Frosty Ramen Camp Episode 3: Best Girls Running Wild

This was a week where two of my 3 Best Girls got to shine. Let’s find out how.

Shirase Distraught.jpg

Antarctica Show Best Girl, Shirase.

We joined our trio still trying to figure out how to join an Antarctic expedition while Shirase paid the price of her crazy plan from last time. Hinata then saw something big on her phone, an article about a high school girl named Yuzuki Shiraishi was assigned as a reporter on the very Antarctic expedition they’re working their butts off to try and join. As the above image shows Shirase took it well. Shirase called the company assigning her…and tried having Hinata make the call for her…It went as well as you’d expect.

Yuzuki Shiraishi.jpg

Yuzuki Shiraishi.

Luckily for them the girl in question came looking for Shirase asking if she’d take her place on the expedition. Shirase’s reaction?

Victorious Shirase.jpg

Sexy, shy around strangers and energetic. Best Girl.

Unfortunately for our lovely Antarctica-chan her victory was cut short when Yuzuki’s manager called and was on her way. Yuzuki tried escaping…

Miss Shiraishi.jpg

Escape attempt failed.

Being Yuzuki’s mom I’m sure Miss Tamiko Shiraishi’s well aware of her daughter’s tricks. She explained the situation with Yuzuki but Shirase refused to let go of the contract without a fight.

Mortified Shirase

Mortified Shirase.

Unfortunately our heroines were no match for a seasoned veteran like Miss Shiraishi. On their way to the hotel Yuzuki continued refusing the gig but Mama, despite understanding her daughter’s plight, had no intention of budging either. There was a Plan B though. She looked up Shirase and told her that if her team successfully convinced Yuzuki to go on the expedition they could join her.

Shirase's no match for Yuzuki.jpg

Like mother, like daughter. Shirase was no match for Yuzuki either.

Unsurprisingly their plan to sweet talk Yuzuki failed. She’s as much of a pro as her mom. Mari then asked the million dollar question, why didn’t Yuzuki want to go? Yuzuki realized there wasn’t much point in keeping it a secret. Long story short Yuzuki’s been an actress since she was four. Because of this she hardly had any time to live a school life, especially making friends. She tried once but it looked like the girls only agreed to hang out with her because she’s a celebrity.

Puzzled looks.jpg

Heroines with a common goal, not best friends.

Mari empathized with her struggles but Yuzuki argued she couldn’t understand because the three were best friends to which they responded with an “Mmmmm, not really. We just have the same goal”. Yuzuki split up from the three on amicable terms.

Later that evening something weird happened…in a good way. So yeah, it didn’t take long for Yuzuki to join the party. More wonderful Shirase moments followed. The episode ended after the ED with Miss Shiraishi wanting to talk to Shirase about something. Most likely her missing mom.

Yuu throwing a tantrum.jpg

Ramen Show Best Girl throwing a tantrum.

Ramen Show up next. We joined Yuu once again trying to ask Koizumi-san to join her and the others but was sadly rejected. Frustrated by her friends successfully getting to hang out with Koizumi-san but not her she threw a tantrum. They asked if she tried asking her to go to a ramen shop since that’s all she cares about. Yuu was like “OH DUH!”

Koizumi-san at Wacky D's.jpg

Koizumi-san at a Wacky D’s in Hawaii.

The next day Yuu tried again but this time she asked Koizumi-san if she’d ever been to a McDonald’s. She had, in Hawaii.

Koizumi-san's Booty.jpg

Koizumi-san’s booty.

There’s not much to say about the first sketch as it ended with Koizumi-san talking about exotic ramen and how Hawaii was famous for them. It ended with Yuu being distracted and forgetting what she came to do. The one other noteworthy thing was seeing Koizumi-san in a bikini and her wonderful booty.

Koizumi-san Bikini.jpg



Yuu begging Koizumi-san to let her come along.jpg
Yuu at her most desperate.

The second sketch began with YET ANOTHER FAILURE. Yuu had reached her limit and resorted to begging Koizumi-san to let her tag along wherever she was going. Just ONCE! Koizumi-san agreed as long as she kept it to the beginning and end of their time at the ramen shop and no longer.

