry too much. However, that Yukina lady would blow a gasket if she ever catches on to the fact that her senpai had a hand in giving the fugitives (BLOODY TRAITORS to her) some refuge. Also, after that battle, I don’t think it’s much of a stretch to say that Sayaka’s on the road to losing favour with her. She doesn’t seem like the type to react well to defiance, especially from a girl she has high expectations of.

    Speaking of Mai, she got chewed out by Yukina and berated by Yume. I hope she doesn’t allow these experiences to lower her morale.

    I was suspicious of Rui at first even if she and the principal go way back but now she’s alright. I was worried that her apartment would’ve been destroyed but the only thing that suffered some damage was her laundry. Speaking of laundry, it was funny that Kanami wanted to give Rui’s home a good cleaning but she didn’t know what to do since she’s a messy person herself. Good thing Hiyori was there to help.

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  12. The Otaku Judge says:

    If I was a fiction writer I would think that fans shipping my characters is pretty cool.

    Liked by 2 people

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