Toji no Miko Episode 2: Samurai Miko on the Run

When we last left Kanami and Hiyori they were on the run after the latter made a surprise attack on the leader of the Elite Toji Yukari. We now join them still running.

Kanami and Hiyori on the run.jpg

The first half is easy to explain so I won’t go into too much detail.

Hiyori was like “Dood. Why are you helping me?”

Kanami was like “Because I want us to have a good clean fight once this is all over.”

Hiyori was like “Fiiine. Do whatever you want dood.”

Unfortunately for Kanami she left all her supplies at school and unsurprisingly they’d later be confiscated. Most of them anyway.

Old analog spectrum meter.jpg

Old analog spectrum meter.

A neat tidbit was Hiyori’s old analog spectrum meter or as I call it, and old-school aradama detector. So the duo managed to book a room at an inn. Hiyori was puzzled by Kanami not asking her the million question of “Why did you attack Yukari Origami?” to which she responded “You can tell me whenever you’re ready to share dood”.

Kanami calling Mai.jpg

Kanami calling Mai.

Before that moment Kanami wanted to at least tell Mai that she’s alright and to not worry. Mai, being an intelligent rich girl with a skilled staff managed to track the location of the inn. Hiyori expected this and the two avoided detection in the nick of time, much to Mai’s dismay.

Hiyori's favorite ice cream.jpg

Hiyori’s favorite ice cream flavor.

The next day our runaways tried blending in with a shopping crowd to avoid being spotted. We had an obligatory “cute moment” involving mint chocolate chip ice cream and Hiyori defending its honor.

Kanami and Hiyori fighting an aradama.jpg

Kanami and Hiyori fighting an aradama.

Later that day Hiyori’s aradama detector detected one nearby wreaking havoc. Hiyori was like “Let the pros handle this” while Kanami was like “Dood! We’re defenders of justice. If we walk away from this we’ll both regret it!”

Hiyori vs Mai.jpg

Hiyori vs Mai.

Of course Mai detected the aradama as well and found our cute runaways.

Mai was like “Let my bae go Toujou!”

Kanami was like “We can’t go back yet”

Hiyori was like “Go with her Kanami. I’ll continue on my own”

Mai was like “I made a deal with our respective principals and if you both come back they’ll help lessen the punishment.”

Hiyori was like “Not happening”

Mai was like “Hard way huh? Fine. HERE I COME BITCH!”

After a cool little preview of two girls fighting over another girl Kanami stepped in:

“Hold it sweetie. I’m glad you’re fighting for me but there are bigger fish to fry…”

Yukari's secret.jpg

Yukari’s secret.

Hiyori elaborated that Yukari’s hiding a big secret, an aradama inside her.

I have three guesses:

  1. That’s an aradama disguised as Yukari and the real Yukari’s held captive or long gone.
  2. Yukari’s possessed by an aramada.
  3. Yukari’s secretly working together with the aradama.

Whatever the case Mai believes in her bae and lets the two go but not without one more souvenir: Some of her precious cookies and and a note “If you’re ever in trouble, call this number.” I’d like to think that’s Mai’s secret number but it’s most likely a friend of hers who can help them.

Well now. So the show went in a slightly different direction but it hasn’t yet strayed away from my prediction of Kanami and Hiyori rounding up some allies to take on the Elite Toji and it ending with a fight against Yukari and a mega-aradama final boss. Either that or the aradama will strike more often than expected. Mai being used by Yukari to fight Kanami may not happen after all. We’ll have to wait and see as the PV hints of both sides having their own troubles next time.

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15 Responses to Toji no Miko Episode 2: Samurai Miko on the Run

  1. B-M says:

    It was another… really cool episode. I can’t say it’s being excellently executed but it’s got a lot of cool points and it’s really grabbing my interest. I did laugh a Little at Mai’s familial wealth and army of suits.

    The fight was really cool, albeit a little short.

    That date was kinda adorable, especially the ice-cream scene.

    I really enjoyed the fugitive-like first half, with them walking around in hoodies hiding their swords. It just felt like a like of thought was put into some really small scenes and I appreciated it. It was only quite tense, I think.

    I’m interested to see where this is going. I think if anybody can predict it, they get some sort of award.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Jack Cactus says:

    Kanami to Hiyori: But I’ll keep running away with you like this.
    Me: The yuri radar just went overdrive.

    Mein gott, them HiyoKana moments are just bliss, from running away with each other to staying in a motel to an ice cream date, I can see that they showed little to no effort hiding away their inevitable relationship 🙂

    The moment Mai crossed sword with Hiyori, I managed to detect a slight hint of jealousy inside her only until Kanami stepped in to claim her bae. At this point, I thought of something like a Mai-Kanami-Hiyori triangle until the last shot of the ED which showed Mai with another girl, Sayaka (who is appearing in the next ep).