Cubicle style ramen booth.jpg

Cubicle style booth.

Unfortunately for Yuu the shop they went to was one where guests were separated by booths. Not to mention Koizumi-san sat at the far end of a packed shop.

Double bliss.jpg

Double bliss.

The good news was she got to enjoy some pretty good ramen. The bad news was she failed to get Koizumi-san to notice her once more.

The third sketch had Yuu planning to enjoy her one day without her brother around. Whilst shopping for ingredients she fantasized about her dream of getting to cook for Koizumi-san and be praised for it.

Yuu's love power.jpg

Yuu’s love power.

As if the heavens felt sorry bad for our determined gay heroine she found Koizumi-san collapsed due to the ramen shop she planned on visiting was unexpectedly closed on Sunday and she hadn’t eaten at all in preparation for the big meal. Yuu, wanting to rescue her beloved, used her love fueled strength to carry her home.

One of Yuu's special dishes.jpg

One of Yuu’s special homemade ramen dishes.


Once Koizumi-san regained consciousness Yuu prepared her special homemade blend of ramen. To her delight Koizumi-san was most impressed by her first dish despite having a craving for more simplistic ones. Yuu then made dish after dish as she gleefully saw her beloved gobble them all up. She even had a moment where she thought to herself that her dream came true. “It’s like we’re…hmhmhmhmhmhmhmhm.” Koizumi-san was in all-out “Ramen God Mode”

Koizumi-san repaying Yuu.jpg

Koizumi-san shyly showing her appreciation.

The episode ended with somewhat of a victory for Yuu…finally.

Onee-chan looking disheveled

Onee-chan’s face throughout the episode and I loved it.

Lastly we have Yuru Camp. We started the episode from Nadeshiko’s perspective as we saw how she prepared to join Rin at camp and when Saitou sent a message of her location to Nadeshiko.

Chiaki's job interview.jpg

Chiaki’s job interview.

Before we join our lead duo let’s briefly talk about Chiaki’s cute interview. Aoi and her went looking for part-time jobs to raise enough funds to keep the club going strong.

Cute Nadeshiko.jpg

Cute Nadeshiko serving Rin some Gyoza hotpot.

Cute Nadeshiko 2.jpg

Nadeshiko forgot to bring rice.

Most of the episode was straightforward with Nadeshiko repaying Rin for her kindness from episode 1 by making some hotpot. Several cute Nadeshiko expressions followed. Rin then told her about the beautiful sight of Mt Fuji at sunrise around 6 AM. Nadeshiko wanted to try and wake up on time to see it.

Nadeshiko watching Mt Fuji sunrise.jpg

She tried.

Sadly she didn’t have enough energy to see it in its entirety. The brightness overwhelmed her and she folded.

Rin wary of Saitou.jpg

Rin wary of Saitou.

I almost forgot to mention Rin apologizing to Nadeshiko for how she acted when she was asked to join the Outdoor Activities Club. Nadeshiko was like “It’s cool. If you ever decide to come along we’ll happily accept.” After the trip Rin looked at the pictures she took, stopping ever so slightly when she saw one particular pic of Nadeshiko. Saitou dropped in seeing her handiwork. She wondered why Rin went camping during Winter and she said because it’s less crowded around that time. She wondered where Rin was going to camp next which got a wary look from the adorable one.



Good stuff once more for all three shows.



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22 Responses to Frosty Ramen Camp Episode 3: Best Girls Running Wild

  1. Wanderer says:

    Yuru Camp is the best thing ever.

    ‘Nuff said.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. OtakuGamerGirlT says:

    Your best girls are also my best girl’s for all three shows. They are all such a joy to watch.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Reapy_s0ul says:

    the number one rule of anime with girls and tents, is that they absolutely must share the tent at all times, this is a very urgent matter that requires immediate attention

    other than that, this week’s yuru camp was a comfy, I like

    also I’m opting out of Koizumi-san, doesn’t seem like a thing that I do of

    Antarctica thing was also nice, but I feel like it’s the type of anime where the pairings will be ruined in one way or another, just my intuition as a vice-admiral of yuri


  4. Jack Cactus says:

    Though Shirase is absolutely adorable and amazing, my best girl is Hinata, there’s something about her that I like so much (still unexplained). The moment they tried to convince big Mama with their acting, I think Hinata got it close like REALLLY close. Anyway, good thing they managed to convince her daughter to tag along, now what I have left to wait for LITERALLY YURI ON ICE! (Urgh, still hate that Yuri bait title, good anime tho).

