Mangagamer 2018 Licensing Survey

Once again we are here to make our voices heard Nation. More Yuri VNs getting localized is our goal in the annual Mangagamer Survey so let’s get to it! As usual I will share my top 3 picks and peeps who agree can help by filling in the same ones or if there are other yuri games you feel are worthy of localization then by all means fill in those.

Kotonoha Cover

Two of the three picks are the same as Mai-chan’s here. I switched Kimihane with something else.

The #1 title we both want to get localized super hard is Kotonoha Amrilato. A romance between two ladies who speak completely different languages. One of them being “juliamo”. Readers who need more convincing can check out Mai-chan’s guest review of the game HERE.

Yes. I am bringing this title up yet again. While it’s kinda discouraging the company that made this one went bankrupt I too hope that against all odds it’ll somehow get localized.

Lilycle Rainbow Stage.jpg

Lilycle Rainbow Stage! It’s like an all-ages SonoHana and the Drama CDs contain important prequel stories. Kimihane used to be the third option but I was reminded of this HUGE series that also needed localization as much as Amrilato.

There you have it doods, Mai and I’s top 3 picks. Again Amrilato’s the game we’re primarily aiming for with Resonance being one that against all odds it will finally come to the West. Again if there readers have other suggestions then go for it…though I personally wouldn’t pick SonoHana: Snow White’s Knight because the odds of that one getting localized after Maidens of Michael is very high so there’s no really no need to push the demand for something that WILL get localized eventually.

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12 Responses to Mangagamer 2018 Licensing Survey

  1. exqalph03 says:

    Hoping for that it somehow go against the odds, haha xD!

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  2. redpanther says:

    When it’s come to yuri Yatagarasu should aimed the market outside of Japan instead,and they would be still around till this day. Nevertheless I’m kinda glad the company bited the dust before they could release some tentacle rape game.


  3. qorl says:

    I’m trusting you on the Kotonoha and Lilycycle picks, OG. But for the third one I went with White Robe Love Syndrome. Wait, I mean, Lilycle. I always read it as Lilycycle for some reason.
    Thanks for this poll reminder, I would have missed it.

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    • Mai88 says:

      Interesting choice, though it’s more likely for Degica to publish White Robe Love Syndrome. They made a thread last year on steam ( and it’s more of a matter of licensing rights and partnerships I guess. That’s why I didn’t pick Shirokoi and and Flowers game, even though JAST is taking centuries for the Flower titles. And Katahane or Futari/Hitori no Qualia. But the more yuri we get the better~

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    • OG-Man says:

      JAST already has both FLOWERS and Katahane so, like it or not, it’s a matter of patience.

      Mai-chan already explained the situation with White Robe. That’s why I didn’t include any of them either because they were already picked up. As far as the Qualia games go, maybe we’ll try campaigning for them next time.

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    • Okami おかみ Yamino やみの says:

      I also agree with those two but for 3rd one I had hard time deciding between Little Witch Parfait and Hakuisei Ren’ai Shoukougun, in the end went with Little Witch Parfait because there is a higher chance that Degica will pick up a latter one.

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  4. yurimylove says:

    completed the survey using your 3 recommended titles. Also looking forward to Flowers 🌸 sequel and White Robe Love Syndrome 👩‍⚕️.

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