    Also, I do think that Yukari is an Aradama in disguise with the intention of using the Miko’s to filter out the strongest Aradamas. (kinda like natural selection I assume)

    Liked by 5 people

  3. Mauron says:

    Hiyori: I want ice cream!

    The fun thing with digital detection systems is that you can easily filter out things that were detected. And when you start preventing more analog things from being made, it’s easy to hide in plain sight.

    Tiny girls make for excellent breastrests.

    Kanami and Hiyori are off to an excellent start. The only reason I’m somewhat less than 100% behind them is that Kanami keeps providing believable reasons she ran off other than the growing crush. Probably next episode will get that last bit.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. cirno9fan says:

    Not too happy with this. They’re wasting a lot of time doing nothing. I should be like “oooo theyr’e on a date!” but egh. I was just really bored and this episode could easily hav ebeen skipped outside like 5 minutes of it (if that)

    Hopefully the next ep is better…


  5. Ren says:

    I like the idea of this show. I actually like the sword fights short as they are, because in my opinion it lends a sort of realism to even an unreal show like this. But I’m not a huge fan of the protag. For one, I don’t like the genki personality archetype. For two, she seems overpowered compared to the other characters. I would hope that the other characters have more of a chance to shine in future episodes, because it is incredibly watching that one hero/ine save the day all the time.


    • Ren says:

      meant “incredibly boring watching the heroine save the day all the time” in that last sentence. Sorry for the typo. To be fair, it is only the second episode, so I suppose we’ll have to see how it goes for the rest of the series.


  6. Reapy_s0ul says:

    It’s entirely possible that the Aradama with Yukari isn’t actually an enemy in the first place, more like a plot tool for solidifying an “antihero” role for her and/or to give the viewers some variation in character abilities, then again, it’s also possible that it actually is 1-dimensional and it just wants to kill everyone and all that fun shit.

    I like how the protagonist actually knows about stuff and things for once, like she’s basically a Toji otaku with actual skill to back it all up, you can only have so many useless-at-first-but-op-later underdog protagonists before it becomes annoying.

    On the yuri side of things, I’m holding out for now, I know there are several somewhat set-in-stone ships so far, but I’m holding my breath until we see more of the cast.

    Liked by 3 people

  7. The subs/dialogue led me to believe that Yukari is actually “The Great Aradama in Yukari’s form”, thus it actually being the Aradama instead of the real Yukari, and just posing as such…as to the why, how, or whether the real Yukari is out there…I guess maybe we’ll see later on…

    Actual disguises! That actually look like disguises and actually disguise something, unlike the majority of anime protagonist “disguises”! And they actually managed to remain hidden until the Aradama convinced them to make themselves more visible! Oh my! (Also…if Yukari is actually an Aradama, could Yukari have sent that Aradama there in order to lure out Hiyori and Kanami?)

    Kanami x Hiyori intensifies. Might need a little bit more intensity before I start shipping them fully, though.

    So, not a Kill la KIll plot after all. Oh well. I guess Satsuki did have a “demon” behind her sorta influencing/controlling her actions though, so I guess that part is still slightly similar…

    Liked by 2 people

    • I have a lot of problems with this show but I liked the “on the run” parts of this episode. I’m not entirely sold on Kanami and Hiyori as an item, because they’re still thin as characters (so thin that even Hiyori couldn’t remember Kanami’s name), but their interactions were charming.


  8. I can already envision a future scene where Kanami is shouting something like “Hiyori-chan needs to value her own life more!” This series is very likely to take the subtext between them to the “superfriends” direction, which may be the next best thing after explicit romance. I’d rather have that than just aimless teasing, at least in a plot driven show like this.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. LuzeriP says:

    I would go with number 1. There’s a real Yukari somewhere. As for the runaway thing, first I was confused, why’s Kanami insisted to go with Hiyori without a clear reason. Is she in love that much. But then it’s all makes sense. I’m glad they gave us an answer right away. I like the runaway date and the fighting sequence was cool. It can be more great since this is only episode 2.

    Liked by 3 people

  10. Liddo-kun says:

    Currently enjoying this anime. Just like the others, I like the “runaway” theme t hat’s going on. I do wonder if some other students would join them. And hopefully, those people who would join them would bring money… as it stands now, it seems that Hiyori is the only one with money left. @_@

    Liked by 2 people

  11. yurimylove says:

    yuri love-triangle FTW!!


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