    Koizumi may have her booty shot but I can sense that everyone else is longing for a shot of Yuu because Best Girl. Probably my favorite moment is when Yuu carried Koizumi in her arms and the crowd behind her cheered, Praise the Yuri. Then at Yuu’s house, from seein how much Koizumi likes Yuu’s cooking which means that she might come by later which means SOMETHING, GOOD, IS, GOING, TO, HAPPEN. (ಠ‿ಠ)(ಠ‿ಠ)(ಠ‿ಠ). (Sorry for that yuri overdrive there)

    In camp, I still consider Rin to be best girl but I also understand why people love Nadeshiko, she’s such an adorable and precious cinnamon bun. At first I thought Nadeshiko (or Shiko for short) is going to sleep in the same tent as Rin cause……why not. But still, longing for more of them tent moe-ments in the future.

    In short: YURI ON ICE! team assembled, Yuu made a loooooong stride of progress with Koizumi and The Camping team is coming close together.

    Liked by 3 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Never forget that there are men named Yuri out there so it’s only bait for people who didn’t pay attention.

      Of course we all want to see the other three sharing their bikini bodies with all of us. It wouldn’t be fair for Koizumi-san to be the only one. Also let’s continue cheering on Yuu. Her quest to win Koizumi-san’s heart is a noble one. She can win her stomach so that’s a good start.

      Rin IS best girl. I said it in the first episode. It’s just that Nadeshiko got the most time to shine this time around. But yes Nadeshiko is so pure and innocent that she’ll melt the hearts of millions. Her sleeping together with Rin in the tent later was delightful.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Not to mention, that for Japanese viewers, the title of Yuri on Ice wasn’t bait at all, as it was spelt the same way as the Russian men’s name is spelled: Yuuri. And not with the kanji for lily/yuri, either, or anything like that. Or even hiragana. It was spelt in katakana as I recall, as Yuuri, thus obviously foreign and nothing to do with Yuri. So only bait for Western Yuri fans. Ones that didn’t look at it carefully enough, anyways. But yes. That was also a good series.

        Liked by 2 people

      • OG-Man says:

        Yup. Should have done their research before needlessly throwing temper tantrums. Still a good show and a precious gift to the Yaoi Replubic.

        Liked by 1 person

  5. AnOldGeezer says:

    Theres something about ‘frosty’s characters that make them look so lovely and full of expression.. not quite sure what it is, but I LOVE it

    Liked by 3 people

    • OG-Man says:

      A similar animation style was used for Wandering Son. The character facials are some of the best parts of the show.

      Liked by 2 people

    • It’s what happens when the characters are brought to life with lively character animation, a good script and A-list voice actors. Everything about YoriMoi was created with an anime in mind, including the simple character designs which are relatively easy to animate.

      Liked by 2 people

  6. Antarctica: Shirase is good, but Hinata is best girl for me. Something about her personality just feels fun to me, or something.
    Well, good things worked out for them, basically. Now they can maybe focus on preparations and maybe then in a while actually going to Antarctica, now that the team is assembled?

    Koizuki’s Ramen Obsession: Yuu-chan daishouri! In the final segment, at least. Finally something good happens for her, and she takes full advantage of the situation to get closer to her crush, in the most effective way: through her ramen-devouring stomach.

    I can see a bright future ahead for the two of them if Koizuki realizes just how varied a ramen-cook Yuu can be, and they just get married and live together just like that. Koizuki can make a living as a ramen-taste-tester or food magazine writer focused on ramen, and Yuu can spend her time thinking of delicious and weird ramen for Koizuki to try.

    Yuru Camp: Good episode, yes, agree that Rin is best girl and Nadeshiko is probably 2nd best girl (though the other two haven’t really shown their stuff too much yet…their job interview stuff was interesting to see (although we didn’t see Aoi’s…probably more “normal” than Chiaki’s, I guess…). Nadeshiko’s reactions this episode were great. As were Rin’s. That picture Rin took of sleeping Nadeshiko was too cute! Also, notice the moment where Rin is looking at her phone, and she’s so focused on pictures of Nadeshiko that Saitou manages to surprise her completely? Clearly, signs of something promising.

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Hinata’s energy, sexiness and charisma are certainly stronger but Shirase’s hotter and funnier to me. I’m sure the moment to set sail is nearing ever closer.

      For now it’s better than nothing. Keep it up Yuu!

      That’s a nice vision of their future lives together.

      The NadeRin/RinShiko ship is currently a strong one indeed.

      Liked by 2 people

  7. Zack says:

    For me, the best girl in Universe is Hinata. I like cute energetic girls like her. Not only that, but she’s intelligent as well. This is shown when Yuzuki initially tells them the reason the reason that she doesn’t want to go to Antarctica is because of how cold it is, but Hinata is the first to realize that isn’t the main reason she doesn’t want to go.

    When Yuzuki made her first appearance last episode, I kind of had a feeling that her whole thing was going to be that she wouldn’t want to go to Antarctica at first. There wasn’t any foreshadowing or anything like that, it was just an assumption I made. And honestly, it was really only one of a few theories I had thought of for how she would formally introduced.

    When the other girls were trying to prove they could do Yuzuki’s job and her mother asked Hinata if she could be attractive my first thought was “Are you even you looking at her? How can you turn down an adorable face like that?”

    I kind of felt bad for Yuzuki. All she wanted was to just hang out with people whom she could call friends, but the first people she tried to befriend were obviously only interested in being close to a famous person. Luckily, she manages to get what she wants with Mari, Shirase and Hinata.

    Although, the girls finally got their chance to get to Antarctica, I get the feeling there’s still going to be opposition. And I think one of those people opposed to it might be Megumi. She doesn’t seem particularly happy about Mari going there.

    Also, I could be wrong but I don’t think the woman at the end who was looking at the photo of young Shirase with her mom was Yuzuki’s mom. I’m not sure who that was.

    Although, I didn’t comment on the last two episodes, I’ve also been watching Yuru Camp. It’s a nice relaxing girls club show.

    Maybe it was just me, but when Nadeshiko realized that she forgot to bring rice she kind of looked like a character from Amanchu. More specifically her facial expression looked like a facial expression from Amanchu.

    Chiaki and Aoi go get part time jobs for funding for their camping club, but I’m a little confused by something. I thought schools usually provide funding for clubs. Maybe the funding they were getting wasn’t enough? It wouldn’t be surprising considering how small their club room is.

    I love how Saito is basically a shipper on deck for Rin and Nadeshiko.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. yurimylove says:

    all 3 are great shows, Antarctica the most slapstick, Ramen the best food pron, and Camp the most iyashikei/healing this season…


  9. x says:

    Yuzuki dream looks so bad, but ended so good at the end.

    Yuu may have the key item to win Koizumi-san’s heart.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. cirno9fan says:

    Antartica continues just being a show that is tons of fun. I feel like this is what all those PI Works (can’t think of the name right now..) shows about “girls working” should have gone for. I realize they’re high schoolers, and not “working” but I’m just saying that I think this is the sort of I dunno how to explain it. EITHER WAY, I am loving the show so far~

    I was so glad that Yuu got her in! Was expecting it to take the comedic route and her not like the cooking (maybe that’s just my overpessism in regards to yuri speaking…), but no. She proved to be a more than capable cook. Now there’s a clear way that the two could happily live together in the future!

    Yuru Camp is just so…<3 And Nadeshiko is 100% my “best girl”, highly likely to be my GotS (Girl of the season). She’s just so <3~ The whole cast are pretty likable, and the show has been reinforcing my more recent desire to go camping IRL. While the appeal of going camping without having any worry of bugs is high…the cold and HIIIIGH likelihood of rain is a greater factor in this likely not coming to pass for now XD


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